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Compared to the magic weapons he had read about in supernatural fictions before, the number of magic weapons in real life was very small. Since it was hard to acquire Evil Qi, celestial treasures, and mysterious objects and without a way of practicing the Evil Qi, it would be in vain even the three were well prepared. As a result, rumors of magic weapons were popular in Jianghu while the real objects were hardly seen. In fact, most magic weapons were totally unknown, Evil Qi, celestial treasure, and mysterious objects.

The yellow cloth on the little monster was on the verge of bursting out and it surely was an unknown magic weapon. Seeing this, he couldn't help laughing because he had never imagined that he could find such a treasure someday.

However, it looked like that the magic weapon was closely connected with the little monster, and the monster might be an obstacle if he wanted to acquire the weapon.

The little monster suddenly squeaked when Junior Leopard was lost in thought. His anger was instantly reignited. The little monster was so proud that it was twisting its ass towards Junior Leopard when he looked down at it.

"You damn tiny son of a bitch!" Junior Leopard was totally outraged. Now that the little monster had looked down upon him, he wanted to scared it and had a real experience of the power of the yellow cloth by the way. So, a Kunai flew out and shot straight towards the little monster, with one of his arms extended.

The little monster was scared and stopped twisting its ass when it saw something glittering coldly. Then golden light from the yellow cloth occurred once again when the kunai was one foot away. Both met with each other.

"Bang!" The kunai flew out after a dazzling golden light flashed and was embedded in the stone cave wall. Frightened by what had happened just now, the little monster unexpectedly sat down on the ground dazed.

It was Junior Leopard's turn to laugh at the opponent.

However, the little monster might be xenogeneic and be endowed with intelligence as early as it was born. Realizing it was being laughed at, it squeaked furiously again while making threatening gestures with its forelegs, making fists like a human.

Junior Leopard was relaxed since he gave into his anger. Now, seeing the little monster waving its fists like a clawing devil, he was not mad at it but felt extreme kinship instead.

"This little guy is so cute and is smarter than the pets in my past life. It will be a lot of fun if I keep it. But, it is too smart to be caught. How can I succeed?" At his point, a picture suddenly flashed in his mind, when the Wang She captured the One-eyed Wolf at the entrance of West Mountain that year.

At that time, Li Haoran was suffering from cruel torture when the Wang She killed the One-eyed Wolf, but he was not blind and caught the whole process of this fight. This left him a deep impression before he died. Later, Li Haoran's memory was absorbed by Junior Leopard and the picture was also implanted deeply into his mind.

And the eccentric rune that Wang She marked on the head of the One-eyed Wolf was absolutely clear to Junior Leopard. Junior Leopard did not know that technique and had never heard about related rumors in the Jianghu of Qingyang Market. But thinking of the picture in his mind, it was not difficult for him to realize that the rune might be a technique for capturing evil beasts.

The little monster in front of him, whose spiritual intelligence had been activated, could be considered an evil beast even it was small. And considering its Apparate, Junior Leopard desired to capture it.

However, the little monster was under the protection of the yellow cloth currently, and Junior Leopard had no idea that could make his dream come true.

"Well, anyway, I have already found its residence, and I guess it's impossible for the monster to move for sake of protection since he had the yellow cloth. I have a long time to capture it when I come up with methods in future. It's afternoon now, and I have to catch 15 living animals. I'd better hurry up and not waste time on it!" Junior Leopard was a little bored when he thought of his task of catching 15 living animals, so he turned around and walked into the cave, aiming to take kunai on the wall back.

But unexpectedly, he was shocked when he walked near the stone wall.

Besides the kunai, some runes and images charged into his eyes unexpectedly, distorting his mind. He attentively stared at the contents of the wall and laughed when they were clear to him.

Do you know what happened?

The runes on the stone wall were the record of a special technique named Three Realms Division.

"I once wondered how could you little guy be so powerful and how could you master the Apparate. Oh my god, it turned out to be a special technique."

Images carved on the stone wall were just the special technique: Three Realms Division, once the technique was mastered. The practitioner could instantaneously move freely in a certain range, something similar to Apparate.

The runes were only recordings of the special technique. And as for why it was recorded here; the practice method was on the several images above.

Due to the fact that Three Realms Division was a special technique, Evil Qi was naturally one of its necessities. Well, for practicing this technique, a kind of floating Evil Qi was required.

This floating Evil Qi was extremely rare in the world and hard to acquire. According to the record, the person who carved the Three Realms Division here merely owned the special technique but lacked Evil Qi to practice it. However, he came here when he wanted to cultivate somewhere quiet in his later years and found that the floating Qi he searched for would occur at noon and midnight respectively here by chance. Therefore, he carved the Three Realms Division by runes and images on the stone wall for the inheritance among later generations.

Unexpectedly, no one touched this area except for the little monster. The monster was so blessed that it practiced this special technique unconsciously, which became the best way to preserve its life and escape.

"No wonder I can't catch this little guy. I had once thought that it was born with some supernatural powers, such as apparition. Although the little monster practiced the special technique by itself, it was even less available than being endowed with supernatural powers by nature. But unfortunately, it was not human after all and did not really understand the way of practicing even if its spiritual intelligence was activated. In fact, people with Three Realms Division could freely move a distance of 1,000 feet (nearly 333 meters) while the little monster could only move 100 feets."

Thinking of the range that little monster escaped from his capture, Junior Leopard raised his eyebrows, carefully reading the practice method on the wall and imprinted it in his mind while fiddling with his kunai.

"At this moment, the clock has struck noon but midnight is far on the way, so the floating Evil Qi will not occur in a short time. I'll come here once again when I have finished my task and make a study of it slowly and thoroughly that time. How powerful the Three Realms Division is! With it, I can freely move in a second within 1,000 feets, which might be a wonderful way to protect myself."

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