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Chapter 69 Hammer of Rage

Qin Yun felt his entire body turn cold. This was the result of his mind being oppressed!

It could only be said that Xiao Lang's sword energy was too terrifying and could directly affect his spirit.

He bit the tip of his tongue, causing the pain to wake him up.

"Xiao Lang's sword energy can affect my mind. I must maintain my consciousness and not be affected again. Otherwise, I will die!"

After dodging the strike, Qin Yun broke out in a cold sweat!

Just as he let out a breath of relief, Xiao Lang's sword fiercely chased after him once again, slashing towards his neck and bringing along a wave of cold wind!

Xiao Lang saw that he was about to succeed, but instead, he saw Qin Yun bend backwards and dodge narrowly!

Qin Yun felt a faint pain in his neck. A bloody wound had appeared from the sword beam. His throat had nearly been slashed open.

Xiao Lang roared angrily as he emitted waves of a powerful aura. He constantly brandished his sword at Qin Yun, striking his vitals. As long as he was stabbed, he would definitely suffer heavy injuries!

Qin Yun could only dodge!

Xiao Lang's sword technique was too fast and too profound. Even if Qin Yun used a forging hammer to block it, it would still be useless. He might even be struck by the strike because of it.

In swordplay, there were techniques that could be used to deal with the attacks of various weapons.

Sometimes you can use others to counterattack when they attack.

Therefore, if Qin Yun did not have complete confidence, he would not attack!

"Masked man, stop dodging. It's best if you end this with me, otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life! I can see that you care a lot about that little bitch, Meili! "

"If you don't kill me, I'll make her want to die, hahaha …." Xiao Lang continued stabbing at Qin Yun with a soft grin.

He was trying to provoke Qin Yun to counterattack so that he could use his sword techniques to counterattack.

When Qin Yun heard this, an unprecedented killing intent surged in his heart!

Qi Meili was so pitiful, but Xiao Lang was after her!

He did not doubt Xiao Lang's words at all. This kind of person could do anything!

"She's innocent!" Qin Yun's hoarse voice sounded like he was roaring.

"So what? She's just a little slut. Killing her is like killing a chicken." Xiao Lang laughed sinisterly, "However, Qi Xue promised me that she would find a way to feed this bitch to me!"

Upon hearing these words, Qin Yun was stunned in anger. He had also been stabbed in the right chest by Xiao Lang!

After Xiao Lang succeeded, the crowd let out a clamor!

Yang Shiyue frowned secretly. She could tell that something was wrong with Qin Yun because he could have avoided her completely.

"Haha, this lousy blacksmith of yours..." Xiao Lang laughed out loud. "For the sake of this lowly slave, you actually got distracted and even took away your life, it's really too laughable … It's just a lowly slave, is there really a need for that? "

Everyone came to a realization. They understood why Qin Yun could not dodge that strike earlier. It was because he had been distracted by his words.

Although Xiao Lang was too despicable, Qin Yun was not resolute. It was also a taboo in martial arts competitions. He could only blame himself for being negligent.

Xiao Lang, who was laughing heartily, wanted to pull out the sword but found that the sword was tightly grasped by Qin Yun's hand!

He was alarmed as he looked into Qin Yun's eyes. His laughter came to an abrupt halt …

Qin Yun's eyes were completely black. He could not see the whites of his eyes. It was the same as the Oscillating Martial Spirit he had awakened. It was terrifyingly dark!

"Little Mei Lian is so naive and innocent, I feel that I won't allow a thing inferior to an animal like you to sully her …" Qin Yun roared.

He waved the forging hammer in his hand and sent out the "Flowing Light Form", containing a crazy vibrating power.

The forging hammer was as fast as a ray of light as it hit Xiao Lang's chin, emitting a burst of blinding, explosive light!

Xiao Lang's body was pierced by the intense pain as he let go of the sword's hilt and flew out!

If it was only fire inner force, with Xiao Lang's cultivation level, the inner force circulating under his skin would definitely be able to block this attack!

However, what Qin Yun shot out was vibrating internal force. It directly shattered the internal energy under Xiao Lang's skin and broke his defense!

Xiao Lang's mouth was smashed, and his entire body was sent flying …

Qin Yun charged forward like a bolt of lightning and grabbed Xiao Lang's leg, dragging him to the ground!

The forging hammer was raised, and as it descended, it was like a thunderclap!

The Shaking Thunder Style was like the shaking of thunder!

The hammer made an explosive sound as it smashed onto Xiao Lang's back!

The vibrating power poured into Xiao Lang's body and spread out from within his body like a ripple. It crushed all of the bones and emitted a burst of crackling sounds!

Hearing the sound of bones shattering like firecrackers, the people around the battling platform felt their scalps go numb and could not help but shiver!

"Ah!" Xiao Lang's shrill cry echoed throughout the Hidden Dragon Martial Field, causing one's hair to stand on ends.

Following that, Qin Yun quickly struck again!

His form was like a thunderclap.

He sent out a wave of energy that covered Xiao Lang's entire body and tore all the meridians in his body to shreds!

Xiao Lang shouted until his throat was punctured and his eyes were bloodshot, filled with hatred and fear.

He was unwilling to accept this. He was a sixth level Martial Body cultivator, and the Snow Lion was a seventh level Demonic Beast. Yet, it was defeated by a fifth level Martial Body Masked Masked Man!

Qin Yun raised his forging hammer and was about to strike down when he felt a pain in his chest. Only then did he remember he had been stabbed with a sword.

He immediately pulled out the sword that had pierced his chest and stabbed Xiao Lang!

At this time, a few old men from the Heavenly Roar Empire and two teachers from the Black Level Martial School rushed over.

Duan Qian also flew down from the VIP room in the distance!

Qin Yun roared as his final strike descended. He slammed Xiao Lang into a thick stone brick, his flesh and blood horribly mangled.

Duan Qian came in front of Qin Yun and announced loudly, "Qin Yun wins, promotion to second place!"

After saying that, he hurriedly hugged the fallen Qin Yun and sighed before leaving with Qin Yun.

Duan Qian had dared to make a move against the Crown Prince of Tianqin, but he could not do so to the teacher of the Black Level Martial School. He must have some scruples.

Xiao Lang's injuries were so severe that even with spiritual medicine, he still needed a few years or even over ten years to recover completely. He could be considered to have been destroyed.

For many sixth level martial artists, this martial arts competition could only be described as shocking!

Xiao Lang and Qin Yun were no longer on the dueling platform, but no one went up. They looked at the damaged dueling platform as they discussed fervently the proceedings of the battle!

The masked man's martial arts competition had always been so shocking. Many people hoped that he would get better and then challenge the first ranker, Xiao Yue Mei!

This battle was truly a loss for both of them!

The third place Xiao Lang no longer had the strength to continue fighting, and the fourth place Meng Fei Ling was very strong. She would definitely challenge Xiao Lang next, allowing her to be ranked higher.

Everyone had to praise her for her good strategy.

When Qin Yun challenged her, she directly admitted defeat and asked Qin Yun to challenge Xiao Lang. Now, both Xiao Lang and Qin Yun were injured. She, who was originally fourth, could easily rise to third or even second place!

Qin Yun was sent back to the Hall of Marks by Duan Gan. He had been stabbed once. Although he had lost a lot of blood, it did not have much of an impact.

He had been soaking in the Heavenly Lion Lake for ten days and had used the power of the Blood Soul to refine his blood.

As long as they stopped bleeding and got nourishment, they could quickly recover.

What was more troublesome was the sword qi that entered her body, it took her two days to force out all the sword qi.

In these two days, Meng Fei Ling challenged Xiao Lang.

Because Xiao Lang was heavily injured and had yet to wake up, he could only withdraw from the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition.

To the surprise of many, Meng feiling did not challenge the second masked man.

Furthermore, Qin Feng, who had been defeated by Qin Yun earlier, had recovered astonishingly. He had actually caught up to her!

Qi Xue, Ye Chenlei and Xiao Lang, who were on top of him, were powerless to continue their battle and could only give up when they met her.

As for the others, they didn't dare to enter the top ten. After all, within the top ten, each one of them had a deep background that they couldn't afford to offend!

Even though the masked man didn't have any background, he was still a force to be reckoned with. Even someone like Xiao Lang had been utterly defeated!

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