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Chapter 41 Waling Peak

Zheng Yuanqing's momentum for attacking was as swift and fierce as a tiger's. Just his momentum was enough to shock anyone!

Just as everyone felt that Qin Yun was unable to withstand the attack, they saw his body emit a faint golden mist as hot air gushed out from him.

With a whoosh, the pale golden gas turned into a flaming shield that spun rapidly!

Qin Yun constantly released his inner Qi, turning it into a solid barrier. As the elemental energy in his dantian revolved rapidly, it stirred a wave of scorching air.

Zheng Yuanqing also felt the heat, but he believed that if his tiger claws were stronger, they would definitely be able to penetrate the thin barrier.

"Heart Shattering Tiger Claw!"

After Zheng Yuanqing passed through, he stretched out his tiger claw. His speed suddenly increased, causing the powerful tiger claw to rush forward rapidly and stab at Qin Yun's chest!

Everyone held their breath as they looked at the sharp tiger claws …

When the tiger claw came in contact with the flame shield, it let out a sonic boom!


The barrier suddenly erupted into a scorching wave of air, sending the menacing Zheng Yuanqing flying.

"Ahh …" Zheng Yuanqing gritted his teeth and howled in pain.

His palms were red from the severe burns. Cold sweat broke out all over his body from the pain and his face turned blue.

"Qin Yun can actually move so fast to unleash such a degree of inner Qi. The speed at which his inner energy revolves is definitely as fast as the speed of the flaming aura barrier!" A teacher frowned.

"Qin Yun has cultivated the Black Yang Tactic to mastery!" "When your inner force has reached large success, your inner qi will be even stronger and you will be able to control it more freely." Principal Zhang squinted his eyes and exclaimed.

Large Success of Internal Martial Technique!

All the freshmen present let out a wail in their hearts!

They had only just achieved the first level of inner force cultivation and they did not know when they would reach the first stage of inner force cultivation. Yet, Qin Yun had already achieved great success!

"For the freshmen, cultivating the standard inner force skills from the very beginning is for the best. The Mysterious Sun Art Qin Yun cultivates is already very good." Ding Tianchun said, "In many freshmen families, cultivation techniques are at the Spirit level. For those who have just started cultivating inner force skills, learning them is very difficult."

When the other students heard this, they were filled with regret. If he practiced an ordinary inner force skill, perhaps he would have reached small success. When it was about time, it would be easier to improve his inner force skill.

"I... I concede! " Zheng Yuanqing looked at his burned hand and shouted through gritted teeth.

He was also at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm, but the difference was this huge!

"I refuse to accept this either!" Yan Yun walked out from the crowd. "Qin Yun, if you have the ability to stand still and let me punch you, I'll force you to retreat. Even if you lose, what do you think?"

Qin Yun said, "As long as you lose, the eight Class 4 beast corpses will belong to me. What do you think?"

"Alright!" After saying that, Yan Yun immediately rushed over with the Flying Swallow Steps.

Her lily-white hands released a burst of water vapor, and after ten steps, the water vapor turned into frost.

She possessed the Water Martial Spirit, which could turn water into ice and frost through her internal functions. This was a pretty good level among the freshmen!

Previously, Zheng Yuanqing had been unable to break through Qin Yun's barrier because it was too hot.

Right now, Yan Yun was able to use her cold Qi to resist the scorching Qi. Not only that, her other hand even created a large amount of water.

Yan Yun was full of confidence, thinking that she would definitely succeed, and couldn't help but reveal a proud smile.

She used the momentum from her flight to shoot out the water ball that she had created. Then, she followed the water ball with her ice palm. Cold air billowed out as she struck it with all her might!

The crowd couldn't help but praise Yan Yun's intelligence as she thought of a plan to extinguish the fire in water.

Just as Yan Yun was feeling pleased with herself, the moment the ball of water touched the flame shield, it instantly evaporated!

Her expression changed, but it was already too late as the ice palm touched the flame shield!

At the same time, several of the teachers' faces changed drastically as they rushed forward!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Yan Yun screamed out miserably. She was sent flying by the hot air exploding out of the flame barrier as her entire body was shrouded in flames.

Those teachers also acted very quickly, quickly extinguishing the flames so that Yan Yun would not be seriously injured.

However, she was also burned to a sorry state. Her hand was even more severely injured than Zheng Yuanqing's!

Yan Yun cried out in pain and anger. Ever since she was young, this was the first time she had suffered so much, and she just cried until she fainted in the arms of a middle-aged female teacher.

Seeing this beautiful barbarian girl fall to the ground, everyone felt an inexplicable sense of satisfaction in their hearts.

"Is there anyone else who wants to challenge me?" Qin Yun looked at the group of students and asked.

The students were all silent as they watched the waves of the river.

Jiang Lang possessed a Sound Martial Spirit, and he was also at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm. If he fought, he would have a high chance of winning.

However, he didn't have any intention of fighting. This person was extremely ruthless and didn't speak much either. Seeing how indifferent he was, people couldn't help but feel that he was quite shrewd.

"Since no one is coming, then it's decided!" President Zhang handed Qin Yun a passage jade token that allowed him to enter the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array.

Following that, Qin Yun also obtained a total of eighteen demon beasts from Class 2 and Class 5. Adding to the fact that he killed them himself, it could be said that he had harvested a bountiful harvest!

The faces of the class that lost the corpses of the demon beasts were extremely unsightly.

The corpse of the Quick Ape that Qin Yun had obtained was the most precious. It was a Class 7 demonic beast! On the way back, Ding Tianchun gave him the corpse of the Quick Ape.

Everyone waited for another day, but Cui Hui and the students of the third class still did not return.

In the meantime, they saw another fiery red giant eagle flying through the air at a breakneck speed. It was a rank 8 beast!

"In the outer regions of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, there are more and more Stage Eight and Nine demon beasts appearing. Something must have happened inside!" I'll go in and take a look. You guys return to the Hua Ling Wu Academy first. " With that, Principal Zhang entered the depths of the forest alone.

All the teachers and students quickly returned to the Hua Ling Wu Academy!

Half a day later, they returned to the Hua Ling Martial Arts School.

Yang Shiyue brought Qin Yun to the foot of the Wah Ling Peak.

Hua Ling Peak was the tallest mountain in the Hua Ling Martial Arts Academy. It was located in the innermost area of the Martial Arts Academy. It was over ten thousand meters tall, and its peak was covered in frost year round. It was extremely cold.

The peak was steep and rough. He had to climb it himself!

This was not too difficult for Qin Yun, who was at the fifth level of the martial body. However, it took him several hours to reach the peak!

The peak of the mountain was extremely cold. Ice and snow were flying everywhere, and the wind was as sharp as knives.

Qin Yun looked at the nine suns in the sky and walked towards a nine-level ice tower. He thought to himself, "Although there are a few suns, there's only one that's hot. The other eight are just emitting light. How strange."

Because the tower was covered in snow, it looked like an ice tower.

As Qin Yun entered the ice tower, he saw a white-haired elder that was at the end of his years.

He took out the jade token that Principal Zhang had given him, passed it over, and said, "Hello Senior, I have obtained the qualifications to enter the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array."

The old man took the jade tablet, and said slowly: "The Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array is at the top. After you go up, wait patiently, I will activate the array. Ten days from now, the formation will stop and you will have to leave this place as soon as possible. "

Qin Yun nodded and walked up the stairs to the top level.

When he reached the top floor, he saw that there were many patterns on the ground. He squatted down and observed carefully, even stroking it with his hand. He thought to himself, "This Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array is made with many mysterious patterns. These patterns look a little familiar!"

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