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"Where the hell did you get this thing from?"

Wang She saw that skull, and his eyes flashed a trace of weird expression. He held it in his hand, and touched it for a while, "I have never seen this thing before. But you are right. It can be used to make an External Elixir. The Internal Qi is flowing extremely smoothly inside. Keke, even if it cannot be compared to that Fiery Eye, at least it is a top grade material for refining an External Elixir. It is much better than mine!"

"So Chief actually has refined an External Elixir as well!" Junior Leopard asked somewhat surprisingly.

"If I don't refine an External Elixir, how could my cultivation rise so quickly? You think that I am Lei Xu who has been bathing in the medicinal soup since young?!" Wang She laughed coldly, "To refine an External Elixir, first, you need to raise the cultivation of Internal Qi. After cultivation has reached Level Six, the Bone-Forging Soup is no longer a big problem to us. Returning back to increase cultivation of the body is also considered a path. It's a pity that External Elixirs are hard to find. Apart from you and me having such good luck, amongst 10,000 in the pugilist world, if one who could succeed it is not bad already!"

Without saying much more, he then told Junior Leopard the refinement method for an External Elixir in detail.

"Forget it. I will be a good person until the end. Since I want you to gamble your life in a year's time, I must have some sort of expression. What you are cultivating is the Wu's Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique. When you use it, it is just like your fist intent. It attracts too much attention. There may be some trouble. Anyway, this External Elixir's cultivation needs to be restarted. I will impart the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill to you. This cultivation method's power is not beneath the Blaze Technique of the Heavenly Nine Dragon. Most importantly, I know of an earth vein Evil Qi, which is suitable to cultivate the Jade Original Power Gang Spirit. This will save the trouble of going around looking for earth vein Evil Qi when you have reached the cultivation of Level Six. Oh right, I still have two Spiritual Stones with me. It can greatly boost your cultivation!"


When Junior Leopard heard that, his heart trembled. He didn't know what to say at the moment and was stunned there.

"Kid, relax. I am not your father. The reason why I am giving you so many benefits firstly is your Fiery Eyes. I am very interested in it. Secondly, it is because in the future I definitely need your help in some areas. The stronger your strength is, the greater the help it will be to me. Hence, you should not be happy too soon!"

"It is alright to be happy a little, isn't it?" Junior Leopard smiled, "Isn't Chief scared that these benefits will just be like using a meat bun to hit a dog, which will only go but not return?!"

"Using a meat bun to hit the dog. An interesting way to speak. However even if I use a meat bun to smash, I can also smash it to death!" Wang She laughed coldly, without refuting towards Junior Leopard's words. He took out two strange-shaped stones from the pocket that he brought along. "These are two Spiritual Stones. With their help, I think, to reach Level Six within a year is not a problem!"

"Deal!" Junior Leopard grabbed the Spiritual Stones as if he was afraid that Wang She would go back on his words, "Oh right, when do we move to Zhonghe City?!"

"Not us, it is me. I do not want others to see us traveling together!" Wang She said plainly.

"But we just entered the inn!"

"You are someone from the Wu Family, a junior. My disciple is also from the Wu Family. Suddenly appearing at the foot of Tian Long Mystic Mountain and having you and I traveling together is not a big deal. However, if we keep going to Zhonghe City, there will be problems. This time when I go to Zhonghe City I have a lot of secret missions. I cannot stay with you. I will leave immediately. You will leave tomorrow morning. Remember, you must go back to Zhonghe City. Only then will you gain maximum benefits. Oh right, the inn's expenses have to be paid by you. This is the rule, I can't change it!"

"I understand!" Junior Leopard lightly nodded. When he raised his head, Wang She in front had already vanished.

Junior Leopard was also not surprised. A Level Eight expert's strength was something that could be deduced by a Level Three rookie like him. Looking again at his front, there was an old and tattered book. Looking carefully, there was Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill these five words written on it.

"This Jade Original Power Gang Spirit seemed to be broken by Lu Shaoyou's sword Gang before. Who knows if it is really like what he said, to be as powerful as the Blaze Technique of the Heavenly Nine Dragon!" Junior Leopard silently said in the heart. At the same time his heart was itching and it was hard to bear it. He flipped open the secret manual of Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill and began reading it in detail. After looking at it for a while, he then took out the skull. He held it in his hand as if he was thinking of something. After more than two hours, he then put this skull of the Dragon Chimera in front of himself. He then followed what Wang She taught, and refine the External Elixir.

External Elixir was extremely mysterious. Of course, it wasn't something that could be refined successfully in just a night.

In substance, External Elixir was something that was apart from the martial artist. It was a system of Internal Qi circulation. This Internal Qi circulation system did not have any difference from the martial artist's Internal Qi cultivation. The method of cultivation wasn't very much different. It was using the heaven and earth Qi as its own. However due to the materials for creating the External Elixir was a dead object. To do this point, firstly there had to be a meridian passageway created from the External Elixir's materials. This sounded extremely difficult, but it was actually not so.

External Elixir was not the same as a human body. A human body's meridians were formed from birth. It was closely connected to life and blood circulation. A little bit more, or a little bit less, or just a little leakage, would be fatal. However, an External Elixir was different. The materials were dead objects, and it didn't have a sense of pain. It also didn't have any fatal spots. If a mistake occurred, it would be ok to just try again. That was why, to refine an External Elixir, the most important stage was finding the right materials. A normal material didn't have the basic requirement of molding the meridians. Only extremely few Mysterious Objects that were born in heaven and earth, or special parts on demonic beasts, would have these function. For example the Fiery Eye or the Dragon Chimera's skull. These were all top grade materials for creating an External Elixir.

The process of molding the meridians was extremely difficult. However, after all, Junior Leopard was a practitioner of martial arts. And because of the Fiery Eyes, his understanding towards the meridians in his body was extremely deep. Hence, without much effort, he created a perfect meridian route within this skull.

Then the second step was to make the bone and his own body's Internal Qi circulation compatible. This was the most important. Even though this External Elixir's cultivation would be the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill, this was after all his External Elixir. To use it freely as he wished, he had to link it to his own body. If not, how to cultivate a dead object just like that?

Junior Leopard placed the skull to his front, and with lightly blow a strand of fiery red Internal Qi squirmed in between the holes of the eyes of that skull and then disappeared. Following that, the eyes of the Dragon Chimera violently flashed, as if it had a life.

A black skull was flashing a demonic red light in this darkness. Even though Junior Leopard was refining the External Elixir, he was extremely unsettled by that. However, that was good, following the directing of Junior Leopard's Internal Qi, that initial Internal Qi that was circulating within the skull, followed the route of the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill. It slowly refined the fiery attribute of that Internal Qi into the Internal Qi of the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill.

This took more than 2 hours. And in this process of redirecting, Junior Leopard's eyes became red slowly. The Fiery Eye was activated. After a good while, the red light in his eyes dimmed. Junior Leopard was still sitting there, refining his Internal Qi. It was until when the sky outside became white. That strand of Internal Qi was refined and changed. Junior Leopard's sweat caused his whole body to be extremely wet.

"This is really not an easy task?!" circulating the Internal Qi within the External Elixir sounded extremely easy. However, that was, after all, a meridian route that was created. It was vastly different from a body's meridians. It was very particular about the circulation of Internal Qi. Hence, when refining External Elixir another important point was that it was the first time the Internal Qi circulating within the External Elixir. For all practitioners who were refining External Elixirs, this was an extremely painful process. There was none who succeeded before times of failure. Of course, there were more who didn't succeed.

Even if it was Junior Leopard who had an advantage due to his Fiery Eyes, he only succeeded after failing three times.

"Urgh, I'm so tired!" Junior Leopard stretched himself, and looked at the sky outside, "well, I shall rest for a while. Even though Snake King allowed me to go Zhonghe County, this troubled water seems deep. I shall be more relaxed!"

Thinking of this, he immediately laid down and kept the skull beside his pillow. He closed his eyes and prepared to sleep for a good while.

The biggest advantage of External Elixir was that it didn't need to consider how much Internal Qi the material could bear. Hence, when cultivating, it was many times faster than cultivating the own body's Internal Qi. There was no difference between Level Three and Four, neither was there a bottleneck like the human body. Furthermore, there was no distracting thoughts or hesitation. Its cultivation speed was necessarily much faster than an ordinary person's cultivation. That Snake King wanted Junior Leopard's cultivation to rise to Level Six within a year was not for no reason.

It was weird that just now he was extremely tired but after lying on the bed, he couldn't fall into sleep. He only felt that every time he breathed, it would be connected to the External Elixir. What was surfaced in his mind was all the circulation of the Internal Qi within the External Elixir?


Suddenly, a crazy and strange idea floated into his mind.

"This External Elixir was just like a human body that only knows cultivating. If I have a plan to let it practice for 24 hours non-stop, then, this External Elixir will become an eternal machine cultivating Internal Qi. Furthermore, it is a dead object and doesn't know what fatigue is. As long as heaven and earth Qi exists, it will not stop cultivating, day and night. Wouldn't I gain a huge advantage?!"

This thought, to others, was a fantasy, a dream, and a wish that couldn't be fulfilled. Even if there was someone who was thinking far-fetched like him, it wouldn't be fulfilled. Just like the strange fist intent which he condensed. However, to Junior Leopard, it was something that had a chance of succeeding!

To achieve this, the most difficult thing was how to let the Internal Qi within the External Elixir circulate non-stop. Just like cultivating Internal Qi, this required inhalation, and exhalation. It was not breathing. Cultivating Internal Qi required a calm mind, and following the cultivation method of Internal Qi to progress step by step. Even till now, Junior Leopard had completed the initial refinement of External Elixir. However, for the External Elixir to work, it required his own Internal Qi directing. Without Junior Leopard's Internal Qi directing, this Internal Qi within the External Elixir would be like sinking into the Dantian, and spread out within the bones. It won't circulate.

And now what Junior Leopard was thinking of was to let the External Elixir circulate on its own. This was not easy!

If it was someone else, with this kind of thinking, they would only laugh about it.

What about Junior Leopard?

He thought of the mysterious black fire that was the size of a yellow bean within his Dantian. This thing seemed to be able to circulate on its own, inhaling and exhaling the heaven and earth Qi. Oh, wrong, it should be inhaling and exhaling Junior Leopard's own pneuma.

"If I could figure out the rules of circulation of this black flame... oh, no, I don't need to complicate matters. I just need to input a strand of this black flame into this External Elixir! Isn't that just like my fist intent with a strand of black flame as well? Anyway, this thing was originally from that weird loach's body?!"

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