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The Azure Secret Area!

The area was filled with chaotic negative energy.

The storm capable of tearing everything apart was dancing wildly in the air. On the floor, all types of energy prevailed, colliding together and exploding simultaneously.

All the living creatures with spiritual intelligence had hidden in the depth of caves like dormant black bears and dared not reveal themselves.

In this endless pneuma storm, a glimmer of green light was like a small drop in the sea, that could be engulfed by the tide at any time.

However, this drop of water was extremely resilient. It stood rock-still on the uninhabited island of the Azure Secret Area regardless of the tide.

There were two people: Zhou Bao and Green Spirit. They sat face to face with their legs crossed. Above Zhou Bao's head was the Air-frozen Bead. It's shiny green light covered the area within ten feet to protect them from the Essential Qi Tide outside.

Compared to the previous one, this Air-frozen Bead with it's Pure Yang Celestial Device level was much more effective.

When the two entered the Azure Heavens, they had both forgone walking around. Zhou Bao had used his red eyes and explored their mystery with his powerful spirit. Qingling, however, had chosen to carefully organize the inexhaustible essence of the world to select pneuma and spiritual qi that was needed for practice. Within a dozen days, his cultivation had upgraded greatly, almost to the Realm of True Immortality. Now, he was waiting to leave the area and pass the Thunder Tribulation. Then his Body of True Immortality would be accomplished, and the Child-endowing Buddha would become a Child-endowing Sage.


Zhou Bao slowly opened his eyes, which were bright red. The circle of black lines around his eyes had already solidified becoming completely thorn-shaped with extremely sharp pointed parts. The circle rotated slowly as if it could tear everything apart.

All of a sudden, the black lines began to rotate faster. Zhou Bao shook gently, making a low sound.

Green Spirit who sat opposite him abruptly opened his eyes with a sudden flash of shock. He watched as a layer of pale red light was released from Zhou Bao's body. The light seemed to pass through his body harmlessly with the protection of Air-frozen Bead. It began to spread all over the place. In a short period of time, the light covered the whole island.

The red light was not alarming. You could even say that it was not that special; it could not even activate the surrounding Essential Qi Tide at all. The Qi merely existed quietly.

Green Spirit looked toward the center of the red light. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"I feel good!" Zhou Bao smiled. In the next instant, his figure appeared before Green Spirit. His fingertip was already on Green Spirit's forehead.

"In the red light area, my speed and strength are more than ten times faster and stronger than before. But, they haven't hit their limit yet!" Zhou Bao smiled. As the Thorn Wheel in his eyes spun faster and faster, the surrounding red light became paler and paler, and eventually vanished.

"That's thirty times!" Zhou Bao said coldly and then went back to his seat. "As long as I constantly familiarize myself with the special eyes, it will give me inconceivable power. Under the cover of my eyes, no one can keep a secret!" Zhou Bao stared at Green Spirit. "With the eyes, I can even see your physical condition. I know that you hit a wall and are now waiting to pass the Thunder Tribulation, aren't you? I have already felt the change of Real Essence in your body. The essence seems to develop into Dharma power!"

"Your Fiery Eyes indeed have a knack!" Green Spirit nodded. "It seems that I will be no match for you if I fight against you here! Am I right?"

"Of course not! I think if I make the Fiery Eyes cover a smaller space, such as in my Fist Intent Space, within three breaths I can punch a white tiger to death!"

"Will you be that powerful?"

"Humph! In my Fist Intent Space, with the support of Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, Heavenly Jade Technique and Fiery Eyes, my strength and speed will be hundreds of thousands of times stronger and faster than before. With my Fiery Eyes, any injury I cause will be much more serious. In a close battle, I dare not say I could defeat a Human Immortal, but I should be invincible against the Realm of True Immortality!"

"Kiddo, that's just wishful thinking. Invincible in the Realm of True Immortality? Haha. You're really good at drawing a long bow. Even though you're powerful in a close battle, your strength is at most equivalent to the Realm of True Immortality passing Thunder Tribulation two or three times, which is far from invincible. How dare you call yourself a Venerable when you've only passed three Thunder Tribulations! With your current capability, you can't even imagine how powerful a Venerable is!"

Hearing this, Zhou Bao blushed. "Heh heh, maybe you're right. But the Fiery Eyes are indeed powerful. Every time I use it, I feel like I'm invincible!"

"This is why your Fiery Eyes family was exterminated three thousand years ago. They felt superior, so they behaved irrationally. Eventually, the Divine Wind Palace saw them as troublesome elements and killed them all!"

"You know what happened in the Fiery Eyes family?" Zhou Bao looked at him.

"I took the Child-endowing Buddha's body and absorbed his innate spirit. I know everything that he knows!" As he spoke, he smiled. A puff of pink Gang Qi emerged from his body. "Do you know, if I was now in the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple, no one would suspect a thing? They would still regard me as the original Child-endowing Buddha!"

"One Bloodline Demon Fetus ran away, didn't it?"

"He is not a threat to me. By the time he has the ability, I might be the chairman of Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple. It won't be easy for him to cause trouble!"

"Do you have any problem with the Golden Book of Fate?"

"No!" Green Spirit's smile became softer. "The Golden Book of Fate swallows the Original Spirit by itself and doesn't involve the controller. The only thing that the Divine Wind Palace can do is to destroy the Original Spirit on the surface. You should know that if the Divine Wind Palace had the ability to track everyone listed in the book using the Original Spirit in the Golden Book of Fate, it would have already dominated the whole world!"

"Does that mean that when you leave the Azure Secret Area, you can go back to the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple and take all of the Child-endowing Buddha's things without raising any suspicion?"

"Yes, but there is still a small problem. Everyone in the Immortal Palace knows that I created a disturbance in your territory; we can't hide this from them. Trouble may come when you are safe and sound, yet I am missing."

"Even though they are suspicious, they won't start rumors. After all, I am a member of the Immortal Palace. They will react out of the consideration for the palace!" Zhou Bao smiled. "As for the Big Wheel Temple, now that you have inherited the Child-endowing Buddha's spirit, you must be able to handle it. Maybe we will generate cooperation between the Big Wheel Temple and the Immortal Palace!"

"That's a good idea, but we'd better talk about it after we leave the Azure Secret Area. By the way, did you gain any insight into the Fiery Eyes? Do they have any other special functions?"

"Yes, they do. But I dare not use it!"


"Because on this giant island, you are the only living creature that I can find. I am afraid that if I take your spirit from your body, you will have trouble!"

"Try it. Next time I meet someone with Fiery Eyes, I can react according to this experience!" Green Spirit smiled. His voice trailed away, and he felt his head go cold. His spirit was yanked out of his body by Zhou Bao's turtledove claw before he could respond.

"How about that?"

"Kiddo, quickly release me! F*ck. Your turtledove's claw is even more powerful than before. Damn it. I didn't even react to it at all!" "Kiddo, release me! Quickly! F*ck. Your turtledove's claw is even more powerful than before. Damn it. I couldn't even react to it at all!" When Zhou Bao clutched his spirit, Green Spirit had given a bizarre yell. Zhou Bao's turtledove's claw was not only able to seize the spirit, but it was also capable of constraining and suppressing it. Green Spirit's spirit couldn't move or use the star force at all.

Seeing the claw's satisfactory result, Zhou Bao smiled. Then he loosened his grip to release Green Spirit's spirit. "How about that? Isn't it great?"

The spirit quickly wormed its way into the fat body. After twisting and turning several times, Green Spirit looked up. "Good, very good. With these two functions, you are almost invincible. Do you have any other skills?

"Of course I do, but I won't disclose them here!" Zhou Bao laughed. It was alright for him to show some of his skills to scare Green Spirit, but he would not display all of them. He was not that foolish. Things had changed now. In the past, he had had a close relationship with Green Spirit as his spirit was entrusted to him. Now, Green Spirit had a new body and their relationship had become totally different. Naturally, Zhou Bao would not disclose everything.

"You're smart!" Green Spirit understood Zhou Bao's intention. He didn't want to force him. He said, "What I care about most is whether your Fiery Eyes can connect with the Golden Book of Fate like the man in the Taiyuan Heaven could. This is the most important thing. If they can, you might get the chance to seize the Golden Book of Fate's shadow. With the shadow, you will not be afraid of revealing your eyes when you are in the Golden Book of Fate.

"What? Seize the Golden Book of Fate's shadow?" Zhou Bao was shocked. "Do you think I could succeed?"

"Of course. It's much easier for you to take the shadow than the one in the Taiyuan Heaven!" Green Spirit grinned. "It's up to you to determine whether to do it or not!"

"This is a matter of life and death. You should not play tricks on me!" Zhou Bao said loudly.

"There is no need for me to play tricks on you. Though I have a new body, we still have common interests. Besides, we've worked together for a while. I have no reason to replace you, a good partner with enormous potential and an unusual fate."

"Well, tell me. What should I do next?"

"This is the Azure Secret Area, not Taiyuan Heaven. Though they both belong to the 33 Heavens, they are distinct. The Taiyuan Heaven is the same now as it was in antiquity times. The Azure Secret Area on the other hand is evolving into a complete world. In a sense, it is not that different from the outside world. Now that they are similar, it should have all the things that the outside world has. But the evolution is not complete yet. Many things are still being created, including the Golden Book of Fate!"

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