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Chapter 42 Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array

Qin Yun looked around and, after confirming that there was no one around, he took out the bamboo scroll that read "36 Spirit prints" and opened it. Sure enough, he used the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array to quote a few of the Spirit prints.

"All I see are parts of the Inscription, which is why I feel that it's so familiar!" Qin Yun was secretly delighted. Then, he walked back and forth on this level as he memorized the positions of the spirit inscriptions.

He then took out another piece of paper and quickly drew on it, quickly drawing the entire Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array.

Suddenly, a strong wave of energy fluctuations could be felt as a large amount of Nine Yang energy was quickly injected into the array!

The Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array was activated!

Qin Yun hurriedly sat down with his legs crossed. He began using the Black Yang Tactic to absorb the Nine Yang Energy.

After stepping into the fifth level of the Martial Body, you need to continuously condense inner qi to develop and strengthen your inner strength.

Yang Shiyue had told him before that when he was at the fifth level of the Martial Body Stage, he could form the "Bone Meridian", "Heart Meridian" and "Soul Meridian" in his body before reaching the sixth level of the Martial Body.

Qin Yun looked at the vibrating inner elemental energy as he thought to himself, "I have talent equivalent to the Nine Yang Spiritual Pulse. However, because I have two inner elemental energies, I need to put in more effort. It can make me stronger!"

Ten days passed by quickly!

In the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array, Qin Yun had absorbed a large amount of Nine Yang Energy. It was equivalent to the amount he had absorbed in two years!

After the great formation came to a halt, Qin Yun reluctantly walked down the stairs.

He did not break through, but his two elemental energies had grown by a lot. The main thing was that he had to consume a lot of his internal energy in order to consolidate his inner strength.

Last time, he was heavily hit by Qin Deren's Dantian shot, but his elemental energy was completely unharmed. It was precisely because of the shock to his elemental energy that he was able to protect himself. Therefore, it was worth it even if he used up most of his internal energy.

"Next, I need to form three great scriptures before I can break through to the sixth level of the Martial Body! Although I am not at the 6th level of the Martial Body realm yet, when facing a martial artist at the 6th level, even if I cannot win, I will not lose. "

Qin Yun walked out of the ice tower and took a bath with ice and snow in the snowy lands outside. He changed into a clean set of white clothes and began climbing down the Wuling Peak.

When he came down from Hua Ling Peak, he saw Yang Shiyue walking slowly towards him from afar. She was wearing a purple dress and was wearing a purple dress, which made her look noble and cold, looking very beautiful.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Teacher, you are on time!"

Yang Shiyue gently smiled and said: "You are my only precious student, of course I have to look after you." Furthermore, I am worried about Master Wei's presence at the Hua Ling Martial Arts School. "

"Has he gone yet? Didn't they say that they were holding a banquet to celebrate Wei Xuankun's becoming a Symbol Master? "It's not open yet!" Qin Yun could not help but smile. "It's just talisman crafting, what's the big deal!"

Yang Shiyue secretly curled her lips. Indeed, in Qin Yun's eyes, it was no big deal. However, for an extremely large number of people, as long as they were able to create a symbol, then it was worth celebrating!

She said, "Master Wei has invited too many guests, so he has delayed it till now. He has also invited us. Are you going?"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "If you can eat and drink for free, why don't you go? After all, it's Master Wei. They will definitely serve good wine and dishes to entertain guests. "

He cultivated on the ice pagoda for ten days. Although he would not feel hungry after absorbing the spirit energy, he was very keen on delicious food.

Yang Shiyue had a faint smile on her face as she said: "Alright, then let's go together. I heard that they are all top quality dishes and the taste will definitely be good." When the time comes, we'll drink two cups and use this banquet to congratulate you on successfully creating the Spirit Emblem. "

As Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue chatted, they came to the lake and took a walk on the riverbank that was filled with willow trees.

"Teacher, with her personality, since Yan Yun was injured by me, she will definitely not let this matter rest." Qin Yun said with concern.

"Wei Xuankun was also injured by you. What can he do to you?" Yang Shiyue disapproved.

"NO!" He had his revenge in the dark! " Qin Yun recalled the matter as his face suffused an angry expression.

"It seems like Professor Ding's injuries have another reason!" Yang Shiyue already felt that this matter was fishy.

"Has Principal Zhang returned?" Qin Yun lowered his voice as he looked around and asked.

When Yang Shiyue saw Qin Yun's actions, she could tell that something shocking must have happened. She hurriedly pulled him back to their residence in the bamboo forest.

"Professor Ding and I encountered an ambush inside!" Qin Yun took out the corpse of the Quick Ape and placed it on the floor of the hall.

"This is …" Yang Shiyue's brows furrowed, and she quickly saw a collar, and said: "A demonic beast with a master!"

"After Professor Ding was injured in the fight with this Quick Ape, Cui Hui came out with a group of students. I was surrounded and attacked by students, Professor Ding and Cui Hui were in a tough battle. "

As Qin Yun spoke to here, Yang Shiyue had already guessed a few things.

"Dean Zhang came back two days ago. He couldn't find Cui Hui and the other students." Yang Shiyue looked at Qin Yun with a questioning gaze when Qin Yun nodded.

"I killed both the student and Cui Hui!" Qin Yun sighed and told her what had happened.

"Just pretend this didn't happen. Professor Ding definitely won't tell anyone!" Yang Shiyue rubbed Qin Yun's head and said with a gentle smile, "Quickly tell me how you did in the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array."

Qin Yun told Yang Shiyue about his cultivation before asking her for advice on the cultivation of the three great scriptures.

After Yang Shiyue heard this, she smiled in satisfaction and began to talk about the three great scriptures that he needed to pay attention to.

Qin Yun listened very attentively and asked a few questions from time to time.

It wasn't until deep into the night that Yang Shi Yue finished her lesson and went back to her room to rest.

At night, Qin Yun was full of energy. He did not rest and instead went to craft talismans.

"The thunder talisman Cui Hui used was so powerful that it was able to injure a Scaled Steel Tiger."

He took out a lightning rune from the bamboo scroll that recorded the spirit patterns. Then, he drew on the symbol paper …

After a few failures, he had finally succeeded in creating a Thunder Sigil.

With his experience in making fire talismans, it was much easier for Qin Yun to create other talismans.

"I'm only crafting low-grade spirit runes, while Cui Hui is using high-grade and top-grade thunder runes." Qin Yun looked at the lightning symbols he had produced and felt extremely satisfied.

"As my cultivation increases, my mental strength will also increase by quite a bit. Right now, I'm also making fire talismans much faster than before."

Later on, he made another fire talisman before going to rest.

At daybreak, the largest training square in the Hua Ling Martial Arts School was bustling with noise and excitement.

In the Martial Arts Practice Square, many people were busy moving chairs over and starting to set up a grand banquet.

Master Wei had put in a lot of effort to celebrate his son's victory. At the same time, it was to let Wei Xuankun redeem the face he had lost to Qin Yun through this celebration.

In the evening, the nine suns dyed the sky red.

In the Martial Arts Practice Grounds of the Hua Ling Martial Arts School, there were many beauties and many officials. Clearly, Master Wei held a very high position.

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue had also come. They were sitting at the back, but Master Wei had sent people to invite them to the front. It was obvious that he had ill intentions.

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