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Chapter 370

When the Great Elder came in and saw Qin Yun helping to maintain the great array, he was extremely surprised.

"You guys decide who goes out! I have to stay here and defend the array!" The Second Elder sighed.

"We can't leave. We must have a person in the Spirit realm to help the sect master stabilize his injuries!" The Great Elder said, "I've come to find you so that you can recommend a disciple that can go out and have him search for medicinal herbs!"

Qin Yun said, "I'll go!"

"Because it's been a long time since the Nine Extinction Array was fully activated, I don't normally know what energy inscriptions are blocking my path."

"Now that we know where the blockage is, it will be completely unblocked for a long period of time! This type of formation should be activated from time to time and then maintained. This way, when you encounter an attack, you don't have to be flustered!"

The Great Elder and Second Elder were extremely astonished. They never expected Qin Yun to know so much.

"This is my fault! I will pay more attention in the future!" The Second Elder blamed himself.

"This is mainly because we have too few Inscription Masters. Second Brother usually has too many things on his hands!" The Great Elder patted the Second Elder's shoulder, "It seems that in the future, no matter how busy you are, you have to find some time to regularly defend this great formation!"

"Xiao Yun, it's too dangerous to go out by yourself!" The Second Elder said, "You are a high-level Inscription Master, you should stay in the sect!"

When the Grand Elder heard this, he was also extremely shocked.

Qin Yun was a high-ranked Inscription Master!

They had thought that it would be very good if they could recruit Qin Yun, a young martial dao practitioner.

He never expected Qin Yun to be a high-ranked Inscription Master and one that was proficient at fighting.

"Grand Elder, Second Elder, I plan to make a trip to the Divine Inscription Palace! I have a lot of experience outside and when I was at Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, I was chased down by Jian Xuanzi but he couldn't kill me!" Qin Yun smiled.

"Have you been chased by Jian Xuanzi?" The Great Elder was surprised again. "In that case, you did not pick up the Dragon Cauldron?"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "That fellow was killed by the dragon. I only got lucky!"

Jian Xuanzi was dead!

The Great Elder, the Second Elder and Yuan Yanying were all incomparably shocked!

The Sect Leader of the Sword Profound Mountain, Jian Xuanzi, was ranked in the top ten of the Xuan Martial Realm.

As for the Sword Profound Sect, it was a very powerful existence in the Martial Desolate Northern Region. It was also because it was overseen by the Jian Xuanzi.

Many people felt that Jian Xuanzi was only temporarily stuck at the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range after encountering danger.

But now, Jian Xuanzi was dead!

"Yanying, this must not be spread out!" The Second Elder quickly warned: "Jian Xuanzi was the Sect Leader and he was also very strong Xuan realm. If the king level sects were to find out, Qin Yun would be in deep trouble!"

"Big Brother Yun is equivalent to being my relative, I will definitely not harm him!" Yuan Yanying hurriedly nodded her head.

"Then let me leave and find the Xuan grade medicinal ingredients for the Sect Leader!" Qin Yun said.

The Great Elder and the Second Elder were hesitating.

Qin Yun said, "Do you remember when I was at Black Tortoise Mountain, I had a short and thin friend who wore a straw hat?"

"I remember, you called him Seventh Bro. What's the background of this guy? He is very young, and the fire within his body is very strong. Furthermore, he is at the Martial Dao Realm." The Great Elder nodded.

"He is the Seventh Prince of the Hong Wu Country, Hong Yan! I'm quite familiar with him. I'll see if I can find him and get him to look for medicinal herbs for me then!" Qin Yun said.

The Second Elder shouted in shock: "That monkey-thin guy is actually that Seventh Prince of the Hong Wu Country?"

Qin Yun nodded and said with a smile, "This fellow owes me a favor. He will definitely help me!"

"Hong Yan's talent in the Martial Way is not bad but he is far from qualified to become the Titled Prince of Hong Wu Country! However, he became the Seventh Prince. It can be seen that the Martial King Hong Ying values him a lot." The Great Elder replied, "If you have him to help you, it should be a lot faster!"

Finally, the few elders decided that after the people from the Sword Profound Mountain left, they would send Qin Yun out of the desert.

There were a lot of people from the Sword Profound Mountain, densely packed together, floating outside the huge array pillar.

An old man in a black robe with wrinkles all over his face used his mind to control a hundred-meter-long great sword and hacked towards a pillar!


After chopping down, a shockwave was produced!

Many people were blown backwards!

After that, the old man controlled the large greatsword and floated high in the sky, the sword tip aimed at the platform in the middle of the nine pillars!

"Break!" The old man growled.

The large greatsword came crashing down, the moment it got close to the golden pillar, it was sent flying far away, piercing into the desert, causing the earth to tremble!

In the distance, there were many people who were watching the show.

"The Sword Profound Mountain's reputation is not small, to think that they would actually call over several Xuan sect disciples to help them with breaking the formation!"

"Just now, it was the Sword Profound Mountain's most precious treasure, the Xuan Dao Sword. That's a Dao item!"

"So what? still can't break open the Nine Extinction Profound Gate's tortoise shell!"

"This Nine Extinction Gate is bold. Kill two of their Xuan Martial Realm warriors and then turtle up!"

"Tsk tsk, it's been so many years since a battle between two Xuan sects has happened!"

"So many Xuan rank sects came to help Jian Xuanshan but they also came because they saw that the Nine Extinction Profound Gate was very weak!"

The people who came to watch the commotion did not have much to do. They all wanted to see what would happen to the Nine Extinction Gate after the formation was broken down.

Several Xuan Martial Realm warriors of the Xuan sects took turns to attack the Nine Extinction Formation but there were still no signs of breaking through.

While they were feeling infuriated, the disciples of the Nine Extinction Gate were cursing at them as if they were gods, making fun of them in every way possible!

This time, the Profound Sword Mountain suffered a great loss. Even though they lost two Xuan realm martial artists, they only managed to heavily injure Wei Zhongzheng!

Yuan Yanying had already returned to the medicinal field.

Only Qin Yun and the second elder were defending the great array at the heart of the array.

"Our Nine Extinction Gate's defense is very strong but we don't have the slightest bit of offensive power. This is our biggest weakness!" The Second Elder sighed, "Otherwise, a large number of them will die!"

"If they knew that there was a killing array, they definitely wouldn't dare to attack!" Qin Yun smiled. "In the future, let's add them on!"

The Second Elder shook his head and smiled. It would be very difficult to change the Nine Extinction Array.

"Second Elder, is there any powerful cultivation technique in the Nine Extinction Profound Gate?" Qin Yun asked.

Ever since he stepped into the Martial Dao Realm, many of his previous martial arts couldn't fully display the power of the great Dao's power.

Only a few martial arts could still be used.

Of course, Totem martial arts were still possible but Qin Yun did not dare to use them now.

There was a mysterious Totem Pavilion here. If one revealed their totem, it would be extremely dangerous.

"Our Nine Extinction Gate's great formations and cultivation techniques are the most powerful!" The second elder said proudly: "It's just a little difficult to learn!"

"What cultivation technique is this?" What Qin Yun feared the most were those cultivation techniques that were difficult to learn.

"Nine Extinction Heart Sutra!" The Second Elder sighed: "This Heart Sutra is all-encompassing and complex, causing one to be unable to learn it systematically! Anyway, I will give you a copy when the time comes!"

"Does every disciple have one?" Qin Yun asked.

The Second Elder shook his head and said, "Of course not! We will evaluate the disciples and let them learn the superficial ones first. If they can't even comprehend the superficial, we won't give it to them! On one hand, it's to prevent others from spreading the news and on the other hand, it's to prevent them from going berserk!"

Qin Yun was secretly curious and wanted to look at the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra. He said with a smile, "Second Elder, do I need to make an evaluation? I've only just started!"

"Of course you don't! You are already a cultivator of the Martial Dao Realm at such a young age. "Yanying does not need any evaluation either. This wild girl has also cultivated some skills." The Second Elder chuckled, "I didn't expect that you and Yanying would know each other. That's good!"

"Perhaps in the near future, our Nine Extinction Profound Gate will have a happy event!"

Qin Yun's face blushed slightly as he said, "Second Elder, I already have a wife! Yanying and I are like siblings, not what you think!"

"Kid, you actually have a wife!" The second elder asked in surprise, "Didn't you say that you were captured and used as a sacrifice because of your young appearance?"

Qin Yun said with a wry smile, "Back then, my wife and I were still young, so...Cough... cough, I haven't seen her in a long time! only knew that she was in the Moon Profound Valley!"

"Oh —" The Second Elder exclaimed in shock, "Your wife is actually from the Moon Profound Valley. To be able to enter the Moon Profound Valley at such a young age, she must be truly talented!"

"Yes, she should have stepped into the Martial Dao Realm! One year older than me!" Qin Yun nodded.

The Second Elder exclaimed.

As for Yuan Yanying, she was not bad either. She was only slightly younger than Qin Yun and was also in the Martial Dao Realm.

After seven days had passed, the Sword Profound Mountain and the few sects that were in the lead finally stopped their attacks and did not continue to attack the Nine Extinction Formation.

They were also so angry that they were about to die. They had been busy for so long, yet they couldn't even scare the disciples of the Nine Extinction Profound Gate. Instead, they were cursed at by the disciples of the Nine Extinction Profound Gate for seven days.

The disciples of the Nine Extinction Gate were also very capable. After continuously cursing for seven days, many of them were so angry that their throats became hoarse.

Jian Xuanshan and the others were not to be outdone. They called over a lot of disciples of the Martial Dao and Martial Body Realm and started cursing at them.

The tens of thousands of people watching from afar were at a loss of whether to laugh or cry. They had actually watched a war of words for several days.

"You bastards of the Nine Extinction Profound Gate, listen carefully for us! We will go find the Heavenly King Sect to deal with you!" An old man from the Sword Profound Mountain shouted: "You all stole our Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron, this debt will not be forgiven!"

The disciples of the Nine Extinction Gate did not know anything about the Dragon Suppression Cauldron. They only knew that two warriors of the Xuan Martial Realm of Sword Profound Mountain had been killed by their Sect Leader.

And now, from Jian Xuanshan's tone, one could tell that they were here for the Heavenly Lion's Dragon Suppression Cauldron, it was clear that this was his biggest goal!

Jian Xuanshan and a few other from Xuan rank sects hurriedly left as well.

They did not get any benefits here, so they were furious. However, there were still many things that needed to be taken care of in the sect, so they could only return first.

The disciples of the Nine Extinction Gate also started to worry secretly.

The Heavenly King Sect was a king level sect and was extremely powerful. If a Martial King attacked the formation, it would be extremely dangerous.

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