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Hence, these two people did not know what happened exactly.

As for why Jin Nanqing would have a mentality of fear towards Junior Leopard, it mainly was because of Junior Leopard's fist and the following heaven-shaking Qi Power.

What he didn't know was, just now the fist that Junior Leopard executed, was completely under chance and luck. It was only like then, to compress the Qi Power in the body into a singularity, and having the external intervention of a force to break it, to produce a universal Big-Bang effect, then could such a result be achieved.

Now that Junior Leopard's fist intent was formed, his Qi Power also produced a substantial change. Even if he entered into that kind of insight state again, he couldn't compress the Qi Power together once again. He wouldn't be able to throw out the second punch neither.

However this matter, even if Junior Leopard was clear about it and explained it to Jin Nanqing, Jin Nanqing wouldn't believe him, not to mention he didn't understand.

"Senior brothers, are you all alright?"

After experiencing a momentary absent-minded, Junior Leopard reacted the quickest. He hurriedly walked to Jin Nanqing and asked.

"Alright, alright, thanks to junior brother Zhou!" Jin Nanqing said. The gaze which he looked at Junior Leopard began to have signs of shrinking.

"Lucky, I am merely lucky!" Thinking about that situation just now, Junior Leopard's doubts in his heart were even more than his. Even he didn't believe, that fist just now was thrown by himself. It was also because of so, Junior Leopard didn't want to mention this matter. After some vague words, he went to rescue and wake up the other six senior brothers.

A good thing was although they all fainted, except the only one was heavily injured, the others were not heavily injured, so he began to relax as well.

Having escaped from death, they woke up and did not understand what was going on. Although they had questions in their hearts, yet seeing Junior Leopard and Jin Nanqing not willing to talk about it, naturally they didn't dare to ask more. This saved Junior Leopard a lot of trouble.

Later on, they heard that Liu Si had died. And those medicinal herbs were still here. Even though they were injured, they felt excited. Looking at the medicinal herbs stacked up in the cave, them seemed that they were seeing a bright future. As for how Junior Leopard and Jin Nanqing killed Liu Si, they kept his curiosity in their heart.

This was the benefit of living in this world!

People living in this world, who don't have their own secrets?

Junior Leopard in his previous life lived in a communicative society. The amount of information was too huge and people gossiped a lot. Whatever secret there was it couldn't be kept. However, in this world, things were different. The information flow was not smooth, and it was a world which prioritized martial arts. As for other people's secrets, nobody wished to recklessly scout it out. Even if they scouted it out, they wouldn't dare to speak carelessly, so as not to get into trouble.

Adding on to that, Junior Leopard and Jin Nanqing were inner core disciples. Comparing to Zhou Zhengming and those normal inner core disciples, their positions were a little higher. These normal inner core disciples naturally wouldn't dare to scout out their secrets. Thus no one mentioned it anymore.

After recuperating for a few days, other than the unlucky fella who was seriously injured, the rest had recovered much.

These few days, Junior Leopard naturally spent most of his time on practicing. His Internal Qi had just broken through to Level Three, thus he needed to solidify the phase. As for the changes in his Qi Power, similarly, he needed to comprehend it.

Jin Nanqing certainly did not dare to disturb him, leaving Junior Leopard alone to practice in the cave.

Junior Leopard's fist intent had been formed. However, he did not know that. He only knew that his own Qi Power had become eccentric. Previously when he trained his fists there were obstructions, which were now all of a sudden cleared up.

Not only it was cleared up, but also when he began to practice the Thirteen Punches of Desolation, he could still feel that his own Qi Power had changed, changed to become weird. When he began to carefully practice his fist, he realized that he was as if existing in a piece of independent hollow.

In this hollow, nothing was substantial. It was very empty, and he did not know its use. At the same time, he also knew that this hollow was only a feeling of his. He was still in the depths of the cave, his position didn't change at all. It was just that when he put in the effort to practice his punching skills, a kind of strange change would happen in the surroundings, just like the Qi Power in the past. However, this kind of change was much more eccentric than his Qi Power.

"Could this be the legendary Region?"

Wasn't there a saying that illiteracy was terrible?

Illiteracy only knew to think blindly.

He thought of the mysterious Regions that he had seen in so many fantasy novels.

However, he couldn't be blamed for this. After all he didn't know there was "intent" in this world.

"That's not good. If everytime I practice fist, this thing permeates out. That's too ostentatious!"

Every time he practiced his fist, the fist intent would be brought out. This indeed didn't suit Junior Leopard life principle of low profile.

Hence, he started to try to put away this strange Qi Power. After trying for a few times, he finally succeeded.

"Interesting, there's really some meaning related to the Region, but it felt like there's something missing!" Junior Leopard put away his own fist intent and thought to himself. Even though he didn't know what it was, but he could really feel the benefits that the intent had brought to him.

As for crushing vacuum, he didn't even want to think it over. That was because he knew it was purely out of luck. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't launch it. Therefore, he simply did not think.

And when he calmed down, he realized that he could easily sense that strange hollow, which also meant how his fist intent produced.

When he began to circulate his Internal Qi and focused all his spirit in the circulation of the Internal Qi, he could sense that hollow.

And gradually, he discovered something strange.

His fist intent was a completely hollow as if there was nothing at all. However, at the same time, it seemed to have everything, possessing endless possibilities, only waiting for him to fill it up.

How to fill it up?

Junior Leopard did not know!

"Aye, what's this?"

Closing his eyes, silently sensing, suddenly, he found a bit of golden light within this hollow.

That bit of golden light suddenly appeared in the endless hollow, as if it generated out of thin air.

That bit of golden light was the golden metal essence formed from the golden bangle.

This bit of golden metal essence was the reason of Junior Leopard being able to launch the crushing vacuum before.

Hence, very naturally, at the moment Junior Leopard launched the crushing vacuum, this little bit of golden metal essence was merged into his fist intent.

The intent was the merging of divine thoughts and Internal Qi, and it could be formed when the two reached a mysterious equilibrium.

That little bit of golden metal essence broke the singularity, in the most critical moment of Junior Leopard condensing his fist intent. It naturally couldn't escape being absorbed by Junior Leopard's fist intent, becoming the initial pneuma when his fist intent was simulating the universe.

Junior Leopard's fist intent sounded extremely arrogant. It could simulate the universe!

What did it mean? The world was within the fist!

However, in fact, it was pleasant to the eye but of no use.

For intent, the most demanding was completeness. If the fist intent was not complete, it would have flaws. With flaws, it would be easily dissolved by other people.

The universe was so big that it surpassed everyone's imaginations. To let this kind of fist intent to be complete, the whole universe must be completed. Only in this way could we exert all the power of the fist intent, which was perfect.

It was impossible to complete the universe.

Now Junior Leopard did not know this. If he knew early about the various obstacles in forming the fist intent, he naturally wouldn't be so naive to turn his fist intent into such a manner.

Originally, his fist intent was a lump of hollow, deep and dark, yet it was still a hollow, without any real substantial power.

Just that when the little bit of golden metal essence was merged into it, things took a turn.

Junior Leopard settled down to quietly sense the black flame within his Dantian. It slightly moved, as if it was attracted by something. A strand of it was extracted out from the Dantian, and merged into his fist intent.

The fist intent in a piece of hollow instantly changed.

That strand of the golden metal essence, strictly speaking, was a foreign object. For it to appear within the fist intent, it disturbed the changes of the fist intent. However, Junior Leopard's fist intent naturally did not weak. His Internal Qi contained an extremely strong Mysterious Fire power. Upon sensing that there was something wrong in his fist intent that Mysterious Fire naturally appeared.

The five elements promoted each other and restricted each other!

Fire restricted gold!

That strand of Mysterious Fire that came out of the Dantian entered into Junior Leopard's fist intent, and rushed straight for that golden light, instantly enveloping it. In an instant, it refined that strand of golden metal Qi.

When refining, a strand of faint golden gas was dispersed within the hollow. And that strand of Mysterious Fire showed no signs of returning, unexpectedly forming a fireball in the hollow, becoming bigger and bigger.

Junior Leopard suddenly had a string of mysterious insight. Both of his eyes violently opened, the Fiery Eyes had activated. Both of his eyes were like blood and a circle of black line flashed a demonic black light. It rushed out from the eyes, and spurt forward for a foot.

Then the black line violently turned. Following the turning of the black line, the circulation of Junior Leopard's Internal Qi also began to have some mysterious changes. With the change, his fist intent in the hollow was stirred. As the black line turned, gradually it condensed into a fist intent vortex. Then the fist intent vortex was slowly pulled into Junior Leopard's eyes.

The black lines in the eyes turned faster and faster, the fist intent in Junior Leopard's surroundings became more and more eccentric. At last, the fist intent in a piece of hollow was completely pulled into Junior Leopard's eyes.

The black lines within the eyes vanished. The fiery red pupils also vanished. The two eyes looked deep as if it was two black deep ravines, and it was like a deep and vast hollow.

However, Junior Leopard's fist intent did not completely disappear. In Junior Leopard's surroundings, a flaming black fireball slowly formed.

Junior Leopard who was sitting cross-legged involuntarily stood up, and began practicing the Thirteen Punches of Desolation.

Following the route of the punching skill and the circulation of the Internal Qi, the scorching fireball behind him gradually condensed and took form. In this process, it was as if the fist intent was condensed for the second time. However, the condensation this time around, as compared to the first time, was much simpler. The fist intent was very normal as well.

When he completed the Thirteen Punches of Desolation, this new fist intent was completely formed. It looked like a black sun, hanging behind Junior Leopard, burning fiercely.

The air in the surrounding began to heat up under the surge of his fist intent.

Junior Leopard stayed at the depths of the cave, and both of his eyes were like hollows. He kept calm, as if he was sensing something, thinking about something.

Suddenly, he deeply breathed like whale sucked water. Then he slowly closed his eyes. The fist intent began to weaken and scatter. Almost as he closed his eyes, the fist intent was completely gone.

When he opened his eyes again, the hollow within his eyes was still there, but it was no longer empty without an object. There was a burning black fireball in each eye.

After a few breaths, the fireball vanished, and so did the hollow within the eyes. Only a pair of ordinary eyes was left.

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