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Chapter 335

After Qin Yun finished walking that safe path, he was obstructed by a golden screen of light.

He looked at the sign beside him. On it, there were a few large, upright words: "Bone Transformation Road".

"Transforming bone?"

Qin Yun looked at the screen of light in front of him and secretly took a deep breath!

Obviously, passing through the golden screen of light was the path of bone transformation?

In the Martial Body realm, the Vajra Bone was the most important.

And this road of bone transformation was obviously aimed at the Vajra Bone!

Qin Yun did not dare to enter because he did not know how terrifying the path behind the golden screen of light was.

"I have to check it thoroughly!"

He couldn't go in and neither could his mental force. He didn't know how to check either.

After a moment of thought, he took out a few pearls and began to carve spirit marks on them.

He wanted to refine a few eyeballs.

After the pearls were refined, he took out spirit beast tendons and began to temper them. After tempering them, they became very thin and slim, connected to a bead.

He threw the pearl into the light screen. Through the beast tendons that were connected to the pearl, he could connect his mental power to the pearl.

This way, he could see what was going on inside through the bead.

After the bead entered the golden light, it floated up.

Through the bead, he saw a lot of pale golden water behind the curtain of light. He was able to let the light bead float in the air!

Behind the golden light screen, there was actually a lot of water!

In other words, it was a water channel!

Afterwards, he threw thigh of another spirit beast into the golden door.

As soon as the spirit beast's thigh entered, it's bones gradually melted but the flesh remained unharmed!

"What a strange liquid. It can only melt bones!"

Qin Yun secretly sucked in a breath of cold air. A spirit beast's bones were so strong but they had been dissolved. The path to bone transformation was just too terrifying!

If he went over hastily, the Vajra bone in his body would have melted.

When he thought of this, he shuddered!

He sat on the ground with a frown, trying to think of something.

Qin Yun had thought of several methods but none of them were reliable.

For example, he could refine a powerful outer shell to wrap him within or he could refine protective clothing to protect him from liquids or the like.

"That's right, the Water-Repellent Spirit Talisman!"

He suddenly remembered that when he had entered the oil pond earlier, the Water Repellent talisman had been of great use.

It could allow him to avoid touching the beast oil and dive deep into the beast oil pond.

Qin Yun threw a Water-Repellent Bone Talisman into the golden screen of light.

After the Water-Repellent Bone Talisman entered, there was no liquid flowing into the space within two to three meters of the bone talisman!

"Useful!" Qin Yun was secretly delighted before he began refining the equipment for avoiding water.

Of course, he wasn't simply refining talismans right now.

He wanted to refine a set of clothes with the spirit beast skin. There were many sets of water repelling spirit inscriptions engraved on them.

"Good. For the sake of being absolutely safe, I'll refine it to the level of a top grade spirit tool!"

Qin Yun took out beast skins and various materials and began forging in the passageway.

He spent an entire day to completely refine a set of clothes. These clothes are top quality spirit artifact and he inscribed many sets of Water-Repellent Spirit Marks on them!

"I hope it works!"

Taking a deep breath, he activated the Water-Repellent Spirit Inscriptions on his clothes and rushed into the golden screen of light.

The moment he entered, the surrounding liquid automatically gave way!

"With the inner strength of three Martial Dao Realm cores, I believe that I will be able to sustain this set of equipment for several days. I refuse to believe that I won't be able to finish walking this bone path in just a few days!"

Qin Yun is going through the bone transforming road as he quickly swam up.

As long as he reached the peak, he would be able to pass the trial of the Inscription Gate and become a disciple of the Inscription Sect!

The Inscription Sect didn't have any inner disciples, so as long as someone could pass the trial, they would become the Sect Leader!

"What chief disciple? I don't care about that. I will become the leader of the Inscription Sect, that will be cool!"

Qin Yun felt that he was not far from the sect leader's position. He was secretly anticipating it.

This "water route" was also quite long and it took him three days of swimming to get through it.

Along the way, he did not discover any corpses. He couldn't help but suspect that the corpses had been absorbed as energy.

Qin Yun came out of the golden screen of light and ended his trials on the path of bone transformation. He came to a pitch black passageway!

This kind of darkness couldn't be illuminated!

Qin Yun took out the luminous pearl and it began glowing. When the light hit the walls, it was engulfed by darkness.

He was shocked but at the same time, he also looked around at the black walls around him. He could see a few weak dots of light!

"It's probably an inscription!"

Qin Yun could not see the inscriptions, nor did he sense any energy that attacked him.

He let Mo Mo come out and try to sense the mysterious inscriptions as well.

Mo Mo carefully examined it for a while but she didn't sense any fluctuations from the mysterious inscriptions.

"I should be at a higher location by now. I'm almost at the top of the mountain!"

Qin Yun guessed that this incomparably dark passageway was probably the final stage of the trial.

After a short rest, he mustered the courage to walk forward.

After walking for a while, he was surprised to find that those weak spots of light were actually stars!

The further he went, the brighter the stars grew!

Before long, he felt that everything he saw was very familiar!

This reminded him of the great formation above the Soul Guiding Star Peak!

Back then, when he was immersed in that great formation, he had already experienced how terrifying the vast sea of stars was.

In the vast sea of stars, there were countless incomparably large stars, causing one to feel suppressed and fear. It would make one feel that in the incomparably vast sea of stars, they were insignificant and powerless.

As Qin Yun walked down the passageway, an inexplicable sense of fear rose up within him. He could not help but sweat profusely.

"Calm down!"

He quickly recited the incantation for the Star Yang Heart Scripture to stabilize his mind and prevent himself from getting lost in the vast sea of stars.

He kept chanting the incantations and his terrified heart gradually calmed down.

Qin Yun walked on the road and understood why no one had been able to pass the trials and why they were unable to leave!

First of all, there were many terrifyingly powerful killing formations in the first stage. One had to be extremely proficient in the inscription formations to be able to break through them one by one.

The second stage was the road of bone transformation that transforms bone into water.

If they were not well-prepared and if they did not investigate it carefully, even if they entered the Spirit realm, the bones in their bodies would be melted.

In the third stage, one's Soul Depth must reach a certain level.

Qin Yun surmised that only those who cultivated the Star Yang Heart Scripture would be able to overcome their fear and pass the third stage "Road of Intimidating Stars".

It was also because he was able to comprehend astral cultivation, otherwise he would not be able to smoothly pass this part of the journey.

After a few days, Qin Yun was still walking on the path of intimidating stars. His speed had also increased significantly.

"This road is really long!"

Qin Yun looked at Mo Mo in the storage space and asked, "Mo Mo, how many days have you been in there since I entered this Star Path?"

"Five days, what's wrong? You haven't left yet?" Mo Mo asked.

Qin Yun had thought that it was an illusion and never expected that five days had really passed.

"Yes! Fortunately, I am only walking on this road, so I don't need to waste anything."

According to his calculations, the distance he had traveled should almost be the peak of the mountain.

There was no danger to the path of intimidating star and his walking speed was also very fast. He should have arrived long ago.

Helpless, he could only continue on.

A few days later, Qin Yun was still in the path!

He began to panic because he did not know if he could reach the end!

In the past few days, he had been running and advancing. He only rested for a couple of hours every day.

Let alone a mountain, even if there were dozens of them, he would still be able to climb over them.

But now, he was still in this tunnel filled with stars.

A few more days passed.

Qin Yun sat on the ground. After resting, he stood up and continued running.

He also understood why Lan Chen, a warrior of the Spirit Martial Realm, did not chase him.

Even if one entered the Spirit Martial Realm, they might not even make it out alive.

"The Killing array channel wasn't difficult for me. The road to becoming a bone hasn't melted me away. The road of intimidation stars didn't scare me to death but it will bore me to death!"

Qin Yun sprinted along the path. He was about to go mad. The consecutive dozen days of sprinting had not come to an end!

He suspected that there were some profound spatial runes on this path, extending it for a very long time.

Time flew by. In a blink of an eye, Qin Yun had already spent half a year running madly along the path of the stars!

He was on the verge of tears.

Suddenly, he saw a bronze door in front of him. He was so excited that he cried!

"Hahaha... I've finally reached the end!" Qin Yun could not suppress the joy in his heart as he laughed loudly.

Although he was happy, he did not let down his guard and cautiously approached the door.

"Spirit Lion King, I'm sorry. I can only trouble you again!"

Qin Yun released the lion puppet and had it come into contact with the bronze door.

He had to be careful. It was so hard for him to get here, so he definitely couldn't die in this last part!

The Spirit Lion King only made a sound when it made contact with the bronze door a few times. It did not have any other reaction.

He had originally planned to have the Spirit Lion King open the door but he was unable to do so.

Qin Yun kept the Spirit Lion King and inspected the light inscription clothes, water repellent clothes and blue spirit robe.

He was protected by three layers of equipment, making him look chubby and comical.

After confirming that there were no problems, he walked over, placed both hands on the door and slowly pushed it open with some force.

The door opened bit by bit and a white light shone through the crack, illuminating the dark path of the intimidating stars.

The bronze door opened as Qin Yun walked in. He arrived at a hall!

It was a very simple, circular hall. It was not very big at all and was about twenty meters wide.

There was even a signboard on top that had the words "Inscription Gate" written on it.

"Is this the front hall of the Inscription Gate? Isn't it too shabby?" Qin Yun curled his lips.

There was a circular hall with more than twenty chairs near the wall. The chair at the front of the hall was rather large and should be the sect leader's seat.

Along the way, Qin Yun had seen all sorts of terrifying traps set by the Inscription Gate. Therefore, he remained extremely cautious as he entered the place.

He carefully examined it once more before taking a step forward and walking towards the large chair in front of him.

"Am I considered to have passed the trial?"

Qin Yun carefully sat on the chair as his heart pounded in his chest. He looked around.

He discovered that there was only one room in this Inscription Gate and that there were no secret chambers.

Suddenly, a circular stone table slowly rose up from the middle of the hall. There was a box on the stone table!

When Qin Yun saw these items, he secretly became excited. Then, he walked over and opened the box.

Inside the box was a white jade pendant that looked like a whirlpool.

In addition to the jade pendant, there were two thin leather booklets.

On the cover of one booklet was written "Star Mark" while on the other was written "Moon Mark".

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