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Chapter 59 Six Form of Forging Dragon

The Qi Explosion Technique was Qin Yun's trump card. However, even if he used it directly, it might not be able to hit him. That was because the old wolfman was too fast.

The old wolfman struck again.

A pair of wolf paws clawed at him. He had thought that Qin Yun would dodge, but he never expected that Qin Yun would actually strike out at him directly.

"Thousand Horse Palm!"

Everyone was alarmed by Qin Yun's actions as they cried out in alarm.

"Does this kid want to die?" To use your bare hands against my wolf claws? " The old wolfman was startled as he reached out with his two powerful claws.

The old man's nails were as sharp as knives.

If he was caught, his skin would definitely be ripped open. No one wanted their body to be caught.

Just as Qin Yun's palm was about to make contact with the wolf claw, it suddenly howled as it erupted with a sonic boom!

The blast from the explosion was accompanied by the force of ten thousand horses' palms, causing the old man's arms to clack noisily.


Elder Wolf cried out with a headache. The bones in his arms and hands were broken, and his thin body was also blown away by the waves of air.

It was as if he was sent flying by a gust of wind. The place where he landed was a few dozen meters away from the battling platform.

The pain in his arms frightened him slightly. If not for his rich experience, his protective arms would have been destroyed just now!

He spoke to himself, "I was careless. This kid's instantaneous explosive power is really terrifying. The Thousand Horse Palm contains another Martial Skill, which causes the inner force to explode. What Martial Skill is this?"

Qin Yun accumulated the internal energy from his dual origin ability. When combined with the explosion, the power was indeed terrifying.

Fortunately, his Bone Meridian had been stabilized, and he could withstand the Qi explosion of the inner force. Otherwise, he wouldn't dare to use it.

Xiao Lang, who was in the luxurious suite, exclaimed, "The old man Lang actually lost to a person at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm!"

Qi Xue snorted, "The masked man is really not simple. After he entered the top 100, he did not continue to challenge anyone. What the hell is he doing?"

Suddenly, the door was pushed open. A young lady with a ponytail and a light blue dress walked in. She wore a mask on her face, and her clear and beautiful eyes seemed to be filled with anger.

The girl asked, "What is the background of the masked man? They actually injured old wolfman! "

"Yue Mei, he's a blacksmith in the Mysterious Pattern Palace …" Qin Feng, who had been drinking, immediately stood up and walked over.

This young girl was Xiao Yue Mei.

Qin Feng's drunken eyes suddenly lit up. Looking at the young girl, he revealed a bright smile and said: "Yue Mei, the masked man is only a blacksmith. If he dares to enter the top ten, I will definitely teach him a lesson."

Ye Chenlei was a bit dissatisfied, he said in a deep voice: "That will have to wait for him to come up. Even if he does come up, it will not be your place to teach him a lesson!"

Qin Feng laughed: "That's right, I am in third place and you are fourth. If he were to fight, I would have indeed met you first..." But you still have to be careful, this guy knows the Hanshan Style. "

Qi Xue was the most unhappy because neither Qin Feng nor Ye Chonglei had ever been jealous for her. Now that Xiao Yue Mei had arrived, she became like this.

Xiao Yue Mei seemed to be used to it, after asking the masked man about the details she left.

Qi Xue said, "Yue Mei seems to be very concerned about this masked man."

Xiao Lang laughed loudly, "That masked man must be out of luck. Yue Mei wants him as a follower!"

After Qin Yun returned to the Mysterious Patterned Palace, he entered the cultivation room to cultivate.

Today, when he fought against the old wolfman, his harvest was plentiful. He was able to suddenly gain wisdom and combine the explosive Qi skill with the Ten Thousand Horse Palm.

He recalled the previous competition and thought, "Qing Gong is my weakness. It seems that I can only practice harder. Using inner force to run around will help me speed up a little."

Then, he ran back and forth in the training room and started to practice running.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Qin Yun was extremely puzzled because no one had come to challenge him in the past two days.

All the warriors in the Hidden Dragon Martial Field were not stupid. They all saw that he was strange, so they directly skipped him and went to challenge the others.

Suddenly, Yang Shi Yue came out of her room and asked: "How have you been these past two days? How many matches have we fought? "

"We only fought once..." Qin Yun recounted the process of his battle with the old wolfman to Yang Shiyue.

After Yang Shiyue heard this, she took out two pages and proudly said: "I have successfully changed the Six Styles of Wind Slashing to Hammer Technique, and I can also use my fists to execute it."

Qin Yun, who was sitting on a stool, jumped up abruptly. He was extremely excited as he said with a laugh, "Teacher, you are awesome! For it to be completed so quickly, I thought it would take at least a month! "

Yang Shiyue's face was full of pride, and she chuckled: "You're underestimating me too much … …" "This is only modifying the existing martial skills. I also have some other martial skills, so my progress can be considered to be quite smooth."

With that, she put on a serious expression and shouted, "It's time for class. Be serious!"

Qin Yun hurriedly sat down and nodded.

"This hammer technique is called the Six Styles of Forging Dragon. It is similar to the Six Styles of Wind Slaying, and it is mainly used in combination with fire inner force. It should be possible to use a bit of vibrating inner force …"

Following that, Yang Shiyue was extremely serious as she guided Qin Yun in learning the Six Styles of the Dragon Forging.

Qin Yun held the forging hammer and began swinging it in the training room. Yang Shiyue watched from the side. If she found any inadequacies, she would improve on it.

If he practiced for two days, he would be able to use his inner force, which was equivalent to the Initial Stage.

The main reason was because he had a good grasp of the six forms of the Wind Slasher Fist, and the Dragon's Six Styles was improved from the Six Styles of the Wind Slasher, so he had a similar understanding of them. Furthermore, he had Yang Shiyue to guide him from the side.

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue began training in the training room. After more than an hour, he nodded in satisfaction. "The effect of using fists will be weaker, but it'll be fine."

In order to test out the might of this hammer technique, he had specially forged a piece of low-grade bone steel.

Previously, he would need six hours to complete it. Now, he only needed more than two hours, which was a full half of the time needed to complete it!

Qin Yun praised, "Teacher, with this hammer technique of yours, I'll have a more convenient refining session in the future!"

Yang Shiyue rubbed his head, sweetly smiled and said: "When you can refine a spiritual weapon, I will have you customize it for me!"

"No problem!" Qin Yun smacked his chest and said with a smile.

Yang Shiyue took out a towel and helped wipe his sweat, and gently said: "First, you go rest, then you can go up!"

"Don't care too much about being number one. Your own body is the most important thing. You have to remember that you also have the status of an Inscription Master."

Qin Yun understood the meaning behind Yang Shiyue's words. She was worried that someone would torture him like Yan Qingyu!

Yang Shiyue's heart ached when she saw this, she did not want this kind of thing to happen again.

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