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Chapter 65 Beast Skin Soul Symbol

"Don't be so arrogant!" When Qin Zhengfeng saw his own Jade Wolf Sword being broken, he was enraged. His face turned frighteningly cold and he looked very much like that malicious queen.

He immediately leaped forward and punched at Qin Yun. Everything happened too quickly, and the referee was too late to stop it!

Qin Zheng Feng's fist power struck over, causing the stone tiles on the stage to shatter!

When Qin Yun sensed it, he turned pale with fright. He hurriedly punched Qin Zhengfeng who was in midair!

At the same time as he punched, he quickly used his Thunder Pattern Bracers, releasing a thick bolt of lightning, ferociously striking Qin Zhengfeng's fist!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Qin Zheng Feng cried out angrily. His arm was lacerated by the lightning as smoke rose from it. It was too horrible to look at!

Qin Zheng's fist force had struck Qin Yun, causing him to suffer from internal injuries. He spat out a mouthful of blood!

"How dare you break the rules!" Duan Gan's angry voice was accompanied by a domineering aura.

Duan Qian unleashed a wave of Qi from afar that struck Qin Zheng Feng's body, causing him to fly out of the dojo!

Following that, the furious Duan Qian slowly landed on the battling platform. He hurriedly took out a shining pill and placed it in Qin Yun's mouth.

Everyone did not dare to breathe too loudly. Someone who could send Prince Tianqin flying must be very powerful!

Many people recognized that this was the general director of the Mysterious Pattern Palace, Duan Gan.

The heavily injured Qin Feng was taken away by Duan Qian.

After Qin Zhengfeng was sent flying out of the door, he left in a sorry state. It could be said that he had lost all face, lost his Jade Wolf Sword, and hated the masked man to the core!

An elder announced loudly, "Dragon-slaying victor! Promotions to the sixth rank of the Hidden Dragon Rank!"

The crowd only dared to speak when they saw Duan Qian bringing Qin Yun away …

"Qin Zheng Feng was not injured, he was only sent flying!"

"After all, he is a genius student of the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy. Even the Head Supervisor of the Mysterious Pattern Hall has his reservations!"

"Even so, that is still very embarrassing. Furthermore, his Jade Wolf Sword... It's been destroyed! "

"I have to say, the masked guy is really amazing …" Maybe he's an old blacksmith, his hammering skills are really good, and he even has an Alchemy Forging Hammer! "

Alchemy prints were considered the rarest type among all the spirit tattoos. It was said that there were very few Inscriptionists who understood alchemy tattoos. Even Master Wei needed to ask someone to carve them for him!

Duan Qian was the most shocked by Qin Yun's alchemy markings. The higher the grade of the spirit markings, the stronger their might was.

The fact that a forging hammer could break the Jade Wolf Sword meant that the alchemy runes were of an extremely high grade!

In the short span of a few days, the Hidden Dragon Rank had changed a lot.

From the first to the sixth, they were Xiao Lang, Xiao Yue Mei, Meng Feiling, Ye Chenlei, Qi Xue and Qin Yun!

The happiest person was none other than Xiao Lang. Qin Feng, who originally possessed the Jade Wolf Sword, was his greatest threat. However, he was now seriously injured and the Jade Wolf Sword had been destroyed.

However, at this moment, a blue-clothed girl wearing a white mask suddenly announced that she was going to challenge the champion, Xiao Lang!

The only person who had the qualifications to challenge first place was only Xiao Yue Mei, who was in second place!

Xiao Yue Mei had always been wearing a mask, and this was well-known. Everyone was very regretful that they could not catch a glimpse of this genius girl's appearance.

Xiao Lang could no longer be happy. He almost forgot that there was still Xiao Yue Mei.

Xiao Yue Mei was only fourteen years old and was already at the 6th level of the Martial Body realm. Moreover, her Martial Spirit was extremely mysterious, so even as the Second Prince of Sky Shite, he did not know about it.

Everyone was overjoyed. There was going to be another good show to watch!

Qin Yun was sitting on the bed in the suite at the Hall of Wonders, looking at the pitiful Qi Meili on the bed.

She had already stabilized her injuries after Yang Shishi used her inner force to treat her injuries.

"Big Brother Yun, I'm fine now!" Qi Meilan's haggard face revealed a sweet smile, "Being able to see you again is the happiest thing that has happened to me in so many years!"

Qin Yun smiled and caressed her cute face. He said softly, "I'm also very happy to see you!"

When Qi Meilan heard Qin Yun's low and weak voice, she immediately frowned and asked with concern, "Brother Yun, are you injured?"

Qin Yun immediately smiled and raised his voice. "I've suffered some minor injuries. It's fine!"

He ate the elixir that Duan Qian gave him and recovered quickly.

Standing at the side, Yang Shiyue said to Qin Yun, "Xiao Yue Mei is challenging Xiao Lang, are you going to watch? Both of them will become your opponents! "

"What's Big Brother Yun's current ranking?" Qi Meilan's adorable face was filled with worry, because she was well aware of the brutality of the battle on the battling platform.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Sixth!" Little Mei Lian, rest well. I will take a look at the Hidden Dragon dojo and soon, I will challenge Qi Xue, who is ranked fifth, to take revenge for you! "

Yang Shiyue sat on the bed, gently caressing Qi Meili's hair, and said: "You will recover after a few more treatments, don't worry!"

"Teacher, thank you!" Qin Yun could only remember this kindness in his heart.

"There's no need for you to be polite with me. Quickly go to the Hidden Dragon Martial Field and have a look!" Yang Shiyue softly chuckled.

The Hidden Dragon Martial Field was not too far from the main hall of the Mysterious Marks Palace. Soon, Qin Yun arrived.

Just as they entered the arena, they saw two people on the main fighting stage. They were Xiao Lang, who was riding a snow lion, and Xiao Yue Mei, who was wearing a mask!

"You can ride a demon beast?"

"The referee didn't stop him, so there's no problem!"

"Motherf * cker, with a good family background, you can be willful and ride on demon beasts. This is too unfair!"

"This Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition was originally held for them. They're all students of the Profound Rank Martial Arts Academy, so the rules naturally favor them!"

Qin Yun was secretly surprised because Xiao Lang's Snow Lion was a Class 7 demonic beast. It was very powerful!

"I admit defeat!" Xiao Lang suddenly shouted.

As a result, everyone was filled with anticipation for the match. They hadn't even fought when the first ranked Xiao Lang admitted defeat!

However, the crowd didn't say that Xiao Lang was afraid of the stage. After all, he was very strong and he also had a Snow Lion.

However, his opponent was Xiao Yue Mei, his sister.

If he accidentally injured Xiao Yue Mei in the competition, not only would the Sky Roar Imperial Family punish him, but his sister Xiao Yue Lan would also not let him off!

Qin Yun had just arrived and saw that the battle was going to end. He quickly returned to the Hall of Marking.

Asking Duan Qian to take an hour to help him recover from his injuries, then he would start refining the fire and thunder talismans!

Sooner or later, he would run into Xiao Lang. The other party had a snow lion which was very hard to deal with, so he had to be prepared!

Duan Qian came to Qin Yun's room where the talismans were made and said, "You possess high-grade spirit tattoos. You can use beast skins to create talismans and its might will be even stronger."

"Will it be difficult to make talismans out of animal skins?" Qin Yun had always wanted to give it a try, but he was worried that it would consume a lot of time.

He did have a lot of beast skins.

Duan Qian took out the spirit talisman made from animal skin and smiled. "You can use a carving knife to craft talismans, so creating beast skin spirit tattoos will be much easier."

When Qin Yun saw the beast skin spirit talisman, his heart began to stir.

"Try to make one yourself. If you feel that it can't achieve the desired effect, then you can go and make paper talismans."

After Duan Qian left, Qin Yun immediately began his production. Yang Shiyue came over to help cut the beast skin.

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