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Chapter 60 Invitation by the Princess

Qin Yun had a good night's sleep. After he woke up, he saw a note on the table in the hall. It was left behind by Yang Shiyue, who said that she went to the Hidden Dragon Martial Field.

After he finished reading the note, his fighting spirit soared as he said resolutely, "It's time to enter the top ten. I have to do my best to get first place.

"It's impossible for teacher to protect me for the rest of her life. Plus, something must have happened to her and she might be leaving soon."

Qin Yun could tell that Yang Shi Yue had been worrying heavily ever since she came back from the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy. She was trying her best to cover it up.

He quickly rushed to the Hidden Dragon dojo, and immediately issued a challenge.

For the past few days, he hadn't made a single movement. It was very thought-provoking. Now, the martial practitioner codenamed "Dragon Slaying" had once again issued a challenge. This matter had quickly spread!

Qin Yun stood beneath a battling platform, waiting for his opponent to arrive.

Watching from the side, no one dared to approach him, as if they were scared by his thick fighting intent.

At this moment, the old man whom he had previously defeated walked over.

"Sir, this is an invitation from my Young Lady!" The old wolfman handed Qin Yun a letter with a respectful expression.

Qin Yun was alarmed. This old wolfman with extraordinary strength actually had a master.

After he opened the letter, he saw a few extremely beautiful lines of words …

The main point was that because he was powerful, he wanted to hire him as a bodyguard or something, and the reward was very generous.

The person who wrote this letter was Xiao Yue Mei!

He looked at the old man and said in a hoarse voice, "I appreciate your Young Lady's kindness!"

At such a young age, Xiao Yue Mei was already at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm. At this moment, she was trying to recruit talents and expand her power. Many people were willing to follow her, but Qin Yun rejected her offer.

This slightly surprised the old man and he said: "Please consider carefully, this is a rare opportunity!"

Qin Yun only nodded and did not say a word.

Not long after the old man left, a handsome young man in white walked over, exuding a cold and arrogant aura.

The person who came was the second prince of Tianqin, Qin Feng!

Qin Yun immediately recognized Qin Feng.

"You read that letter, why didn't you agree to her request? "Quickly promise her!" As soon as Qin Feng arrived, his voice was filled with anger as he released a weak killing intent.

"Who do you think you are? "Why would I agree to such a foolish thing?" Qin Yun was not afraid as he said with a low and hoarse voice.

Normally, Qin Feng was high and mighty. Even someone of his status would not dare to treat him with such an attitude.

He was immediately infuriated as he raised his hand and smacked at Qin Yun's mask.

Qin Yun suddenly raised his hand and bit at Qin Feng's wrist like a wolf. Then, he rapidly channeled a powerful flame inner force!

Qin Feng was shocked. He did not expect the other party to have such strong inner strength. He only felt a bone-piercing heat coming from his wrist. Just when he was about to resist...

"Stop!" An old man's voice, filled with anger, suddenly rang out, shaking them away.

"He was the one who made the first move!" Qin Yun said in a deep voice, neither fast nor slow.

The old man's voice was cold. He looked at Qin Feng and said coldly: "Qin Feng violated the rules and dropped from third place to fourth place."

Qin Feng was infuriated in his heart, but he did not dare to say more. His wrist was smoking. This was the spot that Qin Yun had grabbed just a moment ago. It had already burned red, as though it was ripe.

He had suffered greatly. Gritting his teeth, he stared angrily at Qin Yun before leaving angrily!

Everyone was scared as they didn't expect the masked man to be so bold. He dared to offend the Second Prince Qin Feng of the Heavenly Qin Empire!

Qin Yun's challenger had also arrived. Although his strength was not bad, it was much weaker than his after a few days of tough training.

He had only used the Myriad Horse Palm to defeat his opponent.

"Qin Yun has won. He is ranked ninety-fifth!"

A person at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm was able to increase five people at once. Moreover, there was no pressure at all, making many sixth level of the Martial Body realm unable to catch up!

Now, even more people wanted to know his identity.

After winning one match, he continued to challenge …

"Qin Yun wins …" 90th place! "

"Qin Yun, eighty-fifth place!"

Qin Yun had fought seven or eight rounds a day, raising him to 60th place. His speed was astounding!

Even though it was late at night, he still continued to challenge them. It was as if he wanted to rush into the top 10 in a single go!

Qin Feng and the others were in the VIP lounge, watching Qin Yun fight his way over. They felt disdain in their hearts. In their eyes, everything outside of the top 10 were trash. It was normal for them to be defeated.

"This bastard, I will definitely teach him a lesson." Qin Feng looked at the wounds on his wrist. Not only had he suffered a loss, he had also lost face.

"Seeing how calm you are normally, you actually dared to make a move." Ye Chenlei said with a smile. He was smiling very happily.

Because of a violation of the rules, Qin Feng was ranked third, while Ye Chenlei, who was ranked fourth, did not even need to fight him to reach third.

Qin Feng snorted, "Who asked him to reject Yue Mei? Yue Mei was very angry because of this. I just wanted to teach him a lesson on her behalf."

Qi Xue suddenly said, "I'm going to challenge Qi Meilian, I want to rise to sixth place."

She was currently in seventh place, in the top ten. She could be considered to be at the back of the pack.

Everyone in the Hidden Dragon Martial Field quickly received the news that Qi Xue, who was ranked seventh, was going to challenge the sixth Qi Meilian!

The young martial artists in the top ten finally had some movement after so long.

This caused the entire Hidden Dragon dojo to burst into an uproar, and this was a battle between two women!

Qin Yun won another battle and walked down the dueling platform. Upon hearing the news, he thought to himself, "Qi Xue and Qi Meilian are both from the State of Qi, so they are probably not born of the same mother. Their relationship must not be harmonious."

He repeated the word "Qi Meilian" in his mind and suddenly felt that it was very familiar.

"Don't tell me it's her!"

When Qin Yun was young, he had accompanied the emperor to other countries before going to the Qi Empire. He was only a few years old at the time, and Qi Meilan had been the one who left the most impression on him when he went to the Qi Kingdom.

The main thing was that she was cute, kind and very likeable. Back then, Qin Yun had coincidentally fallen ill. Qi Meili was extremely concerned about him …

He didn't know if it was his childhood or not. After all, he was a man with a cold world, and he had evil intentions.

The battle between Qi Xue and Qi Meilan was about to begin. The two of them had already arrived at the battling platform.

Qi Xue was wearing a red tight suit. Although she was beautiful, she lacked some spiritual energy.

In Qin Yun's eyes, her looks were average. Now, he knew that the Princess of Tian Qi who had bickered with Meng Fei Ling in the Hall of Marking was Qi Xue.

Qi Meilan was dressed in full dress, and her pink and white dress gave her a simple yet elegant look. The little family was as beautiful as jade.

Her round face and clear eyes made her look innocent. She was the kind of little sister who wanted to love him the moment she saw him.

"Little Mei Lian hasn't changed at all!" Qin Yun did not know why, but after seeing Qi Meilan, he felt extremely happy.

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