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Chapter 43 Banquet

The banquet began. Master Wei was wearing a dazzling golden outfit and it was very luxurious. His square face was filled with smiles. He walked onto a martial stage in front of him and began to speak courteously.

After Master Wei finished his pleasantries, he went to Wei Xuankun. He was dressed just like his father, in a golden-colored luxurious robe. Furthermore, there was a sword hanging from his waist; it seemed to be a Spirit Treasure.

Wei Xuankun also spoke a lot of pleasantries before starting to release fireworks.

After the fireworks, the guests below the stage all sang and danced merrily.

Many of the powerful and influential figures of the various sects stepped forward to congratulate Wei Xuankun and Master Wei.

Qin Yun continued to eat and drink with Yang Shiyue.

In any case, he didn't need the money. Furthermore, Principal Zhang was in the Hua Ling Wu Academy, so there was no need for Master Wei to do anything.

Yang Shiyue was only dressed simply tonight. She wore a simple white dress, and after drinking a few cups of wine, a faint blush appeared on her beautiful face, revealing her enchanting fragrance.

Master Wei held a cup of wine and floated to Qin Yun's side with a few steps. He laughed heartily and said, "Qin Yun, after defeating Kun'er, you made Little Yun lose and obtained the qualification to enter the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array. You can be said to be the number one genius among the freshmen. I'm very grateful to you for attending this dinner. "

Although the martial arts practice field was bustling with noise, Master Wei's voice, which was neither slow nor rushed, was heard by everyone.

Master Wei had said such polite words and even toasted Qin Yun. Such magnanimity caused many people to praise him repeatedly.

Qin Yun hurriedly stood up to toast him and said with a smile, "Master Wei, you are being too courteous! We are all students of the Hua Ling Wu Yuan. Since Senior Wei is able to craft talismans, it is naturally the honor of the Hua Ling Wu Yuan. Of course I want to come! "

His clear laughter also covered the entire martial arts practice field. The strength of his inner qi made many of the old officials secretly scared!

Since Qin Yun had entered the Hua Ling Wu Courtyard, the old officials had not seen him. Now that they had seen him with their own eyes, they could not help but worry.

At this moment, a white-haired elder walked over. He was dressed in a purple gold brocade robe with a jade pendant hanging from his waist. He exuded a domineering aura as he stared at Qin Yun with a cold gaze.

This white-haired old man was the Duke of Yan, Yan Yun's grandfather.

After he walked over, he said to Master Wei, "Old Wei, you don't know about this. This child has been taught by a devil woman since childhood, and although four of his spirit veins were taken away by us, we still managed to make him cultivate in demonic techniques, which is why he has achieved his current achievements.

The group of old officials and those aristocratic families all came forward to assist the Duke of Yan by saying that Qin Yun cultivated demonic arts in the clouds.

Qin Yun knew that today was not that simple. Back in the experiential learning, he and Ding Tianchun had been attacked by the Quick Ape and Cui Hui. This had to do with Master Wei!

He now knew that Master Wei was a hypocrite, just like those old officials.

Principal Zhang walked over and said with a smile, "Qin Yun is a student of our Hua Ling Wu Academy. He does not cultivate demonic arts! The Mysterious Sun Art that he cultivates is given to him by Teacher Yang. The martial arts that he learned later on were the Blazing Light Fist and the Fiery Cloud Steps that he obtained. These are things that everyone knows about. "

When the Duke of Yan saw Principal Zhang's voice, his face immediately revealed concern. He clicked his tongue and sighed, "Principal, although your words are so, you can't be convince the public!

"You might not know this, but at that moment, everyone in Tianqin believed that Qin Yun cultivated demonic arts. Your one-sided statement is hard to believe. Furthermore, it is precisely because of Qin Yun that the reputation of the Hua Ling Wu Academy has become so terrible.

Looking at the expressions of the other guests, Yang Shiyue knew that they had already discussed secretly and used the banquet to pressure the Hua Spirit Martial School.

Even if Qin Yun did not come this time, he would still cause a ruckus.

"Then what do you think? "Kill Qin Yun!" Principal Zhang laughed. His tone turned cold as he said, "If I were to send thousands of people to spread Wei Xuankun's demonic art, the entire country will think that he's cultivating it soon, right?"

Everyone was puzzled as to why President Zhang wanted to protect Qin Yun.

In their eyes, Dean Zhang should have given up on Qin Yun for the sake of Hua Ling Wu Academy's reputation.

Duke Yan seemed to have predicted that President Zhang would protect Qin Yun as he said calmly, "How about this? Let Qin Yun spar with an even stronger cultivator for an hour." In this hour, he faced oppression and did not use any devil arts, which means that he is innocent! "

"This method may be cruel, but it can effectively test whether he cultivates a demonic art or not. During the competition, he could not endure the torture and might not be able to suppress the devil arts and release them. "

"If he really did use a demonic art, we can promise that we won't kill him. We'll only expel him from the country!"

The idea put forward by the Duke of Yan had the support of many people.

Yang Shiyue listened to him with a face full of anger, and coldly shouted: "I don't agree! I also suspect that you all are cultivating in a demonic art, and that I am testing you all using this art, so I shall spar with you all, how about that? "

She was at the 9th level of the Martial Body realm and came from the Sky Profound Martial School. Her strength was definitely not weak, and no one knew what her Martial Spirit was. Not many of the old martial artists here dared to fight her.

A patriarch of the Wang family said, "In any case, we have already decided today. If Qin Yun is unable to give us an explanation, we will drop out of school!"

"We should also withdraw from this academy and leave this academy that is hosting devils to go to another empire's dojo."

"Qin Yun's demonic arts has become so powerful that they occupy all the resources of the freshmen. It's very unfair. We can only withdraw from the academy."

"The other martial arts academies from other countries are not worse off than the Hua Ling Wu Academy. Moreover, the teachers and the dean here are protecting the devil!"

"As teachers, we can't stand it any longer. Let's go as well!" A teacher said.

The Patriarchs of large families and a few teachers all shouted in unison.

President Zhang had an extremely ugly expression. He knew that this group of people would definitely be able to do it. Now, he could only persuade Qin Yun to back off.

Qin Yun suddenly asked, "Who did you arrange to compete with me?" If it were not for the fact that you are a powerful warrior, I can accept it! "

The Duke of Yan chuckled and said proudly, "A martial artist at the sixth level of the Martial Body. He is only eighteen years old and had just returned from the Ling Xuan Wu Academy. This is my grandson, Yan Qingyu! "

"Yan Qingyu possessed the Four Sun Spiritual Pulse and the Platinum Sword Martial Spirit. He had entered the Hua Ling Spiritual Martial Academy early and was chosen by the Ling Xuan Wu Academy. Who would have known he was already at the 6th level of the Martial Body!" A student exclaimed.

The Lin Xuanwu Academy, the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy, and the Star Black Martial Academy, also known as the Three Profound Martial Academies, they were all equally powerful!

The Duke of Yan said with a smile, "Don't worry. We won't use our weapons in the competition." Qin Yun, if you can pass our test and prove that you are not a demonic fighter, we will kneel down and apologize to you. We will even give you a compensation of a hundred thousand crystal coins! "

"Alright, I agree!" Qin Yun said.

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