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Published at 9th of July 2020 10:20:10 PM
Chapter 1589

Still, the main point here was that, even now, she did not get why she had gotten slapped!

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 Why was I slapped?!

 Did I say something wrong?

 Has my husband gone mad?!

 Is he crazy?

 Why did he slap me for no reason at all?!

 She angrily turned and pulled at his arm as she hysterically roared at him in great consternation . “You’ve gone mad, haven’t you?!”

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 The magistrate sighed in helplessness at the sight of her acting like this before rolling his eyes to the heavens . With a hand on his forehead, he turned and pointed a finger at his wife . He was so furious that he was at a loss for words .

 More baffled and aggrieved by now, she shot back at him tearfully, “Why aren’t you talking now? Why did you slap me?! Are you possessed?!”

 “Stop talking! Just quietly sit down and don’t make another peep; understand?”

 Rather than worrying about her becoming a laughingstock, he was more afraid of her continuously shooting her mouth off to the extent of completely offending the Mu Group and driving their family to ruin!

 It was not easy at all for him to reach this point in his career . He did not want his bright future to be destroyed over such a trifling matter!

 His worries were not unfounded, too .

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 The Mus had people working in the Government Affairs Hall .

 A word from this man could turn all his efforts and achievements as a dignified magistrate into nothing!

 With things reaching this state, he was truly at a loss! He could only hope that his troublemaker wife would not make things worse, such that they could not reach a concord!

 Alas, she did not understand his good intentions at all and harshly questioned him, instead . “Husband, I’m asking you: Are you under some sort of spell?!”


 As he stared incredulously at her, he even got the impulse to strangle her to death!

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 Can’t she read the situation at all? Is she trying to do me in?

 She’s a hindrance who can’t do anything right!

 “You have no right to speak here! Just get lost!”

 “Don’t you be too—”

 “Sit there!” He suddenly raised his voice at her, shooting her a vicious look . Startled, she started to fear her husband .

 From his gaze and look, she could tell that he was truly enraged!

 Albeit reluctant and confused of her wrongdoing here, the dejected woman could only obediently sit at the side .

 The judge then turned and, in a respectful manner that was incomprehensible to the others, apologized to the seated man . “My apologies, Chairman Mu! Please overlook my wife’s insensibility and offense!”


 The latter cocked a brow . His voice projected an irrefutable authority . “I wouldn’t dare to do so—not when she claimed that she’ll teach me and my son a good lesson!”

 Appalled, Lin Anguo immediately screeched, “She wouldn’t dare! Sir, she’s merely joking . ”

 Youyou gave him no out at all as he crossed his arms and said, “Joking?! She called me a little b*st*rd, too!”

 His lip corners twitched in tension . He was at a loss on how to smooth things over!