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Junior Leopard's anger had cooled down after following the little monster for about five miles.

The little monster was amusing. It farted along the way while dragging the grilled mutton. This made all other creatures flee and that was fine. What was more amusing was that after walking a few miles, the little monster had begun to sing. Junior Leopard thought it was breathing heavily initially, but listening again had astonished him. It was actually singing and there was even some rhythm. Each step taken was large, with its hands shaking widely. It was as proud as a peacock. The monster's fluff fluttered in the gentle wind while a cluster of white fur flew upward. It was just like chipmunks that he had seen in animations during his past life.

In the wild woods, a chipmunk was dragging food home. The scene was good enough to calm his anger completely.

"Let's see where on earth you can run to!"

As his anger over the little monster diminished, his curiosity increased instead. He followed it for about three more miles, and then suddenly the little monster traveled downward carrying the grilled mutton.

Junior Leopard looked forward and found that there was a slope at his front. Down the slope, there laid a grass field. Various plants grew in the thick woods, from huge, ancient trees, to short bushes. Vines wound around old trees, forming a huge net that trapped all creatures in. The forest was gloomy and cold, as sunlight was entirely blocked by these huge trees. In some parts of the forest, there wasn't even beam of light. It would be impossible for ordinary people to walk here if they entered the woods. He would be lost until death, even if he was lucky enough to meet no wild beasts here.

But Junior Leopard didn't expect that there was an open space here.

The shape of this terrain was irregular. Beside it was a steep cliff, the area of which was about 200 to 300 square meters. The ground was all covered by gray soil and seemed normal, but it was entirely barren.

Since this place was barren, it was the brightest area in this forest. As adequate sunlight was able to enter, the soil was drier than other places that were damp and cold.

A few creatures were enjoying the sun here. But all of them departed when they saw the little monster coming forth. They weren't fleeing from a threat, however, they walked peacefully as if they had seen someone they didn't like and decided to turn away. Even the carnivorous beasts didn't give a glance at the grilled mutton that was being carried behind the little monster.

The little monster was used to their reactions, nor did it care about how they would react. It walked directly towards the cliff dragging the grilled mutton.

Junior Leopard noticed a small cave down the cliff. It was small but spacious enough for a 10-year-old child to enter without bending down.

The little monster stored that half-cooked goat in the cave before moving its body, "Hiu—" It disappeared. Then it appeared on a branch of an enormous red pine nearby the open space. It picked some pine nuts and disappeared, appearing in the cave again.

The little monster was having goat meat with pine nuts merrily. Junior Leopard couldn't understand why it had such a large appetite, considering it was only as big as a man's fist. It only took the little monster a few moments to eat up half of the goat meat, let alone those pine nuts.

After finishing, the little monster hiccupped and wandered deeper inside the cave, holding its chubby belly. It lied down on a small piece of cloth and started to sleep.

The cave was actually shallow, with its length less than four meters. Junior Leopard could have easily seen what was happening in the cave from outside.

"Cloth? Where does the cloth come from? Could it be possible that a man lived here before?!"  Junior Leopard thought curiously. He observed the cave carefully, still in disbelief that someone could have lived there once.

"How lazy this little monster is!" It had fallen asleep on the cloth when Junior Leopard saw it again.

"Either the little monster has some unique techniques to protect itself or it is highly alert to danger. Or it is so lucky that coyotes haven't taken it away when it sleeps defenselessly during daylight."

Feeling puzzled, Junior Leopard stopped hiding and walked directly towards the cave. As he continued, his footfalls were not quiet. On the contrary, he even used his inner strength, each step heavy like drums. The noise was loud enough to wake up a sleeping pig much less a sensitive chipmunk.

Despite his expectations, the little monster didn't notice him at all. Junior Leopard was at the entrance of the cave now, but it was still asleep. What was even more surprising was that it turned its back and yawned as if enjoying the rest to the utmost. There was a faint sound of snoring between its nose and mouth.

"Damn, the little monster is lazier than a pig! I would like to see what you can rely on that you are so reckless in Misty Mountain!"

While it was true that Junior Leopard's anger over the little monster had already disappeared, but he was still discontented when it was sleeping in front of him so recklessly. He reached out to grab the little monster, but to his surprise, a lump of golden lights suddenly stopped him from approaching when he was one foot away. The lights emanated from the yellow cloth.

"Ah — "

The cloth didn't just stop him. Junior Leopard was off guard when his hand touched the yellow lights, he suddenly felt as if there were dozens of steel needles penetrating his hands. He was overwhelmed by a burst of pain and eventually couldn't help but scream.

His cry was loud. The little monster woke suddenly and saw Junior Leopard yelling at the entrance of the cave. It didn't panic but giggled instead.

It was fortunate that the pain did not last long. He couldn't feel any after a while. After his hand escaped the lights, he checked it but everything was normal. The only difference was that his hand was slightly red as if burnt by something hot. While the little monster watched him gleefully, his mood was rather gloomy.

"Hell, I'd better check the almanac before going out in the future. It's not worthy to suffer losses for no reason from this little monster!"

Apart from feeling gloomy, Junior Leopard also felt a sort of rapture.

Magic weapon, that was a genuine magic weapon!

He was sure enough that the lights were from the yellow cloth on the little monster's body. Whatever the yellow cloth was, he knew it must be something unique. And there was no reason to keep calm as a magic weapon had appeared in front of him.

No longer was he an innocent kid now. While he lived in the slums of Qingyang Market in Jianghu, he had learned naturally that magic weapons existed in the world. During his past life, the supernatural fictions also mentioned magic weapons. But for the real magic weapons in this world, the ways to get them were clear, but the places to find them were much more difficult.

As noted, the so-called Special Technique was a way that people converted Evil Qi to Qi that was useful for people. Junior Leopard was practicing the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, it was a technique that transformed two forms of Evil Qi to Sword Qi. Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Gang and Xue Wuya's Bloodfire Gang both belonged to special techniques. Gangqi was regarded as the top special technique in the world. Except for the ways that directly transformed Evil Qi for personal use, there was another form of special technique. The other technique combined Evil Qi with some unique materials or treasures with a special technique, ultimately the treasure and Evil Qi fused to create a magic weapon.

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