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Chapter 68 Lion slaying

The first stage was huge, but more than half of it was covered in flames.

The entire Hidden Dragon dojo became very hot.

Everyone's eyes were fixated on the flame as they waited for Xiao Lang to come out.

However, at that moment, Qin Yun took out another large stack of beast hide spirit prints and tossed it out …

"Did this guy's talisman come from a strong wind?" It was all for nothing! "

"Even if it was picked up for free, it would still be unwilling to use it this way! A Beastskin talisman, even if it was a low-grade talisman, would at least cost seven to eight hundred crystal coins per talisman, right? Furthermore, there's a price but no market, so it's not easy to buy! "

"There are around 80 of them, which is worth 100,000 crystal coins. The masked man has invested a lot just to win!"

The talismans that Qin Yun had tossed out sparked out a series of flashing bolts of lightning, shocking everyone to the point that they were rendered speechless!


The roar of a beast could be heard as the Snow Lion suddenly charged out from the sea of fire!

The people from the Heavenly Roar Empire also calmed down.

It could be seen that both Xiao Lang and the Snow Lion wore decent protective gear.

The Snow Lion was very powerful for it to be able to withstand an attack from so many fire talismans. After it charged out of the sea of fire, it charged crazily at Qin Yun!

Suddenly, the Snow Lion's majestic body emitted a faint golden cold aura, which meant that the Snow Lion's martial spirit was Gold rank and could be considered a high level martial spirit.

The Snow Lion's attack was very strong. The large number of fire talismans didn't deal any damage to it, so it was able to stall Xiao Lang.

Qin Yun looked at the Snow Lion that was charging at him and was alarmed in his heart. "This is a Rank 7 Demonic Beast and I'm only at the fifth level of the Martial Body Stage. I haven't even cultivated the Heart Meridian. The disparity in strength is too great. I must not clash head-on with this beast!"

Immediately, he decided to throw out a large number of beast skin spirit talismans, including thunder and fire talismans. He threw all of them at the snow lion — at least fifty!

Large expanses of flames surged out like clouds as a dancing electric snake bared its fangs and brandished its claws, enveloping the aggressive Snow Lion!

When everyone saw that he looked like a Wild Thunder and Fire Talisman, their hearts jumped again. This was simply … Too wasteful!

"I must get rid of this beast first. Otherwise, I will not be able to defeat Xiao Lang!"

Qin Yun's expression turned solemn. Looking at the dancing flames, he did not dare to enter.

The people from the Heavenly Roar Empire and the Black Level Martial Academy were rather calm because they knew how powerful the Snow Lion was!

Moments later, another intense beast roar rang out. The Snow Lion had charged out!

Qin Yun retreated a few steps as his heart turned heavy. The strength of a Class 7 demonic beast made him feel powerless.

Even though he threw out so many talismans, the Snow Lion was still as ferocious as before!

The Snow Lion's charge was slower than before, meaning that it was injured.

Everyone saw Qin Yun clench his teeth as his expression turned grim. They knew that he had finished scattering the beast skin spirit talisman in his hand.

For a person at the fifth level of the Martial Body to be able to persevere against a rank 7 Demonic Beast, it was enough for him to be proud of himself.

"This is too unfair. Xiao Lang's demonic beast is so strong. It doesn't even need to use its own hands to win!"

"The masked man is about to admit defeat. He must be well aware of his situation."

Just as everyone was waiting for Qin Yun to admit defeat, he suddenly punched out!

Thunder Patterned Bracers!

An electric wire suddenly flashed on Qin Yun's wrist!

"Boom!" With the activation of the lightning wristband, a thick electric snake charged towards the Snow Lion that was more than ten meters away.

The Snow Lion's head was struck and it let out a deafening roar!

Qin Yun held his breath and felt relieved. He thought that he had succeeded, but unexpectedly, the Snow Lion roared angrily and charged over even more frantically!

The Snow Lion was beaten until its entire body was full of wounds. Its head was also ripped open, which made it even crazier and more ferocious.

"Again!" Qin Yun had no choice but to use another lightning bracelet.


The Snow Lion was hit once again on the head and finally fell!

"Bastard, die!"

Qin Yun took a stride forward and simultaneously brandished his sledgehammer. He executed the "Thunderclap Style" and "Trembling Dragon Style" of the Six Xing Long Styles. In the blink of an eye, he had struck out two of them!

With such a quick attack, the ferocious momentum did not decrease in the slightest. The heavy blow landed on the Snow Lion's head, producing a "bang" sound!

The Snow Lion's huge lion head immediately shattered, turning into many pieces of flame that flew in all directions!

The Snow Lion was dead!

His head was shattered and his body was set ablaze!

Everyone looked at the fierce flames on the Snow Lion's body and fell into a state of fear.

A cultivation at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm actually killed a rank 7 Demonic Beast. This was unprecedented!

Amongst the crowd, Yang Shiyue, who was wearing a mask, couldn't help but smile!

In the VIP room, Meng Fei Ling was laughing so hard that her bewitching eyes could not open!

All the old judges were moved. Even the teachers from the Black Level Martial Arts Academy had faces full of disbelief.

On the other hand, the few elders of the Heavenly Roar Empire were extremely angry!

The Snow Lion had been trained and raised for many years, and had spent a large amount of resources to become so powerful. But now, it had been killed. This was a huge loss!

"He used up all his equipment, right? Even so, to be able to take down a rank 7 beast is worth it! "

"That's right, the things that the masked man gave were worth around 150,000. However, the corpse of a seventh level demonic beast costs over 500,000 or even more!"

"It's just a pity that he can't take away the Snow Lion's corpse …" Just as he finished speaking, he saw Qin Yun keep the Snow Lion's corpse into his storage spirit artifact.

Everyone was stunned and immediately looked at the elders from the Heavenly Roar Empire. They were so angry that their faces had turned blue.

"Mask man, hand over the Snow Lion's corpse! That's our Heavenly Roar Empire! "

"This is daylight robbery!"

"Whoever steals from our Heavenly Roar Empire, the consequences will be severe!"

The elders of the Heavenly Roar Empire started shouting. They were furious.

Qin Yun ignored them and looked at the flames on the dueling platform. Xiao Lang was still inside!

"If you kill my tamed beast, you will be buried with it!" Xiao Lang's angry roar suddenly came from within the flames.

Golden light flickered on Xiao Lang's body as his golden-red armor resisted the attacks of a large number of fire and thunder talismans!

The only reason he came out was because he had to transfer his internal energy into his battle armor in order to resist such strong flames. This was at least a low-grade spirit armor!

Qin Yun could not help but frown when he saw Xiao Lang's energy and unscathed.

Xiao Lang's furious sword suddenly stabbed over!

The terrifying sword energy burned with killing intent. The humming of the sword was like the sound of death, causing Qin Yun to involuntarily sink into endless fear!

Even the people around the dueling platform could sense the terrifying sword force. Let alone Qin Yun!

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