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At the same time, Junior Leopard felt as if there was something exploding within his body. With a boom in his head, he instantly became clear-headed. His skeleton produced some crackling sounds and his body actually rose by a few notches up. The balls of silver light formed from the two silver hammers in his hands also had grown a bit suddenly.

At the same time, the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi that was emitting out of his body began to converge, and all returned to Junior Leopard's body. The hot feeling in the surroundings vanished instantly. Instead a strange kind of heavy feeling generated.

As the hot Internal Qi returned to his body, Junior Leopard only felt that his body was light. The Internal Qi that was originally flowing like airflow actually had signs of solidifying and it was closer to being fluid instead, flowing within his body. The speed was also faster than before. Under the flowing of the Internal Qi, Junior Leopard only felt an unexplainable good feeling. The limit of his thoughts had been stretched to the maximum. As he was beating, he couldn't control it and started shouting. His voice shook the wilderness.

"Level Three!"

As soon as Jin Nanqing who was struggling to stand up saw the scene, he knew what was going on.

Junior Leopard broke through just now, breaking through from Level Two to Level Three. He broke through to Level Three at this moment!

Even though he could be considered a rare genius, it was not an earth-shaking matter to attain Level Three at 12 years old.

This kind of things happened occasionally in Jianghu.

However, thinking carefully, normally speaking, those people who broke through to Level Three at the age of 12 were all the direct descendant of well-known families, and had soaked in the Bone-Forging Soup and the Skin Toughening Soup from childhood.

To be like Junior Leopard, based on his own hard work and depending on no rare and precious plants or minerals, he reached Level Three at the age of 12. This could only explain one thing that his aptitude was definitely extraordinary, and it was extremely extraordinary.

Now he had broken through to Level Three in this case, and then with the help of the Magic Drugs in this cave, it would take five to six years for him to break through the Level Three of Skin-Toughening Realm and enter into the Bone-Forging Realm.

By then, the Wu Family would have one more Elder.

Thinking till here, Jin Nanqing gazed at Junior Leopard a little more complicatedly. Actually, it was not only him, the other Wu's disciples in the cave also thought the same thing.

"Stop. At this point, why do I think of these? I must be tired of living. Now the main thing is to leave this place alive. The stronger Junior Leopard is, the better it is. How could I be jealous at this moment? It seems that my mental cultivation state is not enough!" Jin Nanqing secretly scolded himself. He forced himself up with one breath. Wielding the Wolf Teeth Saber, he pounced towards Liu Si.

Junior Leopard indeed had broken through. Furthermore, his momentum was powerful. The ball of silver light in his hands grew explosively as if it could split the heaven and earth apart. However, this was just how it looked like.

Liu Si was a master of Bone-Forging Realm while Junior Leopard was only a rookie who broke through to Level Three just now. So it was impossible to pin their hopes on him to defeat Liu Si. Now the only possible plan was to work together. Then there would be a chance to live.

Jin Nanqing understood and so did others. Without saying any unnecessary words, those who could stand up followed him, raising their weapons and rushing forward.

"Hmph!" Seeing that Jin Nanqing and the others rushed forward, Liu Si's expression remained unchanged, yet he felt great hatred in his heart. Originally dealing with a few rookies of Skin-Toughening Realm was an easy matter. He didn't expect to meet Junior Leopard this strange being. Besides the twin hammers' prowess in Junior Leopard's hands, he even broke through in the middle of the battle. In just a moment, his momentum expanded. He didn't want his body to have many injuries. Hence, to take down these people in a short time was difficult.

Sh*t, things like this only happened in traditional operas. Why would it happen in reality?

Liu Si complained within his heart. He flashed the golden bangle within his hand and his body violently trembled. "Kids, since you all want to play, I will play with you all to my heart's content !"

In just a moment, the golden bangle in his hands buzzed. This sound was extremely piercing. The people who rushed forward were blocked by his golden bangle, and once again sent flying. This time they didn't have the good luck of the previous round. Once the weapons touched that golden bangle, they felt a high-frequency wave trembling to their bodies from the weapons. This tremble was very minute, but its frequency was extremely high. When they sensed that something was wrong, half of their bodies had gone numb already. The weapons in their hands had long flown to nowhere.

Only Junior Leopard stood. Since he was holding a pair of heavy hammers in his hands, the impact he felt was very small. In addition, he had seen this kind of feeling before. In the Wen Family, the black-cloaked man whom he met also displayed such a trembling similar to this golden bangle. However, compared to the trembling now, the black-cloaked man's strength was greater by thousands and hundreds of times. With just one finger, he caused his pneuma to be seriously injured. He secretly circulated the Taiji Fist to disperse the energy.

Once again sending Jin Nanqing and the others flying, Liu Si seemed not to want to play games with Junior Leopard anymore. The golden bangle in his hands trembled, producing thousands of illusions. In an instant, he enshrouded Junior Leopard and the silver hammers within it.

"Not good!" When Junior Leopard saw the scenario, he shouted in his heart. The hammers in his hands instantly vanished and he turned from attack to defense, forming a tight defense.

"Bang, bang, bang..."

Numerous collision forces sounded. The golden bangle in Liu Si's hands reversed the dodging situation from just now and continuously clashed with the silver hammers in Junior Leopard's hands. However, it was not a head-on collision. Every time it clashed, it would change an angle. It all hit on Junior Leopard when his strength had been exhausted and not yet recovered.

This time, it made Junior Leopard suffer a lot. He only felt his arms becoming gradually numb. With every strike, his body would be stunned. The force was so great that it made him extremely uncomfortable and want to throw the hammers and turn around and run.

However, it was impossible to escape!

Junior Leopard understood it in his heart. If he really threw his weapons off and ran now, there would not be a chance to escape from cruel Liu Si. It was not so easy to make up for the ravine between Bone-Forging Realm and Skin-Toughening Realm.

However, if he really wanted to escape, there was still a chance. In fact, it was very easy. As long as he used the Three Realm Division, he could easily leave. But, in this way, the trouble would be big.

This was not the Misty Mountains. He should consider so much. He couldn't reveal all his bluff up his sleeve. To reveal his bluff, even if he could escape, there would be endless repercussions.

"Forget it. Let me fight for one more time. If I really cannot kill him, then I can only escape!" Junior Leopard was trapped by the shadow of golden bangle and his face revealed some uncertainty. At last, he violently clenched his teeth. The twin hammers in his hands were waved forcefully; but after a release, the twin hammers were just like arrows leaving the bow, leaving the hands and went smashing straight towards Liu Si.

This was completely out of Liu Si's expectations. He would never have thought that Junior Leopard dared to do that.

Junior Leopard wielded the hammers till it was roaring, gaining an advantage with the weight and power of this pair of heavy weapons. He naturally thought that Junior Leopard depended entirely on the twin hammers. Now Junior Leopard had suddenly released his hands as if he was betting his all on smashing him with those hammers. This made him somewhat clumsy.

This hammer was fiercely wielding by Junior Leopard. The accumulated strength was more than thousand catty. Once it left the hands, there were sounds of metal clashing. The hammers broke through the golden bangle and came rushing for him. Even if he had a Bone-Forging Realm body and cultivation, he did not dare to meet it directly. With a wave he seized the golden bangle. His body twisted. With a plank, he managed to forcefully dodge this twin hammers.

"Boom, boom!"

Two large sounds occurred. The twin hammers smashed into the cave wall, producing two large sounds. The earth trembled for a while. The two hammers forced its way into the hard rock walls.

Without waiting for Liu Si to stabilize himself, Junior Leopard went forward and waved his fists rushing towards Liu Si.

The Thirteen Punches of Desolation!

The golden bangle in Liu Si's hands turned, and depended on the ring's trajectory, he evaded those two fists. His expression, however, became strange.

The power of the two fists and the twin hammers was quite different. It even could not reach the twin hammers's power of 1%, but it gave Liu Si an extremely dangerous feeling.

However, before he could think it over, Junior Leopard already rushed forward and wielded his fists to hit.

Now he had just broken through to Level Three. The Internal Qi which he depleted previously when breaking through not only recovered but advanced by quite a bit. Originally he wanted to depend on this group of Wu's disciples' strength to rush out. However, when he saw that these senior brothers couldn't even take a punch and were sent flying by the golden bangle, he knew that he could only depend on himself today.

The opponent was in the Bone-Forging Realm. He couldn't be his opponent, so he could only try his best. What he was best in was not the hammers but the punching skills. Hence, he decisively threw out the hammers and grabbed onto the chance. He wanted to display his most powerful force using this chance to throw in one last gamble. If he really failed this time, he didn't need to consider so much anymore, and he would just use the Three Realm Division to escape.

When Liu Si was dodging the twin hammers, he caught the opportunity. He naturally wouldn't let go of it, so he rushed forward, displaying the Thirteen Punches of Desolation.

This punching skill was passed down from antiquity times. Once it was displayed, it would have an ancient desolation feeling. Of course, most importantly, Junior Leopard incorporated the punching technique of the Taiji Fist and the way of the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill and the Extraordinary Strength Fist into it. Hence, when circulated and used, it would appear to be extremely strange.

Once one of his fists went out, it looked extremely heavy without any noise. Seeing it, Liu Si felt that his Bone-Forging Realm's strength would be able to send Junior Leopard flying. However, deep in his subconsciousness, he didn't dare to collide, as if his fist was extremely dangerous.

In addition, Junior Leopard gained the upper hand, so his mind was somewhat chaotic. In the beginning, he was forced into a clumsy state by Junior Leopard.

However, he was a Bone-Forging Realm master after all. After a few movements, he began to calm down.

No matter how weird Junior Leopard's punching skill was, it was just bare hands. He had the golden bangle in his hands. As long as Junior Leopard's fists came over, he would use the golden bangle in his hands to block. Junior Leopard naturally wouldn't be so foolish as to think that he could use his bare hands to block the golden bangle. Naturally, he evaded, but his heart couldn't help scolding. This bastard was too shameless, a master of Bone-Forging Realm using weapons to deal with a rookie of Level Three Skin-Toughening Realm. This was too low.

However, Junior Leopard was not afraid. Fearful of the golden bangle, he just need to not touch it. To keep clear of the enemy's main force and strike at his weak points was the meaning behind the Taiji Fist. Hence, as long as he saw the opponent's golden bangle coming over, his fists would evade. However, this evading was without any sort of patterns.

Slowly, Liu Si began to see some hints. Junior Leopard's two fists drew a strange circle in his surroundings. With every circle being drawn, there would be a strand of strange force remaining. Even though this force was extremely minute, it began to be numerous following the increase in circles drawn. This force began to multiply and actually formed an airflow vortex around Junior Leopard. To break the airflow vortex was not difficult, but it was extremely bothersome. This caused him to no longer be able to use the golden bangle as freely as before.

And following the tide of time, he discovered that the problem was becoming bigger and bigger. Junior Leopard's fists produced a fist strength that was thin like cloth. One by one the airflow vortex actually merged towards a direction, forming a strange and finely formed strength net around his body. This strength net was 'sewed' on by the strength left behind by the fists of Junior Leopard. His attacking power, including the attack power of the golden bangle, most of it was dissolved by those finely strength. And behind the finely strength, Junior Leopard's Qi Power was becoming more and more rampant. Liu Si even felt that behind his strength, there was a desolate great beast that was slowly forming that could devour everything.

At that point, he suddenly understood what was going on. His expression became extremely sullen.

"Fist intent! Damnit, he's condensing his fist intent. How could this be possible? He just broke through to Level Three; how could he comprehend the fist intent?"

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