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Chapter 67

Just as everyone had expected, Ye Chen Lei did not fight this round! In this way, Qin Yun's ranking was promoted to fourth place!

Following that, he went to challenge the third ranked Meng Fei Ling.

While everyone was looking forward to this battle, Meng Fei Ling unexpectedly didn't fight and admitted defeat.

She said that she wanted "Dragon Slaying" to maintain the at his best state to challenge the second place person, Xiao Lang.

The reason was, if Dragon Slaying could defeat Xiao Lang, who was ranked second, then this kind of strength wasn't something she could withstand.

If she couldn't, then she would definitely be injured after the match between them. It wouldn't be too late for her to fight him back.

Furthermore, the second ranked disciple, Xiao Lang, might end up in a fight with Dragon Slaying. If she went to challenge him again, it would be much easier.

Many people couldn't help but admire her intelligence.

"This bitch is really good at scheming!" Xiao Lang, who was in the VIP lounge, was also furious.

He had thought that Meng Fei Ling would be able to block the masked man, but he didn't expect that the masked man would actually come up to him and fight with his life on the line.

Of course, Meng Fei Ling knew that the dragon-slaying masked man was Qin Yun. Therefore, she would not fight him.

She was very confident in Qin Yun's strength!

After Qin Yun was promoted to third place, he immediately challenged the second place person, Xiao Lang!

Now, everyone finally felt at ease. They were all filled with anticipation, because this time, they were finally going to fight.

Qin Yun had won two challenges in a row without a fight. And this time, he had to fight with Xiao Lang. It was a match that was worth looking forward to.

After Qin Yun issued his challenge to Xiao Lang, Xiao Lang came to accept it in an hour!

In the Hidden Dragon dojo, everyone was looking forward to it. They were talking noisily, and it seemed that they were already boiling up!

Xiao Lang, dressed in a golden red armor and riding a mighty white snow lion, slowly walked out from the door. Just his aura alone was enough to surpass Qin Yun.

Most of them thought that if they were to face Xiao Lang's Snow Lion, they would have no chance of winning at all. Not to mention Xiao Lang, who was at the sixth level of the Martial Body!

Xiao Lang had four meridians, which was the Platinum Sword Martial Spirit. The greatest advantage he had was that his Sword Martial Spirit could release an extremely strong sword Qi.

After fusing with a half spirit weapon, it was equivalent to having a spirit weapon treasured sword.


The Snow Lion roared. Carrying Xiao Lang, it jumped onto the stage, causing the stage to shake slightly.

"I heard that this time, a teacher from the Xuan Wu Academy has come here to spectate. He is only hiding in the shadows!"

"Qin Feng lost so badly. The masked man has attracted the attention of the Black Level Martial Academy."

"The Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition was held for the students who entered the Black Level Martial Arts Academy. Now that it has been ruined by a masked man, of course they would come to take a look."

If one was able to hold onto the first rank of the Hidden Dragon Rank, they would be able to obtain the Profound Heart Grass.

Mysterious Heart Grass could let a martial artist cultivate the powerful Black Yellow Heart Sutra. It was said that it was a miraculous medicinal material of the Mysterious rank, far above spirit medicine!

According to the rumors, the Profound Heart Grass was cultivated by three Xuan Level Martial Academies. If it was taken by an outsider, it would be a huge loss.

He looked down at Qin Yun with a look of cold arrogance and said with a disdainful laugh, "You should stay in the third place. You came to challenge me was just asking for trouble. If you were to lose, you would nearly become Whitey's food!"

That kind of indifferent tone didn't put anyone in his eyes at all.

Everyone thought this was nothing. After all, he had a Rank 7 Demonic Beast, and his own talent was extraordinary.

The Snow Lion roared loudly. A cold aura emanated from its body as it revealed its terrifying sharp teeth. Its eyes were filled with brutality as though it wanted to intimidate Qin Yun.

"Begin!" After the referee shouted, Qin Yun brought out his forging hammer.

Xiao Lang leaped up from the lion's back and stabbed forward with his sword.

The Snow Lion hurriedly ran to the side and opened its mouth. It spat out a frosty and threatening ice sword at Qin Yun!

Everyone could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. That ice sword was inner strength!

Rank 7 Demonic Beasts were like a level 7 Martial Body, they could also release inner strength.

Qin Yun was equivalent to a 1v2. It was not fair at all, but there was no other way. That was the truth.

The ice sword spat out by the snow lion was quickly deflected by Qin Yun's searing flames.

And the most terrifying thing was that Xiao Lang's sudden stab seemed to be one with the sword!

Qin Yun's throat was locked on by the sword tip. He felt as though the sword was pressing down on his Adam's apple. It was difficult to swallow.

Startled, he fiercely swung the hammer to the side and struck the sword that was coming at him. He unleashed the "Thunder Tremor Style"!


Sparks flew in all directions!

However, the sword in Xiao Lang's hand still stabbed forward, and was not deflected!

At that moment, Qin Yun felt an aura of death. A chill spread across his entire body as he continuously retreated in a wasteful manner.

Xiao Lang's firm sword intent did not waver in the slightest. The tip of the sword locked onto Qin Yun's throat as it followed closely behind.

Qin Yun instinctively brandished his forging hammer. Like a flash of light, he struck Xiao Lang's sword with the tail of flames, producing a crisp "bang".

The body of the sword trembled, creating a wave of air waves. The sword intent that Xiao Lang had condensed was dispersed!

It was that move. The third move of the Dragon-Forging Fist, the Flowing Light Style!

This move mainly focused on speed, and could produce a very strong penetrating force!


The Snow Lion roared as it spewed out a white mist. It charged at Qin Yun with a cold aura.

Qin Yun was stunned by Xiao Lang's sword technique. He had forgotten that there was a Snow Lion of the seventh step by his side!

He couldn't help but sigh in his heart, "I'm not his opponent!"

Facing such a terrifying power like Xiao Lang's, he was truly powerless. Previously, when he was competing with Qin Feng, he did not feel this powerless.

If he was at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm, he might even have a chance!

After being struck by the snow lion, Qin Yun's body turned icy-cold. He had been frozen solid and sent flying by the force of the impact.

Xiao Lang suddenly took out more than ten fire talismans and threw them at Qin Yun!


Fire talismans constantly exploded as flames enveloped Qin Yun layer after layer!

"It's completely suppressed!"

"The masked man is finally going to lose!"

"Xiao Lang is truly worthy of being the Second Prince of Skyhowl …. The talisman in his hand should have been given to him by a teacher of the Tianxuan Martial Academy.

Just as he finished speaking, Xiao Lang took out another five thunder talismans and tossed them over.

With a crashing sound, several bolts of lightning struck the sea of fire! In an instant, fire and thunder interweaved!

Everyone believed that Qin Yun's survival would be his greatest victory!

When Xiao Lang had fought Qin Yun in close combat, he had felt that it was extremely dangerous. Therefore, once he seized the opportunity, he would throw away the talismans gifted to him by the teachers of the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy.

As the lightning and fire vanished, Qin Yun remained standing. His entire body was wreathed in flames. The leather clothes he wore burned with flames, overflowing with a mystical white light!

"That is... "Light markings. His beast skin and clothes have light markings on them. They are rapidly healing his injuries!" An old man shouted out in surprise.

Light inscriptions were extremely rare and only existed in the hands of a small number of forces. However, right now, they were being carved on clothes. To an Inscription Master, this was simply reckless and a complete waste of their natural resources!

The serious injuries Qin Yun had suffered earlier were being rapidly healed by the light engravings!

"You want to compete with me in talismans?" Qin Yun was infuriated. Under everyone's watchful eyes, he took out a stack of spirit runes.

They were all made from beast skins, and there were dozens of them!

When Xiao Lang saw this, his expression greatly changed. He was extremely shocked and hurriedly circulated his inner force to block it!

Qin Yun threw the stack of beast skin spirit talismans in his hand over, enveloping Xiao Lang and the Snow Lion like he was scattering paper!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!...

Wave after wave of flames burst forth like a purgatory of flames!

When the teacher of the Sky Profound Martial School saw this, he was both shocked and anxious!

They didn't dare to jump onto the stage because Duan Qian was nearby.

Duan Qian not injuring Qin Zheng Feng earlier was already giving them face.

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