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"This Jin Nanqing has made a calculated move!"

Looking at several seniors hurriedly nodding their heads as well as the Jin Nanqing whose face was shining with happiness, Junior Leopard began to laugh.

If this time we could really muddle through, then, Jin Nanqing's rewards were not solely the two carriages of medicinal herbs. Because of these 10 carriages of herbs, the eight shared a common interest. Added to that, the interest was under the table, which would inevitably make their relationships be even tighter and closer knitted than ordinary Wu's disciples.

Adding to Jin Nanqing's identity and strength, when they returned to the Wu Family, these people would act like how they did for this mission, regarding Jin Nanqing as their leader. As for this interest relationship, it was hard for people to break it apart. A new interest group was born just like that.

Maybe this interest group had very few numbers whose ages were young as well, having no influence or impact in the Wu's. However, what about 10 years later? 20 years later?

With this batch of herbs, the eight would definitely have a meteoric rise. Even not all of them would break through the Bone-Forging Realm, only three to four who managed to do that, which would be a force to be reckoned with.

Having those few people within his control, then in the future, Jin Nanqing would find it extremely easy to get a higher position!

Maybe, this was Jin Nanqing's final purpose?

Thinking till here, Junior Leopard smiled and rubbed his forehead, "Those robbers really aren't able to identify the value of these goods. These medicinal herbs are much more precious than the weapons, and they actually left it behind, instead of taking the weapons with them. God knows how they transported it away. They even left the carriages behind. Could it be that they carried the weapons by themselves?!"

"It is somewhat strange!"

After hearing this, Jin Nanqing's passionate emotions got stirred back. He gave a glance at the surroundings, "Since we've already decided not to meddle in these affairs, then, we don't need to think much about how they got away with the weapons. Now we should see how to transport this batch of herbs away. Here there're people defending it, which show that these bandits didn't give up on this batch of herbs. Placing the medicinal herbs here are not safe!"

The other people also thought of this point, and their faces revealing a difficult expression.

Indeed, these are not other ordinary objects, but a whole 10 carriage of herbs. Because of the Wu's robbery case, the nearby states and counties had been locked down. Once the herbs were revealed, such obvious objects with the Wu's insignia on the carriage would immediately be recognized.

Having thought about this situation, the bandits had to keep the herbs on the same spot.

"Find a place to hide these herbs first and we cannot keep them here anymore. Zhou Zhengming, your Qinggong is not bad. Go search the surroundings, and see where is suitable for hiding. Lou, you and Zheng Long are responsible for tying the horse and carriage together. The herbs are not heavy, let your horse and mine to drag two carriages. Wait till Zhengming had made clear of the directions, then we drive the carriages there. The others should erase the marks left here. Especially the leader, burn his corpse. In no case have people recognize that he was smashed to death by a hammer!" Speaking till here, he looked at Junior Leopard. Thinking about the horrible scene where he waved his hammer and smashed, his heart involuntarily shivered a little.

As a Wu's disciple, he was familiar with the 81 movements Wild Hammering Skill. However, like Junior Leopard, they were all disciples who chose the path of martial arts. In the Wu Family, apart from this hammer skill, there were all kinds of martial arts. Every vein there would be some private property. Hence, unlike Junior Leopard who specialized in Wild Hammering Skill, not too many disciples who specialized in martial arts would want to focus on the Wild Hammering Skill. Adding on to the fact that Junior Leopard was an inner core disciple, the normal core disciples, even if they want to learn, they could only learn 36 movements. Thus, most people gave up on this martial skill. Even Jin Nanqing felt that, only learning 72 movements, and losing the essence of the 9 movements, were not perfect enough, and not being able to reveal its true strength. In the end, he did not seriously learn this skill either, and put all his energy and effort onto the saber way instead.

He didn't expect to see Junior Leopard using those mid-sized silver hammers to unleash a power that was way beyond his imagination. His heart birthed forth pangs of regret.

However, it was not the time to regret over his own foresight. The clearing up work here had to be done exquisitely. They had to clear it in such a way that they were not seen through by other people that things were done by them, although this was very difficult.

The good thing was other than the leading black-clothed big man, the other bodies were all saber and sword injuries, with nothing special. Among ten pugilists, there would be nine carrying such weapons. Not like Junior Leopard who caused the hammer injuries, it made people link it to Yunzhou Wu's with just one sight.

The few of them worked at it for 2 hours and cleaned up the scene. Zhou Zhengming also came back and he looked somewhat exhausted, yet he was very excited. He told the crowd that he discovered a secretive valley not far away. In the valley, there was a cave, which was big enough to contain all 10 carriages of medicinal herbs.

When the crowd heard it, they were elated and wanted to drive the carriages there. However Zhou Zhengming said, although the valley was secretive, and the cave was big, they had to cross over a rapid river. The river was not wide and it was passable by humans, however, these carriages cannot pass through.

When the crowd heard it they couldn't wait to slap him to death.

"You shall lead the way first. We'll decide it when we reached the place. It's just a few carriages of medicinal herbs. Using manual labor to move the herbs across the river is no big deal. We still have time. It's ok if we get a little tired for these herbs!"

The crowd nodded their heads in agreement. Indeed, they just had to exhaust a little bit for this batch of medicinal herbs, and it was no big deal.

As expected, it was just like Zhou Zhengming had said. A rapid river was horizontally placed there. The river surface was wide about 10 over feet, however, it was not considered too deep. They tested a bit and realized that though the river flow was very fierce, it was not too deep. A normal horse could pass through. That way, they were not anxious anymore. They brought down the 10 carriages of medicinal herbs and used the horse to transport it over little by little. Even though it looked a little like an ant moving house, and the method was a bit stupid, however, it was advantageous in that it was effective. These few fellas had the patience as well. Actually, when met with this kind of issue, anybody would become patient, and use their strength. After all this concerned with their future achievements.

The eight of them literally spent a day and a night's worth of effort to finally carry the 10 carriages of herbs over and kept them all in the valley cave that Zhou Zhengming discovered.

That cave was just like what Zhou Zhengming said. It was very big, just like the nest of the bandits in the movies that Junior Leopard saw in his past life. Don't mention it was only 10 carriages of medicinal herbs, even if it was 100 carriages worth of herbs, it could be hidden here as well.

"Zhengming, you've found a good place!"

Jin Nanqing looked at the pile after pile of medicinal herbs in the hole. Even though he was extremely tired, his spirit was raring to go. These piles of herbs were the foundation for their future. This was their support to break through their bottlenecks. As for Jin Nanqing himself, he held the main position amongst this group of people. In the future, in this small group, he would also continue holding the leader position. When that moment comes, his position and influence within the Wu Family...

When he thought of this, his heart began to set on fire.

"Keke, I'm just lucky, just lucky!"

Zhou Zhengming was praised by Jin Nanqing and he was naturally very satisfied with himself.

"We'll first put the herbs here. Wait till after a period of time, when the commotion has died down, then we'll think of a way to transport these herbs out!" Speaking till here, he glanced at the crowd, "I know that everybody is very hungry for these herbs, and I also know that everyone wants to use it immediately. However there's no choice, now we're situated in the crest of the tide. We cannot be anxious, and we still have to endure it even if we cannot. They don't only concern about our future but also concern about our family wealth and lives. If there's anyone who doesn't know what's good or bad, and doesn't weigh the consequences and bring us trouble, then don't blame me for being merciless!"

When he spoke the last sentence, his words were ice cold. The Wolf Teeth Saber in his hands flashed a cold sword glint, "Everybody, you all have listened carefully!"

"We're waiting for Senior's orders!" The few people's heart grew cold, and said in unison.

Only Junior Leopard didn't say any word. Both of his hands lightly touched the hammer's grips and his eyes were squinting into a line, "Senior Jin, if there's anyone who doesn't listen to you, just tell me. I'll help you hammer him 300 times, and let's see if anybody still dares to not listen to!"

"Hahaha, good, good!" Jin Nanqing patted Junior Leopard's shoulders. His laughter grew increasingly arrogant.

"At such an early age and you already know black eating black. You really don't know your place. I don't know how the Wu Family taught people like you!"

The sudden voice let the Wu's disciples within this cave had a shock in their hearts. They all drew out their weapons one by one and got into a fighting stance.

"Who are you. Come out!" Jin Nanqing's Wolf Teeth Sword was placed in front and his face looked somewhat ferocious. His stared at the entrance of the cave. What was the feeling of dropping from heaven to earth? Maybe that was what this bunch of Wu's disciples was feeling then.

Of course, they possibly did not completely drop into hell. They were only bitterly struggling in heaven.

However, as Wu's disciples, none of them were fools.They wouldn't think that the opponent had no confidence and yet suddenly spoke out. Since he spoke out, which meant that he didn't place these people in his eyes.

A figure slowly walked to the cave entrance and stopped at a place that was three feet away from them. By the moonlight and the torch fire in the cave, the crowd saw the person clearly. It was a thirty-something skinny man in purple. He looked like a sect's lower member or the defender or guard of some sort of entertainment casino or brothel with one sight. This person came with bare fists with only a golden bangle on his left wrist.

"Who are you?!"

Jin Nanqing spoke out, however, one could hear the trace of fear within his outwardly loud voice.

"My surname is Liu, and people call me Liu Si!"

The skinny man who was called Liu Si smiled and his gaze turned towards the medicinal herbs behind the few people, "Your actions are quite fast. I just left for a day, and you've already killed people and snatched the goods!"

"Hmph, these things were what you robbed from the Wu's only!"

"Didn't you all not plan to return the stuff to the Wu's?!" Liu Si laughed, "This is the so-called black eating black. Since it's black eating black, then don't speak logic with me, we shall see the strength difference through our fists!"

"Good. Let's see it through our fists!" Junior Leopard shouted. The twin hammers in his hand created two balls of silver light, and he rushed towards Liu Si.

"The Wu's Wild Hammering Skill? I really want to see it for myself!" While he was saying, he actually raised his hands to meet Junior Leopard's hammers. He actually wanted to use his bare hands to take Junior Leopard's twin hammers!

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