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Tian Long Mystic Mountain was big, with a circumference of over tens of thousands of miles. However, there was only one entrance to Tian Long Taoism named Sole Dragon Valley.

Junior Leopard came out of Zhonghe City. After riding through the wind and dust for a few days, he finally arrived at the bottom of the mountain of Tian Long Taoism. Moving till here, he dared not let his horse gallop crazily. He stopped his horse at a market town about three or four miles away from Sole Dragon Valley.

This market town was only a normal market town where was small and its population wasn't huge. There was only one inn, surviving on business from the Sole Dragon Valley. Junior Leopard got a room there and deposited his horse. After that he walked towards the Sole Dragon Valley.

Upon reaching the mouth of the valley, he took out the jade pendant that Ma Linglong gave him. This was to keep him from any trouble. These years, there were many incidents of people from prestigious sects and schools being beaten to death. He didn't want to become a wandering ghost.

Holding the jade pendant, and clutching it tightly in his palms, he walked another few more steps. He was just about to enter the Sole Dragon Valley when suddenly there was a figure flashing in front of the valley entrance. A person walked out.



Seeing the person clearly, Junior Leopard was stunned. The person who walked out of the valley entrance was Tian Long Taoism's Wang She. He was still dressed in cyan clothes, with a hand-held fan. He was dashing.

Seeing Junior Leopard, he was also slightly stunned. He exclaimed, "Kid, why are you here?"

Junior Leopard smiled bitterly and bowed, "Hello, Chief Wang!"

Wang She folded his fan. "Alright, you are not from Tian Long Taoism. Don't call me Chief?" While talking, he looked at Junior Leopard with some interest, "What are you doing coming here?!"

"Ugh, I...!"

The thing was sudden, so Junior Leopard didn't know how to react or what to say at the moment. He came to Tian Long Taoism bringing Ma Linglong's words to Lei Xu. Even though this person in front of him was Tian Long Taoism's Chief, however, he was not Lei Xu. He wasn't sure whether he was able to speak about this matter.

"There is no matter that cannot be said to people, kid!" Wang She saw that Junior Leopard had an expression of apprehension, and his face revealed an excited expression. His gaze flashed when he saw the jade pendant in Junior Leopard's hands. He raised his hand, and Junior Leopard felt an invisible force appearing within his hand. Before he could react, the jade pendant had already flown from his hands into Wang She's hands.

"You...!" Junior Leopard wanted to say something, but after thinking about it he let it go. Anyway, this jade pendant had to be shown to others, if not he wouldn't be able to enter Tian Long Taoism. Wang She was Tian Long Taoism's Chief and it was okay to let him see it.

"When did you start having a relationship with Ma Linglong?!" Wang She looked at the jade pendant a few times, and his expression became weird. He then returned the jade pendant to him, "Since you come to Tian Long Taoism with the jade pendant. you must be looking for that bastard, Lei Xu, right?!"

"I have received Miss Ma's request, to bring a word to Tian Long Taoism's Chief Lei!"

Seeing that Wang She was able to tell the origins of this jade pendant in one glance, Junior Leopard dared not hide anything. He then spoke in detail to Wang She about the matter of him meeting Ma Linglong on the road to Ningzhou, including her wanting him to bring a message to Tian Long Taoism.

"Big brother Lei Xu?!" Wang She blinked his eyes, and shivered, "Since it is like this, fortunately, you bumped into me. If not, even if you bring the jade pendant to Tian Long Taoism you wouldn't be able to find Lei Xu. Who knows you may even die at the hands of those old fogeys from the Lei Family!"


When Junior Leopard heard that, his heart trembled. He didn't know what to say at the moment.

"Alright, let me help you. You don't go in anymore, follow me!" after speaking, he waved his hand at Junior Leopard, indicating him to follow him.

Junior Leopard did not dare to disobey. He followed behind Wang She and they returned to the old path.

Returning to the town market, Wang She also entered the inn. When the inn's shopkeeper saw Wang She entering, he immediately came to receive him.

"Prepare me some ink, paper, and brush. I also want a clean upper room. Be quick!"

Wang She said leisurely.

Two waiters led them to a clean upper room. Without waiting for long, the brush, ink, and paper arrived. Wang She had the waiters go out. He closed the door and lifted the brush. He then wrote down in detail all that Junior Leopard had told him. After he finished writing, he carefully blew dry the ink. He then took the jade pendant in Junior Leopard's hands and stuffed it into the envelope. He then called the waiter, to deliver the letter to Sole Dragon Valley.

Seeing the waiter leave, Wang She patted his hands, "Okay, done!"

Junior Leopard was somewhat suspicious, "Would this letter really be delivered into the hands of Chief Lei?!"

"What? You don't believe me?"

"I don't!" Junior Leopard hurriedly said.

"It is good that you don't dare!" said Wang She, "Ma Linglong is really full of it. Is the trouble she created not enough? She actually let a little kid deliver a letter. If anything was to really happen, and that guy was offended, this matter would not be settled amicably. By the way lad, how is the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill I taught you?!"

"I didn't dare to delay even for a day!" Junior Leopard said, "However, this Snake-like Breath Holding Skill is so mysterious that even though I had some insights, I am unable to see the whole picture!"

"To hell with the big picture!" Wang She frowned. He looked at Junior Leopard, "You little brat, don't play around with me. This Snake-like Breath Holding Skill is famous for being both useful and practical. As to its mysteriousness, hehe, unless you learn the whole Wonderful Technique of the Seven Treasures, if not, hehe...!"

"Wonderful Technique of the Seven Treasures?!" Junior Leopard's heart moved with his face revealing some doubt.

"The so-called Wonderful Technique of Seven Treasures are referring to 7 types of mysterious secret skills. Combined together, it was named as the Wonderful Technique of Seven Treasures. This Snake-like Breath Holding Skill is only one of it; there are six other secret skills. These six secret skills are all different, but they have one similarity, that is their effects are extremely huge. It is also easy to master it. Just like the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, as long as it is someone who knows some martial arts, they will be able to use it. When using it, the effects are extremely obvious. Don't you think so?!"

"In this case, this Snake-like Breath Holding Skill is really mysterious!" Junior Leopard said but in his heart he thought of another secret skill. That is the Extraordinary Strength Fist that he obtained from Xue Wuya. This Extraordinary Strength Fist was the same as the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, it was extremely easy to practice, and its effects were extremely mysterious. Could the Extraordinary Strength Fist be one of the Wonderful Technique of Seven Treasures?

"Apart from the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, what are the 6 other secret skills?!" Junior Leopard asked with a curious face.

"That I am not clear. I only know that the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill is one of them!" Wang She laughed, "It is said that the reason why these seven secret skills are called the Wonderful Technique of Seven Treasures, was because these seven secret skills could be used at the same time and it was not necessary for the seven treasures to be used all together. Even if you use two of the secret skills at the same time, it will have miraculous effects. A pity, after so many years, I have not yet heard of anyone who could use assemble 2 of these seven secret skills!"

Speaking till here, his face revealed a tinge of regret. His heart, however, cursed, "This damned Xue Wuya, could the fella really be dead? We had an agreement that we were going to exchange the Wonderful Technique of Seven Treasures. However, a few years have passed, and there is no news at all. If it was not because these old fellows had strict control, I would have rushed to Blood River Sect a long time ago!"

"Using two at the same time will have miraculous effects?" Junior Leopard didn't notice Wang She's expression, yet his heart began to have to understand, "Then that is similar to the green colored equipment in the Great Polo. Apart from the body's properties, there are additional properties. If that Extraordinary Strength Fist is one of the seven secret skills, I really have to examine and research it in detail, to see if I can come out with some miraculous effects!"

"Kid, your Qi seemed to have some changes!"

While he was deep in thought, Wang She's voice suddenly rang in his ears. He raised his head and saw Wang She looking at him in shock.

"This Qi of yours is as if you have condensed the fist intent. Kid, have you condensed the fist intent?!"

"Fist intent?" Junior Leopard's face revealed some doubt, "Could Senior be referring to this weird Qi Power?!"

In between words, his Internal Qi circulated. His divine thoughts moved slightly, and a wave of fiery hot Qi Power exploded from within his body. The surrounding air also felt this Qi Power's heat, and instantly rose up by tens of degrees. This fiery hot Qi Power expanded out, and shrouded the entire inn.

This inn was situated at the mountain entrance of Tian Long Taoism, and had an inextricable relationship with Tian Long Taoism. Those who entered and exited were all pugilists. Once Junior Leopard's fist intent was unleashed, his Qi Power expanded. It definitely aroused the attention of everybody.

"Oh, what's this?!"

"What happened?"

"What a strong Qi Power. Who has such boldness, to actually dare to create trouble right outside of Tian Long Taoism?!"

Instantly, the whole inn became a mess.

It was only the shopkeeper who was not in a hurry. Being affected by that hot Qi, he held an abacus and slowly walked out of the door. After exiting the area of influence of the fist intent, he then sat down under a big tree, and slowly calculated the accounts.

Seeing the shopkeeper in such a manner, the rest of them were not fools either. They could guess that the person releasing his force in the inn should be someone from Tian Long Taoism. It could even be someone from the upper tier in Tian Long Taoism. Who knows that person could have gained insight while practicing martial arts. One by one they all exited the inn, and silently waited for the Qi Power to scatter.

"You couldn't be?!"

Wang She looked at the rising black color fireball behind Junior Leopard, and his facial muscles twitched intensely, "K...Kid, don't tell me, that thing behind you is the sun?!"

"The Sun?!" Junior Leopard nodded, "It should be!"

"You're awesome, just fucking awesome!" Hearing Junior Leopard's confident reply, Wang She weakly smiled, "Even if it was someone acting big and almighty, he wouldn't be like you. To actually condense fist intent that was like the sun. And moreover, it is black. Kid, how did you manage to do that?!"

"I also don't know!" Junior Leopard smiled bitterly. He slowly kept his own a fist intent, and then spoke in detail to Wang She about what happened to him, "Chief Wang, truth to be told, if you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known that this thing is called a fist intent."

"You are really ignorant, however, to turn it another way, only an ignorant person like you would have the guts to condense such a fist intent!"

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