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Junior Leopard saw Shi Jing blocking in front and his gaze emitted a strand of ridicule. "Oh, isn't senior brother Shi. What happened? The closed-door training has ended, and this retreat lasted for three whole months. You look not bad. Looks like your martial arts have progressed significantly!"

"Hmph...!" Shi Jing angrily looked at Junior Leopard. It seemed that his eyes were going to spit out flames.

This time, if it was not Junior Leopard who informed against him, how would he be punished by his teacher to reflect his own mistakes for three months?

Even though he only had to face the wall and contemplate for three months, he could obviously feel that his own teacher no longer doted on him as before. This was the fatal blow.

At this time in his heart, Junior Leopard was already his number one enemy. He even hated Junior Leopard more than he hated his senior brother. Hence, when he just came out, he would ask for trouble with Junior Leopard without a doubt. However, Junior Leopard had always kept a low profile for he normally wouldn't get out of the courtyard. Even if he left the courtyard, he would be at the Wu Family's headquarter. There was really no good chance at all.

Today was the best chance. Even if he crippled Junior Leopard, he could insult him in front of so many inner core disciples, making him hard to raise his head ever again in the Wu Family.

Shi Jing was very confident. At least in martial skills, he had absolute confidence in himself. Among the similar aged in the Wu Family, no one could compete with him. What was more, Junior Leopard was younger than him by one year.

"It seemed that you have thought really hard in order to ask for trouble with me!" Junior Leopard looked at Shi Jing's eyes, admiring the angry emotions flowing out from his eyes. The corner of his lips curled. Then, he shifted his gaze to the few Wu Family inner core disciples in the surroundings, "You really have the balls. How dare you ask for trouble with me with this little idiot. Don't you know that even if you beat me down today, you'll get no good after you came back!"

Junior Leopard spoke very slowly. His voice was extremely calm. Every word knocked on the hearts of these inner core disciples. Those few fellas' face whitened. They looked at each other, and their eyes revealed some kind of struggle and fear.

Yes, even if they beat down Junior Leopard today, there wouldn't be any good after they went back. Junior Leopard was the Wu Family Elder's disciple, but they were only inner core disciples.

"This matter has nothing to do with them. We only came out together and bumped into you. It was only an accident. The person asking for trouble with you is me. Will I need others to lend a hand just for dealing with you?!"

Shi Jing coldly laughed. His words calmed the others down.

"You think that you are able to beat me down alone?!" Junior Leopard's eyes narrowed. When he narrowed his eyes, his face would unconsciously reveal a peaceful slight smile which was very alluring.

"Hmph!" Shi Jing humped again, his face turning green. He jerked and took one step forward, "Zhou Bao, I don't have so much time to argue with you. Today, I am here to teach you a lesson!"

With one step forward, his body lunged forward, meanwhile, he executed a stroke of Black Tiger Grabbing the Heart ferociously towards the chest of Junior Leopard.

"Dumbass!" Junior Leopard coldly smiled. He didn't move an inch. When Shi Jing's fist was half a foot away from his chest, his body slightly moved to the side. With one turn, his left elbow struck towards Shi Jing's armpit.

Shi Jing thought that his own speed was already very fast. But how would he know that in Junior Leopard's eyes, the speed which he was proud of was just but a joke. Even if he didn't use his own power from the Fiery Eyes, Junior Leopard was able to deduce the direction of Shi Jing's fist and the possible strokes after that just with his normal eyes.

Junior Leopard naturally wouldn't give him any chance. When Shi Jing's force was almost over, Junior Leopard's elbow struck his armpit at the second of all the force launching. Shi Jing would never think that Junior Leopard's speed was so fast, and his movements were so vicious.

It must be known that the armpit was not only his movement's weakness, it was also a vital spot for a human. Junior Leopard originally wanted to teach him a lesson, his hands would not be soft. One elbow struck him till he flew off. This was not enough, when Shi Jing was sent flying, Junior Leopard's body stuck closed, and his right hand forcefully struck Shi Jing's chest. Shi Jing fell down to the ground.

"Peng------!" A sound occurred. Shi Jing hummed, his face became flushed red. There wasn't even a sound coming out of his mouth. His eyes whitened, and he fainted.

Everything happened in an instant, like a spark created from friction between stones.

From Shi Jing's move till he got slammed onto the ground by Junior Leopard and fainted, it wasn't even a breath's worth of time. Those inner core disciples aside didn't even see clearly what was happening, and the two in front of them were one still standing but the other lying down.

"Carry him back, and tell him as well, if he comes to ask for trouble with me again, I don't mind stripping him naked and hanging him upon the door of the city gate!"

Junior Leopard pointed at a far away path.

A few disciples looked over, and involuntarily shrank their necks. That place was the most prosperous area in regional City. If anybody was stripped naked there, then he would never raise his head again in the future.

When they turned their heads back, Junior Leopard had already left.

"I heard that you injured Shi Jing?!"

Junior Leopard knew that the conflict between him and Shi Jing couldn't be hidden. Even if Shi Jing didn't say, those inner core disciples would tell others. Hence, although Xu Yong came to ask Junior Leopard about this matter once he came back, he didn't feel surprised.

"Yes, he came to ask for trouble with me, and I gave him a lesson!"

"En, you've done well. Though Shi Jing is young, his cultivation has already reached the Full Closure state of the Level One. It was said that he was going to break through to the Level Two state. Nobody has thought that he should didn't complete one movement in your hand!"

"It all thanks to Teacher's guidance!" Junior Leopard said, "That set of Thirteen Punches of Desolation is so mysterious and powerful!"

"The Thirteen Punches of Desolation?!" Xu Yong nodded his head, "This set of punching skill does have its own ways. I have already practiced it for a full twenty years, yet I only comprehend a bit of it. It could be said that I barely managed to practice it only.

Besides I do not know whether I understand it correctly. Your aptitude in martial arts far surpasses me. Hence, I won't give you any guidance in this set of punching skill. Because by doing that, it will only restrict your future growth. I am also very clear about Shi Jing's cultivation. You could defeat him so easily. It proves that my decision is not wrong!"

Junior Leopard's expression changed slightly, revealing a grateful expression, "I don't dare to receive Teacher's praise. All is because of Teacher!"

"This is your biggest weakness. You are too worldly. What is yours is yours, I'm mostly clear about whether it has anything to do with me. I don't know how you grew this character, however, you got to change it. In this Wu Family, to be too smooth is not a good thing, so is your Teacher!!"

When Junior Leopard heard this, he became slightly embarrassed. Compared to people of the same age, he definitely did appear to be too smooth and sophisticated. This had something to do with his profession in his previous life.

"I will be careful next time!"

"En, you have stayed here for about half a year. Pack up your things, I want to go out!"

"Going out?"

Junior Leopard looked at his teacher strangely. During the half year in the Wu Family, out of ten days he would spend nine days in the Refining Weapon room like researching something. Now he should want to go out.

"This time I am going to visit an old friend. As my disciple, you should come along and visit!" Xu Yong said.

"Old friend?!" Junior Leopard understood, his gaze revealing surprise, "Okay, Teacher, I will go and prepare now. When do we set off?!"

"Half a month later. You prepare first, I still have some things to settle at home. Go!"

Coming out from Xu Yong's room, Junior Leopard was unable to hide the excited feeling in his heart.

He had reasons to be excited.

What was the most important thing when people come out for a living, no matter in the Jianghu or in the martial arts world?

Connections, connections were the most important.

Position in Jianghu, reputation in the martial arts world, they were not built up entirely by fighting. They needed to be managed.

The seventh Dark Lord Xue Wuya was used to killing. His name was resounding. However, the real reason why his reputation reached the peak was not that he killed a lot of people, but he was the seventh Dark Lord.

The White Blademaster Lu Shaoyou was chivalrous, and did many good deeds. However, what people really cared about was that he was a Golden Lights Cave disciple, the great deacon of Mingyi School.

The whole Jianghu was just like a big net. In the net lived many and endless human power, object power and power itself.

No matter how strong the human power was, it was still limited. Those influences that stretched through the whole world had infinite strength, which was also what made people fear.

Of course, influence, this was a great influence. It was not easily moved by one or two people. It also couldn't be assembled by one or two people.

For those that roam the pugilist world, not everyone had those big powers, having such a strong backer behind their backs.

However, walking in the Jianghu, who doesn't have a few friends?

As it was said, one fence there would be three poles, and one good man there would be helped by three people.

In many situations, those friends would be the only people you could rely on in times of crisis.

How to make friends in the Jianghu?

Feeling like old friends at the first meeting and opening hearts to each other, they become life and death buddies after having a drink. How would they willing to do anyting for his buddies?

This kind of situation existed, but it was extremely few!

The real friends were those who knew each other well. Many played together since childhood. Their previous generations were friends, and the friendship passed on. Both parties knew each other well enough. This kind of people was able to become friends.

The other kind of friends originated from teacher-disciple relationships. This could be considered another form of friendship. The original Seniors and Juniors, Teacher-Uncles and their disciples were also able to become friends after interaction and finding each other pleasing to the eye.

Those friends who meet by chance were extremely few, they belong to the minority. And these minority usually experienced numerous life and death encounters before becoming friends. This kind of friendships, on the contrary, was the strongest.

Xu Yong, the elders of Wu Family, his position in the Jianghu as well as his status was high. Even though he kept a low profile, yet he was no lack of friends. Furthermore, those friends of him in the Jianghu had some weight, and not necessarily lower than his.

This was also what Junior Leopard lacked most. Born in the village, if he never had anyone to direct, no matter how hard he tried to manage it, it would be extremely hard for him to solidify his footing in the Jianghu without a few decades.

Now things were different. As the disciple of a Wu Family Elder, suddenly, he possessed a massive net of connections. Half of the connection belonged to the Wu Family, thus he was hard to use it. However, a portion of it was Xu Yong's private network. This was also the biggest wealth Xu Yong could give him. Now Xu Yong was going to take him to gather this sum of fortune. Of course, it was only looking. Whether there was the capability to touch it would depend on Junior Leopard's own strength and the approval of Xu Yong's friends.

If he could not gain recognition, even if he was Xu Yong's disciple, he could at most make some ordinary friends, who nod their heads to each other only.

Maybe this was the reason why Xu Yong reminded him that the way he handled affairs were too sophisticated and smooth.

Although sophisticated and smooth people would not suffer from disadvantages, yet this was an unpleasant personality. What's more, Junior Leopard was so young yet he displayed so sophisticatedly. This would make people be on their guard.

"Aye, I never thought that I myself will actually bother about my own personality. However, there is no choice. I bought the personality with me from the past life, hence, it is not easy for me to change. If I can't change it, then I can only pretend. Keke, the legendary pretense will not work. I'd better think about what should I pretend to be?!"

After Xu Yong left, Junior Leopard helplessly thought about it.

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