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To a man in the martial arts world, everything was impossible to happen.

Even if they were really like Junior Leopard, being extremely arrogant in their hearts, thinking that they could transform into the universe and evolve the world, yet they did not know how to evolve.

How could they be compared to Junior Leopard? In Junior Leopard's previous life, science was highly developed. People calculated perfectly and clearly the stars' rotation and the evolution of universe. They found that universe originally was a singularity, with no time and no space. All of a sudden it exploded and the universe was formed.

Although this Big-Bang theory was just one of many theories explaining the birth of the universe, it was the most acceptable theory. Besides, Junior Leopard had seen the stars' rotation, the birth process of the planets and the formation of the galaxy on TV in his previous life. Even though he could not remember it clearly now, yet the information still existed deep in his mind. Now, when the intent was formed, it was pointing straight at the heart, picking out the last secret of his inner heart that was long forgotten, and now it began evolving.

And the first step to evolving was to form a singularity.

What was a singularity?

Junior Leopard did not know. Only within the subconscious, this thing was able to explode so it had to be a thing that was compressed to the maximum. Hence, his Qi Power also began to compress.

This world actually had another term for the compression of Qi Power. It was building up strength.

During the process of Junior Leopard's insights, he had been building up strength. It was also because of the Qi Power's unusual fluctuations that gained Liu Si's attention. Liu Si discovered that this kid could have comprehended something and started to condense the fist intent.

Once the fist intent was formed, it was no doubt that Junior Leopard's strength would increase dramatically. Most importantly, even the newly formed intent had the effect of "breaking the force". Moreover, it could create harm on a mental level. Damage on a mental level was not like injury on the bodily flesh. It could not recover so quickly. The higher and deeper the cultivation level, the more important was the maintenance of the spirit. Once it suffered damage, to put it in another way, it was to break the heart of the Dao. Once the heart of the Dao was broken, a light punishment would be that the cultivation stopped progressing forward. A heavy punishment would be that the martial arts would all be crippled, and there would even be a risk of life. This principle, Junior Leopard did not understand it, yet Liu Si understood it clearly. Adding to the fact that the fist intent that Junior Leopard was condensing was too strange, this building up of strength was too soul-shocking, which made Liu Si fearsome.

"This definitely cannot go on. If I continue letting his Qi Power to condense, it could be said that today I will be killed here!" Feeling that the Qi Power from Junior Leopard was getting stranger, Liu Si thought. He was so shocked that he wanted to take the chance to break the fist intent before it was fully formed. Naturally, he dared not leave thing to chance and displayed his true strength.

He put the golden bangle in his hand, and shouted explosively. The shout was like a thunder. With a bang, Jin Nanqing and the rest felt dizzy. Those who didn't faint, was shocked unconscious, with bleeding from their nose, mouth and ears. In the present scene, other than the two people fighting the only person awake was Jin Nanqing alone.

After Liu Si shouted, the golden bangle in his hand turned crazily. The golden light flashed as if it was solidifying. At the same time, he placed the golden bangle in front of his chest horizontally and opened both hands simultaneously. The golden bangle actually hovered in front of his chest. The golden light that seemed to be solidifying formed a layer of weird light film.

"Go to hell!" Liu Si shouted angrily. Both of his fists formed into one, and shot through the golden light in front of him, aiming straight to Junior Leopard's chest.

The fist went through the golden bangle. The golden film that was formed from the golden light in the golden bangle was stirred up by his fist, merging, and actually peeled off from the golden bangle.

It must be known that this golden bangle was an abnormal treasure. It was Liu Qi Taoist who refined it from a piece of congenital golden metal essence found in an extreme cold place in the Western Sea that melted within the essence of cold iron. It shouldn't be a weapon anymore, but a wizard weapon or a celestial device.

This punch was the strongest killing movement of this celestial device. It even could destroy the heavens and the earth, which formed with his own cultivation to merge with the golden bangle's strand of golden metal essence.

That golden light was dragged out of the golden bangle. The golden bangle instantly became dull and revealed a black color. It was the cold iron's body after the golden metal essence was extracted from it.

Liu Si's fist was thrown out, attacking straight to vital part of Junior Leopard's chest.

"Oh, it is indeed extraordinary!"

After the punch went out, Liu Si felt that this punch was as if it hit a ball of wet cotton. If it was not because he used a secret skill just now and the punch strength contained sufficient golden metal Qi, even if this fist hit solidly, the lethality would leave 10 percent at best.

Even now, merging with the golden metal Qi, the vortex formed from the punch strength that was placed horizontally in front of Junior Leopard did not have any use on him. Without any block, the fist went through, and the power didn't show signs of weakening at all.

At this moment, Junior Leopard also reached a critical moment. His Qi Power was accumulated till the extreme, and condensing in one spot. It was just like a dead object, not moving at all. With the condensing of the Qi Power, Junior Leopard felt that his own thoughts were also completely frozen up. When Liu Si's fist came, Junior Leopard's consciousness was still present, and he could still control his own body. Unconsciously, he gave a blow to Liu Si. However, when this fist went halfway, it completely condensed.

What was a singularity?

A singularity was an eccentric thing without any time or any space. Junior Leopard ridiculously compressed the Qi Power, condensing the fist intent, and really condensed the Qi force into a singularity.

No time, no space, naturally there wouldn't be anything, and naturally, he wouldn't be able to move.

Hence, this fist went halfway and was frozen by his own Qi Power.

Even the thoughts would be frozen in its tracks, just like when the universe was born.

If there wasn't anything to break it, then it would forever be in this state. Heaven knew when it would explode.

However, when this singularity just stabilized, Liu Si's fist came. If it was just a normal punch, it wouldn't be able to shake Junior Leopard's state. Who knew when he threw out this punch, whether he would be like Junior Leopard, being affected by the Qi Power, and being frozen?

However, this fist contained the Qi of the congenital golden metal essence. With such a foreign force introduced, things were different.

Almost at that moment when Junior Leopard's consciousness got frozen, Liu Si's fist came, clashing with Junior Leopard's fist.

Because the speed was too fast, Liu Si did not notice anything abnormal at all. As for Junior Leopard, he only felt that his brain short-circuited for a moment. Following that, as if there was something in his brain exploding. As for his fist, it habitually went forward.

Then he did not know when his fist had been struck with his fist. The golden light on Liu Si's fist shimmered and then disappeared. Junior Leopard's brain flashed past a strand of understanding. The strong Qi Power condensed together and was compressed into his fist. Following that, he lightly moved his fist forward.

When the fist collided, there was no sound or vibration. Yet, Junior Leopard felt that his punch even could destroy the heavens and the earth.

This fist pressed forward, yet it destroyed everything, including space.

This fist, was just like the big bang when the universe was born, destroying everything, and creating everything in the meantime.

Heaven and earth, time and space, life and death!

It was described fully by this fist.

Pitiful Liu Si hadn't even understood what was going on, and his consciousness went blank.

Faintly, a strange sound that was like glass breaking apart rang out. The airflow around suddenly roared. Following the trajectory of Junior Leopard's fist, the hollow was tore out a big black hole. In front of Junior Leopard, the golden bangle and Liu Si exploded at the same time. There was no blood and flesh flying around, or fragments scattered. There was only dust and particles which were the essence. Then they were sucked into the black hole, disappearing into the hollow, completely going back to the essence.

It was the crushing vacuum!

Jin Nanqing's eyes suddenly widen.

This was the legendary crushing vacuum!

In legends, those extremely strong experts could use their own fists to crush vacuum. He always thought that it was just a myth. Yet today he actually saw it for himself, and it was acted by Junior Leopard who was only a small boy.

It made him involuntarily feel like he was in a dream.

Following the punching, a wave of surging and mysterious Qi Power spread out from his body, and momentarily shrouding the whole cave.

Under the shroud of the mysterious Qi Power, Jin Nanqing even hallucinated. He felt as if he was in a never-ending galaxy. It was just that this galaxy didn't have a star, and could only be considered a hollow.

"Hiss...!" Junior Leopard violently inhaled. A red light flashed in his eyes. He stretched out his arms and embraced heaven and earth. A sense of mastery suddenly struke him and then vanished.

That feeling, only existed for a moment.

Both Junior Leopard and Jin Nanqing were stunned. Then all kinds of weird signs completely vanished. The whole cave was cool and empty as if nothing had happened.

The only thing that was different was that Liu Si vanished and the black hollow hole that was created from Junior Leopard's fist also disappeared. But Jin Nanqing's expression had changed when he looked at Junior Leopard. There was no longer that air of superiority, nor the pretentious care that he displayed previously. What was there instead was an endless respect and uneasy.

Even though he didn't know what happened, just based on the punch that crushed the hollow, he did not have any competitive desires anymore.

Junior Leopard didn't know what happened as well. He only knew that his own Qi Power had experienced a weird change. As for what that change was, he really didn't know.

Not only him, Jin Nanqing couldn't figure it out either.

Although they were Wu's disciples and were core disciples, because their cultivation was too low. "Intent" was too mysterious and strange for them. Of course, it was hard for him to comprehend. Normally speaking, only those whose cultivation had reached Level Six to Seven could have the qualifications to feel the own consciousness. They could then use and groped their divine thoughts and thereby had a chance to comprehend the "intent".

Others simply did not even think about that one would be like Junior Leopard who just broke through to Level Three, and at the same time comprehend the "intent", there was literally no precedent for that.

It was precisely because of this that it was only when the disciples' cultivation broke through to the Bone-Forging realm, feeling that they were promising persons, that they would tell them about the existence of the intent. This was to save them from too much thinking at the low cultivation, falling behind. Then they may loss the lucky chance of comprehension. Most importantly, if they delayed their cultivation progress, that would be a loss more than gain. 

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