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Seeing Junior Leopard falling to the ground and puking blood made the black-cloaked figure make a soft sound. The face underneath the mask slightly revealed a surprised expression.


Wen Huayang's voice sounded like that he seemed extremely tired.

From the moment Xu Yong suddenly rushed forwards till Junior Leopard was sent flying, it was just a matter that took the time of two breaths.

Most of the present Wen manor's disciples, servants and defenders didn't make it clear of the events. They only saw Young Master Wen Zhan being lifted off the ground by the black-cloaked man, and the Xu Yong teacher-disciple duo being sent flying. Then their Family Head Wen Huayang stood up feebly.

"Stop, I'll give you the Tianluo Dark Gold!"

Wen Huayang's face was extremely pale, and both of his eyes had no spirit within. When he spoke these words, it was as if he had used his last ounce of strength. His whole spirit seemed to have relaxed. He slowly entered the house behind him, and after a while, he carried a black box and walked out.

"This is the Tianluo Dark Gold!"

Wen Huayang said as he opened the box cover, revealing inside a piece of faint yellowish gold block.

The black-cloaked man didn't say anything and he just raised his free right hand to contain the box. His gaze swept into the box with one look, and he nodded, "You are smart enough!"

He used a hoarse voice and said. His hands relaxed and he threw Wen Zhan down on the floor as if he was throwing a worn out sack. He then covered the box and swept his gaze through the surroundings.

All those who received his gaze all cowardly turned away. No one dared to meet him face to face.

"Hmph, What a bunch of cowards!" He then coldly laughed and kept the box within his spacious sleeve. His body flashed as a streak of black light, disappearing from the scene.

A moment of silence followed.

In the backyard, no one made a sound, as if someone had paused them.

After a few breaths, "Boom" a sound occurred. The backyard once again descended into a scene of chaos.

"Old Master, Old Master, are you alright...!"

"First Young Master, wake up! Be quick! Someone bring some water!"

It was a scene of utter chaos!

"F*ck, next time I won't act like a hero anymore!"

This was the last thought Junior Leopard had before descending into unconsciousness.

Of course, the behavior of him acting like a hero today did not go without the thought of repercussion. It was not barbaric. When the black-cloaked man's finger touched Xu Yong's metal hammer, even though Xu Yong was sent flying, Junior Leopard similarly saw clearly that the black-cloaked man's finger retracted. Though it was only a light retraction, at that moment, Junior Leopard could conclude that his internal breathing was disturbed. Junior Leopard wanted to take this moment to attack and gain some advantage.

Who would've thought that, this moment was not long enough to bring him an advantage, but instead led to his downfall.

That black-cloaked man actually successfully practiced Gang Qi, possessing the strength of a man at Level Seven.

An expert at Level Seven?!

If he should have known earlier that the man's strength had reached this standard, he wouldn't get into this matter for anything. This time, if he did not manage to use the resistance of Taiji in time to force out the Gang Qi's power, now, he would have been good as dead.

Similarly, Wen Huayang also saw that the opponent's strength had reached at least Level Seven, thus, he simply handed the box over to him.

A Level Seven expert alone could dominate the whole Wen Family, and even the entire Ningzhou City.

A Level Seven expert who possessed Gang Qi would neither be afraid of surrounding attacks nor exhaustion, let alone be blocked. In a situation where there were no experts of a similar level, when faced with pugilists, a Level Seven expert basically could kill people that were below Level Seven in seconds, which led him to fear no one.

Only when the strength had reached Level Seven, then one would have the qualification to be called an expert!

The difference in the realm between Level Seven and Level Six was even greater and more unimaginable than that of in realm between Level Three and Level Four.

"Physician, is he okay?!"

In the room of the Wen Family, Xu Yong was lying on the bed with an ashen face. Junior Leopard, whose breathing was irregular, was anxiously looking at the physician who was checking the pulse, and asked.

"His internal organs, as well as his tendons, and blood vessels suffered some damage. He needs to rest for a good while. Fortunately, he has a strong body and a good foundation, so it isn't that serious. He just needs to rest for some time, and in two to three months, he can return back to normal!"

"Thank you so much!"

Xu Yong's eyebrows relaxed. His gaze turned to the Junior Leopard who was in a daze, revealing a strand of admiration on his face.

Today, the reason Junior Leopard would rush out was the black-cloaked man sent him flying. Junior Leopard was anxious and wanted to save his teacher. This comforted him. He could see that, though this little guy was somewhat rough around the edges, however, he deeply respected his teacher. He would not have attacked such a skilled opponent otherwise.

Even though his reckless behavior was infuriating, however, when he thought of the intentions behind his actions, Xu Yong's heart felt warm.

This kind of disciple was worth keeping!

At the same time, his heart was relieved, "Fortunately only the internal organs suffered damage, if his foundation was hurt, that would not be good!"

Junior Leopard's savey was good as well as his aptitude, and he was sensible. Adding to the loyalty that he displayed today, he became a very suitable successor. If this matter hurt Junior Leopard's foundation that would make him be regretful beyond redemption.

Such an outstanding disciple only came once in a lifetime.

"Wooden Xu, this time, I, Wen Huayang has implicated you!"

Seeing Xu Yong's face of bitterness and relief, Wen Huayang also heaved a sigh of relief. If Xu Yong and his disciple really met with some sort of unfortunate ending in his Wen Family, he wouldn't have any face to meet people in the future.

"What are you saying!"

Seeing that Junior Leopard was fine, Xu Yong's mood also gradually lightened up. "We don't need to talk about this. By the way, how are you holding up? Has the damaged slowed you down any?!"

"What problem could I have?" Wen Huayang smiled bitterly. "His intention was the Tianluo Dark Gold, not killing people. Who knew where he came from? He was an actual Level Seven expert. Could it be that experts now are worthless? Even a place like Ningzhou City would have one appearing!"

Ningzhou was only a moderately-sized city. To find an expert who had reached Level Five here would require an entire lifetime's luck. A Level Seven Tendon-Changing Realm expert was used to dominate an area by the well-known family and clan like Wu's, just like the First Elder Lu Yiyue!

To illy speak, an expert at the Tendon-Changing Realm was equivalent to the existence of a nuclear weapon in the entire pugilist world, which was used for maintaining equilibrium. There wouldn't be a Level Seven expert like the one last night, rushing into people's house to rob. This was something that was unbelievable.

However, in this pugilist world, what one scared most was this kind of expert that was not afraid to stoop to lowly things, just like the Xue Wuya from a few years ago.

Someone like this would be free to do anything as they please, unless someone of equal strength and merit would oppose them.

Even if big clan that dominated Ningzhou City like the Wen Family used up all of their clan's strength, they wouldn't be able to resist. Hence, when Wen Huayang realized that the opponent was a Level Seven expert, he immediately gave up.

This was the only wise decision he could make.

In this world, though there were forces that could act as restrictions against a Tendon-Changing Realm expert, upon some kind of meaning, this kind of restriction could be extremely powerful. However, small dins like this could not be considered as offending some kind of taboo. Don't mention that the opponent didn't kill anyone. Even if the opponent killed the whole Wen Family till the blood flowed like a river, there wouldn't be anyone stood up for the Wen Family.

This time around, visiting a friend was only one of the unimportant reasons that Xu Yong came to Ningzhou City. The most important reason was Wen Huayang's Tianluo Dark Gold.

The Tianluo Dark Gold could be ranked amongst the world's Mysterious Objects. It had miraculous directing effects on internal breathing. It was extremely compatible material for creating divine weapons and sharp crafts. As long as a little of it was added onto a normal weapon, whether its toughness degree or the sharpness degree would increase exponentially. Of course, this was just one of its functions.

The reason why it could be called a Mysterious Object was that the Tianluo Dark Gold could store and change Evil Qi, and it was a material for refining Celestial Treasures.

In this world, the so-called Celestial Treasure was the combination of Mysterious Object and Special Techniques.

Making use of Evil Qi to refine certain Mysterious Object and letting it possess various forms of miraculous functions that was the Celestial Treasure.

Celestial Treasures were divided into two kinds: Wizard Weapons and Celestial Devices.

Wizard Weapon, as the name suggested, was a kind of weapon that contained mysterious power. Like swords, sabers etc, apart from the normal function of a weapon, these Wizard Weapons carried an additional mysterious power. This power was formed basically by making use of Special Techniques to refine the Evil Qi into the weapons.

As for Celestial Devices, it was similar to what Junior Leopard saw in wuxia novels, the same as Celestial Treasures, with different functions.

It was because Mysterious Objects were hard to come by, Evil Qi was difficult to seek, and Special Techniques were hard to cultivate that this world's Celestial Treasures were extremely few.

And Tianluo Dark Gold was one of the best materials to create Wizard Weapons.

The Wen Family obtained the Tianluo Dark Gold and wanted to make use of the opportunity to refine a Wizard Weapon. However, the Tianluo Dark Gold was a Mysterious Object in its original form; as a result, it was extremely hard to refine it. Hence, Wen Huayang thought of his good friend Xu Yong, asked him over to melt this Tianluo Dark Gold first, and forge the embryonic form of the Wizard Weapon. No one would expect that the news got leaked. Before Xu Yong could do anything, the robber came already as the two of them were discussing what weapon would they refine from the Tianluo Dark Gold.

Junior Leopard stayed and recuperated in the Wen Family for ten whole days until his pneuma gradually went away.

In this ten days, ginseng, velvet, lingzhi, yellow essence and all sorts of precious tonics and supplements were sent into Junior Leopard's room as if they didn't cost much.

It made even Junior Leopard, who was a cheeky person, embarrassed.

After another few days, Junior Leopard's pneuma was recovered more or less. Xu Yong then bade farewell, bringing along Junior Leopard. Even though Wen Huayang tried to keep him, however, Xu Yong's heart was set on leaving. Junior Leopard also didn't want to stay and enjoy an Old Master sort of treatment. Hence, Wen Huayang didn't manage to keep them.

Compared to traveling to Ningzhou City from Qinlingjun City, the road back was much more boring. At least they didn't meet up with the incident of the Governor's Miss. When they passed by Baiyun Town, they did hear that the Tsing Lung Sect was already gone case.

"They were unlucky. Who would have thought that in a small town like Baiyun Town, the Governor's Big Miss would actually appear?" Hearing this piece of news, Xu Yong plainly said. He earnestly spoke to Junior Leopard, "When roaming in the Jianghu, what one afraid most is bad luck. Once your luck is bad, no matter how high your martial skills are, you won't have any good ending. Just like us, when we reached Baiyun Town, we stained back luck. Hence, when we reached Ningzhou City, we were not stable. Things couldn't be done and we even almost lost our lives there. Hence, in the future, when you roam in the Jianghu, the moment you discover that something is not right, you should hurry to find a spot to hide. Don't bother about anything, lest you'll lose your life for no reason!"

"Just like Xue Wuya!" Junior Leopard added one more sentence to his heart. When he thought of Xue Wuya's mishap, he thought Xu Yong's words were more reasonable.

That Xue Wuya was a Level Eight expert, just because of his bad luck, he met Lu Shaoyou, and his luck continued to be worse. In the end, he got finished off by a Level One rookie like him.

This was no doubt the saddest thing in the world!

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