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Chapter 336

Qin Yun had originally thought that there would be spirit talisman and inscription inheritances in the Inscription Gate.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be an even more special star and moon mark.

He quickly picked up the two booklets and flipped through them. He found that the inscriptions inside are very complicated. Each page was very dense and disorderly, without any pattern at all.

"These things are not something that can be grasped in a short period of time. It's too difficult!"

Qin Yun felt a headache when he saw this. When he reached the last page, he saw a piece of hard paper.

There was a line of words written on it, "Those who are unable to pass the third level of the Refinement Grounds, are not allowed to learn Star and Moon mark."

Qin Yun did not know why this was the case. The Inscription Gate was much more mysterious than he had imagined. It had very powerful star and moon marks that it did not pass on to the disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Also, there was an extremely terrifying three levels, which caused quite a few geniuses to die.

"I wonder what other secrets are hidden within this Inscription Gate!" Qin Yun looked at the white jade pendant as it seeped into his mind. A strange feeling surged through him.

When his blood dripped onto the jade pendant, he felt that feeling even more clearly!

Instantly, a lot of information rushed into his mind!

In next to no time, he gained quite a bit of understanding towards the Inscription Gate.

"So that's how it is! The Star and Moon marks are both forbidden and unique marks. If you don't meet the requirements and go study them, you will suffer the backlash from the marks and die!"

These forbidden mysterious Marks would attract a certain amount of calamity. If one did not possess sufficient strength, they would be in danger if they rashly used those forbidden mysterious marks.

That was all Qin Yun knew.

After dripping his blood onto the jade pendant, he could also control the hidden doors of this hall.

He held the jade pendant tightly and opened the door. Then, he walked out and stood at the top of the mountain at the mouth of a cave.

"More than half a year! We're finally out!"

Previously, Qin Yun had no other choice but to run into the cave.

Now, he had passed the trial and become the only disciple of the Inscription Sect. He could now be considered the sect master!

He stood on top of the mountain overlooking the entire Blue Spirit Star Palace and was also in a hurry to find Yang ShiYue, wanting to see how her injuries were.

"Hmm? There seems to be someone down there!" Qin Yun looked at the cave entrance at the foot of the mountain. Standing before it were three people dressed in purple robes. He could not help but frown.

"The disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace all wear blue robes. Now they're all wearing purple. What the hell is this?"

Qin Yun landed from the sky and saw three youths that looked exactly the same.

This was the triplet brother, Triple Radiants!

Da Yao was the first to see Qin Yun.

Qin Yun was wearing a blue profound robe with a black robe on the outside. His hair was disheveled and he looked a little down but his eyes were bright and full of confidence.

"Master... My lord!" Da Yao shouted in astonishment.

The surprised expressions of the triplets were all the same. It looked rather comical.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Have all of you been waiting for me? Oh right, why are you wearing purple? Did the color of Blue Spirit Star Palace's clothes change?"

"My lord, it's really you! You did it, you are the head of the Inscription Sect now!" Da Yao was extremely excited as he shouted.

"Hehe!" Qin Yun smiled. "Hurry up and answer me. What's with the purple gowns?"

Talking about this matter, Da Yao heaved a long sigh. "Our Blue Spirit Star Palace is finished. We won't have Blue Spirit Star Palace ever again!"

"What's going on?" Qin Yun frowned and hurriedly asked.

Triple Radiants cut a long story short by telling Qin Yun what had happened in the past six months.

It turned out that a sect called the "Violet Spirit Star Palace" had descended from Martial Desolate land.

This sect had a deep connection with the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

The Violet Spirit Star Palace only accepted female disciples but they are very strong. There were five to six Spirit realm martial artists in the entire sect.

The Violet Spirit Palace's Palace Master had issued a challenge to Lan Chen. If she lost, then the Violet Spirit Star Palace would be incorporated into the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

If she won, then Blue Spirit Star Palace would become one with the Violet Spirit Star Palace.

In the end, Lan Chen had lost. That was why the Blue Spirit Star Palace had been annexed!

When Qin Yun finished listening, he could not help but smile wryly. He asked, "Then, what about Lan Chen?"

"Grand Palace Master... he said that he was going to explore the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, so he took Xie Wufeng with him!" Da Yao said unhappily, "The Blue Spirit Star Palace's martial dao practitioners are unconvinced by the Violet Spirit Star Palace, so they went their separate ways."

"This damned baldy. After losing the entire Blue Spirit Star Palace, he was just slapping his ass and then scram. He really has the guts!" Qin Yun could not help but curse.

Originally, he would have been the sect master of the Inscription Sect. Besides Lan Chen, he would be the most powerful!

But now, Lan Chen had lost the entire Blue Spirit Star Palace. This infuriated him!

"Radiants, are the people from the Violet Spirit Star Palace easy to talk to?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.

"They are all women and their strength is greater than our Blue Spirit Star Palace's. That's why they look down on us!" Da Yao said helplessly, "I heard that the sudden descent of the Violet Spirit Star Palace was also in the direction of the Immortal Graveyards!"

"That's right! Lady Lan Fengjin has been tied to the door of Blue Spirit Star Palace!" Er Yao suddenly said.

Qin Yun was taken aback before he immediately said angrily, "Why are they doing this to Sister Lan? Let's go to the gate!"

Lan Fengjin was his disciple and she was actually tied to the door!

On the way to the gates, Qin Yun learned that Lan Huayu had also left Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Many disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace had been sent out to hunt for magical beasts. They weren't as free as they usually were, so they all secretly left.

There weren't many Blue Spirit Star Palace disciples left!

The reason why Lan Fengjin was tied up was because she wasn't willing to acknowledge those from the Violet Spirit Star Palace as his master.

Her Inscription and Martial Dao talent were both not bad and since she was a woman as well, it was natural that she was valued greatly.

Qin Yun also knew that Yang Shiyue and Xiao Yuelan had been taken away by Violet Spirit Palace Master.

Most of the female disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace had gone to Violet Spirit Star Palace. Only the male disciples stayed behind and waited for orders!

In front of the door of Blue Spirit Star Palace, Lan Fengjin was wearing a black robe. She was tied to a pillar by a purple and gold chain. Her hair was a mess and her face was haggard and pallid. Her eyes were bloodshot.

In front of Lan Fengjin stood a few middle-aged women wearing purple robes.

Outside the gate, there were also many disciples of the Star Palace watching.

The original disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace were all looking at the tied up Lan Fengjin with a pained expression.

One of the women with a sharp chin pinched Lan Fengjin's face and coldly said, "Lan Fengjin, you refuse a toast only to eat a forfeit! Our Violet inscription Grandmother from Violet Spirit Star Palace wants to take you as her disciple but you refused!"

"This is an opportunity that not even we can get! Can't you just agree to it?"

"Humph, I already have a master!" Lan Fengjin gave a cold humph, "And what Violet Inscription Grandmother? Using such a lowly method to force me to acknowledge her as my master, you can see that she's not doing much good either!"

"Even your grandfather, Lan Huayu, had to admit defeat in front of our Grandmother Violet Inscription! What's your master worth?" The sharp-chinned middle-aged woman angrily said, "Grandma Violet Inscription is not someone you can slander so casually!"

After she finished speaking, she slapped Lan Fengjin's face with her palm and ruthlessly hit that dark face of Lan Fengjin!

"Bah!" Lan Fengjin flew into a rage, "In front of my master, you are just bullshit!"

"Isn't your master very powerful? Let him come! Even if I beat you to death, he won't appear, right?" The middle-aged woman raised her hand and struck towards Lan Fengjin!

Just as the palm was about to strike down, a sudden gust of wind blew over. A tall and sturdy youth in a black robe appeared beside Lan Fengjin!


The sound of a slap echoed out!

The one who was hit wasn't Lan Fengjin but the middle-aged woman!

The middle-aged woman that was about to hit Lan Fengjin was sent flying away by that slap. It was unknown just where she had flown. In short, she had flown very far away!

The disciples all cried out in alarm!

It had to be known that the middle-aged woman was at the Martial Dao Realm. She had been sent flying with a single slap, leaving no trace behind!

As for this black-robed young man who had suddenly appeared, although his hair was in disarray, he was extremely handsome. His angular face was confident, firm and filled with charisma.

When the disciples saw this face, they all loudly shouted in shock!

"It's Qin Yun!"

"He entered the Inscription Gate and actually came out alive!"

"He is the Sect master of the Inscription Sect now!"

"Grand palace master has left too early, otherwise, he would definitely be very happy!"

"By the way, didn't Qin Yun mastered the demonic art of soul refining?"

"That's not some evil technique! Qin Yun is the pride of our Blue Spirit Star Palace!"

Hearing the discussion of the crowd, the few purple-clothed women beside Lan Fengjin also quickly retreated.

"I am Lan Fengjin's master! Who had tied her here? If she doesn't kneel down and apologize, I will tear down the Violet Spirit Star Palace!" Qin Yun's voice was very calm but it carried a powerful and angry killing intent.

The other women in purple were also in the Martial Dao Realm but they did not dare to act rashly!

Qin Yun's heavenly lion arm flashed with purple lightning as it slashed at the chain of the pillar. Instantly, it was severed!

The weakened Lan Fengjin collapsed in Qin Yun's arms.

"Master!" Lan Fengjin could not help but cry in a low voice; she was excited and happy.

Lan Fengjin had already taken Qin Yun as her master!

However, none of the disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace felt that anything was amiss.

This was because Qin Yun's Inscription talent was extremely terrifying. Furthermore, he was the sect master of the Inscriptioin Gate!

"Qin Yun, you fiendish demon that has mastered the Evil Soul Devouring Technique!!" A middle-aged woman gritted her teeth and said.

Qin Yun said with a sneer, "The Evil Soul Devouring Technique? Maybe your palace masters can't help but wish to learn this evil technique!"

He transferred the power of the tree totem to Lan Fengjin and helped her recover a lot. He then asked, "Sister Lan, who tied you up?"

"It's them!" Lan Fengjin angrily said, "They were supposed to persuade me to take that grandmother as my master but I refused. So they used such a despicable method!"

Qin Yun narrowed his eyes as he looked at the middle-aged women and said coldly, "Do you want to kneel down and apologize to Sister Lan yourself or do you want me to force you to kneel? You can make your own choices!"

Those middle-aged women all revealed angry expressions. It was impossible for them to kneel!

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