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The sun came out and several wisps of cloud liked silk were floating in the blue sky.

"This sky, this air, this beautiful scenery, how comfortable it is!"

It was an ordinary morning. Riding on the horse, Junior Leopard dressed in black, enjoying the primitive and refreshing environment. Not far away from his front was his teacher Xu Yong. This time, Xu Yong took him out to visit friends, which meant that he would be officially introduced to Xu Yong's friends. It was also a way to make some positive ties in Jianghu.

Junior Leopard came to this world over a decade ago, but the places he had really been to were not many. For example, last time he went to Yunzhou's Qinlingjun City from Qingyang Market. It might look like a very long journey, however, in that trip, most of his time was spent with the seniors squatting within the carriage. He only came out for meals and shelter, acting just like those young missies who would never go out from their rooms. How could it be compared to now, riding on a high horse and dressed in gallant clothes? Even though his clothes were all black, the material was of good quality and the cutting fitted.

"This may be the so-called fine clothes and well-groomed horses. Alas, it's a pity that I'm too young. If not, I may pick up several girls with this outfit, hehe!" Junior Leopard chuckled. He then looked at Xu Yong who was riding slowly ahead. "It is not bad having a teacher. No doubt that he's been so nice to me. Even though his cultivation and strength aren't as good as Xue Wuya's, he's much better than Xue Wuya in other areas !"

"Junior Leopard, Baiyun Town is just ahead. Hurry up, we can have a rest there. Then after two days riding along the official road, we' ll reach the Ningzhou City in Moyang County !"

"Yes, Teacher!" Junior Leopard respectfully answered. His hands tightened and his white horse immediately ran in small steps.

Their destination was Moyang County's Ningzhou City where Xu Yong's old friends lived.

Though Junior Leopard was told that it was just a visit, he felt that things were not that simple.

Looking at Xu Yong's manner, it seemed that he was going there not just to visit but for other purposes. As for what the purpose was, Junior Leopard had no way to know.

Baiyun Town is a small town centralization whose size was roughly the same as that of Qingyang Market, but it was much more prosperous. This was normal. Bordered by Misty Mountains, Qingyang Market was situated at the edge of Yunzhou with a sparse population, while Baiyun Town was situated in the hinterland of Yunzhou. Lying between the busy commercial routes, its prosperity could be compared to a small city.

The streets were busy with people passing by. Xu Yong and Junior Leopard reached the town before noon. This town also had a short city wall similar to a gate, and there were two to three soldiers guarding by the entrance. These soldiers had good eyesight. when they saw the two's clothes and horses, they naturally knew that they couldn't let them suffer any hardships. Hence, without even asking, they let them in.

Of course, they couldn't run wildly in Baiyun Town. Besides, this town was not very big, after riding for an incense worth of time, Xu Yong stopped by an inn.

"Let's eat something here first!"

Junior Leopard naturally had no objection. Following Xu Yong, he got down from the horse and entered the inn. Before he walked in, he glanced up and a sense of smile flashed across his eyes.

Do you know why?

It turned out that on the plaque of the inn wrote "Happiness Inn" lively and vigorously. These words made Junior Leopard almost feel that he was acting in a martial arts film.

Although the name "Happiness Inn" was a bit dull and old-fashioned, it was one of the best inns in Baiyun Town with classic dishes and a unique taste.

The two of them took their seats next to the window. They ordered a few dishes and a jar of liquor, and ate slowly.

They admired the landscape near the street while eating. Meanwhile, Xu Yong was explaining to Junior Leopard about matters needing attention and rules in Jianghu from time to time.

For example, who could be offended and who couldn't; what kind of things should he intervene and what shouldn't; What kind of people he had to go around and what kind of things he had to keep his hands off, etc.

During this trip, Junior Leopard learned a lot of tricks when roaming in the Jianghu from Xu Yong.

Xu Yong knew a lot about the Jianghu. What he taught Junior Leopard was his experience accumulated in the past decades. Every drop was the essence. Hence, Junior Leopard listened closely, afraid of missing a word.

One was speaking, and the other listening. Just when they were in sync with each other, they suddenly heard some noise downstairs. Then it was sound of tables and benches falling and people shouting. In between, they could also hear the screaming and shouting of the shopkeeper and waiters of the inn, one after another.

"It must be someone making trouble downstairs. When faced with such situation, just stand aside and watch. Don't intervene too much, as there're many things that cannot be put in black and white here!" Xu Yong raised his cup and said to Junior Leopard.

Voice hardly ever, "Bang!" They heard the sound and saw two figures fly out from the inn's main door, falling on the street and rolling. Both of them seemed to be injured as they didn't climb up after struggling for a long time. Junior Leopard noticed that their dressing had some similarities to people from the Black Dragon Triad in Qingyang Market.

"They are part of the local gang, the lowest level gang in the Jianghu. The person who beat them out should be a martial artist passing by. This is called a strong dragon pressing over the local bully. These local bullies weren't smart enough and offended people they shouldn't offend!"

Xu Yong smiled and said, "However these guys are also too vicious to cripple legs of this two fellas. I'm afraid this couldn't be settled amicably. If the person who beat them is not in a hurry to leave, then, we can watch another show!"

Xu Yong watched the scene below and made the running commentary. Junior Leopard listened with relish at one side, as if he was watching a great show.

As expected, when the two guys were struggling on the ground, their companions had gone back to report the situation.

Within a quarter of an hour, dozens of men in the similar outfit to people downstairs were seen rushing toward the Happiness Inn, carrying sabers, swords, and cudgels.

The person leading them was big and tall with bright eyes. He had a protruding temple and tight muscles. With a glimpse of him, one would know that he was a martial artist.

"This guy's cultivation is not bad. He has almost reached the peak of Level One. Not easy!"

"Peak of Level One? I've already reached Level Two!" Junior Leopard mumbled to himself. His eyes slightly squinted, "Teacher, what will happen next?"

"Next, they will test each other, and state their backgrounds!" Xu Yong said, "This kind of conflict is just a small case. If those guys who started the fight come from respectable backgrounds, it should be this fella paying apologies. If not, there will be another fight!"

As expected, when the leading man walked to the front of the inn, the innkeeper had already waited here, "Oh, Chief Hu, you finally come, you see this matter is in a... "

Chief Hu glanced at the innkeeper, and ignored him. He walked to the door of the inn, cupped his fists and said, "I'm Chief Hu Yebin from Baiyun branch of Tsing Lung Hall. My men weren't sensible and offended friends inside. If there was any offence, I plead pardon to these friends!"

"This is the so-called greeting first and then marshaling the army. You'd better lower your position when you don't know who's inside. In this case, no matter who it is, you are in the initiative position. If the person inside is an expert, he might not be hard on you for your good attitude. If it's just a rookie, this kind of behavior will also show your magnanimity!" Xu Yong continued explaining to Junior Leopard.

"What if the person inside is a bastard?!" Junior Leopard suddenly asked.


Hearing Junior Leopard's sudden question, Xu Yong laughed out, "If the person inside is a bastard, then there will be a fight!"

And they laughed together.

"Hmph, a small Tsing Lung Hall! How dare you show off in front of me!"

A cold voice came out from the inn, "Scram quickly! If you disturb my mood, I'll turn this Tsing Lung Hall to a Dead Snake Hall!" [TL: Tsing Lung is Green Dragon]

These words were said too viciously. Hu Yebin's face changed drastically. No matter who was inside, to publicly denounce the Tsing Lung Hall in this manner, as the Branch Hall Chief, he definitely had to do something.

"This is called the dangerous beauty. Maybe the lady inside was quite pretty, so those few unlucky guys from Tsing Lung Hall went to cause trouble and thus broke their legs. However, now that this lady said things like this, Hu Yebin couldn't make a settlement anymore even if he has an intention to. This is called trouble coming out of mouth!" Xu Yong leisurely said on the second floor, "The next will be a full-scale battle!"

"Your lady has a tough tone. I Hu Yebin would like to see what you've got!"

"This Hu Yebin is a rather steady person!"

Upon hearing Hu Yebin's words, Xu Yong's face revealed admiration, "When one walks in the Jianghu, he cannot treat himself as something. There will always be someone stronger than you, so it'll only do you good to lower your position!"

"Yes, I remember!" Junior Leopard sounded.

Just in between their conversation, Hu Yebin had already entered the inn's door. Afterwards, "Ping-pang ping-pang" sounds could be heard.

The sound of weapons clashing, tables and chairs flipping, people screaming and shouting and a woman's chiding was heard all in once, which was extraordinarily lively.

Junior Leopard was tempted to go down and see what was going on, but he was pulled back by Xu Yong.

"Just sit and listen. The people downstairs are not considered experts. It'll do you no good to see them battling personally. At a time like this, if you don't want to get into trouble, then you must be calm and wait patiently. Do you know how many people sacrificed their lives for curiosity every year in this Jianghu?"

"Yeah!" Junior Leopard had no choice but sit down and calm down, waiting quietly for the result to come out.

Suddenly, a scream echoed downstairs, and then it was Hu Yebin's rough laughter.

"So just a little brat! How dare you be arrogant in the territory of my Tsing Lung Hall—!" With the rough and arrogant laughter, Hu Yebin carried a white-clothed girl over his shoulders, and walked in big strides out of the inn. That white-clothed girl's body was stiff. Obviously, her acupoints were sealed, thus she was unable to move.

"Go, let's return, and give this little cunt a good lesson!"

"It seems like I've really overestimated him!" seeing Hu Yebin's satisfied and proud smile, Xu Yong frowned and said, "Okay, Junior Leopard, now it's your turn."

"Me?!" Junior Leopard who was watching the show was stunned. He raised his head and looked at Xu Yong, "What should I do?!"

"Be a hero and save the beauty!" Xu Yong pouted his lips and smiled, "This Hu Yebin's cultivation is merely at the peak of Level One, and you've reached Level Two. This kind of opportunity is rare!"

Junior Leopard blinked and somewhat understood Xu Yong's intentions. He laughed, and jumped down through the window. He loudly shouted, "That man, how dare you rob a woman in broad daylight. What crime do you deserve, shouldn't you quickly put that woman down!"

"Pu------!" Xu Yong spat out the mouthful of old liquor he just drank.

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