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Published at 8th of July 2020 10:15:06 PM
Chapter 1587: 1587

Lin Anguo posed another question . “Who started the fight?”

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 “Of course, it’s that ill-mannered brat! Our Fengfeng has always been a well-behaved boy and has never created any trouble! Not only did our son get beaten up, he’s also being framed as the instigator of the fight! How is it possible? He loves his classmates . ”

 The boy’s father nodded . “I see . ”

 Wang Guimiao was secretly smug about having such a capable husband . He took charge of the situation the moment he arrived, scaring the father-son pair so much that they did not even dare to make a peep . They must be scared witless!

 Sensing a reversal in the situation, she began putting pressure on the principal . “Mr . Wu, you must settle this fairly! This man here must give us a good explanation, apologize to my son, and bring him to the hospital to do a full-body checkup! All of the medical fees, nutrition fees, and compensation for my boy’s mental health must be calculated properly, too! If his attitude is good, we won’t pursue this matter!”

 Her husband approached the other man and asked with a grim smile, “Sir, may I have your name?”

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 The latter looked up and drawled, “Mu Yazhe . ”

 His voice was clear and cold, carrying an aristocratic tinge, yet his answer left the magistrate flabbergasted!

 Mu Yazhe?

 That name rings a bell!

 It was widely known in and out of the capital; how could he have not heard of it before?!

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 It… just happens to be the same name, right?

 Surely, he’s not the Mu Group’s CEO?

 Hoping that it was just a coincidence, he added, “Your name is familiar to me . It’s similar to the Mu crown prince’s name!”

 “Ha ha!” The other man merely scoffed . “There’s no one else with my name in the capital . ”

 He was again at a loss for words . A hint of panic flashed across his face as he gawked fixedly at the man, not daring to make any speculation .

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 He opened his mouth in defiance after a long while but ended up speaking rather politely . “You are…”


 A hint of unease appeared in his eyes . “Are you… the Mu Group’s chairman?”

 The man was somewhat irked by his incessant questioning . “I’ve already told you my name . Let’s get straight to the point; shall we? You’re wasting my time, and we both know that it’s more precious than yours!”

 His eyes bulged and he staggered backward . His face collapsed in shock!

 All became clear from the man’s attitude!

 It appeared that his foolish wife had offended a bigshot—someone whom they could not afford to offend at all!

 The man before him must be that mysterious and noble heir of the Mus!

 Earlier, his eyes were drawn to him as soon as he stepped into the room . He could sense the lofty disposition of someone from a prestigious family in him . It was just that he failed to recall where he had seen that handsome face of his in the past!

 However, it suddenly occurred to him that he had seen this man in a financial magazine before . Aside from being Disheng Financial Group’s president, he was also the Mu family’s head!