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Chapter 118: The Wife Who Envies Other People

With Feng Xinglang's robust and tall body, as well as his combat skills, being as ruthless as a trapped beast, Xueluo was really worried that Fang Yi Yan would be injured or even crippled by him.

What's wrong with Fang Yi? He had only come to find the Feng Family from school to care for him.

But Feng Xinglang, this vile man, was actually so unreasonable as to go up and viciously beat him up! Was this man even human?

Lin Xueluo regretted speaking to Fang Yi just now. If he had left the Feng Family early, he would not have met Feng Xinglang. He wouldn't be beaten like this for no reason at all! She was really complaining for Fang Yiyan!

Before Fang Yiyan could even stand steadily in the flower garden, Feng Xinglang had already followed with his second punch. With regards to this fella called 'Fang Yiyan', Feng Xinglang had been itching for a few days already. If she didn't properly educate him, she would really be unworthy of him coming to her doorstep on his own accord.

It was obvious that Fang Yiyan had been at a disadvantage when the two men had been fighting earlier. It could be said that he didn't have the strength to fight back. He was only passively getting beaten, and was in an extremely sorry state.

"Feng Xinglang, stop hitting me … Please don't hit me again! If you continue to fight like this, he will lose his life! "

Xueluo begged Feng Xinglang to stop, but when he heard Xueluo's persuasion, Feng Xinglang's anger increased, and when he sent his right fist out, blood was already flowing out of Fang Yi's mouth.

Seeing that he was unable to persuade this wild beast that had lost control of itself, Xueluo could only scream for help, "Nanny An … Butler Mo... Hurry up and come out... Feng Xinglang, he beat someone up … Butler Mo... Butler Mo... Feng Xinglang, quickly beat him to death! "

At this moment, Xueluo seemed to have realized: Feng Xinglang was truly a terrifying person.

Sometimes, when he vented his anger, there was no reason for it. Everything speaks with his boxer, with his violence, with his strength, with his bullying.

Being married into the Feng Family was like entering a strange Purgatory. Xueluo could predict that her future path would be even more difficult.

In order to attract the attention of Butler Mo and the Nanny An in the villa, Xueluo kept knocking on the bulletproof glass with the chairs in the room. No matter how hard she tried, she only left a few shallow marks. She couldn't break through this thick bulletproof glass.

Fortunately, Butler Mo and Nanny An heard Xueluo's shout, and immediately ran out of the villa. The two of them, along with the security guards who arrived after hearing the news, pulled Feng Xinglang, the angry beast away.

Fang Yi Yan struggled to get up from the grass patch. His brow, bones, and chin were all hit by Feng Xinglang's heavy punch and were bleeding profusely from his mouth, causing a hematoma to form.

He squinted his swollen eyes and saw the man who had hit him. He had just heard Xueluo calling out to him, but it wasn't Feng Lixin. With the same surname, Feng, should be someone related to the Feng Family.

"Student, are you alright?" Nanny An immediately went to support Fang Yi Yan, who was trembling as he crawled up. He also found the nearsighted glasses for him and gave them to him.

Fang Yi spat out the blood from his mouth and replied weakly, "I'm fine."

"With just your skills, you still want to covet someone else's wife? Go back to being your nerd! " Feng Xinglang reprimanded her coldly.

No matter how Feng Xinglang looked at the fool in front of him, he couldn't compare to [The Sun is bright, as bright as the morning sun]!

At most, he was just a bookworm who had lost his mind reading books! That idiot woman's eyesight was really bad.

"Mr Feng, for you to lock Lin Xueluo up like that, this, is against the law! You must release her now! She has the most basic freedom of life for citizens! "

After being beaten up, Fang Yi Yan did not run away, but stayed put to argue with Feng Xinglang.

"I'm happy to lock her up, but what can you do?" Feng Xinglang scoffed, "What, do you think you didn't get enough of a beating?"

On the third floor, Xueluo heard the conversation between the two men downstairs and became even more anxious for Fang Yi. She shouted anxiously, "Fang Yi! Fang Yiyan, hurry up and leave! It's none of your business! Go! "

"Xueluo, I will definitely interfere with your matters! Wait a little longer, I'll think of a way to get you out of here. " Fang Yi Yan promised Xueluo, who was standing in the sunroom on the third floor.

In Feng Xinglang's eyes, she had become his wife flirting with another man! In front of his husband? Love? They shared the same suffering?

Feng Xinglang's hands itched again, because he wanted to beat someone up again!

"Fang Yiyan, go..." You can't beat him! "If you get beaten to death or crippled by him, who's going to take care of Aunt Fang?"

Xueluo was clear that Fang Yi's words belonged to someone with a stubborn personality, so she could only take out her mother to persuade him to back off. In front of such a violent person like Feng Xinglang, there was simply no reason at all.

Fang Yi's words reminded him of something. He no longer tried to reason with Feng Xinglang, but used his hands to support the bicycle.

"Xueluo, wait a moment, I will go call some people." After saying that, he quickly got on his bicycle and left.

"Send reinforcements? It's getting late, hurry up! Don't disturb my sleep! " Feng Xinglang retorted.

Fang Yi finally left and Xueluo could be considered to be relieved. She could only save Fang Yiyan! Because he could not afford to offend someone like Feng Xinglang.

Everything became quiet once again. It was lifeless, as if nothing had happened.

Xueluo sat down along the glass wall, staring at the scenery outside in a daze. However, there was not a single bit of scenery that entered her eyes.

Before marrying into the Feng Family, Xueluo had already planned for the worst: to use his entire life to take care of the crippled Feng Lixin.

But from the looks of it, it was much more cruel than he had expected!

"When did that kid come?" Feng Xinglang asked Nanny An harshly.

"Just now! He said he was his wife's classmate. It was his senior. "Since his wife didn't go to school today, he came to see her." The Nanny An reported truthfully, "I did not ask him to see Madam."

In fact, Nanny An also wanted to ask: If it was just a classmate visiting, why would you hit him? How could his wife ever get along with him in the future?

However, based on what Second Young Master said to the senior, he seemed to be saying that the two of them had already known each other before.

"Second Young Master, do you know that senior of yours?" Nanny An asked.

"I don't know him!" There was no need to know him! If he comes again in the future, I'll have Little Qian beat him until he doesn't dare to come! " Feng Xinglang coldly snorted. Then he walked upstairs.

Originally, Nanny An had wanted to persuade Second Young Master to open up the third floor's sunroom for his wife, Xueluo. Seeing that Second Young Master had gone upstairs, he did not dare to make a sound.

Nanny An could tell that he was unhappy.

Feng Xinglang did not directly go to the sun room on the third floor, but went to the medicine room on the second floor instead.

Even if he did not take the initiative to go, he knew that Feng Lixin would definitely get Doctor Jin to call him over. The daughter-in-law that he had chosen out himself, had been locked up by him for an entire day. How could he not be anxious to get angry?

Just as Feng Xinglang had expected, Feng Lixin had already asked Xiao Xing to lift up the sickbed, and was about to get Doctor Jin to call him.

"Xinglang... You, you went too far! What did Xueluo do wrong? You're going to lock her up like this? She's your wife, not a prisoner. Furthermore, it was not about cats and dogs … You actually locked her up? Your phone is off and you're not answering it. You want. "Cough cough …"

After speaking so much in a single breath, Feng Lixin was unable to catch his breath and he started to cough violently.

Feng Xinglang skillfully sat down in front of the sickbed and helped his big brother Feng Lixin into his embrace. His nimble and gentle movements allowed to pat his back, allowing his breathing to become smoother.

"I know I can't talk too much, but why do I have to talk so much?"

Feng Xinglang pressed Feng Lixin's sinister looking face close to his chest, "How come you don't know how to cherish yourself!"

"You still haven't answered me: Why did you lock Xueluo up? What did she do wrong? " After getting his breath back with much difficulty, Feng Lixin started to interrogate Feng Xinglang again.

"She is suffering for you! When you agree to come with me to America for further treatment, I'll let her out! Otherwise, I will lock you up until you agree to treat it! " Feng Xinglang said indifferently.

"Preposterous!" Feng Lixin choked and retorted: "Then if I were to die right now, would you be able to release her?"

Feng Xinglang was startled for a moment, and then, a cold smile surfaced on his handsome face: "I will send her to hell, and then I will be your younger brother's wife!"

"Feng Xinglang, your cultivation has already went berserk. There is nothing you can do to save you! Xueluo was innocent! Why did you implicate her because of me? " Feng Lixin was furious.

"Since she has the guts and the courage to choose to marry into the Feng Family, then she must and should accept all of this!" Feng Xinglang remained cold and detached.

Since his imploring could not move Feng Lixin, then the only thing he could do now was to use the thing that Feng Lixin cared about to stimulate him. Perhaps, only then, would he be able to rekindle the belief that he needed to live.

"Xueluo is just a small girl, why do you have to bear to make things difficult for her!" Feng Lixin was truly pained by the innocent Xueluo.

"What other thing in the world could it be compared to you, Feng Lixin, abandoning your own brother and wholeheartedly wanting to die?" Feng Xinglang laughed coldly.

Feng Lixin did not even want to drink the medicinal food that Feng Xinglang had fed him. However, he didn't dare not drink it. It was not only for the innocent Xueluo, but also for Nanny An's words: This time, Second Young Master and Xueluo would really be happy.

If Xueluo was really pregnant with Feng Xinglang's child, how could he withstand such torture from Feng Xinglang!

The tiger poison is not yet ready to be eaten! Feng Lixin could not allow his brother Feng Xinglang to do anything to harm his own flesh and blood.

"Release Xueluo. I promise you, after my 30th birthday, I'll go to America for treatment. " Finally, Feng Lixin relented and gave the specific time.

Feng Xinglang's movements stagnated, and he slowly put down the medicinal bowl in his hands. Then, he came over and tightly embraced Feng Lixin's skinny body in his embrace, and hoarsely said, "Big Brother, thank you!"

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