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Feeling that his own mouth stank, Junior Leopard spat hard at the air. He made his body float, and dashed forth into woods, at a speed that was quicker than the little chipmunk. He caught up to it quickly, but didn't pounce on it, after all, the chipmunk had a special technique which had already got him once, he wasn't planning to fall for it again.

He followed closely the little monster through the woods. However, before long his face had turned livid with rage.

The meatball-like little creature looked incredibly fat, yet was surprisingly agile. Its chubby legs were moving at a rapid pace while its tail pulled the grilled mutton behind.

Yes, it had two short legs standing upright and running forward, while its two forefeet were waving like human hands. If it were not so small and so clearly a chipmunk, Junior Leopard would have thought the little creature carrying the grilled mutton with its tail was a human.

It was not hard for Junior Leopard to catch up with it. The real problem, however, was the farts. It farted all along the way, leaving a trail of incredible stink. Junior Leopard was lucky that he was quick and held his breath in the nick of time or he would have been hit again as he had been when he had suffered that little lapse of concentration.

The little monster farted at regular short intervals and farted its way through the dangerous woods, carrying a half-cooked lamb leg. Everywhere it went, all the other animals ran away in a hurry, while the slower ones that got caught in by farts, ended up in fits of vomiting just like Junior Leopard had experienced before.

The strange thing was that the leaves of some plants became withered when exposed to the awful stink, as if they knew they would get hurt.

Nonetheless, the little monster kept showing his skills off, running fearlessly.

Junior Leopard stuck at it, even though he had already given up hope for the half-roasted mutton, which would be poisonous even if he did take it back.

He had already developed a grudge against the little monster that had no special skills except farting. Perhaps the nasty fart was the reason why all the animals made way for it. What's more, it was not worth all the trouble to hunt it for it has very little meat to offer anyway.

As fleshy as it was, it was merely a fist-sized chipmunk, too small to be a good prey.

Junior Leopard, however, unlike those animals, was basically inviting trouble. Hit by the nasty fart twice, he had a bone to pick with the little monster. And now that he had come so far and so deep into the woods, there was no going back.

Having confirmed that it was not a dangerous creature, Junior Leopard decided to get his revenge. He dashed from the bushes and threw himself at the little monster.

The vigilant creature smelt danger and farted twice. "Puff, puff!" But that little trick could no longer do any harm to Junior Leopard now, for he was already holding his breath.

Junior Leopard showed no mercy to the little monster, grabbing at it with his hook-like fingers.

Having seen real danger coming, the little monster squeaked sharply, its hair standing upright. Suddenly, its tail loosened and, incredibly agile for a fat little chipmunk, it jumped ten feet up into the air.

Seeing this, Junior Leopard smiled coldly. Admittedly, that creature was fast, but he could not forgive himself for letting it escape. He hung in the air, hand stretched upward like a paw, and cupped the little monster within the palm of his hand, as quick as lightning.

"Let's see if you can still make a run for it." Junior Leopard smiled, proud of himself. But something strange happened when the little monster was trapped in the palm of his hand.

The moment it was caught by Junior Leopard's hand, the little monster suddenly dodged and magically disappeared. Junior Leopard found he had nothing in his hand.

"What happened?" Junior Leopard was shocked. He landed on the ground, turned his head and unexpectedly saw the little monster on a tree branch. It stared at Junior Leopard confused, wondering why this boy had followed him all the way here.

The little creature lived a simple life... picking up anything that seemed delicious or interesting and farting its way through any difficulties. What's more, it was so agile on the field that few were able to chase it this far.

On the other hand, it never had seen a creature like Junior Leopard before, so it stared at him curiously.

Junior Leopard, however, took this quizzical expression for a mocking one. It had dodged his attack with ease and was now laughing at him, perched safely on a tree branch. "How dare it!?" Junior Leopard could not stand such brazen humiliation anymore and threw himself once again at it.

Seeing Junior Leopard's lunge aroused a flash of intrigue in the little monster's eyes. It sat still on the branch, waiting for the big hand and seemingly unworried about being caught.

But Junior Leopard was more careful this time. He trapped the little monster into a tight corner with one hand outstretched and the other swinging quickly.


Just at that moment that he was about to grab it, the little monster vanished again, even while the other hand of his was still blocking the space.


A strange thought entered his mind when he saw that the little monster had vanished again only to show up from nowhere on another branch behind him.

"That little monster is able to teleport?!"

As bizarre as it was, Junior Leopard could not think of any other explanation. If it were not teleportation, he should have felt something, even if the little monster was fast enough to escape from his attack.

The little monster just vanished into thin air, only to reappear as if from nowhere. There was no better explanation for such bizarre occurrences.

Although he was astonished, Junior Leopard decided to try a few more times, so he attacked again. "Phew!"

And again. "Phew!"

And again. "Phew!"

And again. "Phew!" What the hell?

Now Junior Leopard was sure that, if it was not teleportation, it was at least something that he was out of his depth with.

"But it was definitely messing with me, or it would not have moved within 100 feet every single time! And it can't carry anything while doing this, or it would have run away with the grilled mutton."

Junior Leopard was worn out and dripping with sweat after all the chasing and attacking, which made him look like an 80-year-old lady trying to catch a rabbit in the grass.

Now he knew what the animals around here felt like, because that bloody little thing had farted several times during the dodging, making this a highly toxic environment.

"There is no way I can catch him... " After several fruitless attempts, Junior Leopard cast a resentful look at the little monster, before deciding to give it a rest, disappearing quickly from the woods.

Having seen Junior Leopard leave, the little monster looked at the direction where he disappeared to and then looked at the grilled mutton on the ground. It had a happy humanized look on its face.

"Phew!" It jumped from the branch, rolled its tail to fetch the grilled mutton and went on strutting ahead.

After a few seconds, Junior Leopard showed up again in the dense woods, hanging behind the little monster from afar.

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