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This chapter hasn’t been edited by prisma (and I don’t know if she’ll come back). For now, it’s just me translating and not really bothering to edit the sentences for nice flow. It takes too much time.

Chapter 28: The Ice Lord Moves House

At the same time, in the solemn and dignified imperial court, the young emperor sat on a radiant golden dragon chair. A pair of beautiful and elegant eyes surveyed the civil and military officials in the room, a slight smile on his face. His gaze soon fell on the lofty man's form. It was not surprising that the word 'lofty' was used to describe this man. With this many people wearing outfits for court, he stood out among these orderly officials and this time appeared particularly dazzling.

This person was the court's residence prime minister, Feng Ming. At this time, he wore a magnificent white crescent moon robe and a pair of black slippers. Most importantly, he was not the head of the court officials, rather he sat at the head of the court officials. His chair was not as good as the emperor's imperial throne, nevertheless, it was an old-fashioned chair made from sheep fat white jade1. Behind him stood a bodyguard. Perhaps, in the history of the court, only he has brought a bodyguard.

"Does Prime Minister Feng feel that they are talking nonsense?" Emperor Ye Mu Li2 smiled elegantly.

Feng Ming raised his golden eyes slightly to meet Ye Mu Li's unfathomable gaze. Behind him, Qing Wu finally understood what Young Miss Bai Xi meant by avoiding ghosts last night. Originally, the Mid-Autumn Festival was called the Ghost Festival, and this month was also called the Ghost Month. It was the day where the gates to the netherworld were wide open and the lonely souls could wander the human world in search of food. No wonder last night's Qi Qiao Festival had less people than previous years. They were hiding from the ghosts.

Did these government officials have nothing better to do? Even previously, they spread rumours and disturbed the people's hearts, using it as an excuse to inconvenience Young Miss Bai Xi and target the Bai Residence's Bai Jin Hang and Bai Yu Jie.

"Oh, right. We3 have heard this rumour that last night, Prime Minister Feng was seen having dinner with someone at Yi Ping Lou, is this true? Prime Minister Feng." Ye Mu Li had an elegant smile on his face, his eyes not showing the least bit of emotion. He really looked like an elegant and gentle emperor.

In an instant, all the officials were surprised and looked at the ruthless and indifferent Prime Minister Feng. Only one person's face remained apathetic and did not look over at Feng Ming. Rather, his eyes were chilly, as if hiding his anger. This person was Bai Xi's doting older brother, Bai Yu Jie.

"You talk too much." Feng Ming didn't give any face to the emperor of the country. His gold eyes swept across the officials in the hall. Everyone trembled, lowering their heads to look at their boots. "Furthermore, you should use all your extra time to study. Don't say such senseless things here."

After he spoke, the officials lowered their heads further, almost touching their chests.

"You're really cold. We truly want to know if you and that person get along." Ye Mu Li laughed, not paying attention to Feng Ming's disrespectful words.

"The household of Bei Liang's fifth prince lacks an official wife4 and the second princess is almost twenty. You should be worrying about this." When this came out, atmosphere was still. They did not know that Lord Feng actually pays attention to this kind of thing. Even if Bei Liang's prince wants many wives, the target shouldn't be Xi Yue Kingdom's princess. Bei Liang had been showing signs of trouble over the last few years. If the second princess were to marry a man of lower status, wouldn't that be sending the second princess directly into the jaws of death5?

"Reporting to Your Majesty, although Bei Liang must bow their heads and acknowledge Xi Yue, in recent years, Bei Liang has gradually revealed its wild ambition. Having the second princess marry a man of lower status is not a good idea, and your servant asks Your Majesty to think carefully6," said one official who stood forward to state his opinion.

"Asking Your Majesty to think carefully on this matter!" Many officials immediately chimed in after.

"Lord Xing7 worries too much. Because Bei Liang is unstable, the second princess should marry. In this way, the two countries will have a connection through marriage and it will promote friendship between the two countries, this improving the situation of both countries." Bai Yu Jie heard what had happened in the palace yesterday. He had already heard from Mu Qiu, and because of this, he would, for the first time, endorse Feng Ming's suggestion.

"What Young General Bai says is right. Being related by marriage can improve the two countries' situation."

Suddenly, the court officials launched into approving and opposing the idea, the two sides refusing to give in. The war of words lasted two hours and didn't have an outcome. Finally, Feng Ming said, "Boring," which stopped the argument. Everyone watched Feng Ming walk away and gradually disappear from their sight.

"This incident will be done according to what Prime Minister Feng said. Dismissed!" Ye Mu Li smirked and soon after, left the hall, leaving the dumbfounded officials behind.

Imperial Study.

"Your Majesty will listen to Feng Ming's words and follow his advice?" Bai Yu Jie went directly to the imperial study. He saw the emperor, who had just held court in a graceful manner, now leaning on the soft couch in an indolent manner and looking at the memorial.

Ye Mu Li tossed the memorial in his hands and sat upright on the soft couch. He smiled and asked, "Do you not also agree with Prime Minister Feng's proposal?"

"This is her fate." She dared to try and kill his Xi'r? Then he would dare to support her well-deserved end.

"We see this is because Zi Ning bullied your younger sister." What events in the palace could escape his eyes? He merely wanted to take care of everything.

Bai Yu Jie smirked, but didn't anything in response.

"We really want to meet your younger sister and see whether she is the same as the rumours. However, we are curious if about one thing - if she has something worthy of Little Ming Ming's special treatment." Ye Mu Li squinted at the beam above, as if there is something worthy of his happiness.

"It's possible."

Ye Mu Li sat back down with a smile on his face. His eyes radiated a rare earnest light. "We wish to see what that person naturally sees. Little Jie Jie, you can't prevent this."

After Bai Yu Jie heard those words, his gentle and kind expression froze.

"Little Jie Jie, you and Little Ming Ming's original arrangement should have been finished, or are you afraid of losing to Little Ming Ming?" Ye Mu Li placed his hands on Bai Yu Jie's shoulder. It was a pity that when he moved to put his chin on Bai Yu Jie's shoulder, the latter moved away and avoided his approach.

"Be at ease. We are straight8 and not interested in you." After Ye Mu Li finished speaking, he once again lay on the soft couch, not at all domineering like an emperor should be.

Bai Yu Jie glanced at Ye Mu Li on the couch and turned to walk away. Before leaving, he did not forget to say in a mocking tone, "Pretending? Just continue to pretend. Hmph. That Feng Ming is cheated by you. You dare to say you are straight? Who would believe you?"

Ye Mu Li smiled more. "Little Jie Jie, you are too direct. Little Ming Ming has already moved next to the Bai Residence. Starting today, you are neighbours. Are you looking forward to it?"

Bai Yu Jie had just stepped out of the imperial study and soon quickened his pace to leave the imperial palace.

Ye Mu Li opened his eyes. This is fun. Little Ming Ming, Little Jie Jie, and Bai Xi, no, Little Xi Xi, hehe…

1.(羊脂白玉) this is a type of jade.↩

2.(夜沐璃) Ye means night. Mu means 'to be given kindness'. Li means 'coloured glaze'.↩

3.(朕) this is a term that is only used by royalty (the sovereign) to address themselves. The closest English equivalent we can think of is the royal 'we', so it will be translated as such from now on.↩

4.(王妃) wang fei - for those of you read enough Chinese novels, this should be a familiar term. I've translated it as official wife, rather than princess, to differentiate it from the daughters of the emperor 'gongzhu'.↩

5.(虎口) this literally says tiger's mouth.↩

6.(三思) this translates to 'think thrice', which just means to consider things carefully.↩

7.(邢) this is just a Chinese last name.↩

8.The character here means straight (直), like a straight piece of wire, or vertical/upright. I don't know if this is supposed to imply something else though…↩

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