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Xing Shi'er was not afraid of death. However, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to live to see his baby clear. Although Qing Qing kept saying that she did not need Xing Shi'er to take responsibility for her, nor would she use the child in her womb to force Xing Shi'er to marry her, she would raise the child in her womb all by herself;

But Xing Shi'er could see that the silly girl had always hoped to have a small family. There was him, her, and their child!

But in reality, foster father Hetun was a stubborn person, and this time, Prince Xing was determined to fight him head on!

After worrying for dozens of hours, Xing Shi'er finally decided to go see Lin Xueluo.

If there was someone in this world who could resolve the conflict between his foster father and the Prince Xing, then this person would undoubtedly be Lin Xueluo.

She was the woman that Feng Xinglang deeply loved, as well as the mother of her foster father's three beloved grandchildren! With such an identity and aura, she would be able to negotiate with her father-in-law, Hetun, and her husband, Feng Xinglang!

"Old Tweleve, why are you being so courteous today, actually treating me to a meal?"

Very few men had asked her out to dinner since she had become a married woman. Even if there was a meal going on, it would still be a mom's group. Therefore, Xueluo's mood was still somewhat beautiful when he invited her to dinner.

These days, Xueluo was extremely saddened by the deaths of Nina and Yan Bang. When he saw little Wuyang everyday, his heart ached even more. If he did not calm his emotions, Xueluo felt that he would be depressed.

"Lin Xueluo, I have a very serious and very important matter that I want to ask for your help with!"

Hearing Xing Shi'er's words, the smile that was just released from Xueluo's face froze on his face once again.

Ten … Twelve, can you not be so serious? I sound scared. "

Xueluo really did not want to hear any more sad news. She did not want to face the suffering and sorrow of the mortal world again and again in such a short period of time.

"This is related to my foster father … and all of our foster son s … " Xing Shi'er's expression was a little dejected. With foster father Hetun's ruthlessness and his guilt towards Prince Xing, if Prince Xing were to report his foster father's evil deeds, he would definitely plead guilty! When that time came, all the foster son would be the same …

None of them could escape!

"How... What's wrong? You. Have you guys met some kind of great enemy? " Xueluo asked, trembling.

To be honest, the Celeste from last time had already caused her endless fear. It was a nightmare.

"This time, it's... It's the Prince Xing! " Xing Shi'er said in a low voice.

"Ah?" Was it Xinglang? He … How could he have fought with your foster father? " Xueluo asked.

When Xing Shi'er told her about Prince Xing threatening her foster father at the entrance of his bedroom a few days ago, she was both shocked and speechless.

Of course, Xing Shi'er still kept some of them: for example, foster father Hetun was planning to get rid of Yan Bang's son no matter what. Xueluo knew that the Hetun and Yan Bang were sworn enemies. Back then, in order to save the Feng Brothers, Yan Bang had risked his life. But what the heavens meant for him was that Feng Xinglang was actually the biological son of the Hetun! This not only slapped Yan Bang's face, but also …

had humiliated his sincere heart of the Feng Brothers!

"How cruel and vicious is your foster father's heart to not even let a child who's a few years old off?"

Xueluo resisted the anger and sorrow in his heart and asked sternly: "Xing Shi'er, tell me honestly, is the death of Nina and Yan Bang your foster father's trap?"

"No …" No! Yan Bang really died in an accident! As for that Nina, who knows how she died … "

Xing Shi'er tactfully chose to hide the truth from Lin Xueluo. Because he knew that his beloved wife's Prince Xing would definitely not tell his wife the cruel truth. So he was sure that Lin Xueluo didn't know anything.

"Then why isn't your foster father willing for me to adopt Yan Wuyang with Xinglang? A child without his parents was very pitiful, wasn't it? Moreover, his parents have done a great favor for our Feng Family! "

Xueluo took a deep breath, "I will fully support my Xinglang in adopting Wuyang! As a person, you must know how to repay kindness, and you must not forget your roots! "

"Lin Xueluo, the reason my foster father forbade you from adopting Yan Wuyang is also for your and Prince Xing's benefit! Besides, you already have three children. With another Yan Wuyang, how messy will your home be? "Also..."

Xing Shi'er had originally wanted to say that if Yan Wuyang were to find out about the cause of his parents' death when he grew up, he would definitely take revenge on the Prince Xing. In other words, raising a tiger was a source of trouble.

"There's no need for your foster father to worry about that! We'll get a babysitter if we can't take care of it. "

"Lin Xueluo, don't tell me you want to see my foster father and Prince Xing get hurt by each other?"

Xing Shi'er really did not expect Lin Xueluo's desire to adopt Yan Wuyang to be even stronger, "Little Bug already lost him because of being spoiled, do you want your three children to live under the shadow of jealousy for the rest of their lives?"

Wasn't this reason too far-fetched?

"Xing Shi'er, your foster father was the one who did the wrong thing anyway! Does he really have to force me to be so unjust to Xinglang? "

Xueluo could not understand why the Hetun would not agree to their decision to adopt Yan Wuyang. What she did not know at the moment, was that Hetun's ultimate goal was to eliminate the roots of everything!

"Lin Xueluo, for the sake of harmony between my foster father and the Prince Xing, don't adopt Yan Wuyang! It's not bad to send it to Bai Mo for adoption too! "

Xing Shi'er thought, as long as Yan Wuyang left the Prince Xing's line of sight, it would be much easier for them to take action.

"You can't just watch as Prince Xing goes and reports my foster father's real name, can you? There are only two possibilities: either my foster father pleads guilty, or the Prince Xing will go to jail! "For the sake of someone else's child, it's really not worth it!" Xing Shi'er, do you have the ability to differentiate right from wrong? It's obviously your foster father's fault. Why do we have to continue to submit to him? Xinglang and I have more responsibility and obligation to adopt Yan Wuyang than she does! Back then, if it wasn't for Yan Bang, your Xing …

"I'm afraid that even the crown prince has already..."

During this meal, Xueluo and Xing Shi'er were unable to reach an agreement.

Xueluo felt that based on the past contribution Yan Bang had made for the Feng Brothers, she and her husband must also adopt Yan Bang's children.

Xing Shi'er, on the other hand, believed that for the sake of the other family's children, it was not worth it to let father and son meet in battle!

… ….

These few days, when Feng Xinglang returned to the Feng Family, he was always in this state: In his arms, he was carrying his little son, Bug, and holding onto Yan Wuyang, who was two to three years older than him.

Because he couldn't bear to see his husband work so hard everyday, Xueluo had asked his husband to bring Yan Wuyang and his youngest son to her house more than once. However, his husband insisted on taking his two children to work every day.

It was as if the moment he saw his husband holding Yan Wuyang's hand and hugging his youngest son, Xueluo suddenly realized something. Even if his husband loved Yan Wuyang, there was no need to be so nervous! Right, her husband was nervous about Yan Wuyang!

Why was this happening?

Could it be … Would Wuyang's life be in danger like his parents?

Xueluo didn't dare to think about it!

"Wuyang, come to mother's place!" Xueluo waved his hand at Yan Wuyang.

Meanwhile, the little bug boy went over to the beautiful golden calendar and climbed onto the stool to read while counting something with his little hand. One of the hands counted twice.

Most of the people in Feng Family were used to looking at the electronic calendar on their phones, but Butler Mo and Nanny An preferred this type of calendar. It seemed more convenient.

Feng Xinglang took a quick glance at his youngest son who was counting his hands in anticipation for something, and slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

"Xinglang, from tomorrow onwards, leave Wuyang and the bugs at home for me to take! You work so hard everyday, and you even brought Wuyang and the bugs … Too tired! It just so happens that I am preparing to find a home tutor for Wuyang. "

"I'll take him for now! Wuyang and the insects were all sticking to me, so I was quite satisfied! Just let me be satisfied for a few more days! "

Although the man said this, Xueluo could see how exhausted he was. The more her husband said this, the more Xueluo was worried. Was there really someone who wanted to hurt Yan Wuyang!

Could it be … Hetun?!

If it was merely the Hetun who was unwilling to allow her son to adopt Yan Wuyang, then the father and son pair would not have reached such a state where both of them would suffer heavy injuries. Furthermore, her husband insisted on bringing little Wuyang to the company everyday … Xueluo would inevitably think too much!

Xueluo was just about to beat around the bush and probe her husband, and if Hetun wanted to do something to little Wuyang, Shao Yuanjun had actually come to visit him.

"Wuyang..." Shao Yuan Jun called out to Yan Wuyang.

"Big Shao!" The little guy immediately ran towards Shao Yuanjun happily.

Shao Yuanjun was a distant relative of Yan Bang. Maybe he was also the only one who was slightly related to Yan Bang. He was the financial manager of the Yulong City, and also a part-time legal advisor. The little guy was still very familiar with him.

After being intimate with Yan Wuyang for a while, Shao Yuanjun started to greet Feng Xinglang and his wife, and explained his purpose in coming here.

"President Feng, I want to bring Wuyang back to Yulong City! That is Wuyang's home! "

Shao Yuanjun's suggestion had slightly surprised Feng Xinglang. It was only then that he remembered that Shao Yuanjun was a distant relative of Yan Bang. President Feng, I know you love Wuyang a lot, but over the years, Wuyang has gotten used to living in Yulong City! I will raise Wuyang until he grows up, then take over all the properties under the President Yan's name! I accept you and Director Bai's overseer

Director! "Absolutely have no selfish motives!"

Shao Yuanjun spoke very sincerely. Furthermore, Wuyang did not reject him.

"But my mother wants me to live with my godfather!"

Yan Wuyang was still a child, so his speech wasn't very thorough. His words made it easy for people to understand the reason why he wanted to stay in the Feng Family. Other than liking Feng Xinglang as his godfather, there was also listening to his mother's words.

His parents' beloved son had a profound plan! Feng Xinglang could understand the deep love Nina had for the little Wuyang before her death! Xueluo did not reply, but turned to look at his husband, Feng Xinglang. Whatever decision her husband made, she would support him. This couple had the same heart and soul, and wanted to protect Yan Wuyang! Not only for Yan Bang, but also for Nina's share.

A great motherly love!

"How about this, you go back and clean up Yulong City! What should be done, what should be taken care of, what should be taken care of! Wuyang will stay in the Feng Family first, when the time is right, I will send Wuyang there! " Feng Xinglang said indifferently. Judging from his tone, he didn't completely agree with the other party's words. At the same time, he also seemed to have agreed to the other party's request!

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