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However, if he had no confidence, Junior Leopard would never hit on the External Elixir's idea.

He now had one item, as if it could be used to refine an External Elixer. That was the bone of the strange earthworm which he killed in the Misty Mountain.

Two years ago, in the Misty Mountain, he killed a strange earthworm and obtained two items. One was contained within his Dantian, the black flame that was merging with his Internal Qi. The other item was that earthworm's skull.

Back then, he didn't know anything. He only discovered that that bone was hard like metal, and he felt that it was not an ordinary item, so he kept it. Two years had passed, and that bone had something mysterious happened to it. It had shrunk.

It shrunk till it was only the size of a thumb. The originally pale white color turned into white color.

It felt like goat fat and warm jade upon touch. Looking at it, one couldn't tell that it was an animal's bone. It looked more like an item that was refined from warm jade and formed into a special shape.

Junior Leopard once heard Xu Yong mention about it. The reason why the materials for creating an External Elixir were so precious and few were that Internal Qi needed to be stored in it and recycled.

There were many Mysterious Objects in the world, and the most famous one was Spiritual Stone. Spiritual Stones were able to store large amounts of Spiritual Qi. However, apart from extremely few Spiritual Stones, most of the Spiritual Stones were unable to be used to refine External Elixirs. The main reason was that they were only able to contain, but Spiritual Qi and Internal Qi couldn't be interchanged. The moment it was circulated, either the Spiritual Qi leaks or the Spiritual Stone would shatter.

Xu Yong didn't know the method to refine External Elixirs, however, he knew how to judge whether a certain item fits the basic requirement to be refined into an External Elixir.

Junior Leopard naturally learned such a method. After testing, he realized, this bone which turned into the size of a thumb indeed could be used as material to refine as External Elixir.

"It's a pity I don't know the concise method, otherwise, I'll be able to refine my own External Elixir!" Junior Leopard touched the bone in his bosom and sighed in his heart.

Rubbing his head, Junior Leopard kept his troubling thoughts and practiced his Qi for a while. He was preparing to go to sleep but he actually failed to fall into a deep sleep after he heard the backyard transmitting a loud noise as well as a few violent shouts!

"Teacher!" Junior Leopard's heart violently shook. He jumped up.

Sitting on the bed, and listening closely for a while, he felt that things were not right. He took up the twin hammers from the bedside and rushed out of the house.

At this moment, the sound at the backyard also alerted the whole Wen manor.

The Wen manor was Ningzhou's big clan. Apart from making big business, the house nurtured several experts defending the manor. It could be considered a pugilist family, having great influence and wielded power. Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to solidify its footing in Ningzhou.

Therefore, when Junior Leopard rushed out of the door, he saw that the whole courtyard was full of torches. Dozens of figures flew towards the backyard. The servants of the Wen manor also carried swords, sabers, and torches, rushing towards the backyard.

"What happened?"

Junior Leopard grabbed one servant by his side and asked.

"There is an alarm in the backyard!" After finishing speaking, the servant shrugged free of Junior Leopard, carried his saber and rushed towards the backyard.

"What great strength!" Junior Leopard didn't expect this skinny servant to have so much strength. "This fella's strength should be at least of Level One. He's just a servant, and it looks like even a servant's strength cannot be underestimated!"

Junior Leopard silently praised in his heart. Without speaking more, he carried his hammers and followed people to rush into the backyard.

In the backyard, lights and fire were everywhere. A large group of people was rushing into the backyard. There were noises everywhere.

After a moment, the sound gradually softened, growing smaller and smaller. Finally, the whole courtyard became quiet. The only things that could be heard were the crowd's breathing and the crackling sound of the torches.

Junior Leopard stood amongst the crowd and had already looked clearly the situation within the courtyard. His two lines of eyebrows were deeply locked together.

"It doesn't look like we can resolve this matter!"

Yes, in fact, this was not something that could be easily fixed.

In the center of the backyard, there were three people. Two were standing, and one was lifted in mid-air.

The one lifted in mid-air was the Family Head of the Wen Family, Wen Huayang. As for those two standing, one was Junior Leopard's teacher Xu Yong. Now Xu Yong's face was ashen-white, with no blood color at all. The corner of his mouth hung some traces of blood. Even though he was standing there, and in his hand was a large black metal hammer, he was visibly not standing steadily. Obviously, he suffered a severe injury.

The other one standing was a stranger. He was wearing a black cloak. That cloak was very familiar to Junior Leopard as if he had seen it somewhere else. After thinking for some time, he then realized, this cloak was similar to the cloaks of the Jedi masters that he had seen in movies. The only difference was that behind the cloak, there was a screeching large rooster which was sewn by golden strings. This large rooster opened its wings, looking very awe-inspiring.

As a matter of fact, this person was also awe-inspiring. His body was tightly wrapped around in the cloak. Even his face was covered by a green-bronze mask, leaving his face hidden from others.

With his left hand lifting high up, he held onto the Family Head of Wen Family, Wen Huayang. He lifted him in the mid-air, with both legs leaving the floor. Wen Huayang had no strength to resist at all.

It was because they saw this kind of weird situation, which the people who rushed into the backyard did not dare to act rashly. They were afraid that if they spoke another sentence, it would harm their head's life.

Hence, the servants, defenders, and even the experts nurtured by the Wen Family were all carrying their weapons standing in the backyard. They surrounded the three of them, yet not daring to move an inch forward.

"May I know who you are, why are you pitting yourself against the Wen Family!"

After a moment, Wen Huayang's eldest son, who was the First Young Master of the Wen Family, Wen Zhan, held a huge saber. The tip of the saber pointed at that mysterious figure, and he angrily asked.

"Hand over the Tianluo Dark Gold, and I'll release him!"

The mysterious person used a hoarse voice, and said to Xu Yong who seemed like falling down, "You are aware of my strength. None of you could ever dream of stopping me!"

"Cough, cough! Xu Yong wanted to speak, but those words were stopped at his throat. He violently coughed and coughed out a piece of blood. He then spoke, "The thing belongs to the Wen Family. I'm only here to help and I can't make the decision. Those that are present here can neither call the shots. The only one who can make that decision is the Wen Huayang that you are grabbing in your hand!"

When the black-cloaked man heard it, he seemed to be moved by Xu Yong's words. He turned his head and looked at the Wen Huayang whom he was holding in his hands. The face behind the mask revealed a strand of smile, "What you said makes sense. If so, I'll let go of him!"

In between speaking, his hand released, and really threw Wen Huayang down on the floor. Almost at the same time, his body shook, and in a blink reached the front of Wen Zhan. He extended his hand, did the same as before, and carried Wen Zhan off the ground.

"Hey, take this hammer of mine!" Xu Yong saw the black-cloaked man's movement, and the big hammer in his hand started waving. Using his mighty power, he hammered it towards his body!

That hammer of his was not like the small hammers of Junior Leopard. It originally weighed more than 50 kilograms. The force that he exerted was more than 500 kilograms, and its target was the back of the black-cloaked person.

"Hmph!" That person's stance didn't change. His left hand grabbed Wen Zhan. Wen Zhan was after all a Level Three expert. Under his grab, he didn't have an ounce of resistance at all. In a moment his neck was grabbed, just like grabbing a small chicken. At the same time, his right hand moved and gently flicked against the hammer that Xu Yong hammered over.


The finger flicked out collided with Xu Yong's big hammer, producing a clear crisp sound of the collision.

With Junior Leopard's eyesight, he could clearly see it. When it collided with the metal hammer, his finger flashed a streak of light.

That person's fingers moved, following that it shrank back slightly. Xu Yong, on the other hand, was flew out as if he suffered a huge blow. The hammer in his hand was also out of control, falling on the ground. He twitched twice on the floor, and silently not moving.

"Teacher!" Junior Leopard saw Xu Yong being struck, his heart moved, and his body jumped out from the crowd. He waved the twin hammers in his hands and rushed towards the black-cloaked man.

This time around, the black-cloaked man didn't even turn his head and didn't even look at Junior Leopard. He wilfully let Junior Leopard throw his twin hammers towards his back.

Junior Leopard saw that he didn't evade nor dodge, and knew in his heart this was bad. However, now he had no way to back down. His body maintained a forward posture, with the hammer in his hand smashing at the black-cloaked man.


Carried with Junior Leopard's whole strength, the hammer stood still when it was half a foot from the black-cloaked man's back. Junior Leopard felt that his hammer smashed into an extremely soft wall of Qi. However, this was in his thoughts.

"Not good!" This thought just flashed, and then a wave of trembling transmitted from the twin hammers. This trembling was extremely weak, but its frequency was extremely high. Junior Leopard only felt that both of his hands numbed, and the strength in his hands completely disappeared. The twin hammers fell on the ground, yet that soft and thin trembling didn't stop. It followed the hammers and went straight into Junior Leopard's hands.

"Gang Qi. It's bad!"

For an instant, Junior Leopard felt that the weak and soft trembling began to destroy the internal structure within both of his hands. Even though there seemed to be no change on the outside, but beneath the skin and flesh, his tendons and vessels, as well as his cells seemed to be destroyed till it couldn't be recognized in an instant. At the same time, his heart started beating ferociously, as if it was going to jump out of his chest. A wave of warm blood rushed out from his heart vessels, transmitting to his whole body. His face was also flushed red. Based on this speed, before he could land on the ground, his body would be completely destroyed by this strange trembling, leaving only a layer of outer flesh.

"What vicious Gang Qi!"

Junior Leopard's heart silently scolded. He suppressed the beating of his heart and did a flip in mid-air. His shoulders lightly brushed and then began to extend out, just like a pile of cotton. When shrinking and releasing, he was trying to force out the strange force within his body.


With his body's shrinking and releasing, a strange hooting sound emitted from his surroundings, as if there was someone playing the strings and producing the sounds like bees.


When he fell on the ground, his body was just expanding. This time, he no longer had the strength to resist. He only felt his body trembled. "Wah" a mouthful of blood spat out.


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