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"What exactly is the fist intent, and how did I manage to condense it?!" Junior Leopard asked, puzzled, with an expression of yearning to learn more.

"The fist intent is a kind of powerful and special Qi Power, a materialized Qi Power!" Wang She indicated for Junior Leopard to sit down. He said slowly, "Generally speaking, in a school, only those whose cultivation had reached Level Five Bone-Forging Realm, will then be told the presence of fist intent. It is because only when one's cultivation has reached that realm, the cultivation in the heart is then sufficient to feel the body's own divine thoughts. Only then can one try to condense fist intent...!"

Wang She didn't hide anything, and told some information regarding fist intent to him. He slowly explained to Junior Leopard. Junior Leopard also raised up several points which he didn't understand. They talked straight through the day, till the moon hung in the sky. The two of them then realized, unwittingly, half a day had already passed.

"Aye, you are a good disciple with high aptitude and good savey as well who are also born with a heaven-sent bloodline. You can understand me with just one point, much better than that stupid disciple of mine!" Wang She sighed deeply. He then stood up, "Should I go to Wu Yansheng and ask if you can just come to Tian Long Mystic Mountain to cultivate!"

"Ah?!" Junior Leopard was stunned. He hurriedly said, "Chief, you must be jesting. I have a good life in the Wu Family, and my teacher is good as well. I temporarily don't wish to change environment!"

"That is fine as well. The Wu Family is better. As recently Tian Long Taoism has a lot of messy issues, I have been irritated by it the past few days. I indeed don't have the time to take care of you. Oh right, you said that you came from Zhonghe City. How is the situation there?"

At the mention of Zhonghe City, Junior Leopard's expression darkened, "It is not good at all. When I came out, the Sect of Flame troublemakers already attacked the city. Only a few people managed to escape from the city. After so many days, the whole Zhonghejun City should have been controlled by those Sect of Flame troublemakers!"

"Tell me the details!" Wang She said. He then seemed to have thought of something. He walked out of the door and asked the waiter to prepare some dishes. He said, "We will discuss as we eat. You should tell me as more detail as you can and I feel that there is something in this matter!"

When Junior Leopard heard it, his heart moved, "Chief wants to go to Zhonghe City?!"

"No choice. Who knows what happened to Sect of Flame. They attacked Zhonghe City suddenly, and even Prince Xiaoming has come. The imperial court's army went to attack, however upon meeting a Level Eight expert, no matter how many men there are it is useless!" Wang She seemed to be somewhat helpless and said. However, in between words, he revealed an excited expression.

"Prince Xiaoming?!" Junior Leopard said lightly, "He is a Level Eight expert?!"

"Yes, Level Eight expert. Hehe, the Sect of Flame's youngest Venerable. Ten years ago we had a fight and neither one won nor lost. Who knows if he had any advancement after ten years?"

"This is something I don't understand. Why will the Sect of Flame choose this timing and this place, and even sent such a strong expert. It doesn't make sense?!"

"They never do anything without reason. Even if they did it, then, there is definitely a reason. Just outsiders like us do not know. Just like the Wu's batch of goods, suddenly being robbed at Black Shakou. In the beginning, there didn't seem to have any reason? Now...?"

"Now I understand!" Junior Leopard smiled bitterly. He picked up some vegetables. "No wonder there wasn't even a single person alive. They were only dozens of Wu's normal disciples while those coming to rob had at least a thousand people, and there were quite a few Level Three experts. Unless the cultivation had reached the Bone-Forging Realm, if not, it was very hard to escape!"

"That is right. They robbed the goods because of weapons. With those 30 carriages weapons, it could be used to arm 3000 men. 3000 men fully armed, under a situation where there is no preparation, they can easily attack and occupy the whole Zhonghe City. Then, what will they do after attacking the whole Zhonghe City?" Wang She smiled, "Nobody knows, I went there this time for the purpose of investigating this matter. However, I'm very sure the Sect of Flame and Prince Xiaoming won't stay in Zhonghe City very long. Hence, the time for you to gain benefits has come!"

"What benefits?!" Junior Leopard asked without knowing why.

"Of course, you will obtain benefits. Anyway this Zhonghe City must be taken back by the imperial court. If you gain some credits this time around, your benefits would be endless. With your cultivation now, to do this, it is very simple. Just depending on the two silver hammers behind your buttocks, it is enough to set great feats. After retaking Zhonghe City, and meting out the rewards, your benefits will not run away!"

Junior Leopard's eyes brightened, "Oh right, this is a good opportunity. Anyway I has already fought once when I exited the city. Few people in Sect of Flame troublemakers can beat me. This can be a great opportunity for me to set feats and get some benefits!"

At this moment he said, "Many thanks for the Chief's guidance!"

"Don't be so courteous with me. You think that I will give you benefits for nothing?!" Wang She smiled, "Do I look like someone so nice?!"

"Indeed you don't look like!" Junior Leopard said in his heart. He then smiled, "What do you want from me?!"

Wang She looked at Junior Leopard. He frowned, as if he was thinking of something. After a while he then said, "No, your cultivation is too low. Even though you have condensed your fist intent. Kid, if you can reach Level Six or Seven within a year that will be good. No, the best is Level Seven. This way the chances are greater!"

"Level Six, Level Seven?!"

When Wang She spoke those words, Junior Leopard was picking an egg and was going to eat it. Hearing it, he nearly bit his own tongue. To reach Level Six or Seven in a year, who do you think I am?

How was this possible?

"Are you kidding me? You think that I'm an immortal? It is difficult to reach the Bone-Forging Realm in ten years, let along in one year. Not even mentioning the Tendon-Changing Realm. That is the target I set for myself after 50 years!"

"Don't be so void of ambition, kid. You have the bloodline of the Fiery Eyes. Now you have also condensed your fist intent, furthermore it is such scary and strange fist intent. This means that your savey and aptitude for martial arts is one in ten thousand. As for why it is hard to enter the Bone-Forging Realm, it is because you don't have suitable cultivation condition. Your cultivation now has reached Level Three. As for my idiotic disciple, he has been swimming in the Bone-Forging Soup from childhood, and it was a Bone-Forging Soup with extra ingredients. Now his cultivation is only Level Three. He is a trash!"

"Since he is a trash, why will you accept him as a disciple?!" Junior Leopard asked.

Wang She rolled his eyes, "Kid, why are you acting foolish. It's just like the engagement between Lu Shaoyou and Ma Linglong? This is a transaction. Or, why will I accept a trash as my disciple?!"

"There is no choice!" Junior Leopard shrugged his shoulders, "Just like what Chief said, I don't have the conditions or ability to reach the Bone-Forging Realm within a year!"

"Who asked you to cultivate till the Bone-Forging Realm? I mean you should cultivate your Internal Qi to Level Six, not your cultivation reach the Bone-Forging Realm!"

Wang She said, "Internal Qi cultivation reaching Level Six and Bone-Forging Realm are two different things!"

"However if my body could not reach the Bone-Forging Realm, how could my cultivation reach Level Six?!" Junior Leopard's heart flashed a trace of happiness and his face revealing bitterness, "I don't want explode and die!"

"Kid, you should have heard of External Elixir?!"

"External Elixir?!" Junior Leopard nodded, "My teacher has spoken to me before. However, this External Elixir's materials are much harder to seek than Bone-Forging Realm's ingredients. Furthermore I don't have the method to refine an External Elixir. Even if I have the materials and the method to refine it, that to reach Level Six within a year is very difficult. After all, I am only at the cultivation of Level Three!"

"External Elixir's materials are not hard to find, furthermore I have the refinement method!" Wang She raised his head and said, "As for whether one year is too short, that is your problem. I used three years to raise my cultivation from Level Three to Level Six when I refined an External Elixir. Your aptitude is better than mine, so one year shouldn't be a problem. Anyway no matter what cultivation you reached then, you have to help me with my business!"

Speaking till here, Wang She smiled, "According to my calculations, only if you have reached the cultivation of Level Six, then you would have a chance of survival in this matter!"

"Damn it!" Junior Leopard cussed in his heart. His face was full of smiles, "Ugh, then, Chief, my cultivation is too low. I think we should forget about this matter. You would better look for other people!"

"No way of choosing other ways. It could only be you!" Wang She shaked his head, "Kid, since you have already embroiled yourself into this matter, then don't hide anymore!"

"What exactly is it? How come I don't know?!"

"One year later, what do you think will happen? What did you come to Tian Long Mystic Mountain for this time?"

"You are saying---!" Junior Leopard had a shock.

"When that time comes, we will definitely go and snatch the bride. However there is not enough manpower. Hence, you must go. You think about it. When that time comes, and your cultivation has not reached Level Six, will you have a chance to live?!"

"Even if my cultivation reaches Level Six, I won't have the chance to live!" Junior Leopard exclaimed, "You have high positions and great power, and naturally you all won't be afraid. I am just a disciple of the Wu Family. If I get involved in the mess here, when people come to settle the accounts, wouldn't I be in bad luck?!"

"That is a problem!" Wang She's mouth quirked. He touched his chin, squinted his eyes and patted Junior Leopard's shoulders, "Kid, there is no choice. Sorry. At that time you should get a black cloth and cover your face!"

Junior Leopard was speechless!

Words had already been put forth till this stage. There was no power to resist at this moment.

"Alright, since there is still a year, I shall try. However, what about the External Elixir's materials and refinement method?"

"The materials for cultivating External Elixir is ready-made. That old fogey Lyu Yiyue have a Fiery Eye, right? Your teacher must have told you that the Fiery Eye is the best material for refining an External Elixir?!"

Upon mentioning the Fiery Eye, Junior Leopard's expression froze. He smiled, "Yes, he have. However, will Elder Lyu agree?!"

"Obviously he won't agree. However there isn't a need for him to agree. Didn't I teach you the Snake Breath Holding Skill? Just think of a way to steal it! Anyway he is going to die soon, it is useless for him!"

"I don't know where that stuff is, so how do I steal it? Furthermore, it will attract trouble!"

"One who intends to achieve great things does not care about trifles. How can you do big things when you are always treading as on eggs!"

"I have never thought of doing anything big!" Junior Leopard said. Unknowingly, he and Wang She had grown accustomed to each other. He wasn't so restricted as before. And Wang She's request was out of the world, which made him resentful.

"Then there is no choice. Unless, you have other materials to refine the External Elixir. If not, you can only steal the Fiery Eye!" Speaking till here, he looked at Junior Leopard, "You really knows how to endure. I thought that upon having news about the Fiery Eye you will take action. After all, that is the same eye that you have. Oh right, there is another solution. You should just gouge out one of your eyes to be the External Elixir!"

When Junior Leopard heard that, he nearly slapped Wang She. "I gouged out my eye to be an External Elixir. Do you think I am a fool?!"

"I have something here but I don't know if it can be an External Elixir's material!" Junior Leopard said with some doubts.

"Oh, do you?!" Wang She's eyes flashed a strange excitement, "Materials to refine an External Elixir is hard to find. Are you sure?!"

Junior Leopard didn't say anything. He only took out that piece of bone that was completely black and put it in front of Wang She.

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