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What is consciousness? And what is substance?

That was a problem of philosophy in Junior Leopard's previous life, but now it reverted to a realistic problem in this new world.

When everything returned to reality, there would be only one question left: "What is consciousness and what is divine thought?"

Frankly speaking, divine thoughts meant that you were strong enough to feel your consciousness.

But the explanation was too simple and it could not describe precisely what divine thoughts meant.

And there was another concept before learning about divine thoughts, which was Qi Power.

In Junior Leopard's previous life, people would always say that somebody had a strong Qi Power, and in fiction, the authors would also write that the character had a kind of Aura that made him or her well respected. And one thing for sure was that these descriptions were all used for shaping experts and high-level officials.

But what about things in reality?

Junior Leopard had also met with countless officials in his previous life, including province governors and party secretaries. He actually could not feel any kind of Qi Power however when they stood face to face in front of him. So he concluded that the so-called Qi Power was merely an attitude that they had gotten used to as they had been in the boss's position for too long. Qi Power, in Junior Leopard's eyes, was more like something made up in fiction. It was a figure of speech, an exaggeration. It was nonsense that some people could particularly develop an exceptional Qi Power while others could not. We were all human after all.

When he came to this brand new world, Junior Leopard got to know martial arts skills. Gradually, he had an understanding of martial arts. After delving further, Junior Leopard understood that this thing, Qi Power, existed in this world.

Anybody practicing martial arts would have Qi Power at the same time when he or she had practiced Internal Qi successfully. The only thing was that Qi Power was tiny, to begin with. It was similar to a small flame, which could also affect the airflow all around. It was difficult to be noticed unless you sensed it by heart.

Once one's cultivation had reached a certain state, his or her Internal Qi circulating in the body would be able to affect the airflow around even though Internal Qi was not let out. The surroundings would be changed accordingly. It was just like what was happening on Junior Leopard at present. As the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique was activated, the air would also be heated, as if warmed up by an everlasting flame.

But this was not Qi Power, or it should be put as this was not the real Qi Power!

The real Qi Power would also mix some consciousness inside while Internal Qi was in function.

And consciousness was also an abstruse concept, it was not visible nor was it tangible, but it existed in the world. A simple example could explain that. Those were the days when revolution swept across China and both heroes and anti-heroes arose. But why were there both of them?

When faced with the same punishment, some would survive, while some could not. This was a matter of willpower. As some had a strong willpower, while some did not.

But in Junior Leopard previous life, what was willpower would simply remain as willpower however strong it was, invisible and intangible.

In this world, however, things were different. The moment one had practiced his first string of Internal Qi, it would be imprinted with his own consciousness.

And why was that?

Just think what Internal Qi relied on to circulate in your body. It relied on your consciousness.

Qi moved with consciousness and also left with it. Qi was an inseparable part of one's consciousness at the beginning when it was born.

The process of practicing was, in itself, actually difficult. Either enhancing one's body or condensing one's Internal Qi was all a process that tested one's willpower. Even for Junior Leopard, what he had accomplished so far also originated from hundreds of thousands of pains and bitterness.

Therefore, the better one's cultivation was and the stronger one's consciousness was, so was one's willpower stronger.

When one's willpower was strong enough to a certain phase it would undergo a quantitative change.

And the change was that divine thoughts would be born!

It was an illusory concept--the nature of divine thoughts was consciousness. When one noticed the existence of this intangible and invisible consciousness and could also control it, it would become divine thoughts.

Then as divine thoughts successfully got combined with one's Internal Qi, another mysterious concept would be born.

Fist Intent

Sword Intent

Saber Intent

Cudgel Intent!

The so-called intent was, in fact, materialized Qi Power.

A bigger qualitative change would be undergone as divine thoughts combined with a very strong Internal Qi. At that time, one's Qi Power would be materialized and intent would be born.

Intent was mysterious and odd at the same time.

Not only did it require divine thoughts, but it also relied on one's luck and savey. A good fortune was also indispensable.

Even a Level Nine expert could not own "intent" without having good chance and savey. He could own magnificent Qi Power like mountains, mighty Qi Power like oceans, and devastating Qi Power like earthquakes, but "intent" was not something he could easily obtain.

Intent meant one had to strike a balance between divine thoughts and Internal Qi while figuring out some insights.


That was another amazingly mysterious concept!

Junior Leopard got his insights once. But that was not enough for him to understand their essence.

The only thing he knew was that just like right now, he was somehow familiar with being in the state of getting insights.

The feeling was odd.

He had never encountered such feelings when he practiced fist martial arts.

But he had never forgotten the similar feeling when he was first admitted to the Wu Family. He was chopping wood with a small hammer then and the feeling was the same as what he could feel now.

Lost, he felt entirely lost!

Among his lost feelings, something was shining in his mind and his Internal Qi underwent a mysterious change in the meantime as if beckoned by a supernatural force.

"Could it be that I have gotten insights again?" As weird as Junior Leopard felt, he could still control something, and that was his movement. He was still in a battle right now and surely would not neglect the punching skills he was using against the enemy.

The better he deployed his punching skill, the stronger his feeling was. He then gradually picked up the feeling and realized that it was affected by his punching skill. When he had a deeper understanding of the Thirteen Punches of Desolation, his feeling would grow stronger, while the feeling would become weaker as his understanding waned.

"This is what I couldn't feel before when I was practicing the punching skills. I have always felt as if there was something incomplete. It turns out that the strange feeling is what was missing!"  Junior Leopard 's doubt was brightened, and his fist did not get weaker. On the contrary, the Qi Power was growing more cleared from his body, and it was becoming more dangerous.

Everybody's intent was different, as each person was different.

A basic explanation for that was simple. Intent was materialized from Qi Power, it was formed when divine thoughts and Internal Qi reached a subtle balance. Channeled directly to one's heart, intent was different, since each one's thoughts were not the same.

To some extent, intent reflected the practicer's character a great deal.

But that was not 100% precise because too many factors affected intent. However, the cultivation method that was practiced and divine thoughts were the two most important factors.

Junior Leopard was actually a loser in his previous life. He had a good educational background in his pevious life, but throughout his life, nothing was accomplished. He chased after what was beneficial to him and avoided unfavorable conditions. He was merely an ordinary man, a little bit cowardly, greedy, and salacious.

However, it was exactly the same group of people that were ordinary in life who would also be amazingly wild in the mind. Their imaginations had no limits. People named them as concealed coquettish.

Now that he was in this new world, his social status, identity, and even the world were absolutely different. But his character was still the same. Since he had more memories and social experience, he was reasonably smarter than average and possessed some knowledge which might not be useful here. Therefore, the only difference was he was more concealed coquettish.

His knowledge was not very handy in this new world. Only Taiji Fist that he had mastered was helpful aside from his worldly wisdom.

Normally, a person of his kind would not practice any outstanding consciousness even if he was lucky enough to understand the essence of it.

Things were different again when it was happening to Junior Leopard.

He grasped the secret of intent unintentionally. His body congealed the fist intent and until this intent knew the secret deep inside his heart, the fist intent was stable.

And most importantly, consciousness would always simulate the strongest object from one's mind while it was being practiced. So what was the strongest object in Junior Leopard's mind?

Any other person could not know. But in his mind, what was strongest definitely would not be any sort of primitive or heavenly beasts, nor would it be animals at all, but only the universe!

The universe was almighty. Science was well developed in his previous life. Radio telescopes could detect places millions of light years away. He would, of course, know that each galaxy formed its own world. However strong a creature was, it could not get away from the rules of the universe and had to live and regenerate in it.

The universe was called heaven and earth here.

But no practicer in this world would dare to create his own world.

Nor would Junior Leopard have this thought.

While he did not have delusions, he did have illusions. The greatest benefit he got from possessing memories from his previous life was that his ideas were less restrained.

What was the universe?

In his mind, it was grand and ultimate on the one hand and was his illusory target on the other.

This was similar to those beauties and stars from his previous life—you could not marry her, but you could imagine that you had married her. They could not control your imagination.

You could not touch the big universe, but you could form a smaller one.

There was a saying that one's body was a little universe. And was that not the reason why there was a cockroach?

It was exactly because he had those illusions in mind that his intent had begun to clear accordingly.

Simulating the universe, evolving the world!

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