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Chapter 66 Wrath of the Wave

Qin Yun very successfully produced the beast skin spirit talisman. It was only slightly longer than making paper talismans, but the strength of the beast skin talisman was much stronger than paper talismans.

The beast skins needed to be treated before they could be carved on them. This was all done by Yang Shiyue. She used her 9th Martial Body Level inner force to deal with the beast skins, and the effect was the best.

"Teacher, what is Xiao Yue Mei's Martial Spirit?" Xiao Yue Mei was a great threat. If he could understand a little, it would more or less help.

"The martial spirits of these two sisters are very mysterious. It's said that even their parents don't know about it!" Yang Shiyue shook her head and said: "If I don't expose myself, there are a lot of people who don't know my martial spirit."

Qin Yun's Oscillating Martial Spirit was also hidden. Other people did not know that his own martial soul could surprise them in a battle.

"Xiao Yue Mei's talent is also terrifying, why didn't she get chosen by the Black Level Martial House?" Qin Yun was extremely puzzled about this.

Yang Shiyue passed Qin Yun a stack of beast skins and sighed softly. "She was directly selected by the Black Level Martial Arts Academy and needs to agree to the academy's conditions. Perhaps, she does not wish to agree to those conditions."

Qin Yun suddenly guessed that Yang Shiyue might have been restricted by these conditions. Otherwise, she would not have come to the Hua Ling Wu Academy to be a teacher.

He asked in a low voice, "Teacher, did Tianxuan Martial Arts School scold you for exposing your martial soul in front of so many people?"

Yang Shiyue caressed her hair flirtatiously, smiled and said: "I was just told a few words, I have something else to do back home! Carefully forge talismans, don't ask anymore! "

Qin Yun knew that Yang Shi Yue was very good to him. Therefore, he was extremely worried that she would face a terrible situation.

Therefore, the only thing he could do was to work hard to increase his strength as fast as possible!

Qin Yun made four talismans in two hours and worked continuously for twenty hours. He rested for four hours and so on for three days. In total, he produced more than a hundred Fire Talisman and Lightning Talismans, all made of beast skin.

Then he refined a lightning wristband. This thing was very powerful, it could injure one of Qin Zhengfeng's arms.

Yang Shiyue picked up the lightning wristguard, smiled and said, "I'll help you accumulate some inner force, my inner force is stronger!"

When Qin Yun heard that, he nodded with a smile.

He also passed the other lightning wristband over.

Since they didn't need to restrict these items during the match, they should try to equip as many items as possible.

In the end, he even made a set of clothes out of beast skin and engraved them with light patterns.

Light inscriptions were a type of spirit inscriptions that could treat injuries and detoxify poisons. They were as rare and precious as alchemy inscriptions, and also very complicated. He had only recently mastered them.

Duan Gan walked in with a serious expression. "Qin Yun, if there's nothing serious wrong with your body, it's best for you to quickly raise your ranking!"

Yang Shiyue asked, "What happened?"

Duan Gan nodded. "Qin Yun had a big fight with Qin Feng earlier, especially with the Heavenly Qin Imperial Palace. In order to gain some momentum, they had to heal the severely injured Qin Feng at all costs. He should be able to recover very quickly. At that time, he will definitely come to challenge you. "

If he was able to use a Spirit Treasure in the competition, the TianQin Royal Family would definitely be able to get Qin Feng to equip a Spirit Treasure at all costs.

The TianQin royal family also had this ability.

Duan Qian looked at Yang Shi Yue and continued: "Qin Zheng Feng has a wide network in the Sky Profound Martial School, he will definitely be able to get help from some people in the academy!"

When Yang Shiyue heard that, she frowned slightly and looked at Qin Yun. She said, "Go challenge Qi Xue, who is ranked fifth, and obtain first place as soon as possible!"

"Alright, I'll go now!" Qin Yun nodded.

As soon as Qi Xue received the news that 'Dragon-slaying' was going to challenge her, she immediately rushed to the main dueling platform.

Everyone knew that during the competition between "Dragon-Slaughtering" and Qin Feng, he had been seriously injured by Qin Zheng Feng who broke the rules. Even if he rested for a few days, he would definitely not recover.

Now that the news of Qin Feng's recovery had spread throughout Tianqin Imperial City, everyone believed that the reason why Slaughtering Dragon would immediately challenge Qi Xue was because he was worried that Qin Feng would take revenge on him.

On the battling platform, Qi Xue was wearing a red tight suit, her eyebrows were raised high, and she arrogantly said, "I heard you are an old blacksmith! You saved the bitch Qi Meilan, did you two have some sort of adultery? "

Hearing this, the crowd burst into laughter. Everyone knew that Qi Meilian had been rescued by the masked man and brought to the Hall of Wonders, but she never came out.

Qi Xue saw the crowd laughing and laughed. She continued, "Maybe she has already been scared crazy by your ugly and old face! Thanks to you, she was demoted to a commoner. She was a princess of a country, yet she had an affair with someone else... "Humph, she has the same moral character as her slave mother!"

Qin Yun quietly listened to what she had to say. With a low and hoarse voice, he said, "Your stinky mouth is really too stinky. I'm afraid that I'll tear my hands apart!"

It was also because Meng Fei Ling didn't have the chance, otherwise, Qi Xue's mouth would definitely be torn apart!

"The martial arts competition begins!" the referee shouted.

Qi Xue was already gnashing her teeth in hatred. From the very beginning of the competition, she had released a few streams of inner strength that had turned into ice swords to attack Qin Yun!

With a grunt, Qin Yun stomped forcefully and a deep footprint appeared on the stone tiles on the ground.

But the stone tiles didn't shatter. The power of his inner force was able to melt the stone, making many of the older martial artists' hearts tremble!

"Qi Explosion Technique, Wave!" Qin Yun spread open his arms and pushed out with his palms. Like a tsunami, the shockwave spread out in a formidable array.

The Qi Explosion Technique of a Black Level Martial Art was incredibly powerful!

Qin Yun had reached the Small Success Stage of the Qi Explosion Technique and now, he was displaying it with full force!

The explosive force of the Qi was unstoppable. In an instant, Qi Xue's ice sword-like inner strength was crushed.

The explosive wave howled towards Qi Xue!

Qi Xue's body was hit by the explosion. She screamed and was sent flying. She crashed into a big wall on the martial field. It was as if an invisible giant palm had slammed into the wall.

Qi Xue's entire body was shattered, her body was full of wounds, and she had fainted!

Her entire body was embedded in the wall, and her injuries were definitely severe.

The people of the Qi Empire had to 'dig' her out from the high wall and quickly brought her to heal!

Another top ten was carried away, and this time they were in an even more miserable state. They were actually defeated in one move!

All of the martial artists in the martial field were scared witless. If they faced this move, they might be torn to shreds!

"You're lucky. As long as you're alive, I won't let you go!" Qin Yun looked at Qi Xue as she was carried away. He clenched his fists tightly and the anger in his heart had yet to dissipate.

"That must be a Profound Rank martial skill! Look at the Dragon Slaying Breath! It's not as stable anymore! It seems like that move used up a lot of energy! "

"Profound Ranked Martial Technique!" Even many of the big families don't have one! Even the highest grade spirit rank beasts are very precious! "

"What is the background of this masked man?"

In order to avenge Qi Meilian, Qin Yun had used the Qi Explosion Technique. It was also the strongest martial skill he had to date.

"Victory from Dragon Slaying! Rank 5!"

He continued to challenge the fourth ranked Ye Chanlei.

When Ye Chonglei and Meng Fei Ling were battling earlier, they had already been severely injured, so they just came up to surrender and then left.

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