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"It's not good to come back. I was worried that you were really struggling with the Child-endowing Buddha all the time!"

Carrying the information and a bowl of porridge from Yan Yunyan, he returned to the study in the backyard. Wang She was already sitting there.

Seeing Zhou Bao walk in, Wang She felt a sense of relief and it was shown on his face. He spoke with a lingering fear.

"I meant to keep struggling with him, but he escaped quickly!" Zhou Bao smiled and said, "I'd like to ask for your advice on a matter!"

"What is it?"

"Have you heard of a man called Li VII? 'Li' as in the'礼' (Li) in '礼貌' (Li Mao) ."

"Li VII?" Hearing the name, Wang She's expression suddenly turned ugly. "How did you hear of him?"

"You know Li VII?" Zhou Bao was in high spirits immediately. "I heard of him from Yan Yunyan. It seems that Li VII intends to intervene in the vicissitudes of Great Jin."

"Hmm, this is normal. Li VII is a member of the School of Five Virtues of Divine Wind Palace. Ren II, Yi IV, Li VII, Zhi IX and Xin X are the five supervisors of School of Five Virtues. I didn't know the Man of Honor Ji Zhongtang is a subordinate of Yi IV from School of Five Virtues of Divine Wind Palace until recently. These people, however, have great power in Divine Wind Palace. They can use an enormous amount of resources and are difficult to deal with."

"So this is the first time a fellow from Divine Wins Palace dealt with me? I was surprised that they got in touch with me by using the advantage of their relationship with the Crown Prince!"

"Divine Wind Palace is too large, and there are also a variety of internal disputes over profit. As one of the powerful forces in Divine Wind Palace, School of Five Virtues tried to approach you, and that's not surprising!"

"Then, should I accept their kindness?"

"I am from Immortal Palace, and I don't know much about Divine Wind Palace. In such a case, you'd better ask for Elder Qing's advice. He has dealt with Divine Wind Palace for so many years and has a very good understanding of School of Five Virtues."

"I have to go to Immortal Palace, but before that, please do me a favor!"

"What is it?"

"I'm setting formation, Yin and Yang Dust Formation," said Zhou Bao, "and I'll have a closed-door training in Azure Secret Area for a few months. When I am in Azure Secret Area, I can't be in charge of the matters in Wuyang Region, so please preside over this formation!"

"To preside over the formation?" Wang She was stupefied at first before a ray of joy flashed across his face. Presiding over the formation required familiarity with it, otherwise, how could one preside over it?

If one wanted to be familiar with the formation, one must have the formation map. That means Zhou Bao's entrust meant that Zhou Bao would hand over the formation map of Yin and Yang Dust Formation to him. It was practically a gift from the heavens. He had no reason to disagree.

Zhou Bao was not joking. With a lift of his hand, a shabby goat-skin scroll flew to Wang She, who caught it. He saw that it was indeed the formation map of Yin and Yang Dust Formation.

"As you know, I stole the Innate Green Lotus Seed from Happy Monk in Azure Secret Area and I refined it into Innate Qi PureTalismanas as the Formation Eye, so it was barely complete. After the formation is completed, I will give this talisman to you, and in the future, you'll operate this formation."

Wang She was enlightened and seemed to want to ask something, but in the end, it was only a sigh. "You refined it? You even know how to refine it. It seems that Elder Qing was right that there is an expert giving you advice!"

"One expert and one demon!" Zhou Bao laughed in his heart. He felt relaxed but a little regretful that Green Spirit had found a new body.

Although Green Spirit was a bit annoying, he was knowledgeable. Green Spirit helped him a lot. If it had not been for Green Spirit, he would have been dead or suffered a lot many times.

But at the same time, it was always somewhat uneasy for him to keep such a guy around. He was a Great Ancient Demon. If Zhou Bao does not get rid of him as early as possible, it would be hard to dump him once he gets out of hand.

The problem now was that the guy knew too much about his secrets. He even knew that he had Fiery Eyes and even identified the origin of Fiery Eyes. If Green Spirit was to spread this information, he will be in huge trouble.

Fortunately, he still had the means to control him, although even he himself was unsure whether it could really control him!

In this world, other than Seven-deity Regions, the Demon tribe also controlled the Sea Area. If this guy fled to Sea Area for shelter and talked about his secrets everywhere, he will be in huge trouble if he does not have any way to control him.

However, he also had no choice. With the growth of his strength, he found that his control over Green Spirit was getting weaker and weaker. In the beginning, he obviously greatly underestimated Green Spirit's strength. He vaguely felt that his inhibition on the green lamp could not completely restrain Green Spirit. Even if Green Spirit did not have a body, he only had to pay a little price and would never be hurt fatally if he was that determined to leave. Because of this, Zhou Bao took the opportunity to find him a body. No matter what, he should steer him away from his own body. As for Green Spirit's final choice, he could not control.

Zhou Bao did not think that Green Spirit would let his secrets out because there was no need. Green Spirit had been imprisoned in the underground palace of Small Thunder Temple for hundreds of thousands of years, and had no interaction with any forces above this world. Although he made it out alive, there was no great difference between him and Zhou Bao, a time-traveller. Yet, unlike Zhou Bao, Green Spirit did not even have a legal identity in this world.

It was because there was no conflict of profit with everyone that Green Spirit would not betray him because of a certain profit. Even if he wanted to do so, there needs to be someone who would listen to him. Besides, in the past few years, they got along well with each other, cooperated with each other and got a lot of benefits, and there was no reason for Green Spirit to betray Zhou Bao.

Of course, these were the words Zhou Bao told himself to comfort himself. Since he could not constrain Green Spirit, then he will just let him be. As the saying goes, give others another chance, in case you need help one day.

As for the green lamp that he had taken back, it was also deliberately done. This green lamp might not have a great effect on controlling Green Spirit, but after all, it was a Pure Yang Celestial Device. Although it was damaged, it could be repaired. He also had a lot of Pure Yang Water. Even reckoning made long friends. Business was business.

The reason for giving him Sky-measuring Star Ruler was that he was now practicing Great Way of Stars and needed this Pure Yang Celestial Device. This was a matter of friendship, while the green lamp was a matter of profit. Naturally, Zhou Bao would not abandon it casually.

"Boy, what's on your mind?"

At the sight of Zhou Bao's silence, Wang She thought that he was thinking about something, and asked, "Don't you trust me to give this formation to me?"

"Absolutely not! Why wouldn't I trust you? It will be fine as long as you don't give off the information!"

"I know what to do!" Wang She nodded. "Well, I'm off to set formation!"


Three months passed in a flash. During these days, Zhou Bao joined hands with Wang She and unwittingly set Yin and Yang Dust Formation in Wuyang Region. When Green Spirit appeared again wrapped in the smell of blood, Yin and Yang Dust Formation had already been set for five days.

"You're back at last. I thought you were caught by the guys of Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple!" Zhou Bao lightly covered his mouth and nose, and the fat man in front of him exuded an almost solid, sticky blood smell. It was understandable, as he had killed nearly 550,000 people in three months. It would be a wonder if there was no blood smell on him.

"I miscalculated!" Green Spirit exclaimed. In this new body, his voice was as soft, charming and magnetic as that of Child-endowing Buddha. It was the type that could drive girls crazy.

"You miscalculated? What's the matter?" Being stunned for a moment, Zhou Bao looked at the blood level of his whole body. It did not look like a miscalculation. "You didn't kill all of them?"

"One escaped. The guy was more clever and decisive than I had imagined. He not only decisively cut off my contact with Sea of Consciousness, but also the link with Golden Book of Fate, leaving only a bit of Original Spirit!"

"What are you worried about? If he did so, he would have been reincarnated and completely unrelated to the Child-endowing Buddha of his previous life. Even if there was a memory of the past, it would be incomplete. Everything will have to start over again, and it will not pose a threat to you at all." Zhou Bao said matter-of-factly.

"Well, you can think of it so easily, but I can't, boy. There is a little bit of his Original Spirit in Golden Book of Fate, and he still has the memory of his previous life. Hence, our enemy will change from one to two. I can't fight with them as one is in Golden Book of Fate and the other one is hidden in the dark. This kind of enemy in the dark is the most terrible and the most troublesome, and I don't think you would like a man staring at you in the dark all the time.''

"I really don't want to, but now that it has happened, what can we do?" Zhou Bao said with a bitter smile. "No matter what comes up, there would be a solution. Just relax. Even if the Child-endowing Buddha wanted to seek revenge on us, it would not be possible to do so for hundreds of years. Who knows what the situation will be after a few hundred years? Maybe by then, we would be already dead!"

"You are really open-minded and looking at the bright side of things!" Hearing Zhou Bao's words, Green Spirit shook his head helplessly.

"Well, now that you are here, let's go into Azure Secret Area. Essential Qi Tide has begun for almost a month." At this moment, he hesitated and looked at Green Spirit. "But now you've got the body of the Child-endowing Buddha. How can you go in with me? You know, the entrance is guarded by people of Immortal Palace. Do you think they will let you in? When they catch sight of you, they might kill you."

"Don't worry! The cultivation of the guys at the entrance is too shallow to notice me." Green Spirit laughed. Throwing the red kasaya across, he disappeared into a red blurring fog.

"This Fire Cloud Kasaya is an excellent Pure Yang Celestial Device that can conceal my body and breath!"

"Then I'm relieved!"

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