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Soon after entering the Wen Mansion, Junior Leopard began to sweat on his forehead. It was because that this bunch of teenagers came to him and called him Uncle one by one under the command of Wen Huayang.

At this time, people got married early. Wen Huayang got married at 15 and had a son at 16. His son also had a son at 16. Now he was almost 60, and he had great-grandsons.

Then Junior Leopard absurdly became many people's Uncle.

Fortunately, he did not need to give meeting gifts to these children like Wen Huayang. Otherwise, maybe he did not have any underwear left!

After the greetings and introduction, it was a feast.

Even though Junior Leopard was young, Xu Yong did not prohibit him from drinking. The Wen Family's younger generation was very interested in this young Uncle whose status was not small. Hence, after drinking with everybody here for several cups, Junior Leopard gloriously got drunk. In the end he was carried back to a guest room.

Having drunk so much wine, the two old guys looked fine, apart from being blushing.

Being carried back to the guest room, Junior Leopard was placed on the bed. Then some maidservants carefully undressed him and wiped his body with warm water. By the time he was in bed again, he was fresh.


After the maidservants had left and closed the door a quarter of an hour, Junior Leopard who was already lying on the bed finally let out a sigh of relief. Then he suddenly sat up from the bed and looked at his own body with a very strange look, "Damn, this's so embarrassing! I almost got an erection in front of those maidservants. Luckily, I am smart. I immediately thought of sister Feng. Otherwise, I'll lose my face. However, this kind of things can't be done frequently. If not, maybe I'll be impotent!"

It turned out that Junior Leopard did drink a lot, but he wasn't drunk.

He also knew that this time in Ningzhou City, in addition to visiting friends, Xu Yong must have other purposes. Even though Junior Leopard was his disciple, since Xu Yong didn't mention this matter to him, he naturally could only pretend to be deaf. He not only pretended to be deaf, he even acted drunk.

However, he didn't realize that the Wen Family would actually have such a service: to let these beautiful girls help him change clothes, and even wipe his body. If it were not for his timely fantasy of Sister Feng to control himself, he could really be embarrassing himself.

"Forget it, drink less next time. Who knows how long will teacher stay here. If it is going to be like this daily, I really cannot take it!"

It was a long sleepless night!

When he exhaled just now, he actually puked out most of the alcohol within his body with the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique. Now he was very alert, yet the house was permeated with the intense smell of alcohol that he spat out. It smelled terrible.

Getting out of bed, he opened the window. Instantly, the moonlight came in the room like water. The unique fragrance of Ningzhou City was blown into the room. Half a minute, the smell of alcohol was dispelled.

Bored, he wanted to go out and practice punching. However, after thinking about it he decided not to. After all, this was someone else's house. It was not his own courtyard, where he could practice at will.

"Forget it. I'd better try my best to practice the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique. Ever since my cultivation advanced to Level Two, that weird black flame seems to have some changes!"

Thinking of this, he sat cross-legged and brought his senses deep into his Dantian.

The black flame silently floated within his Dantian.

Compared to when he was in the Misty Mountain, this black flame looked as if it didn't change.

Only Junior Leopard knew that this black flame was much bigger than two years ago.

It was because he knew why the black flame grew big.

The reason was that it kept absorbing the essence of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi within his body.

Over these two years, due to practicing the Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill, Junior Leopard's body had a significant increase in strength. However, this practice of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi couldn't keep up with the speed of his body strengthening.

This seemed almost impossible to others.

Because compared with the physical strength, the Internal Qi was much easier to practice, and the speed would be much faster.

The reason for such a situation was because of the soybean-sized black flame within his Dantian.

This black flame was similar to a person practicing Internal Qi. It made use of the spiritual qi from heaven and earth, absorbing it and transforming, just that the target of absorption had changed.

What Junior Leopard absorbed was Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth, transforming it into his own Internal Qi. While this black flame absorbed Junior Leopard's Internal Qi and transforming it into itself.

When his cultivation was at Level One, this flame only absorbed the essence of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi within his body and transformed it into itself. Maybe the black flame's demands were too high, and the Level One Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi could not satisfy it. It only absorbed the last strand of the essence after Junior Leopard's practice finished, and transformed it into black flame.

However, things had changed ever since Junior Leopard's cultivation advanced into Level Two.

After his cultivation entered Level Two, Junior Leopard discovered there were some substantial changes in his Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi. It was because of the changes that allowed the Internal Qi run smoothly in his body. However, it was also because of this change, that every time he finished regulating breathing, and transferring all the Internal Qi into the Dantian, this strange black flame would jump up fiercely and completely swallow the Internal Qi within his Dantian.

Even if Junior Leopard's Internal Qi was completely engulfed by this ball of black flame, the black flame didn't get bigger, as if it was an endless black hole.

In the beginning, he was extremely horrified. Because when his Internal Qi was completely engulfed, his body would be empty without any Internal Qi.

He seemed to be sucked dry. Apart from having a body that was stronger than ordinary people, he was an ordinary person.

Fortunately, it didn't last long. His Internal Qi was then spat out from that ball of black flame, going back to his Dantian.

Gradually, Junior Leopard discovered its mystery.

Every time, when his Internal Qi was engulfed and was spat out again, it was like inhalation and exhalation when practicing Internal Qi. The Internal Qi would become purer by a bit, but its amount got a quarter less. At the same time, he could feel that the black flame within his Dantian would solidify by a bit.

As for how much it solidified, he didn't know, because this was purely a feeling.

It was an extremely mysterious feeling.

As time went on, things became more and more mysterious. With the increase of the number of the engulfing and spitting, the black flame and Junior Leopard's Internal Qi became increasingly connected. Junior Leopard even felt that there were signs of them merging together.

He believed when his cultivation reached Level Three, perhaps this ball of black flame would completely merge with his Internal Qi, becoming a part of his Internal Qi.

By that time, he didn't know what would happen.

However, he knew what happened now.

The present situation is only good for him, no harm.

This black flame grew by engulfing his Internal Qi, and at the same time it would purify the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi. Hence, even though when practicing the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique, he would be slower than ordinary people, there was a limit. And the purified Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique was more powerful. Most importantly, he realized that when he felt that its power was not enough, he could seep a strand of black flame into his Internal Qi. Then its power would be increased dramatically. However, his body would also be affected by the violent explosion of Internal Qi.

"If only I have an External Elixir!"

He always thought so, whenever he tried to seep the black flame's power into his Internal Qi, feeling a sharp pain from the high temperature emitted within his tendons and vessels.

An External Elixir!

That would be a super plug-in.

It could store the enormous Internal Qi that the body was unable to withstand.

External Elixirs were usually strengthened by Evil Qi and handled by Special Techniques. The amount of Internal Qi it could store was often more than dozens of times more that of the body.

Some External Elixirs that were made of abnormal materials could store Internal Qi that was hundred of times more than the body. And the External Elixir made of the Fiery Eyes could store Internal Qi that was hundreds of times at least. Hence, Fiery Eyes were so precious.

Of course, apart from storing huge amounts of Internal Qi, Fiery Eyes had a significant advantage: it was hard to spoil.

Fiery Eyes were also known as Eyes of Eternity. It was among the first ten solid Mysterious Objects.

It was easy to refine, solid, with extremely high Internal Qi storage.

With these three characteristics, the Fiery Eyes were universally recognized as the best material for refining External Elixirs.

Junior Leopard had Fiery Eyes too, but he could not use it to refine External Elixirs.

Because he was not dead yet.

Only when Fiery Eyes were out of the body could them become solid, and could them hold large amount of Internal Qi. As for Junior Leopard, unless he was willing to dig out one of his eyeballs, he could not refine an External Elixir with his own eye. However, he now obviously did not have this intention.

To dig out his own eyes? He was not a fool!

However, it didn't mean that he didn't want to refine an External Elixir!

External Elixir was a good thing!

For the first time that he heard of this thing, he understood that this was the best way to enhance his strength greatly within a short period of time.

Of course, to refine an External Elixir was not easy.

Others were not fools. He could see it at a glance, and so could others.

However, the materials of External Elixirs were hard to find!

Firstly, the material was extremely rare in this world. For example, Fiery Eyes were a bloodline that was cut off for over 3,000 years. It was 3,000 years!

It was just like the Junior Leopard in his previous life wanting to find a chamber pot that a specific person used during the Spring and Autumn Period. Where could you find it?

Fiery Eyes were so, and so were the other materials that could be used to refine the External Elixir. Even if they were not as precious as Fiery Eyes, it was not far from it. How could such things be widely used?

Secondarily, to refine the Fiery Eyes required a special refinement method. The ones in control of these refinement methods were not many and they would also not leak it out.

Hence, even if you could luckily obtain the materials, and yet you maybe don't know the refinement method. On the other hand, even if you knew the refinement method you maybe don't have suitable materials.

It was for this reason that there were few people in the world owning External Elixirs.

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