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"You want to deal with the Child-endowing Buddha's Bloodline Demon Fetus? You're not going to enter the Azure Secret Area?" Zhou Bao asked raising his eyebrows.

"I will definitely enter the Azure Secret Area. Now that I have a body, I need to nourish it adequately. But, you're not going there right away, are you? I can take this time to handle some of the Child-endowing Buddha's Bloodline Demon Fetuses. I just received an insight. It tells me there are 479,721 Bloodline Demon Fetuses in total left by the Child-endowing Buddha. Not a huge number. But I need some time to completely eliminate all of them. So how about waiting a moment until I get rid of them before you enter the Azure Secret Area?"

"Hmm. Why should I wait for you?" Zhou Bao twitched his mouth and revealed a scorn. "Are we close?"

"Because I can bring you great benefits in the Azure Secret Area," said the Green Spirit with a smile. His fat body waddled toward Zhou Bao, a broad grin blooming on his plump face. "Junior Leopard, there are many secrets in this area that I know but you don't. Bring me and you will make the most gains. You know that the Azure Secret Area has already attracted the Divine Wind Palace's attention. This could be your last chance to enter. If you miss it, you may not get another opportunity!"

Zhou Bao's pupils narrowed slightly. After some contemplation, he asked, "How long do you need to eliminate the Bloodline Demon Fetus?"

"Three months!"

"OK. I will wait three months for you. But I expect to see results. Don't go thinking you can act willfully now just because you have a body. Keep in mind that your Original Spirit inhibition is still in the green lamp. The lamp is still in my control!" He waved his hand. A green light flew out from Green Spirit's ophryon and went back to the Space of Segmented Realms.

"Once we've entered the Azure Secret Area, if I'm happy with the results, I will remove the inhibition and give you the green lamp. If you are not happy, humph!"

After saying this, his figure flashed and disappeared.

"Hehe, this guy's temper is the worst!" Green Spirit was not upset about being treated rudely by Zhou Bao. Instead, he was joyful. He poked and pinched himself all over his body. "Em...Good. Really good. Even with lower strength, this body is really good after his treatment. Hehe, this guy is also lucky. His Gang Qi is the Kylin Gang. Divine Gang Jade Kylin, Rolling Thunder Technique, Strong Wind Technique. Hehe. He should understand the Natal Power of two types of the Divine Gang Jade Kylin. Ah, it's so perfect! Damn! Evil Fire Kylin and Divine Gang Jade Kylin. These two things were pretty rare, even in antiquity times. The two of them have gained them! Was this Child-endowing Buddha a person who also had great luck? No. He should have had good luck several thousand years ago. But that era is already a past; his luck is weak. Hence, I get his body. Hehe." Green Spirit said to himself. He pondered for a while, then put his palms together devoutly and made the pose of an immortal monk. He practiced several times. He could feel that he had gotten a bit of legendary Divine Qi and smiled satisfactorily. With a red mist beneath his feet, he gradually rose from the ground. The speed increased, and he finally faded into the horizon.

Lobby, Wuyang Region.

Yan Yunfei paced back and forth in the lobby with an anxious look, fidgeting with the same restlessness as Yan Yunyan. It would be good if Zhou Bao did not come back. However, if he came back alive and firmly believed that it had been a plot against him, she would be in a big trouble.

"Yunyan, will Zhou Bao be okay? It's already been a long time. Perhaps he will be back soon?"

"Yunfei, Zhou Bao is greatly accomplished and his cultivation is astonishingly wonderful. The monk may not be a match for him!" Yan Yunyan forced a smile and comforted Yan Yunfei. "Look at the sky, has it already changed back to its original state? I don't think the monk could have defeated him!"

"It couldn't be better. You're right. Our Zhou Bao is a Level Nine expert. Even if the monk is formidable, he surely couldn't surpass Level Nine?"

Hearing Yan Yunfei's innocent words, Yan Yunyan gave a bitter smile.

Level Nine?

How could a Level Nine person cause such great turmoil?

He must be an expert in the Mysterious Realm.

However, she did not dare tell Yan Yunfei this, lest she would be frightened.

"The monk was in the Mysterious Realm. So what? I've driven him away!" A cheerful voice came from outside. Looking up, they saw Zhou Bao stride in with a light-hearted smile.

"Bao Zi, you drove him away?" At the sight of Zhou Bao, Yan Yunfei showed a look of delight. She quickly walked toward him.

"Yes, I drove him away. Hmph. That monk was shameless. He attacked me even though he's already in the Immortal Book, completely ignoring the Law of Heaven. I won't let it go!" Zhou Bao said bitterly. Gently, he cuddled Yan Yunfei's shoulder. "Don't worry. Have the servants make some food. I'm hungry after such a long battle!"

"OK. I'll make porridge for you!"

Yan Yunyan was in the lobby and Yan Yunfei felt Zhou Bao's intimacy. Hearing his words, she nodded with a blush and quickly walked toward the kitchen in the backyard.

Zhou Bao did not stop her. He watched her figure disappear into the corridor with a smile. He turned his head and looked at Yan Yunyan with playful interest. "Princess Heyang, I think we should talk!"

Yan Yunyan was suddenly nervous. She looked at Zhou Bao and took a deep breath. "I know what you want to know. I didn't expect this matter. The temples of the Jingtan Temple and Child-endowing Buddha are all over the world. They're famous and effective, so I brought Fei-er there to pray. I didn't know there was something going on."

"The Child-endowing Buddha is one of the 13 Living Buddhas in the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple. Didn't you know this?"

"Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple? 13 Living Buddhas?" Yan Yunyan had a confused expression. "What are they? Martial arts schools? I really don't know!"

"You don't know? Then why did you go to the Jingtan Temple together with Fei-er?"

"Fei-er told me she wanted a baby. I told her your Wuyang Region has only a short history. There's no place to pray for babies. Who could expect that she had heard of it? So, she asked the maidservant who knew that there's a Jingtan Temple in your Wuyang Region!" Yan Yunyan gave a wry smile. "And she's interested in it. I also wanted to go out. Finally, we made it!"

"Really?" There was a flicker in Zhou Bao's eyes and he gave an intriguing smile. "Such a coincidence?"

"Yes. It's really a coincidence. However, if you don't believe me, I have no way to prove it. It is indeed a coincidence!"

"Well then. Let's stop arguing about whether you're right. Since Princess Heyang has come to me, I suppose you're not just here for your gal-pal?"

Yan Yunyan did not know the meaning of gal-pal, but she could guess Zhou Bao's meaning from his tone of voice.

"Of course not. I came here because of you!"

"Me? What? Do you want to help Prince Ning get the Emperor position?"

When it came to the Prince Ning, Yan Yunyan showed an eccentric look. "Are you kidding me? Prince Ning severely offended you and was dealt with by my father. Now he has lost all his power and influence and become a powerless Royal Highness. He's penned up in the capital city and seeks solace by drinking every day. How could he ever strive for the emperor position again?"

"Is there such a thing?" Hearing this for the first time, Zhou Bao was shocked.

"You really don't know?" Seeing that Zhou Bao was serious, Yan Yunyan became more bitter. "It seems you really don't know. Alas—"

"Now that Prince Ning can't get the position, why are you here?"

Prince Ning's insinuation took Zhou Bao by surprise. However, for now, the matter of who would get the emperor position in the Jin dynasty was just a trivial thing to him. It was not worthy enough to worry about. After the initial shock, he put it out of his mind entirely.

"I am here as a persuasive speaker for my Brother Prince!"

"Crown Prince?" Zhou Bao blinked his eyes and suddenly laughed. He shook his head. "It's useless, no matter who the persuasive speaker is. Frankly speaking, I'm not interested in your competition for power and profit of the Great Jin Royalty. Don't bother me with this!"

"I know. It's not easy to persuade you. Brother Prince also knows that. However, you won't lose any skin hearing me out!"

"Hehe. Interesting. You should know, with my current strength, I don't pay attention to the wax and wane of the dynasties. Even if your father Yan Yuntian approaches me, I won't be nice to him, let alone the Crown Prince. Why would you bother me with such a thing?"

"This involves the Human Emperor's position," Yan Yunyan said softly. "I suppose you must be interested in this?"

"The Human Emperor's position? You know the Human Emperor too?" Zhou Bao's expression changed slightly, and he gazed deeply at Yan Yunyan. "Seems your father is determined to pass the Emperor position to your Brother Prince. He even told him this. Why are you worried?"

"It's not my father who told Brother Prince. Somebody came to him and wanted to help him because he was said to possess extremely respectable vitality and was qualified to be a Human Emperor!"

"Which bastard said this?" Zhou Bao was shocked. He sensed something a little strange from this news.

"No idea. His strength is very strong. Brother Prince can't beat him at all. We just know he called himself Li VII!"

"Lee VII?"

"No. Li. Li VII," said Yan Yunyan. "He also told us we can discuss it with you!"

"Discuss it with me?" Zhou Bao raised his chin. "He knows me?" (To be continued)

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