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Chapter 1588

This capital’s Mu family had the power to shake domestic commerce!

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 As the top, influential family, the knowledge of their intricate ties to the political arena and the underworld was enough to send him crumbling to the ground; what more of their inexhaustible wealth?

 The Mus were not people he could offend at all . Doing so would only burn his bridges!

 Lin Anguo was practically on the verge of tears now as he stood meekly before this imposing man . His earlier smugness had all been wiped away, leaving behind a complicated yet uncertain look . Even he, who had years of experience in the political field, had no notion of how to deal with this stifling atmosphere at all!

 The peculiar scene left his wife baffled . Clueless about the current situation, she found his distraught look strange . She then approached him with crossed arms .

 “Hubby, what’s wrong with you?” At the sight of his ashen face, she was more confused than ever and could not resist nudging him . “What’s the matter?”

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 Youyou chortled . “He’s scared silly . ”

 The woman flew into rage right then . Now that she had her husband backing her, she no longer held herself back like before and began shooting her mouth off!

 “Shut up, you little b*st*rd! You have no right to speak here!”

 Mu Yazhe swept his sharp gaze over the couple when he heard that .

 The apprehensive court official, however, nearly choked on his breath because of what his wife had just said!

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 He did not expect his wife to be so poor at reading the situation that she would go shooting her mouth off recklessly . Livid, he immediately berated, “Shut up! Don’t be unreasonable!”

 As the saying went, ‘To know oneself is true progress . ’ Wang Guimiao, alas, lacked this self-awareness . Thinking that her husband was standing on the same side as her, she smugly added, “Exactly! Shut up!”

 The boy suddenly felt the urge to laugh as he looked at the woman the way one would look at a pathetic worm .

 Behind him, however, his father’s face was becoming an awful shade of purple in real time .

 With a clench of his teeth, the magistrate turned and gave his wife a tight slap across her face .

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 “I told you to shut up!”

 All sweaty now, he turned to face Mu Yazhe again . “I apologize for my wife’s rudeness and tactlessness, Chairman Mu! Please be magnanimous and don’t take this to heart! You may just take it that she’s spouting nonsense!”

 His voice carried a flattering and questioning tone in it . As the court official, who was now soaked in buckets of cold sweat, read the other man’s face for clues on his thoughts, he felt that this mighty man posed danger to him!

 Everyone—Ms . Yuan, in particular—was shocked at this unexpected turn of events . She thought that once the judge arrived, Youyou’s father would understand the meaning behind her advice . He would then eat the humble pie and apologize to the other family!

 As a high-ranking magistrate of the Government Affairs Hall, with several accolades to his name, Lin Anguo was an authoritative person .


 Why was he the one eating the humble pie, instead?!

 The principal wore a look of blank incomprehension . He had no idea about what was going on now!

 Still, no one was more aggrieved than the court official’s wife .

 She felt thoroughly disgraced, having been slapped by her husband in front of these people for no reason at all .