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There are many children with good aptitude in the world, so why does he prefer me? Are my Fiery Eyes the only reason?

Junior Leopard did not know the origin of the Fiery Eyes before and was therefore unable think through this matter.

Junior Leopard considered Xu Yong's words. Indeed, Wang She invested in Zhou Bao(Junior Leopard) for his future. Not only for his skills and abilities, but also for the Fiery Eyes that went missing 3,000 years ago from the major bloodline that was being hidden. Wang She had quite possibly known his weakness.

If they were enemies, he would not even need to take Junior Leopard out personally, he could just leak the news of the Fiery Eyes and countless people would come to hunt Junior Leopard down.

"If it's an investment in the future, he'll have to hemorrhage first. Giving me the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill can be considered a good start. Expert like Wang She overrunning the whole world could not have small ambitions. This skill won't be his only investment. Therefore, in the future, he will give me more." Junior Leopard calculated the gains and losses in secret. He concluded that Wang She definitely had a future plan which could benefit him.

Junior Leopard felt relieved upon thinking of this point.

For now, he was only a puppet and, moreover, he was a useless one.

Looking on the bright side, Wang She invested for the future. But in other words, he had no expectation about what he could do in the future.

Junior Leopard felt reassured upon thinking this. He calmed down and practiced the Thirteen Punches of Desolation. He was more low-key than before. As for the Fiery Eyes, he didn't study them now. Even though no one was around, he wouldn't open them in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Peaceful days resumed and there were no major changes in Junior Leopard's life.

He leisurely practiced Taiji Fist and begun to ponder the infusion of the Taiji Fist's tenderness into the Thirteen Punches of Desolation. This was not his first try, but it was what he was studying during those days.

Although he was not a genius, he still found that there was something that both skills shared in common. Junior Leopard's skills in the practicing of the Thirteen Punches of Desolation quickly improved thanks to his formula of Taiji Fist from his former life.

Certainly, to his amazement, the reason that he started to practice punching skills was the Extraordinary Strength Fist that he learned from Xue Wuya.

Even though he suffered, he was thinking that his stay in Misty Mountain was bountiful. He gained the evolution of his Fiery Eyes, and furthermore, his Dantian had an eccentric black flame. Heaven knows if that was good or bad.

And those wonderful techniques—the Three Realms Division, that set of brilliant sword technique, the Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist, Yanfu Inner Strength, the whole set of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique, and the Extraordinary Strength Fist—they were all his now.

Extraordinary Strength Fist technique!

He would always call it the Extraordinary Strength Fist technique, because Xue Wuya did not tell him this secret skill's name. After seeing this secret skill, Junior Leopard thought that it was perhaps the most simple and functional at the same time.

This was said to be simple, because Xue Wuya's mental cultivation method was extremely easy to learn for only those who knew how to use the Internal Qi. It was also functional, because this skill could merge with almost all punching skills. Prior to Junior Leopard's acknowledgment, it was an impossible thing.

No matter what kind of punching skill they were, all of them had distinct mental cultivation methods. The more powerful, the higher the level, and the more profound the punching skill, the harder it was to practice. Talking the Thirteen Punches of Desolation for example, Xu Yong did not practice its essential character. When passing that on to Junior Leopard, he simply gave the mental cultivation methods, pithy formulas and movements to him and let him understand it on his own.

This was simply a fantasy, like wanting to mix other profound mysterious mental cultivation methods. But Junior Leopard did it. He could easily blend the mental cultivation methods of Extraordinary Strength Fist with the Thirteen Punches of Desolation. That would not affect its power but each fist would display ultimate power. Thinking about it, the Extraordinary Strength Fist could increase the power of his punches several times.

This was not due to his high savey. It was because the mental cultivation method of Extraordinary Strength Fist was unusual and so could gently be merged with other punching skills.

It's said that this Extraordinary Strength Fist can be easily merged with mental cultivation methods of other punching skills. And then no matter what I'm using, it would bring out a multiplication of its original power. If I wait to polish this technique thoroughly, I'll have the maximum advantage.

Pondering that, he thought of another kind of secret skill, the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill!

The two secret skills, the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill and the Extraordinary Strength Fist, apparently were not related. Their approaches to practice have something in common. They were equally simple, easy, and marvelous.

If I'm able to merge the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill with this punching skill, my fist will not only be heavy, but it won't make any sound of wind. Indeed, this is the best way to strike a person unexpectedly!

Junior Leopard became happier as he was thinking. The smile on his face slowly became treacherous.

Unwittingly, he was already at Wu Family for a year. His days were very peaceful, but he also knew that it would end.

It was because Shi Jing was going to finish his closed door training and would be free soon.

Junior Leopard would have thought that he surely cracked down on Shi Jing for stealing the Fiery Eyes. But who knew what was wrong with Lyu Yiyue. Shi Jing was being detained just for three months, besides, it was a closed door training which was considered a penalty. From Junior Leopard's point of view, such punishment was too light.

The penalty was obviously too little to Junior Leopard, but that was not how Shi Jing saw it. In Shi Jing's eyes, he was being betrayed by Junior Leopard and was detained for three months. He was humiliated in front of the people. Junior Leopard was the cause of all those troubles, so Shi Jing's plan was to take revenge by means of redeeming the loss.

Junior Leopard could not be young and aggressive like Shi Jing. He understood, compared to other important inner cores disciples, he had no profound background. Furthermore, he had many secrets that were annoying, but had no competence to be arrogant.

Therefore, he always scrupulously abided by the low-key principle. Every day, aside from training, he almost never left.

But at the same time, he also understood another principle. A kind-hearted person would be bullied by other people; a tamed horse would be ridden by other people.

Especially those inner core disciples that got together. They were proud and arrogant and unwilling to follow directions.

Junior Leopard did not want to tease others. He also did not wish anyone to think of him as a push-over which could be bullied now and then. Besides, even if he was a disciple of the Wu family, if he didn't have one or two strong points in a competitive environment like the Wu family, he would always be looked down upon by others, and even risked being eliminated.

Therefore, he still wanted to show some remarkable points occasionally while he was keeping a low-profile. Only in this way could he deserve the identity of being an important inner core disciple. Otherwise, don't mention other important inner core disciples, even the ordinary inner core disciples would find a way in which they could find chances to frame him, humiliate him, and expel him out of the Wu Family.

At the moment, Shi Jing was clearly aiming for Junior Leopard. If he did not say anything and continued to shrink, people would only look down upon him. Now, all he could do was to confront him face to face.

Junior Leopard did not want to be very involved with Shi Jing, so he decided to pressure him once, traumatize him, and make him frightened. On one hand, he could show his tricks; on the other hand, he could avoid Shi Jing's dissension in the future.

Thinking of this, Junior Leopard decided to take the initiative.

His so-called "take the initiative" was that he would no longer practice in the Wu's residence, rather he was to move away from that place and give Shi Jing a chance to find trouble with him.

Soon after he went out, he was blocked by Shi Jing. Not just him, but also several inner core disciples ranging from 11 to 12 years old. Their family backgrounds were the best, and so they did not need to undergo the selection process to enter the Wu Family.

The Wu family's influences were tremendous. Its internal influences were complicated and very tricky, having all sorts of people.

No matter the influential or the insignificant people, as long as they had some authority and relations, they would sent their nephews to Wu Family by any possible means, hoping that they would become outstanding, receive favor from the Elders, and to be accepted as disciples. But this was very unlikely. Aside from the few genuine outstanding guys, the rest of these people, many of them were simply pleasing to the eyes of some big potatoes in the Wu Family. They were only accepted as registered disciples.

So they were jealous of people like Junior Leaperd, who, by way of the selection, had been personally recruited by the Eldesr.

With their family background, they couldn't provoke those senior important inner core disciples. However, Junior Leopard was a newbie, not to mention that his teacher, Xu Yong, was a low-profile Elder of the Wu family, whose reputation was not prominent. Because of all these, they didn't afraid of Junior Leopard. Thus, they followed Shi Jing and were pleased to see Junior Leopard make a fool of himself.

"You bastard. Lyu Yiyue covered it up and prevent you from being punished heavily. Yet you didn't want to repent. Instead, your anger toward me was like I've violated your mother."

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