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Seeing Junior Leopard wielding the hammer over, the purple-clothed skinny man did not seem to bother, and used his bare hands to catch it.

"Dang, Dang, Dang!"

The fists collided with the silver hammers, as if they were beating on a drum. The sound was so loud that it could make one go deaf. Jin Nanqing and other Wu's disciples also couldn't endure it. They retreated in steps under the loud sounds.

Looking at the scene, their faces changed greatly. Using his bare hands to catch Junior Leopard's silver hammers, he was someone they could not resist.

"A Bone-Forging Realm expert!"

Only Bone-Forging Realm experts could train their flesh till this kind of degree.

"Bone-Forging Realm's strength really can't be imagined by us in the Skin-Toughening Realm!"

Junior Leopard smashed a total of 18 times, while the opponent returned 18 palms and retreated 9 steps. However, Junior Leopard also depleted his strength at the same time.

After feinting one move, he retreated a few steps, and confronted Liu Si in a manner and posture.

Liu Si retreated 9 steps, and left 9 very deep footprints on the ground. He was retreating to the entrance of the cave when his gaze revealed some shock. Even though it didn't look like he suffered any injuries, but the sleeves on his two arms were shattered by the strong force, revealing two muscular arms.

"Everybody rushes out!" When two of them just stabilized, Jin Nanqing roared loudly. The Wolf Teeth Saber in his hands drew a sharp arc and was chopping straight towards Liu Si. At the same time, the other six were stunned at first, but in an instant, they understood and rushed out while shouting.

This world had no fools. These people were elites because they were able to become Wu's inner core disciples and meanwhile, they could also follow Jin Nanqing out on a mission. Even if they were mesmerized by the medicinal herbs, however now, after the shout by Jin Nanqing, they all suddenly woke up.

Liu Si was a Bone-Forging Realm expert. Even if his cultivation had just stepped into Level Four, the 8 of them still couldn't win him. A battle to the end would only mean that they would meet a tragic end. Even though the medicinal herbs were good, but the premise was that they must have the life to enjoy it. Without life, even if the Nine Turning Golden Pill would be of no use. They might as well rush out in one force, scatter and run away. There would still be a chance to escape.

Anyway apart from the 8 of them, only Liu Si knew that they had thoughts of possessing the herbs themselves. And Liu Si was an enemy. At that time, as long as their corroborations were all the same, and agree to the same point till death. Then, even if they couldn't get the herbs, they were able to source out the secret of the bandits and the secret plotting by Wu Yuntian. It would be an achievement nonetheless. At the Wu Family, they would be able to obtain benefits.

As for who could rush out, and who couldn't, that would be decided by the heavens.

Seeing the group's movements, Liu Si silently praised in his heart. No wonder the Wu Family had such a prestige and strength. Just based on these disciples, each of them was smart and wise. At the moment between gain and loss, they were able to grasp it very accurately. Their actions were also so decisive.

However, praise was just praise. Things had already developed to such a state. How would he just let these people escape?

Seeing their attacking, he laughed and his arm violently trembled. With a sound of "buzz", the golden bangle on his arm left the hand and came out. Once the golden bangle left the arm, it rushed towards the people who were rushing forward.

The golden bangle's speed was extremely fast. Before Jin Nanqing and the other six had reached closely, the bangle had rushed in front of them. Jin Nanqing was extremely shocked. The short saber in his hand violently hacked down towards the top of the golden bangle.

"Ding!" A crisp sound. Jin Nanqing felt a strong force sweep over him and the body had already flown horizontally out.

The golden bangle got a knife while its strength didn't diminish. It went again towards Zhou Zhengming. Zhou Zhengming couldn't dodge in time, thus he used his weapon to block. Similar to Jin Nanqing, he was thrown out. The other five Wu's disciples also met the same fate.

This golden bangle turned around and flew for one round in the cave in just a blink of an eye, sending those few Wu's disciples flying out. Each had serious injuries. There were a few weapons which were blown off by this strong force, falling on the ground. The fate of the disciples was unknown as to whether they were dead or alive.

"You all originally shouldn't have come. It's a pity to kill you all, however I have no other choice!"

The golden bangle circled for one round, and returned to Liu Si's arm. The corner of his mouth revealed a strand of a cold smile. He glanced at the seven Wu's disciples who fell down, and he looked at Junior Leopard, "Kid, you have great strength. I am giving you a chance, as long as you submit to me, I will spare your life, and there will only be your benefits in the future. Just like the herbs here in this cave, you can take how much you want. How is it?!"

Junior Leopard didn't say a word, and just crossed his hammers horizontally in front of him. "Dong!" With a fierce clash, a sound occurred. The twin hammers' clashing sound was not lower than that of their fighting sound just now. His body shook, and attacked Liu Si once again.

"You can't tell good from bad!" Liu Si's face went cold. This time, he didn't meet head-on with his bare fists. He only shook out the golden bangle and received Junior Leopard.

"Dang, Dang, Dang!" The two balls of silver light in Junior Leopard's hands collided with the golden bangle. With only one strike, Junior Leopard felt a large force rushing into him. His body was almost not steady, and his face involuntarily sunk. He violently clenched his teeth, followed the force of the silver hammers, viciously smashing three hammers, and finally forced the golden bangle to retreat. However at the same time, Junior Leopard's figure which was rushing forward stopped, and even retreated a few steps. His throat had something sweet, and the Qi and blood within him was churning.

"What great strength!" Seeing his own golden bangle get forced back, Liu Si felt somewhat surprised. He then looked at Junior Leopard, and said, "Kid, I'll give you one more chance!"

"Go die…!" Junior Leopard shouted loudly, his figure rising again. However this time around, he was not like last time, hitting and smashing crazily. Instead he expanded his movements, and unleashed the Wild Hammering Style. Each of his strokes did not leave the vital spots of Liu Si, and began fighting against Liu Si.

He was also unable to see; previously Liu Si used his bare hands to take his silver hammers. Even though nothing could be seen on the surface, on second thought it must have felt uncomfortable. Even if he was a Bone-Forging Realm expert, using his bare hands to fight with Junior Leopard's silver hammers to gain any advantage was not possible.

If not, he wouldn't have used the golden bangle on his arm to stop Jin Nanqing and the rest.

As expected, this time when he attacked, Liu Si no longer used his bare hands to receive, but held that golden bangle instead.

After all, this golden bangle was a lightweight weapon. It couldn't be compared to the twin hammers on Junior Leopard's hands, which were truly heavyweight weapons. It might look awe-inspiring just now; actually it was because Liu Si used his independent secret method Trembling Bangle Force. Now subdued by Junior Leopard, he was unable to use the Trembling Bangle Force even if he was holding the golden bangle on his hand. After the golden bangle clashed with the silver hammer for a few times, with his Bone-Forging Realm body, his arms were still shaken till it was numb even though there was no injury. He silently scolded Junior Leopard's perverse strength.

As for this Wild Hammering Skill, the reason why it was called wild was because once it was executed, even water couldn't enter, and wind couldn't get out. It was just like crazy wind and thunderstorm. Unless there was an absolute strength countervailing it, or it would be very hard to break it.

Liu Si's strength was much greater than Junior Leopard and with his cultivation he could forcefully break this hammer skill. However this would consume and deplete his pneuma. The Junior Leopard in front of him was merely a Level Two cultivation. He would lose his face if he hurt his pneuma because of him, even if nobody would see it.

Hence, he might as well don't collide head on with Junior Leopard. Wait till Junior Leopard had finished the hammer skill, and lost his Qi. Then he could slowly deal with him.

It was because of this, he let Junior Leopard's hammering skill be successfully displayed.

When the Wild Hammering Skill was executed till there were 20+ moves, Junior Leopard also saw through his plan. However now he couldn't control himself, and he couldn't back down. The ball of silver light in his hands already transformed into a ball, and he completely entered into a state of extreme excitement.

"Hula, Hu, Shua Shua Shua…!"

Every hammer, he used all of his strength. Every hammer's power was stronger than the previous one by a few points. A hammer followed the next. Compared to the previous hammer, every hammer's trajectory was even more perfect by a few points.

While displaying it, a kind of relaxed feeling spread the whole body. When he was practicing in the Wu Family, he was only practicing by himself. Even if he practiced the skill with somebody, the person was Xu Yong. How could he act without scruple like now, displaying killing intent and battle intent and displaying the whole set of the hammering skill?

Following the tide of time, Junior Leopard felt that the Internal Qi flowing within his body became smoother. The slowly flowed Internal Qi was slowly gathered together, like a big river gushing forth. The Qi and blood within his body became more and more vigorous. A killing intent that had a substance was seeping out from his body. The flow of the air in the surroundings of his body also became hotter.

The Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire's Internal Qi was seeping out from his body, permeating the surroundings of his body.

In this world, the inner and outer formed the body. Amongst the three realms, every realm would have three levels of cultivation. Junior Leopard now was in his Skin-Toughening Realm. While his Internal Qi cultivation had reached the Level Two. His Qi was able to flow freely within his skin and flesh. When fighting, the Internal Qi would merge with the skin and flesh, increasing its power. This was just like the previous life, using an empty fist to hit people compared to using a brick to hit people. The same fist was used; however the destructive strength in the fist was totally different.

The so-called mental cultivation method was when you were displaying different sets of moves, the Internal Qi within the body moved in a certain fashion along a route. When you executed the move, how to let the internal breathing and body and flesh attain the most perfect combination as well as release the greatest power was the meaning of mental cultivation methods.

Junior Leopard's Internal Qi originally followed the Wild Hammering Skill's mental cultivation method, in which his Internal Qi was released in between the skin and flesh and gathered on the twin hammers. However following the tide of time, the Internal Qi within his body flowed faster and faster, becoming intensely rumbling. Slowly he was unable to control it, or in other terms, he didn't wish to control it.

Only when facing strong opponents, the potential of this kind of state would be unleashed. When practicing normally with no stress, how could it be felt?

Hence, the intensely rumbling Internal Qi began to seep out from his pores, and stirred up strands of fire Qi. The hammers in his hands were executed at a faster speed. In a sudden, his movements stilled.

After all, Liu Si was a Bone-Forging Realm expert; he had seen a lot of things. When he saw that Junior Leopard suddenly stopped his motions, he knew it was bad.

However it was too late.

Junior Leopard paused for a while, and it was only for a while. In that moment, which was about a thought flashing time, Junior Leopard's hammer moved once again when Liu Si's thoughts turned.

Compared to the former time, this around was several times faster.

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