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Chapter 371

Although the onlookers were here to join in on the fun, they were extremely excited because they knew that the Sword Profound Mountain might really be able to get the Heavenly King Sect to take action.

One must know that the prestige of the Sword Profound Mountain was very high and it had a good relationship with many Xuan Rank sects.

If the Sword Profound Mountain urged those Profound Rank Sect Masters and went to the Heavenly King Sect together, the Martial King might really make his move.

After the people from Sword Profound Mountain left, Qin Yun and the second elder felt a lot more at ease.

Wei Zhongzheng was severely injured. The Great Elder and the Third Elder were working together to stabilize his injuries, while the Fourth Elder was dealing with the Nine Extinctions Sect's practice. The Second Elder was responsible for array formations and the refining of inscriptions.

Fortunately, there weren't many people in the Nine Extinction Gate, so managing the sect wasn't too troublesome.

When the Second Elder arrived at the ancient bronze building, he knew that Qin Yun had decided to stay there with Yuan Yanying.

"Xiao Yun, this is five million purple crystal coins. What you are looking for is a royal grade Xuan medicine called the Purple Frost Mysterious Grass! It is a relatively rare Xuan medicine and it requires a lot of luck to be purchased."

The second elder took out a purple crystal coin card and handed it to Qin Yun. He said, "This purple card is able to receive a bill in the Divine Inscription Palace with equivalent amount of purple coins."

Qin Yun took the crystal card and nodded.

"Also, this is only the first volume of the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra. The second volume has been lost!" The second elder handed Qin Yun a book. "Although it's only the first volume, it will not affect cultivation!"

Following that, the second elder gave Qin Yun some royal grade spirit talismans for defense and other things that he might need.

Qin Yun tidied himself up and changed into a set of blue clothes. Following the second elder, he arrived at a very ancient stone tower.

"Aren't we going out? What are you doing here? " Qin Yun asked.

"This is a teleportation portal! It can teleport us out!" The second elder brought Qin Yun to the highest level of the ancient pagoda. There was a teleportation array inside.

Qin Yun stood in the teleportation array as the second elder activated it. Suddenly, a white light flashed from his surroundings.

Qin Yun, who was in the teleportation array, felt his surroundings sway for a moment before he appeared in a desert.

"Still in the desert!" Qin Yun looked up at the nine suns in the sky. After determining the direction, he took out a map.

This map was given to him by the Second Elder. It was a map of the Martial Desolate Northern Region.

It was only a map of a region in the Northern Region and a dozen or so Xuan City were marked on it.

Qin Yun looked around. The closest city to him was the Xuan Jade City. Beside it was a word that said 'Hong'. It meant that this was the city of Hong Wu.

In the Desolate land, although there were many martial kingdoms, martial kingdoms did not have a clear boundary.

A Martial Kingdom mainly looked at the cities they controlled. These cities could be found everywhere.

If a Martial King needed it, he could mobilize the power of these cities.

Qin Yun took out a jade token. It was the identity token of a disciple of the Nine Extinction Gate. It allowed him to enter and leave the Xuan rank City. There was no need to buy another token.

"I wonder if I can buy Purple Frost Mysterious Grass here in the city! If it's not possible, then I can only go to one Xuan City after another!"

Qin Yun ran in the direction indicated by the map and headed for Jade Xuan City.

The Desolate land was extremely vast. The distance between the two Xuan Cities was very wide and it would take about ten days to reach them.

Qin Yun looked at the indication on the map and knew where the dangerous zone was. It could prevent him from entering places with powerful spirit beasts.

"I wonder if any magical beasts would appear in the Desolate land. If they did, I would be able to obtain a magical beast crystal egg!" Qin Yun said to Mo Mo.

"I do not know much about Martial Desolate! However, I know that Martial Desolate, Demon Desolate and Magical Desolate are all connected as they have access to it." Mo Mo said, "There should be many magical beasts that can come here!"

The Demon Desolate land was filled with demon beasts and demon dwellers, while the Magical Desolate land was mostly filled with magical beasts and magical spirits. The Martial Desolate land had the most humans.

After more than ten days of traveling, Qin Yun finally arrived at Jade Xuan City.

The city gates and walls of Jade Xuan City seemed to be made of black jade. This type of jade was not ordinary jade. It was extremely sturdy and could absorb the energy from attacks.

Qin Yun did not know much about the Xuan Jade City. He could only enter the city first and ask others. Only by understanding the city could he plan on searching for the Purple Frost Mysterious Grass.

To enter such a city, one would need jade plates.

As a disciple of a Xuan sect, there was no need for Qin Yun to purchase a pass like the others.

Many people were queuing up to enter the Jade Xuan City.

Qin Yun waited for a moment before it was his turn.

He took out his jade tablet and showed it to the guard.

"A disciple of the Nine Extinction Gate? Powerful! Now, you still dare to run around, are you not afraid of being chased by the Sword Profound Mountain?" The guard said in surprise.

Many people in the queue at the back looked at Qin Yun in surprise.

During this period of time, the Nine Extinction Profound Gate had become extremely famous.

Everyone knew that the Nine Extinction Profound Gate and the Sword Profound Mountain had formed a sworn feud.

The disciples of the Sword Profound Mountain also declared that as long as they met any disciples of the Nine Extinction Profound Sect, they must be killed. They must cut off their heads and bring them back, hanging them at the entrance of the Sword Profound Mountain.

Qin Yun kept the jade token and said with a smile, "No matter how arrogant Sword Profound Mountain is, they wouldn't dare to be arrogant in Jade Xuan City, right? The strength of Jade Xuan City was equivalent to a Xuan sect and it is also a Martial Kingdom's city! Sword Profound Mountain are group of grandchildren, can only dare to run rampant in their own territory! "

"With the strength of the Hong Wu Country, getting rid of the Sword Profound Mountain is just like pinching an ant!"

The guard was a soldier of Hong Wu Kingdom and he was very proud to hear Qin Yun say that. He immediately said with a laugh, "That's true! As long as you disciples of the Nine Extinction Profound Gate do not cause trouble, you can rest assured that you will stay safe in our Xuan Jade City."

Qin Yun smiled before walking through the city gate.

What he had just said was also the truth. If Sword Profound Mountain wanted to kill people in a Xuan City, they had to consider carefully.

The reason why Xuan City dared to sell the pass was because it was safe inside the city, giving people a safe living environment.

And the reason why Xuan City was so convenient to the disciples of Xuan sect was that they prevented people from causing trouble inside.

Therefore, the disciples of Xuan sect had to be honest and obedient when entering this kind of Xuan city. If they dared to cause a ruckus, they would be killed as well.

There were also some sect disciples who had been killed in the Xuan City.

These things only happened when one was too arrogant. After going to a Xuan City, one would become complacent and then be taught how to behave.

As Qin Yun entered the city, he saw a large shopping mall beside the main entrance. It was several storeys high.

As soon as he entered the first level, he knew that this was Jade Xuan City's property. Mainly to provide a bounty platform or to provide advice on various issues.

The bounty was for all sorts of herbs or equipment forging materials. It did not provide for any kind of violent behavior, such as bounty killing.

Qin Yun strolled around the hall. He looked at the many bounty posts that were posted before heading to the counter.

A tall and sweet purple-clothed woman hurriedly asked when she saw him coming over, "Sir, what do you want to ask?"

"How much?" Qin Yun asked.

"Ten purple coins to ask a question!" The woman smiled, "If you feel that your answer is unsatisfactory, we can return half of the purple coins!"

Qin Yun took out ten purple coins and gave it to her. He asked, "Is there anything special about this Jade Xuan City?"

The woman was somewhat surprised. She had answered many bizarre questions but she had never seen anyone ask such a simple question.

However, she still replied with a smile, "The Xuan Jade City is located very close to the Ancient Jade Mountain Range. This area is also under the jurisdiction of our Hong Wu Country, it's called Ancient Jade Province."

"The Ancient Jade Mountain Range is extremely vast. It is said that this is the fifth largest mountain range of the Martial Desolate. There are tens of millions of mountains within it and even those great mountains have ancient jade!"

"Ancient jade is the Life Marks Crystal Jade. As for how it was formed, it's still a mystery. Many of the powerful families and people in Jade Xuan City have ancient jade businesses. They just want to buy some large jade and cut it open. There may be Life Mark Crystal Jade inside."

"Young master, you should also know that the Life Mark Crystal Jade has 1-9 ranks and that there is only one Life Mark Jade that is suitable for martial artists at the 9th level of the Martial Body realm or the 1st level of the Martial Dao."

"So it's like that! Then what's the price of a Life Marks Crystal Jade? " Qin Yun took out ten more purple coins and handed it over.

He was now at the second level of the Martial Dao Realm and needed to use second level Life Marks Crystal Jade to stabilize his cultivation. If he wanted to break through, he would have to use a third level Life Marks Crystal Jade.

"In terms of selling two items! Level one Life Marking Crystal Jade, ten thousand purple crystal coins for one tael! The second stage 20,000 purple coins for one tael. And so on, the ninth step is 90 thousand purple coins per tael. However, Life Mark Crystal Jades of the rank of six to eight are relatively rare, so the price will fluctuate, and won't be low!"

Qin Yun nodded and said with a smile, "There should be maps of Jade Xuan City for sale here, right? If you answer this question, there should be no fees, right?"

The woman smiled sweetly and took out a map. She handed it to Qin Yun and said, "Ten purple coins!"

Qin Yun bought the map and bid farewell to the woman before walking out of the hall.

He opened the map as he walked. Soon, he found the location of the Divine Inscription Palace.

The Xuan Jade City was very big and from the North Gate to the South Gate, it required two days of travel.

Qin Yun was at the North Gate, while the Divine Inscription Palace was located in the center, to the west. It would take him a day to reach there.

In order to be convenient to pass through, a Xuan level city could also allow flying but only spirit cranes could fly inside.

There were many spirit cranes in Jade Xuan City. These cranes were very big and their bodies were several meters long. It was not a problem for them to have five to six people sitting on them. And the people driving the crane were people arranged by the Jade Xuan City Lord.

Qin Yun saw a spirit crane land in an empty spot and hurriedly walked over. He asked, "Uncle, how many purple coins is it?"

"A hundred!" The big guy laughed, "Don't think that it's too expensive, I'm the cheapest!"

"Well, how long will it take?" Qin Yun sat on the spirit crane and was able to lie down. It was very comfortable as well.

The Spirit Crane let out a cry and began to fly steadily.

The man said, "Probably less than an hour!"

On the way, Qin Yun asked the burly man some questions. He learned that the burly man's father was a guard of the city lord's manor. Due to his relationship with his father, he had obtained a rather good job.

Qin Yun suddenly felt that it was a waste to ask that woman about the purple coins. By asking Uncle, he could also learn a lot.

"The Xuan Jade City is bustling with noise and excitement every day! Especially in the Divine Inscription Palace, there was a large amount of jade materials entering the city every day! I heard that today at most, there will be hundreds of thousands kilograms!" The man in the crane laughed: "Little brother, could it be that you are here for those jade materials as well?"

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