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Chapter 456: Grab your father back

The little guy stopped as he smacked his lips, and heard a name very seriously: Feng Xinglang!

So it turns out that his own biological father was called Feng Xinglang!

Hearing this name was rather cool and pleasing to the ears, but he was actually a person without a conscience!

Leaving Mommy and him alone, he carried another woman and gave birth to a child!

"I only have a foster father, not any kind of biological father! He didn't need any father! My foster father is enough! "

The little guy snorted unhappily. He could tell that this was something that the little guy would not do.

But it still warmed Hetun's heart. He seemed to feel that he had not raised this ingrate for nothing.

"Your biological father abandoned his wife and son, making your mother sad for so many years … Don't you want to uphold justice for your mother? "

Hetun rubbed his bearded chin on the little guy's tender face. He hadn't been able to hold the little thing for a whole night, but he always felt that he was missing something.

The little fellow paused again, blinking its clear eyes, as if it was thinking.

After a moment, the little fellow shook its head.

Hetun didn't seem to be too satisfied with the little fellow's faint reaction.

"Fifteen, you really don't want to snatch him back? You should be able to see that your mother loves your father very much. Otherwise, she wouldn't have painted him day and night! Isn't it? "

The little fellow's heart once again started to stir with small waves.

"Think about it, if your father wasn't by your mother's side, she wouldn't be able to be happy for the rest of her life."

The lobbying from the Hetun deepened bit by bit. Every word revolved around Lin Xueluo.

Judging from the little guy's performance last night, this little guy was a big filial son. For his mother's sake, the little thing could be said to be yielding.

"But I'm with my mommy!"

The little fellow retorted.

"To your mother, you can only be loving; and to your mother, you still need love! Do you understand? "

When it came to treating small things, the Hetun was always exceptionally patient.

Although he had treated little friend Linnuo as a bargaining chip against Feng Xinglang, but even so, Hetun was still extremely attentive.

The little guy slightly tilted his body backwards, as if he wanted to see Hetun's face more clearly.

"Foster father, you don't have a woman. Do you know what love is?" the little guy asked, pouting his small mouth.

The little thing asked in a childish tone, which really stunned Hetun quite a bit. It was as if he had been swept into that unbearable past!

After a long while, Hetun finally calmed down from Shang's state of mind.

"Let's go, foster father will bring you out."

Hetun wanted to put the little thing in his arms back onto the ground, but the little thing kept hanging around his neck.

"My PP was swollen by your punch last night! It still hurts! It's impossible for you to let me go on my own. So, you must carry me with you until the end of this day! "

Whether Little PP was really in pain or not, was unknown; but this little thing would never let foster father Hetun, the executioner, get away with it.


Hetun smiled helplessly, and could only pull the little thing into his arms once more.

"Good!" Your foster father has been carrying you for the entire day! "

And make the bad on the little PP of the little guy pinched, the little guy wail in pain.

Three out of three was really painful, seven out of ten.

clearly heard the conversation between Hetun and his son.

Something that Xueluo was worried about still had to happen.

Hetun definitely wouldn't have a simple goal of taking in mother and son. He wanted to use his son Linnuo to deal with Feng Xinglang!

This was something that Xueluo had thought of a long time ago.

But Xueluo just did not know: How would Hetun use his son Linnuo to deal with Feng Xinglang?

Could it be that he was going to get Feng Xinglang to choose a choice again?

How would he choose?

Could it be … Let him choose between his own son and his own daughter?

Xueluo's heart was hurting so much!

The man had abandoned and hurt them both once! If he still dared to hurt his son Linnuo, even as a ghost, she wouldn't forgive him!

Actually, what made Xueluo even more worried was that she was afraid that the Hetun would let her son, Linnuo, make the choice.

Vaguely, Xueluo seemed to realize that the Hetun would let his son choose between him and Feng Xinglang, his biological father.

There was no doubt that his son Linnuo would choose her as his mother.

In other words, would his son Linnuo personally go and kill his father?

Or else, did Hetun teach a 5-year-old child so many Killing techniques? It was a crossbow and a hand snatch!

Heavens, Xueluo really didn't dare to think about what kind of outrageous scene it would be to let a five year old child kill his own father!

When Hetun went out today, he only brought Little Fifteen and did not bring Xing Shi'er with him.

But Xueluo knew, even if Hetun did not bring Xing Shi'er, she would definitely bring Xing Ba along. To a certain extent, Xing Ba was even more sinister than Xing Shi'er. However, whether it was Xing Shi'er or Xing Ba, neither of them would hurt Little Fifteen.

As a result, when Xueluo walked into the dining hall, he could still see Xing Shi'er eating breakfast.

"Twelve, where did your foster father take fifteen today?"

Xueluo asked gently. It did not vent its anger on anyone just because it had been locked in Little Black's room last night.

"I guess he went to find fifteen's father, Feng Xinglang."

Amongst the foster son's foster son, only Xing Shi'er could live in this villa with the Hetun. Others will only live nearby.

"What?" Your foster father brought Fifteen to find Feng Xinglang? "

Hearing Xing Shi'er's words, Xueluo's entire being was in a bad mood.

"Don't be agitated, I was just guessing! "But it's only a matter of time before this son of his meets with his father."

Ever since they met five years ago, Xing Shi'er had not yet lost his childish ways. But now, Xing Shi'er had gained an additional strand of idiotic and foolish evil energy.

Xueluo was silent for a moment, then asked Xing Shi'er who was eating breakfast:

"Twelve, what are my chances of taking fifteen away from under your foster father's nose?"

Xueluo asked with sincerity. He seemed to know that there was a huge difference in intelligence between him and the Hetun.

Xing Shi'er turned around and glanced at Lin Xueluo, and said very seriously: "It's not that there's no chance of victory, it's just that it's very small!"

"However, you are definitely not willing to see the consequences of your actions! "For example, your actions would stimulate my foster father to put a tracker on the body of the youngest, and my foster father would open the skull of the fifteenth and transplant the tracker inside …"

"Enough!" Stop it! I'm just asking! "

Xueluo felt his blood run cold.

Hetun had taken away Little Fifteen, so Xueluo was still free.

Because Hetun knew: The mother Xueluo would never abandon her child and go far away on her own.

Xueluo also asked the butler for a thousand yuan to go out the door. The butler gave her an extra bank card.

She thought of the rosewood box.

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