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Chapter 58 Preparations for the Top Ten

Many people believed that Qin Yun would be completely suppressed by the giant from the beginning!

Unexpectedly, after he displayed the Hanshan Style, he released an aura that was not inferior to the giant's.

The giant was sent flying in two moves.

After using the Mountain Shaking Style, Qin Yun saw the other party as a mountain. He saw himself as a giant that was as tall as a mountain and wanted to push the mountain forward!

It was as if he were pushing a mountain. This was the power of the Mountains Shaking Art.

After the giant stood up, Qin Yun immediately flew over. He struck out with another Mountain Shaking Style, sending the giant flying with a blast of air.


The giant's huge and heavy body heavily fell under the battling platform, smashing the thick stone tiles on the ground.

"Dragon-slaying victorious, promotion to rank 100!"

Qi Xue looked at Qin Yun, who had walked down from the dueling platform. She could not help but frown and said, "This fellow entered the top hundred very easily. Even I would not be able to knock the big bloke off the stage that easily!"

Ye Chenlei looked very serious, "That is the Hanshan Style. What is this guy's background to be able to master such unorthodox martial arts? He must have been learning it for many years!"

Xiao Lang laughed, "You are a big guy. Are you afraid of this kind of martial arts?"

Ye Chenlei did not think so, and said with a sneer: "Him? He's still too young! "I have the Thunder Axe Martial Spirit. Once I use my inner force, I can release lightning. If he wants to get close to my body, he will definitely be struck by lightning."

Just now, Qin Feng went out. After he pushed open the door and entered, he said with a trace of doubt: "I just received news that the masked man lives inside the Hall of Marking!"

Qi Xue exclaimed, "Could it really be Qin Yun?"

Qin Feng shook his head and said, "The masked man is not Qin Yun! Yang Shiyue had returned from the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy and had gone to the Mysterious Pattern Palace to bring Qin Yun with her. When my men went to the Mysterious Marks Palace, they found out that the masked man is a blacksmith from the Mysterious Marks Palace who specializes in manufacturing low-grade bone steel. "

"No wonder he's so mysterious. Since the fellows in the Hall of Marking have always been like this, there's nothing strange about it. If it's not Qin Yun, he'll have to report to the clan." Ye Chenlei calmed down and sat down to drink.

In the Mysterious Pattern Palace, in a training room.

Yang Shiyue was engaged in a battle with Qin Yun.

However, Qin Yun was exhausted after training for more than two hours. As for Yang Shiyue, she did not even have a chance to breathe.

She poured a cup and handed it to Qin Yun. She said, "There are still about forty days before the announcement. There's still plenty of time. You'd better do your best to improve yourself in this period of time so that you can be number one!"

Qin Yun took a sip of the purple liquid. It was extremely hard to drink because it was given to him by Yang Shiyue. He could only grit his teeth and drink it.

When Yang Shiyue saw Qin Yun's bitter face, she could not help but laugh like a silver bell. She said, "Indeed, it's a little hard to drink. This is something that can quickly recover one's stamina."

Indeed, not long after Qin Yun drank it, his body miraculously recovered its strength.

Then, he continued to spar with Yang Shi Yue, and only stopped when he was completely exhausted.

Qin Yun sat on the ground and leaned against the wall. As he drank the unpleasant wine, he said with a look of regret, "Teacher, the Wind Slaying Arts are that powerful … But I am unable to use it, which greatly limits my power! "

Back then, he had relied on this technique to defeat Yan Qingyu. If he couldn't use it, his strength would be greatly reduced.

Yang Shiyue lowered her head in thought. After pondering for a moment, she suddenly said: "The Wind Slasher Technique is a sabre art, let me try, can I change it to a hammer technique … … In any case, you'll need to use the Forge, and it will be of some help to you in the future. "

Qin Yun was delighted and said with a smile, "Teacher, you are truly a martial arts master. Your comprehension of martial arts seems to be much faster than mine. You are like a Grandmaster when you guide me and you are so beautiful!"

Yang Shiyue laughed coquettishly: "You little brat, don't be glib tongued … …. I only understand martial arts quickly, but I can't comprehend the essence of it. This is mainly the foundation that I had accumulated when I was young, by flipping through large amounts of martial arts techniques."

"You stay here and practice. I'll make you a new hammer technique." When she entered the room, she needed to improve her cultivation technique in a quiet environment.

In order to narrow the gap between him and Yang Shiyue, Qin Yun needed to work even harder.

After cultivating for more than two hours, he suddenly received a notification.

Someone had come to challenge him to a battle within four hours.

"I just entered the top 100 and someone has already come to challenge me!" Qin Yun also wanted to see who had challenged him.

More than two hours later.

Qin Yun was walking on the path towards the Mysterious Dragon Martial Arts Field.

While he was on the road, a middle-aged woman walked over and handed him a piece of paper.

He opened it and saw that it was written for him by Meng Fei.

"Brother Yun, I've been closely watched, so I won't meet you anymore. I don't want to expose your identity, so I wish you well!"

After he finished reading this beautiful line of characters, he held it tightly in his palm and released a burning flame.

His opponent was standing on top of it. It was an old man, who was also a martial artist at the sixth level of the martial body. He seemed very confident, wearing a clean set of white clothes and rolling up his sleeves.

Qin Yun quickly walked up the battling platform as the referee shouted for the battle to begin.

"Look at this!"

The old man in white was extremely polite, but his actions were not polite at all.

These claw techniques were both fierce and ruthless. Their attacks were just like a wolf's, causing many people to feel fear in their hearts.

Qin Yun was somewhat surprised. He never expected to encounter such a powerful opponent so soon.

The white-clothed elder's speed was extremely fast. Regardless of whether it was the speed of his attacks or his running speed, they were both faster than Qin Yun.

In the luxurious suite on the second floor of the Hidden Dragon Martial Field, Xiao Lang held a cup of wine and smiled faintly. "Attack like a wolf, speed like the wind. This is old man Lang's most outstanding point."

Ye Chenlei said, "The old wolfman is Yue Mei's follower, right? "So powerful!"

Xiao Lang smiled, "Yue Mei, for this girl to let her follower participate in the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition, she must want him to enter the top ten. At that time, if you can't even beat her lackeys, you'll be laughed at. What a playful girl! "

Qin Yun, who was on the battling platform, did not know that old man Lang was Xiao Yue Mei's follower. He only knew that the other party's strength was extraordinary and that he had rich combat experience.

After more than a hundred moves with the old man, he was still unable to see through the other party's martial spirit.

Until now, he had been completely suppressed, and could only avoid the enemy's swift and fierce attacks.

"Could this old man have a dual attribute martial spirit, the Wind Wolf Martial Spirit?!" Qin Yun made guesses in his heart.

Dual-attribute martial spirits were more common, just that there were two different types of martial spirits.

The 'Hanshan Style' could be used to deal with martial artists who were slow in movement and strong in defense. However, it was impossible to use it against such an agile martial artist.

Qin Yun was extremely puzzled. He could not use the Fire Cloud Steps nor could he use the Wind Slasher Formula. If not, he would definitely be able to defeat the other party in a surprise attack.

The Wind Slaying Art was a martial art that countered wind.

He had attacked more than ten times but had never put any pressure on his opponent. The main reason was that the opponent was too fast and could always dodge!

"That's the only way!" Qin Yun hardened his heart as he accumulated a surge of inner Qi.

He wanted to use the Qi Explosion Technique!

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