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Early in the morning, a cultivator wearing ordinary green clothes was walking on the streets of the Four Symbols City. This cultivator had a flat face with pockmarks all over it, but his eyes would occasionally reveal intelligence that did not match his appearance.

This cultivator was impressively the female cultivator that was in the City of Myriad Lives and thought it was Zhang Fengyi. In the end, she even gave her two magic treasures.

Later on, the female cultivator used her skills and transformed into this appearance. He did not expect that the female cultivator would also appear in the Four Symbols City in the northern part of the Profound Sky Continent. It was just that she was originally wearing a yellow robe, but now she was wearing an ordinary green magic robe.

At this moment, the shocking news that had occurred at the crevice in the sky outside of the Yellow Dao City had clearly been sealed by the Beiming Sect and the Netherfrost Palace, so the Four Symbols City, which was only one city away from the Yellow Dao City, did not have any cultivators knowing that a Divine Profound Realm cultivator had fallen at the crevice. Although so many astounding cultivators had fallen from the sky above the crevice in Yellow Dao City, it was still completely sealed off.

This time, the sky was split open. The Yellow Dao City was destroyed, and countless demon beasts ran into the sky. The number of demon beasts hunted by cultivators was also very shocking.

Furthermore, not to mention the many broken teleportation nexus in the northern part of the Tian Xuan Land, even if it was a complete teleportation nexus, the majority of cultivators would not dare to teleport through it. Most of the cultivators now relied on the flying magic technique and the flying magic treasure to escape. Many of the demon beasts hunted by cultivators were traded in the nearby cities. Thus, within the Four Symbols City, not only were there various shops, there were also various kinds of demon cores and demon beast refining materials. Not only were the quantity shocking, the grade was also quite high.

Many cultivators rushed over to buy demonic cores and refining materials needed for cultivation. There were also many cultivators who rushed over to kill the demonic beasts that had escaped into the heavens.

Therefore, in a short period of time, the sky outside the Four Symbols City could be said to be filled with endless streams of light. The number of cultivators entering and exiting the city could be said to be ten times more than normal.

It was rare to see a tear in the sky in the first half of the year, and in recent decades, it had only caused a few cracks to appear. Furthermore, this beautiful female cultivator, who was completely below Ji Ya, was clearly not a cultivator from the northern part of the Profound Sky Continent.

Right now in the Four Symbols City, logically speaking, this female cultivator should also be here to watch the show and take a good stroll.

However, as this female cultivator walked through the city, she didn't seem to be in the mood for pleasantries. There was a hint of worry between her brows.

He entered a larger shop and seemed to have bought a few things. Then, he quickly walked out of the city.

However, after walking only a few hundred steps, the female cultivator's expression suddenly changed. She looked around and immediately walked into a deserted alley behind a shop.


Just as she entered this deserted alley, the female cultivator's body shook, and a faint green aura suddenly burst out from her body.

This feeling was as though this female cultivator was suppressing something, but at this moment, it was impossible to suppress it.

About ten breaths later, the spiritual energy in the female cultivator's body disappeared.

"Ten days at the most, and I have to reach Core Formation. I have to hurry to the heavens and find a safe place …"

After that, the female cultivator shook her head and muttered to herself. Then, she quickly left the alleyway and continued to walk out of the city.

Listening to the female cultivator's mutter to herself, she was actually suppressing her Core Formation!

For some unknown reason, it also appeared to be similar to Wei Suo, who had ingested a piece of the wondrous tree within his body. Even if she did not train on purpose, her true essence cultivation would also increase, thus, even if she deliberately suppressed it, it was inevitable that she would immediately face the critical moment of the Core Formation stage.

Logically speaking, an ordinary cultivator would always be excited if they had the chance to break through to the Aurous Core stage. Furthermore, they would have to choose a safe city to break through to the Aurous Core stage. However, she did not know the reason. She was trying to avoid breaking into the Aurous Core stage but now that she could not, she chose not to enter into the Aurous Core stage in the cultivator city and instead ran out into the sky to try to break into the Aurous Core stage.

This was something he could not understand no matter how hard he tried.

"It's the Old Devil Coiling Dragon. Why did he come here instead of staying at the True Martial Sect?" There's still one more guy who's not inferior to him at all. "

Just as the female cultivator was hurriedly leaving Four Divisions City, a ball of green Qi suddenly appeared on a towering ancient tree in a desolate mountain forest outside the sky. A dwarf, an old man in a green robe, faintly appeared in the midst of the green Qi …

The blue-robed elder was only as tall as a child of about five or six years of age, but his appearance was extremely vicious.

The Spiritual Qi on his body was also very strong. The shape of the Spiritual Qi around him was also the shape of an ancient green tree.

Moreover, the spiritual energy and aura on this old man's body seemed to have become one with the forest and was exactly the same as the aura of the surrounding trees. If he were to hide within the forest, perhaps even Wei Suo's spiritual sense would not be able to detect him.

At this moment, this vicious looking old dwarf was looking at the western side of the sky with sparkling eyes.

In the western sky, there was a faintly discernable black colored light. Its speed was astonishing as it shot across the sky.

"These two fellows are heading deeper into the Wilderness. There must be something in it for them."

After a few glances, the old dwarf could not help but look like he was about to follow.

"That won't do, I can't even deal with any of those two. I have to call Blackie and the others over to help." However, he immediately stopped and patted his own storage pouch. He then took out a azure jade sparrow like magic tool.

He then swiped his finger, and the azure jade-sparrow-like magic tool immediately turned into a streak of azure light, shooting towards his back. However, he immediately chased after the faintly discernible black light in the western sky …

It was at this moment that a green-black flame suddenly shot out from a valley deep within the desolation. With an evasive sound, the black-green flame was rapidly retracted. It was none other than Wei Suo's Black Demon Ghost Claw, which had caught six or seven multicolored poisonous snakes.

"Hiss!" "Hiss!"

Wei Suo's Dark Demon Ghost Claw seemed to have ignited a barrel of gunpowder, and countless densely packed poisonous snakes suddenly surged out of the seemingly silent valley.

These snakes were of different sizes. One was as thick as a finger, and the other was as big as a bucket.

Moreover, it was obvious that many of these poisonous snakes were of high rank. They spat out all kinds of clouds and light from their mouths, appearing extremely powerful …

"Pa Pa Pa!"

However, the attacks of the densely packed poisonous snakes were easily blocked by a few light screens. Following that, powerful flames swept across the area. In just a short moment, the densely packed poisonous snakes were all swept away.

Following which, a gust of astral wind blew and swept away the surrounding foul air. The figures of Wei Suo, Li Ruohai, and the others appeared one after another in this valley.

In front of this valley, there was a gorge.

Above the canyon, a faint layer of green light was surging.

The entire canyon was filled with a layer of gray fog. For a moment, it was impossible to tell how long this canyon was and what was behind it.

"This is the border of the Green City's Ruins."

Seeing Wei Suo slightly raise his head and look at the faintly discernible green light, he explained, "I don't know what type of restriction that green light above is formed, but the last time we came here, it was extremely powerful. It's not something we can block with force, so we can only go through this gorge."

Wei Suo nodded and his eyes flashed. He seemed to let go of his soul consciousness and scout around the valley, then turned to look at Qilong Mountain. "What restrictions are in this valley?" It seems very strange too. "

"Within this gorge, there will be some black bat shaped fragments that will appear. It seems like remnants of destructive Inhibition Formations were formed within the Green City's Ruins." This black piece of debris has the effect of restraining the power of other magic arts. As long as it's a fire type magic, it will be easy for you to pass through this place. " "However, these ancient restrictions have already been broken. No one knows what changes have occurred since the last time, so we can't be careless. Also, if Fellow Wei is inside, it's best not to damage the landscape and buildings inside so as to avoid causing some unforeseen accidents."

"Naturally, I will be careful. If there are no big accidents, I will try my best not to make a move." Wei Suo nodded.

"Dao Friend Wei, this is what you want." Just at this moment, Li Ruohai stretched out his hand, and the two Green Record's jade talismans floated in front of Wei Suo.

"This is?" Wei Suo was slightly shocked.

"Didn't we agree to hand over a slave technique to you when we arrived outside the Green City's Ruins?" Li Ruohai looked at Wei Suo and smiled.

"I didn't think about it for a while." Wei Suo started to sweat. He was too focused on observing the surroundings to think about it.

"The other is a map of the Green City Ruins that we have in our possession. At this moment, it seems a bit more fair to Dao Friend Wei. " Looking at Wei Suo, Li Ruhai faintly smiled.


"Palace Chief Li, I admire the way you all do things. To be honest, as long as you don't want to deal with me, I will do my best to explore the treasure with you. I definitely won't have any thoughts towards you. " After hearing Li Ruohai's words, he swept his Spiritual Sense through the two green jade talismans. Immediately, Wei Suo's expression became somewhat solemn as he spoke to Li Ruohai and the rest.

"I hope that after this trip, we will have a chance to cooperate in the future, and that we won't have to consider issues related to credibility." Li Ruo Hai faintly smiled and didn't say anything else. He nodded towards Qi Long mountain …

The latter didn't say anything and just stretched out her hand. She took out a fist-sized silver bead that emitted circular silver light that enveloped a radius of several hundred feet.

And then, with Qilong Mountain and Qing Ping leading the way, the group entered the gray, fog-shrouded gorge in front of them.

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