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Published at 11th of July 2020 10:25:09 PM
Chapter 1595

Youyou nodded and gave a pertinent assessment . “Yup! It’s bigger than my office by a little . ”

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 Mu Yazhe: “…”

 This little guy!

 The arrogance and brashness in his words were ill-disguised .

 Green born out of blue did indeed beat blue!

 His son, who was still at an age where one should be studying, was already managing a corporation .

 “Still, I don’t really like dealing with commercial affairs . I always feel that it’s rather grave and lifeless . In contrast, I prefer dabbling in the field of technology!”

 Just as he spoke, a stack of files on the desk drew his gaze . He unconsciously reached out, hoping to have a look at them, but it seemed that his father was opposed to him doing so as he stopped his impatient hand at once .

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 The man blinked gently in response to the boy’s suspicious gaze and explained seriously, “Baby, this is a trade secret . ”

 He proceeded to narrow his eyes, thereafter, sizing the lad up while feigning defensiveness .

 His son’s eyes twitched harshly at that . “…How could you be wary of me?!”

 “Why shouldn’t I? You can easily hack into Disheng’s encrypted database; I will be unable to stop you even if I try . ”

 “That’s true!” The boy huffed in delight .

 “All the more reason why I shouldn’t let you see these trade secrets . ”

 His smile stiffened as he crossed his arms across his chest angrily . “Hmph! You are so petty! Just let me have a look; I won’t pull any funny stunts!”

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 “Will you understand them?”

 “Of course! Perhaps I may even be able to give you some ingenious advice!”

 “Are you that good?” teased his father .

 “Of course!”

 “Alright . Have a look and evaluate these!”

 Youyou gave him an ‘okay’ sign before taking the documents from the table . He then flipped through the files, which he had placed on his lap .

 His father’s desk was wide, long, and high . It was at least two meters’ long . As such, he looked skinnier and tinier as he sat cross-legged on it .

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 His lower jaw had become sharper . In the past, it was more rounded, but now, it was handsome and had a sharp outline .

 The man fixed his eyes at the side of his son’s face, sitting there with his head bowed as he pored through the documents quietly . It might be rather warm in the office, for Youyou loosened his tie in reaction, yet this unconscious action showcased a gentleman’s elegance and appeal .

When this little lad was older, the fans lining up for this boy could probably queue from the capital to Paris!

 As the young boy went through the content of the documents, the man decided to give Lu Jinyu a call after thinking about it .

 Lu Jinyu was a hidden subordinate of his . The former called him ‘boss’ due to their positions of authority, but the latter referred to the guy as ‘Old Four’ .

 He appeared to be a gentle and cultivated man, yet he was one of his best strategists .

 The call connected instantly . Before he could say a word, his man smilingly asked, “Boss, what instructions do you have for me this time?”

 He went straight to the point, which was a style he was accustomed to .

 It was because he knew that his superior sought for time and efficiency . He did not like beating around the bush .

 “There’s a judge called Lin Anguo from the Government Affairs Hall . Can you do a background check on him?” requested his boss .

 “He he! Did that guy offend you in some way?”

 “I heard that he is a rather big figure with an influential background in that office, so I want to know exactly what kind of backing he has . ”