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The World in the Palm!

It was a Supreme Power inherited from the Leiyin Temple of Buddhism from the antiquity times, which could evolve a world in a palm. It carried infinite power.

However, apparently, even though Child-endowing Buddha possessed it, he had not mastered it yet. Otherwise, he would not have waited to only use it now.

Even though he had not mastered it, on the other hand, Zhou Bao would not be able to break this Divine Sense. The huge palm had begun to close together, and it was about to crush his Fist Intent Space into pieces.

Child-endowing Buddha's triumphant laughter rang in his ear, "Haha, boy, I didn't expect you to drive me to this stage. But you only have the power to do so. Haha..."

"What a terrible laugh!" Facing this Divine Sense and broken space, Zhou Bao did not show any signs of panic. "World in the Palm? It's indeed really awesome!"

Just as he was speaking, flashes of golden light shone from behind his head and a giant shadow of a skull appeared on top of his head. Enormous power was emanating from the shadow, which was infinitely more powerful than that of the huge palm.


In this space, the skull shadow turned into a Skull Elixir Furnace, up to 100,000 feet high, and it came down violently from the hollow. It then broke the World in the Palm in a moment, just as the huge palm crushed the Fist Intent Space.

"A fairy weapon? No way! How could you have a fairy weapon?!!!"

The World in the Palm was shattered quickly. Child-endowing Buddha and his Golden Buddha appeared eventually. At this point, the Golden Buddha, though still emitting golden light, was densely covered with cracks. Likewise, its palm was incomplete. Its five fingers were all gone under the shock of the Skull Elixir Furnace, and there was a big hole in the palm.

"Why can't I have a fairy weapon?" Zhou Bao sneered as he moved the Skull Elixir Furnace and fiercely threw it at Child-endowing Buddha.

The World in the Palm disappeared, and naturally, so did the 100,000 feet high Elixir Furnace in that world. But in the temporal world, the Elixir Furnace which was about 1000 feet tall, fell from the sky. It was too much for Child-endowing Buddha to handle. Under the Skull Elixir Furnace, the entire space had been sealed off. With Child-endowing Buddha's strength, there was no way to break the space that was sealed off by a fairy weapon, so Child-endowing Buddha could only watch the Elixir Furnace approaching. He let out a loud cry and tried to stop it by launching his Real Essence Dharma power to form a circle of Buddhist halo over his head.

"Can you stop it?!" Seeing that Child-endowing Buddha's face was turning red, Zhou Bao's mouth twitched. The Elixir Furnace fell straight down, hitting Child-endowing Buddha directly at the height of 100, 000 feet and landing him heavily in the mountains of the Jilei Mountain. From the ground, a flash was seen in the sky, and then a red meteor fell into the depths of the Jilei Mountain.

"Hehe, great, a living body" Zhou Bao also landed following his Elixir Furnace. He smiled as he saw Child-endowing Buddha trapped under the Elixir Furnace.

At this moment, Child-endowing Buddha was no longer arrogant. He was wrapped in a cloud of red cloud from head to toe. The Buddhist halo was flashing over his head, desperately pushing against the Skull Elixir Furnace, while the Skull Elixir Furnace was stagnantly pressing against the Buddhist halo.

"Child-endowing Buddha, what were you saying just now? To have double cultivation with my wife and to take the Divine Qi of her Sacred Roots? Did I hear you correctly?" Zhou Bao walked up to Child-endowing Buddha slowly and asked proudly, making him look like a small man intoxicated by success.

"Let me go, ahhh...!" Before his words were finished, the Elixir Furnace jerked down, shaking his protective Buddhist halo and red cloud.

"He really lacks understanding of the state of affairs! Green Spirit, you handle him!"

A ray of starlight flashed, and the Sky-measuring Star Ruler drifted down. A silver spider, composed entirely of starlight, came to the ground. It slowly moved towards Child-endowing Buddha.

At this point, even Child-endowing Buddha was aware of the gravity of the situation. He was an Individual Immortal, a registered immortal who owned earthshaking-cultivation and exceptionally keen spiritual mind. Therefore, it was impossible for him to feel nothing when he encountered this kind of life and death event.

Upon seeing the starlight spider, his subconscious mind told him a great danger is approaching, although he did not know what this spider was. He had not felt this way for more than 2,000 years. He had no such sense of danger even during the previous few times when he was almost completely destroyed and could only be reborn by relying on the remaining Devil Fetus bloodline. The sudden, great fear that struck him almost broke his mind.

"What, what are you going to do? What are you going to do? I'm one of the 13 Living Buddhas of the Bigwheel Temple, and the Bigwheel Temple is one of the masters of the Golden Book of Fate. If you kill me, you will die miserably!" He roared, howled and threatened, his eyes flashing with a vague fear.

"I know you're one of the 13 Living Buddhas of the Bigwheel Temple, and I know the influence of Bigwheel Temple. So what? Do you think I'm afraid of you?" Zhou Bao responded with a sneer, "Green Spirit, I don't want to talk nonsense with him. Start!"

"Okay!" Ecstacy flowed through Green Spirit's psywave. The silver spider jumped on the red cloud below the Skull Elixir Furnace. Then the starlight wavered, and the Sky-measuring Star Ruler was once again connected to the Nine Heavens Star Force, all converging on Green Spirit's spider incarnate.

"Boy, give me a hand, blow off his Pure Yang Celestial Device, and I'll deal with his Golden Buddha!" Green Spirit's psywave spread to Zhou Bao.

Zhou Bao no longer hesitated. When the idea arose, the Skull Elixir Furnace sank violently. Then Child-endowing Buddha screeched, and the red cloud that covered him suddenly burst open due to the mighty force. It became a broken cassock, falling around him.

The Pure Yang Celestial Device was powerful, but in the face of a fairy weapon, it was very fragile.

In the instant when the Fire Cloud Kasaya burst open, Green Spirit jumped. All the star force concentrated into a lump and started to climb up the Buddhist halo over Child-endowing Buddha's head.

"What are you going to do? What are you going to do?"

Child-endowing Buddha's mind was greatly shaken, black blood flowing from his Seven Apertures. The Fire Cloud Kasaya was linked to his mind. Now that it was destroyed, his spirit was also hurt badly. By contrast, however, his Golden Buddha was even more dangerous. The starlight had totally sealed the Buddhist halo behind his head and the divine thoughts turned into a myriad of tiny spiders that infiltrated into his mind.

"Damn it, it's...!"

Under the starlight, Child-endowing Buddha could make any sound. His stiff body laid under the Skull Elixir Furnace and only the light in his eyes flickered. They looked extremely evil.

Standing beside him, Zhou Bao could clearly sense weird spirit power fluctuations that emanated from him. And there were two kinds of spirit power, one belonging to Child-endowing Buddha and the other, a very familiar one, belonging to Green Spirit.

Obviously, Child-endowing Buddha's spirit, which was badly hurt by Zhou Bao, could not beat the Old Demon, Green Spirit. In a few rounds' time, his mind was lost, and Green Spirit had the upper hand.

All the silver starlight around was fluidized and permeated into Child-endowing Buddha's body. The Sky-measuring Star Ruler was glimmering and suspended above his head. Child-endowing Buddha's eyes began to close, and his breath was gone as if he had died.

All of a sudden, his eyes opened violently. His pupils rolled twice, flashing very cunning light. As the eyes rolled, his body moved. He tried to get up by supporting himself using his hands. But as soon as he touched the ground, he screamed.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch...!" He screamed like a screaming pig waiting to be killed. "You went too harsh on him! It hurts! You did it on purpose. You must have done it on purpose!"

"It's just a little outer injury. As a Great Ancient Demon, you can bear it, can't you?" Zhou Bao sneered and raised his finger to put the Skull Elixir Furnace away. "Are you alright? Try moving. How does the body feel?"

"Good, good, great, hahahaha, he is known as Child-endowing Buddha, but his foundation is the authentic Buddhist magic from Buddha of the Leiyin Temple. Wonderful, it's wonderful!" After the Skull Elixir Furnace was put away by Zhou Bao, the trapped Child-endowing Buddha, or Green Spirit, stood up and stretched himself. Then sounds of cracking bones were heard. The golden Buddhist halo flowed through his body and repaired it. The wounds given by Zhou Bao earlier were all gone.

Green Spirit got up and felt very comfortable. With a wave of his hand, he brought the Sky-measuring Star Ruler to him and it turned into starlight, entering between his eyebrows. Then Zhou Bao felt his Space of Segmented Realms quiver, and the green lamp without flame flew out and disappeared between his eyebrows as well.

"Great, that's great. After all these years, I finally have a body, haha...!"

"Well, you're pleased. Not only did you get a flesh, but also two Pure Yang Celestial Devices of mine!"

"Ahhh, small Bao, you're a broad-minded great man. With so much Pure Yang Water, you can have as much Pure Yang Celestial Devices as you want. Besides, the green lamp is the place where my Original Spirit abides. It has already been inhibited by you. Without Tusita Fire, even if I take it, you won't lose anything!" Green Spirit said in an indifferent manner. His fat body bobbled, and from time to time he gathered his fat waist up. Zhou Bao frowned and thought that monsters really have different aesthetic perceptions.

"By the way, has Child-endowing Buddha's spirit been settled?"

"Of course, of course, if not I will not be so relaxed!" Green Spirit smirked, "His spirit is good, but it's much worse than mine!"

"And what about those Bloodline Demon Fetuses and the Original Spirit in the Golden Book of Fate that he left behind?" Zhou Bao asked.

"I'll deal with them properly. The Bloodline Demon Fetuses will be solved soon. As for the Original Spirit in the Golden Book of Fate, he can't move it now, but by the time all his Bloodline Demon Fetuses have disappeared, he might. Once it is touched, he'll die without being buried!" Green Spirit replied viciously, with a fierce glare in his eyes.

"Then I'm greatly relieved!" Zhou Bao smiled. "Do you want to go to my Wuyang Region?"

"No, his Bloodline Demon Fetuses must have sensed his body is bad, so I want to act now to avoid further troubles!"

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