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Chapter 372

Qin Yun also knew that the piece of jade the burly man was referring to was the Life Mark Crystal Jade Stone. One needed to cut it open in order to know what stage the Life Mark Crystal Jade inside was.

Normally, it was very difficult to find the inside of the ore, so before cutting it open, no one knew what stage the Life Mark Crystal Jade inside was.

However, they were certain that there were Life Mark Crystal Jades inside. The worst case scenario was at least a first grade Life Mark Crystal Jade.

Many forces that dealt in Life Mark Crystal Jades sold them from time to time for a decent amount of ores. The prices were usually very high.

However, this kind of ore would mostly be able to cut out high-grade Life Mark Crystal Jades.

Back when Qin Yun was in the border Lands, he had played this game as well. It was called Stone gambling.

However, they were all ordinary jade and were mainly used for decorations.

On the other hand, cutting a crystal jade with life mark would be very helpful for the cultivation of the martial dao realm.

"I'm not interested!" Qin Yun did not want to be involved in this matter. He had important matters to attend to and wanted to purchase Purple Frost Mysterious Grass.

"That's for the best! I have been here for so many years but I have seen many young masters from influential families go bankrupt from the obstruction!" The big guy laughed and said, "But, it's not bad to go and take a look. After all, it's going to be a big show. I heard that the Ninth Princess of our Hong Wu Country is making a huge bet in the Divine Inscription Palace!"

Qin Yun said in surprise, "Ninth Princess?"

"She is the same as the Seventh Prince but because she was doted on by the Martial King Hong Ying, she broke the rules and got a title. Amongst the ten Conferred Princes and princesses, she is ranked ninth and is also known as the King of gambling but she wants others to call her Princess Mengshu!"

Qin Yun was somewhat surprised. A woman had the nickname of 'King of Gambling'!

"What's so good about her?" Qin Yun asked curiously. He was going to the Divine Inscription Palace in a while so he might be able to meet this woman.

The big man said, "I heard that her martial spirit is a jade martial spirit. To be able to let her feel the Life Mark Crystal Jade inside the ore and what rank is it. Thus, at a young age around thirty, she was at the third level of the Martial Dao Realm. That's why the Martial King has set his sights on her!"

"Is this true? Wouldn't those people who sell gambling stones die of jealousy?" Qin Yun thought about it and felt that this ability was extremely useful. It could allow him to quickly obtain a large amount of Life Mark Crystal Jade.

The big man smiled and said, "She is not a hundred out of a hundred. It is said that if she buys ten pieces of ore, she will be able to get two or three right! This is also not bad. You must know that right now, she only wants to get high-grade Life Mark Crystal Jade!"

Qin Yun felt that he needed to buy some Life Mark Crystal Jade to cultivate. However, he needed a large amount of purple crystal coins to buy them.

As he was chatting with the crane man, he arrived at the Divine Inscription Palace.

Qin Yun looked at the Divine Inscription Palace and immediately felt a sense of familiarity.

Similar to the Tian Qin Imperial City's Divine Inscription Palace, it was huge and spacious, with a villa at the back.

At the same time, he had to climb many stairs before he could enter the Divine Inscription Palace.

In front of those thousands of stairs, there was a huge square.

In the middle of the plaza, there were many large stones.

Those were the ores of the Life Mark Crystal Jade!

The spirit crane landed in the plaza. After Qin Yun paid a hundred purple coins, he jumped off the back of the spirit crane and walked towards the gigantic rocks.

There were a few old men and dozens of big men patrolling the area, protecting the ores from being stolen.

Some of the ores were only the size of a watermelon while others were several meters tall.

"Princess Mengshu is here! Yesterday, she cut out an eight taels of sixth stage Life Marking Crystal Jade!" Someone suddenly shouted.

Qin Yun immediately walked over. Just as he approached, he heard a familiar voice. It sounded like a quarrel!

"I saw this first! I touched it first, it's mine! " A lady in a white dress wore a ponytail. Her beautiful, jade-like face was somewhat mischievous.

It was Xiao Yuemei!

Qin Yun never expected Xiao Yuemei to be here!

Xiao Yuemei hugged a large round stone, her small face slightly puffed up, looking at a lady in a red dress angrily.

The woman in the red dress was one head shorter than Xiao Yuemei, making her look petite and exquisite. Her appearance was also extremely beautiful and her delicate oval face was both tender and charming.

Coincidentally, this woman in the red dress also had a pair of long ponytails.

The woman in the red dress was Princess Mengshu, the Gambling King!

"So what if you see it first? It depends on whether the Divine Inscription Palace will sell it to you or not!" Hong Mengzhu said with a humph.

"Old grandpa of the Divine Inscription Palace, come over here and judge if you want to sell it to me!" Xiao Yuemei said to an old man.

"Well... You did touch it first but the highest bidder gets it!" The old man smiled. Their Divine Inscription Palace was not afraid of the Hong Wu Country, so they too dared to raise the price.

Hong Mengshu and Xiao Yuemei snorted in displeasure.

"This ore was originally one hundred thousand purple crystal coins, now whoever gives the highest will get it!" The old man said.

Everyone secretly admired the old man's courage. He actually dared to use such a move against Hong Mengshu.

This kind of method was quite common and no one was surprised by it.

He only felt that the Divine Inscription Palace shouldn't have used this method on Hong Mengshu and should have sold the ore to Hong Mengshu. After all, the Divine Inscription Palace was in the territory of Hong Wu.

Of course, in the Martial Desolate Land, the Divine Inscription Palace was not afraid of any sect or martial country. Thus, they dared to come here.

"Two hundred thousand purple coins!" Hong Mengshu faintly smiled, feeling very proud of herself.

"Three hundred thousand!" Xiao Yuemei snorted.

"Five hundred thousand!" She didn't think that this little girl in front of her would have called such a fierce price.

Everyone was curious about Xiao Yuemei's identity, she actually dared to confront the Gambling King head-on.

"Seven …"

Before Xiao Yuemei could complete her shout, Qin Yun hurriedly said, "Wait!"

When she heard Qin Yun's voice, she was delighted. She immediately put down the ore and ran over.

"Brother!" Xiao Yuemei happily held Qin Yun's hand.

"Stop wasting purple coins!" Qin Yun did not know that Xiao Yuemei had brought so many purple coins. With a smile, he pinched her cheek.

Xiao Yuemei looked at the ore, saying somewhat reluctantly: "Big brother, I think that there is a stone weighing 3 jin inside, I think that there is a Rank 7 Life Mark Crystal Jade inside!"

A seventh stage Life Mark Crystal Jade weighed at least 700,000 crystal coins per jin and over 2 million crystal coins per jin!

"Forget it! Let's go!" Qin Yun pulled Xiao Yuemei along as he prepared to leave.

Xiao Yuemei refused to leave and snorted: "Big brother, I'll listen to you. I'm not going to buy that stone! But I want to see if there is really a high-grade Life Mark Crystal Jade inside!"

Hong Mengshu was extremely proud. She paid five hundred thousand purple coins, took out a sharp blade and easily cut through that rock.

There was indeed Life Mark Crystal Jade inside. But if one looked carefully, they would see only a single Life Mark Jade; this was a first-level Life Mark Jade.

However, it weighed three pounds!

Xiao Yuemei accurately estimated the weight, this was also not bad.

A single jin of Life Mark Crystal Jade could sell for 100,000 purple coins!

If he bought the stone with 100,000 purple coins, it would definitely not be a loss.

"Little girl, did you see it correctly?" Hong Mengshu put away the Life Marks Crystal Jade and smiled.

"You pretentious old woman, you've made a mistake!" Xiao Yuemei also laughed: "You made a loss this time!"

Everyone immediately broke out in a cold sweat for Xiao Yuemei. She actually dared to say such things about Princess Mengshu!

Princess Mengshu was in her thirties but she did look like a young girl and there was definitely a possibility that she was pretending to be young.

"You!!! You look like a little girl, but you're at the Martial Dao Realm. You're also an old woman!" Hong Mengshu angrily said.

"I'm only eighteen. What's the matter?" Xiao Yuemei proudly stuck her tongue out at Hong Mengshu.

To step into the martial dao realm before the age of twenty meant that she was extremely talented!

When Hong Mengshu was only twenty years old, she had also stepped into the martial dao realm!

The Xiao Yuemei in front of her was already a martial dao practitioner at the age of eighteen. She was even stronger than Qin Yun!

Qin Yun hurriedly pulled Xiao Yuemei towards the stairs.

Hong Mengshu immediately chased and shouted, "Don't go! I don't believe that you're only 18 years old. Do you dare to go to the Divine Inscription Palace to check your age?"

"Does it matter if believe me or not? If you ask me to test, I should obediently test? I won't stop for you, I won't go!" Xiao Yuemei mischievously looked at Hong Mengshu.

Hong Mengzhu stomped her feet in anger and quickly said, "If you to test your age and you're really eighteen, I'll give you one hundred thousand purple coins! If you are not eighteen years old, I do not want your purple coins!"

"Alright, it's useless for a fool to not earn purple coins. Let's go!" Xiao Yuemei giggled at Qin Yun and said, "Brother, just watch how I earn the purple coins!"

Xiao Yuemei also knew of Qin Yun's situation at Black Tortoise Mountain. However, it was not the time for her to inquire about the specific process.

Qin Yun was very happy to meet Xiao Yuemei here.

Everyone wanted to follow them in and take a look but they also knew that they couldn't take part in such an event.

Hong Mengshu was very famous here. After all, she was the King of Gamble and the Ninth Princess of Hong Wu. She frequented the Divine Inscription Palace.

There weren't many people in the hall on the first floor of the Inscription Palace. Everyone here also wanted to buy high grade spirit talismans.

Hong Mengshu came to the counter and said, "Elder Liu, take out the things you want to test your age on. This woman said she's only 18 years old, I don't believe her!"

Xiao Yuemei's body exuded an aura of great Dao. An 18 year old Martial Dao Realm cultivator, even Elder Liu didn't believe it!

Elder Liu, who was behind the counter, quickly took out a disk.

Xiao Yuemei giggled as she placed her lily-white hands on it and then an '18' appeared.

When Hong Mengshu saw this, she sucked in a small breath, her charming face full of surprise.

"Did you see that?" Xiao Yuemei proudly stuck her tongue out at Hong Mengshu: "Quickly hand over a hundred thousand purple coins!"

Hong Mengshu angrily stomped her foot, took out her crystal card and gave a hundred thousand purple coins to Xiao Yuemei.

Xiao Yuemei smiled at Qin Yun and said, "Brother, I've earned another one hundred thousand purple coins!"

Qin Yun pinched her cheek and said with a smile, "Girl, you're even stronger than me!"

"Brother, how could I be stronger than you? You are a high-level inscription master!" Xiao Yuemei wrinkled her nose and laughed: "You're so much taller than me!"

When Hong Mengshu heard that, she looked at Qin Yun and said doubtfully, "This fellow looks very young as well. He should only be around twenty years old. How could he be a high-ranked Inscription Master?"

Qin Yun did not want to reveal his identity and hurriedly asked, "Ninth Princess, how is your relationship with Hong Yan?"

"Hong Yan? My monkey brother! This guy, he's clearly weaker than me but he's ranked seventh and is even called the Flame King." Hong Mengzhu snorted lightly. "Our relationship is quite good. Do you know him?"

"I know him too. This guy has lost to me several times in the Northern Spirit City!" Xiao Yuemei laughed, "Your little brother is really weak!"

Hong Mengshu covered her face and sighed speechlessly: "This guy, he completely lost face for me, to actually lose to a little girl like you!"

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