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Chapter 1196 - Seven Luminaries Flying Sword

...Meanwhile, inside the valley of the Qilin Mountain Range...

"Stop with the bluff!"

Five peak Martial Progenitors laughed grimly. They immediately executed powerful movement Monarch Arts and flew toward the Qilin Blood Dojo from five different directions.

They would not believe this young man was able to murder thirteen experts of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground by himself. Something must have happened before they arrived. The young man was only using their deaths to intimidate them.


Qin Nan's figure sprang forward. Within a breath's time, his figure arrived before one of the cultivators like a devil.

The cultivator was taken by surprise. He immediately performed a hand seal with both hands, producing a blinding glow. However, a fist covered by a dark aura shattered the glow with brute force and struck his chest.


Qin Nan did not stop there. He turned around and lashed out with four terrifying saber intents.

The four cultivators were astounded. They immediately unleashed their moves to resist the saber intents. However, before they could lower their guard, Qin Nan's figure appeared above them and lashed out with his right arm.

Another four saber intents descended upon them.

Unlike the ones before, these were unleashed with the Sky-Desolating Saber Art.

The four cultivators responded swiftly to defend themselves. However, a series of explosions sent them flying away as they uttered cries of agony.


Chi Yuehong and the rest of the cultivators felt a tempestuous storm in their hearts.

If they had doubted his words at the beginning, they were assured that it was the truth now.

Being able to defeat five peak Martial Progenitors in less than several breaths' time. How absurd was his strength?

Chi Yuehong and his crew felt a cold shiver run down their spines.

They did not expect the person they were targeting would be so terrifying.


Qin Nan snapped glancing at the crowd.

"Let's go!"

Chi Yuehong's face lost color as he spoke and quickly fled from the place. The rest of the cultivators immediately lost their ground seeing this and made their way toward the exit.

This was the definition of a deterrence.


The three Qilin Trees on the Qilin Blood Dojo unleashed a brighter glow after witnessing the battle. It caused the Qi in the surroundings to fluctuate vigorously, forming several illusionary figures that resembled the Qilin with intimidating aura!

"Allegiance of Ten Thousand Trees!"

Three Divine Battle Trees emerged from Qin Nan's back into the sky with a formidable intent of the Divine God of Battle, and a hint of the will of the Canglan Tree to suppress the three Qilin Trees.


Following the explosions, the auras of the three Qilin Trees became enfeebled.

After all, the difference between their strength and the Divine Battle Trees was incredibly huge.

The resistance from the rest of the herbs slowly weakened after losing their leader.

"The Kingdom of Ice Descends."

Yi Feng took advantage of the opportunity. His eyes spat out glaciers freezing the herbs and the entire Qilin Blood Dojo within the blink of an eye, as if the place had turned into a Kingdom of Ice.

"Qin Nan, I don't think it's ideal to stay here any longer. Let's find somewhere remote." Yi Feng turned around and said to Qin Nan.

"Sure thing."

Qin Nan nodded.

Although he was fascinated by the thought of killing the experts of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, since they had acquired some valuable loot, they should focus on cultivating first.

The two left the Qilin Mountain Range. After searching for a while, they finally found a perfect place.

Qin Nan initially suggested splitting the loot equally, but Yi Feng insisted on only taking half of the Qilin Blood Dojo, thus he had no choice but to agree.

The two then went into seclusion.

Time gradually passed, and twenty-five days were gone in the blink of an eye...

Within this period, the duo was disturbed three times when three groups of experts from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground were trying to hunt them down.

That being said, Qin Nan ended up killing all of them.

As a result, Qin Nan had eliminated fifty people from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, and twenty of them were considered important to the South-Heaven Sacred Ground.


Qin Nan slowly let out a breath as his eyes sprang open. The roaring blood in his body gradually calmed down.

He had finally finished refining the herbs that he had acquired.

The nine Martial Trees in his body began to change once again after refining the Qilin Trees, the Four-Sided Ancient Tree, etc. Each of the leaves on the Martial Trees had the same obscure rune added to them. The auras of the nine Martial Trees were more compatible with each other.

On top of that, the Qilin Blood had allowed his flesh to undergo some incredible improvements.

"Qin Nan, congratulations on passing the first round of the trial. It's time to bring you to the Anti-Heaven Alliance." Yi Feng said with a half-smile.


Qin Nan's eyes glistened.

He was quite interested in the Anti-Heaven Alliance.

Under Yi Feng's lead, the duo flew out from the cave and headed toward another mountain nearby. They stopped at the peak of the mountain.

"Senior, is this where the Anti-Heaven Alliance is located?"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with doubts.

The place where they were cultivating in seclusion was called the Mountain Borderlands, which was similar to the Qilin Mountain Range.

Most importantly, the Anti-Heaven Alliance was opposing the South-Heaven Sacred Ground and the South-Heaven Gate. If they established their faction here, even with the mountains as natural barriers, it was still too easy for the South-Heaven Sacred Ground to find them.

"Of course not, the Anti-Heaven Alliance is in the sky."

Yi Feng pointed upward.

Qin Nan was slightly startled. He raised his head staring into the blue sky, which was perfectly clear without any sign of clouds, nor was there anything out of place. He could not detect anything abnormal even with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, nor was there anything that restricted the left eye's vision.

"Qin Nan, this is the Seven Luminaries Sword Talisman. You can only see and enter the Anti-Heaven Alliance with it. It's also how the disciples of the Anti-Heaven Alliance communicate with one another."

Yi Feng flipped his hand and took out a golden talisman.

Qin Nan received the talisman and fired his progenitor force into it with a flick. A special sword intent was unleashed from the talisman, wrapping around his figure.

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment. The power contained inside the talisman easily surpassed the power of Monarch Talismans.

"Take a look at the sky now." Yi Feng let out a mysterious smile.

Qin Nan immediately raised his head. Following a glimpse, his eyes widened in shock despite his experience.

The sky was still the same color.

However, the only difference was that a giant ancient sword could be seen floating deep in the sky.

The ancient sword was at least over eight thousand zhang long. Carvings of seven giant suns could be seen on its surface. Meanwhile, patterns of deities were surrounding the seven suns, as if it were illustrating a different world.

The ancient sword floated in silence without emitting any presence.

However, Qin Nan could not help but experience a great impact deep inside his soul the moment he saw the sword.

It felt like it was not a sword, but a small world from the ancient era instead.

"Our Anti-Heaven Alliance is going against the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, so we have to make sure that the South-Heaven Gate can't find us. Although the sword's power is unmatched, thus even the Martial Gods are not aware of its presence, as a precaution, the sword will float around in the half-God region with no fixed location.

"If anyone wants to return to the Anti-Heaven Alliance, they would need to contact the people of the Anti-Heaven Alliance with this Seven Luminaries Sword Talisman, then make their way to the location of the sword.

"Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention. This sword is our Sect Leader's Natal Sword. It's known as the Seven Luminaries Flying Sword."

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