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Chapter 334

Aside from Xie Wufeng, the rest of the Martial Dao Realm cultivators here were all elderly but none of them had ever heard of such a thing.

Shui YiHui frowned and said, "Grand Palace Master, then... then what does this mean? Why haven't we heard of it?"

Lan Chen sighed. "There are too few Soul Refiners and it would be hard to find one even after dozens of years. Thus, I naturally did not pay any attention."

"Qin Yun has mastered the art of soul refining and is an Inscription Master. If he were to engrave Inscriptions into his Martial Spirit when he refines and evolves the spirit, it would be able to strengthen the Martial Spirit!"

"What a pity, he entered that damned place!"

Everyone looked at the pitch-black entrance of the cave, feeling extremely shocked in their hearts.

Only now did they know that Soul Extraction Soul Refining was a lost technique and it could make one become very strong!

"But... However, Qin Yun killed Palace Chief Yang!" Nangong's Palace Master continued, "This is a great crime!"

"I will investigate this matter thoroughly! In the Western Palace, there were still a few more Elders! I will interrogate them personally and find out what kind of heinous crimes Palace Head Yang has committed all these years!" Lan Chen humphed and flew to the West Palace.

Xie Wufeng looked at the cave and said, "Who knows, maybe little brother Yun will come out alive!"

"Dream on! We're only at the Spirit rank Martial Force now, do you know why? Because two seniors of the Spirit realm went in and have yet to come out!"

The North Palace Master said with a cold snort, "No matter how strong Qin Yun is, can he be stronger than the Spirit Martial Realm?"

Xie Wufeng's expression changed. He had only just found out that a Spirit realm cultivator had died inside!

Now, he understood why Lan Chen was so sure that Qin Yun would not be able to leave when he saw how fast he was going in.

"Let's go back first and check on Lady Yang's injuries!" Lan Huayu sighed and patted Xie Wufeng's shoulder.

Zhuo Chuan was also feeling extremely regretful. His relationship with Qin Yun was not bad.

As for Qin Yun, he was also in the Martial Dao Realm. He had extremely high talent in inscriptions. In the future, he would definitely be able to head to the Martial Desolate land and become famous there.

But now, Qin Yun had entered that cave...

After entering, it would mean that he would have to undergo the mysterious and terrifying trial of the Inscription Gate.

At the Western Palace Plaza, Lan Chen looked at Yang ShiYue's injuries and sighed, "The damage to Dao core is extremely severe, it will be difficult to recover."

The most difficult thing is martial spirit recovery. The purple gold moon martial spirit is severely injured and has been torn into many pieces. Most of the martial spirit fragments have left the body and need to be restored to their original state.

"Grand Palace Master, where's Qin Yun?" Murong Daren asked.

"He entered the Inscription Gate!" Lan Chen sighed and said, "FengJin, take her back to rest! I have already stabilized her Moon Martial Spirit, so I will need her to slowly recover her strength!"

When Yang Shiyue learned that Qin Yun had entered the Inscription Gate, she was stunned for a moment before feeling pain. She had stayed in the Eastern Palace before and knew how terrifying the Inscription Gate was!

Murong Daren, Huo Zhong, Lan Fengjin and Xue Ziye knew very well how terrifying the Inscription Gate was. When they knew that Qin Yun had entered, they felt that Qin Yun had left them forever!

Qin Yun's friends immediately fell into a state of grief!

Lan Chen looked at the few elders from the Western Palace and coldly said, "Come with me, let's go to the Heaven's Punishment Tower!"

When the few elders heard this, their bodies started to sway. They were extremely terrified but they had no choice but to follow along.

The people in the Western Palace Plaza all dispersed. On the way back, they continued to discuss this matter.

In front of the entrance to the cave of the Inscription Gate, the triplets brothers Triple Radiants were all standing there.

They had followed Qin Yun and had always hoped for Qin Yun to enter the Eastern Palace. However, they never expected that he would enter their Eastern Palace in such a manner!

Xue Ziye, Murong Daren and Huo Zhong were also here, looking at the pitch black cave.

"Brother Yun is different from the others. Maybe he can come out?" Huo Zhong said.

"Maybe!" Murong Daren said, "This situation isn't bad. It's better than us knowing that he's dead. At least we can have some hope."

"A lot of seniors have entered the Inscription Gate and quite a lot of them had reached the martial dao realm. After dozens of years, no one has been able to come out!" Da Yao said.

"Your Eastern Palace's Inscription Gate is really sick, why did you create this trial? The death of so many disciples from the Blue Spirit Star Palace also caused the decline of the Blue Spirit Star Palace!" Murong Daren couldn't help but scold him.

Huo Zhong said, "Second brother Murong, let's go back! Brother Yun has already stepped into the Martial Dao Realm, we need to become stronger as well!"

Qin Yun had just entered the cave in the Inscription Gate when he fell into a killing array!

And this killing array was the same one that overlapped the Ice Abyss Bone Piercing Formation and the Fire Soul Splitting Formation, the Ice Fire Killing Formation!


Qin Yun lay on the array as he shouted softly. Thankfully, he had awakened the bloodline of the Heavenly Lion and was not afraid of the power of ice and fire.

It was only the special mental power that attacked his soul, causing him to feel pain.

This killing array was different from the one they had used in the previous matches.

The killing arrays used in those matches could be used at any time.

As for this killing array of the Inscription Gate, as soon as one entered, one would be trapped inside and one would have to break it oneself!

"No wonder so many people couldn't get out. Most people would die here right after entering!" Qin Yun thought to himself. His surroundings were pitch black. He could neither see nor sense anything else.

What he needed to do now was to break the formation!

"Mo Mo, do you know how to break the formation?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly. If he were to break the array by himself, he would definitely need a lot of time.

"I will release my mental force to take a look!" Even if it was Mo Mo, she could not leave. Otherwise, if the weak her was attacked by the power of the killing array, her life would be in danger.

The mental power of Mo Mo was very special. It was similar to the primordial spirit. It turned into a white thread that extended from the first bead of the Nine Yang Divine Spirit.

Qin Yun looked at Mo Mo's wisp of mind energy and simultaneously thought of the second bead of the Nine Yang Spirit.

Previously, he had been unable to activate the second bead because he was not strong enough.

Now that he had stepped into the Martial Dao realm, he should be able to open the second bead!

"What would the second bead hold?"

Now that Qin Yun's soul was under attack by the killing array, his mental power was greatly affected. He could not immediately attempt to open the second bead.

Mo Mo was using her mental energy to investigate the killing array and after a moment, she said with a bit of guilt, "Brother Yun, I was unable to find out. If I can get out, I should be able to investigate more carefully! How about, letting me go out to try it out?"

"No, you'll be in danger if you come out!" Qin Yun possessed the bloodline of Heavenly Lion so he was not afraid of the power of ice and fire within the killing array. However, his soul was being ravaged.

"I'll bear with it!" Although Mo Mo was delicate, she was not afraid. She would do anything to help Qin Yun.

Qin Yun suddenly thought of the Blue Spirit Profound Robe and took it out. He tested it on his body and found that it could withstand the mental attack from the killing array.

He hurriedly dripped blood and allowed the Blue Spirit Profound Robe to recognize him as it's master. This way, he would be able to unleash an even stronger defensive force.

Not long later, Qin Yun, who was wearing the Blue Spirit Profound Robe, revealed a smile. The pain in his head had disappeared.

He let out Mo Mo and stuffed her under his clothes. This way, she would be able to more easily investigate the situation of the killing array.

As for Qin Yun, he had also gathered his mental force to open the second bead of the Nine Yang Divine Spirit.

In the past, his mental force had always been blocked outside the second bead.

Now, he could finally take a step further.

Through his mental force, he could see that there was an array formation in the second bead!

"Damn it, it's been blocked! I have to break this formation!"

When Qin Yun saw the formation that was blocking his mind, he cursed softly.

He looked carefully at the formation and found that it was not too hard to break through, it just needed some time.

Right now, he was in a killing array and he couldn't calm down to break the array, so he could only wait until it was safe.

When Qin Yun thought of how he would be able to immediately open the second bead, he was secretly excited as well. He looked forward to it and wished that he could open it immediately.

Mo Mo suddenly said, "Alright, I'll temporarily numb the Spirit inscriptions that are the most crucial part of the Killing Array!"

Qin Yun could also sense that the power released by the killing array was gradually weakening. He kept Mo Mo into the first bead!

He took out a Night Light Pearl, illuminated the area in front of him and then walked out of the killing array.

In the cave, there was a square passageway. It was four to five meters wide and tall and there were many engravings on the walls.

"What a place!"

Qin Yun saw that the passageway was engraved with various kinds of strange inscriptions. He was secretly alarmed. It was a very complicated array formation.

What made him curious was that the floor should have many corpses but now it was clean, as if someone was cleaning it up.

When he thought of this, Qin Yun could not help but shudder!

He became especially careful and soon discovered that there was a formation in front of him. He had no idea what that formation was.

He did not need to know what formation it was because once he released Mo Mo, she would quickly cause the formation's inscriptions to fail and temporarily cause the formation to lose it's effectiveness.

After entering the cave, the passageway turned into a curved path that led upwards, circling around the entrance!

Along the way, there were many different types of formations that were destroyed by Mo Mo one by one.

Qin Yun still had a few dragon magical beast crystal eggs. With just one, there was enough for Mo Mo to replenish her energy.

After walking for half a day, he finally arrived at a place without a formation.

"Mo Mo, you go in first. I'm worried that there's a trap ahead!" Qin Yun kept Mo Mo in his storage space and carefully walked in front.

The walls here were very clean, without any inscriptions. That was the reason why Qin Yun was worried that there was a trap.

Qin Yun released the Spirit Lion King and allowed the puppet lion to lead the way. If there really was a trap, the lion would be attacked first.

There was a long passage way without any strange inscriptions on walls.

Although Qin Yun was inside the passageway, he knew that he was halfway up the mountain. The passageway circled around the interior.

He walked slowly, stopping and resting. A day had passed but there were no traps and the journey was unexpectedly very safe!

What Qin Yun did not know was that the trial that he had passed through with the mysterious inscriptions was extremely terrifying.

There were many Xuan grade killing arrays but they were all bypassed by Mo Mo, so he didn't know how terrifying those killing arrays were.

(TL NOTE : absurd!!! he just used the fairy to bypass all arrays? such great opportunity to learn some great stuff just lost like this!!!)

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