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A+ A- Chapter 106

Junior Leopard started immediately. Though not a person who moved with drive and sweep, Junior Leopard was always very decisive when faced with matters obviously of great benefit to himself.

Hence, once this thought was formed, he started trying regardless of his fatigue and weariness.

Initially, it didn't go well. He was not used to it as his External Elixir was newly refined and he just directed the circulation of the Internal Qi within the External Elixir. However, the black flame within the Dantian was easily extracted. As for the reason, Junior Leopard knew that it was because the Mysterious Fire was originally part of the External Elixir, so when attracted by the External Elixir, it was easily extracted.

In fact, if it was not because Junior Leopard's cultivation had advanced to Level Three, his External Elixir could've been sucked away by the black flame within his Dantian.

After the strand of Mysterious Fire entering the External Elixir, this External Elixir moved and its color had a strange change. The originally shiny black appearance became dimmer with the luster of it vanishing. The whole External Elixir seemed to become an infinite black hole, absorbing the surrounding light, making even the moonlight weaker. The surroundings became a black color space. It was much more attractive than the previously dazzling bright light.

"This cannot work. With one look, I know it is a good thing!" Upon seeing this scene, Junior Leopard became a little anxious. However, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to make the black flame within the External Elixir circulate like how it did within his Dantian.

After trying several times, Junior Leopard finally decided to give up temporarily. "Forget it, let's wait a while more. This requires the perfect master of the circulation of Internal Qi, which is quite difficult without the help of the Fiery Eye!"

Thinking till here, he simply put the External Elixir away and then fell into deep sleep till the second morning when the sun hung high over the sky.

He didn't wake up by himself, but by the waiter outside the door.

As things had developed till here, Junior Leopard wasn't in a hurry to go back to Zhonghe City. Even if he could go back, he couldn't calm himself down as there was something clogging his mind.

He then asked the waiter to clear away the dishes that he had with Wang She yesterday and called another round of dishes with a few taels of silver, asking him to buy a set of

clean clothes in the town centralization and prepare some warm water. After eating to his fill, he had a bath and changed clothes. He felt his whole body undergo a refreshing change, replenishing all the energy he lost while refining the External Elixir yesterday. After the waiter cleared away the dishes, he closed the door and continued to study his External Elixir.

This time, it was different from last night. After a good sleep, he could finally use the Fiery Eye again. As he put it in his own words, after the cooling period of the Fiery Eye, it could be activated once again.

With help of the Fiery Eye, the effects naturally couldn't be compared. This External Elixir originally had an inextricable relationship with him. It could be said to be one body. It was the same as him having a doppelganger. Hence, his inner vision quickly penetrated through the External Elixir.

At this moment, he could see clearly that the strand of black flame separated from the Mysterious Fire in the Dantian stopped between the eye sockets of the External Elixir. It was the same position as in between the eyebrows.

Just like the Mysterious Fire in his Dantian, it was slightly trembling. The strand of Internal Qi refined by the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill was also affected by the Qi of the Mysterious Fire, just like Junior Leopard's own Internal Qi. Obviously, this strand of Internal Qi had been refined by this strand of Mysterious Fire, the same as Junior Leopard's Internal Qi. The only difference was that unlike the Internal Qi within Junior Leopard's Dantian, this strand of Mysterious Fire didn't slowly inhale and exhale.

Suddenly, Junior Leopard's heart moved. A kind of special feeling passed through his heart. Even though it was only for a split second, his Internal Qi had already subconsciously started to move. His fingertip trembled; a strand of Internal Qi entered the External Elixir through his fingertip, and pounced straight toward the Mysterious Fire.

"Hiss —!"

He heard a light sound. That ball of Mysterious Fire was accidentally scattered by his strand of Internal Qi. Following that, it scattered just like raindrops and merged into the External Elixir.

This External Elixir was a piece of skull. After the Mysterious Fire merged into the External Elixir, it disappeared without a trace just like a drop of water emerging into cotton. The External Elixir seemed to have gotten heavier. The originally black feeling on the surface disappeared, yet it seemed to be much more obscure. It looked like a wooden statue that was put on the shelf for dozens of years. Even though it didn't look fascinating, you could feel an extremely dense feeling after careful observation.

Upon the Mysterious Fire merging into the External Elixir, the Internal Qi stored within the External Elixir started to circulate. Even though it was very slow, it did definitely start to circulate without the direction of Junior Leopard.

After the essence of the world was slowly absorbed by the External Elixir, Junior Leopard made it circulating for a full day and then transformed it into the Green Jade Qian Yuan Internal Qi.

"I made it!" Junior Leopard heaved a sigh of relief. A wave of crazy happiness shot through his head. Was there anything more satisfying than this? It was an External Elixir able to cultivate day and night, functioning like a perpetual motion machine. With such an External Elixir, and the two Spiritual Stones from Wang She, don't say Level Six, he was confident that he could even reach Level Eight within a year.

Oh, wait, it seemed impossible.

There was an obstacle to Internal Qi between Level Three and Four. Though Junior Leopard had the confidence to overcome this obstacle if there was nobody restriction, there was another obstacle to overcome from Level Six to Seven. This one was much more difficult. It couldn't be solved by accumulating Internal Qi through the passage of time. This was a process of changing the substance.

"Forget it, don't think so much. Level Six is OK!" Junior Leopard said to himself. He raised his hand and took the External Elixir back to his embrace.

This taking back ruined what he got.

The External Elixir immediately stopped circulating.

"What happened?!" Junior Leopard's heart tightened. He then took out the External Elixir again. Once the External Elixir was taken out, it then began circulating again. When it was kept back, it stopped.

After playing with it for a full 2 hours, Junior Leopard finally found out the problem.

It was because if this External Elixir was going to direct it's own Internal Qi and circulate on its own, it needed to be able to sense Junior Leopard's breathing. In other words, it had to be connected to Junior Leopard's breathing. Just now when it was placed outside, it was naturally able to sense Junior Leopard's breathing, so the circulation was normal. Once it was kept in the embrace, it wouldn't be able to sense the breathing and the circulation then stopped. In other words, his breathing was the medium for starting this External Elixir's circulation.

"No way, to have such a big problem!" But after careful thinking, he understood. No matter what happened, this External Elixir was part of his body. If it could circulate on its own after leaving himself, then wouldn't it be able to be used by anybody?

If that was really the case, then he would have trouble. An External Elixir

External Elixir that could keep circulating forever may be more eye-catching than his eyes!

"That's to say, I have to think of a method to let it connect with my breathing. Such a big thing, aye...!"

Thinking till here, his brain surfaced a strange picture. "Who cares, anyway there are many weirdly-dressed people in this world. It is just an earring. Luckily this thing is less eye-catching after merging with the black fire. If not, it wouldn't be so easily settled!"

Within his thoughts, he already decided to disguise this External Elixir as an earring and worn on his ears. This might seem a bit strange, but the strange people in this world were many. As compared to the benefits he could gain, the awkward gaze of other was nothing.

Solving the problem of the External Elixir, his heart relaxed. Junior Leopard then thought of another matter, which was his fist intent.

Because after he met Wang She, his suspicion towards fist intent was dispelled. Put it another way, Junior Leopard realized the reason for what happened in his battle with Liu Si. However, in the conversation with Wang She, he had lots of information. After Wang She left he began refining the External Elixir, hence there wasn't any time to delve into the problem of his fist intent. Now that he was lying on the bed with nothing to do, and he wanted to reduce the impact the External Elixir had towards himself, he began thinking about his fist intent.

Wang She thought that his fist intent was a sun, but he knew very well what it really was. That wasn't a sun, but a small universe, a simulation of a universe.

Wang She had explained the fist intent very clearly to him so he knew the reason why his fist intent would simulate the universe. That was because when the fist intent was formed, it was rooted in his heart. And within the recesses of his heart, the strongest was the universe. Furthermore, he possessed a lot of information and knowledge about the universe, so he was able to condense such unbelievable fist intent.

But though this fist intent was finally condensed, it wasn't perfect.

Wang She had made it clear to him that Spirit was a mysterious realm in martial arts. Once it was formed, it would have an unbelievable function and equally obvious weakness, because Spirit was not only connected closely to Internal Qi, it was related to the divine thoughts as well. Once it was broken, the damage to the body was extremely big.

After condensing the Spirit, it still needed to be perfect. Only by shaping and perfecting it, wouldn't it be easily broken by others. In Wang She's opinion, even though Junior Leopard's fist intent was strong, it would be easily broken if faced with another Spirit.

But it wasn't a big problem; after all, Junior Leopard's fist intent was just formed. There was still time to perfect his fist intent. Of course, this was only Wang She's thoughts.

Junior Leopard was very clear in his heart, that ridiculous fist intent of his could never be perfected. It was a universe!

"Don't tell me I have to create one planet after the next and assemble a galaxy after the next? Apart from planets and galaxies, there're lots of weird things in this universe. How could I perfect it?! Furthermore, such huge fist intent, I could only execute it but not keep it. If I'm not careful, it will merge with my consciousness, and turn into empty space. At that time even if my body doesn't die, it will be no different from dying, just like a person in a vegetative state!" Junior Leopard's facial muscles twitched, "Fortunately, I have a pair of Fiery Eyes. When my fist intent was forming into empty space it actually locked down on it, leaving only a fireball that was left behind by the black flame. This let me gain blessings in the midst of trouble, gaining insight on how to use it!"

Junior Leopard seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes began to slowly squint.

"This black color fireball is complete fist intent. It was formed after the universe fist intent absorbed the strength of the golden metal Qi and the black fire. Like the first planetary body formed in the universe, it is complete. In the future, if I absorb other Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth within it, it will form various universe planetary bodies just like the creation of the universe. Then couldn't I have different kinds of fist intent? I could even incorporate some heavenly Qi within it and refine it. In other words, I could simulate the universe at one side, and create other styles of fist intent at the same time!"

This was another strange and unlawful idea and to attain it would be extremely difficult. He also understood himself, that he could form the fist intent only due to luck and fate. Most importantly, Spirit was a property that exhausted Qi badly. His fist intent now was what could be attained in the extreme. What he needed to do next was to continue perfecting it, rather than to seek for more mysterious stuff. Otherwise, even if he could luckily attain the what-ifs, he had not enough energy to perfect it one by one. And fist intent that was not completed was very easily broken.

To break Spirit by other Spirit, that was something extremely damaging to the pneuma. He would never do such a foolish thing.

"I should just perfect my current fist intent. Hehe, with my state and speed now, I need at least 5 years to perfect it. How do I have the time to mess around with other stuff?"

Thinking till this level, he gave up the fantasy that seemed dreamy. He wholeheartedly began to condense his own fist intent. 

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